anyone ever been felt up by a complet...

Denver, CO

#64 May 13, 2010
I was once felt up in the cinema by a much older woman. I was just 19 and she was old enough to be my mother. She sat next to me, her husband/friend by her other side. The theater was very crowded and seats were scarce. We were in the back row. She kept turning to me and smiling and I would smile in return. I was wearing baggy shorts because it was summer. Soon I felt her hand on my thigh and she wasn't looking at me. I didn't know what to do or say. I guess because I didn't object she slid it up further and gently rubbed me over my clothing. Then she turned toward me and switched hands, sliding under my shorts and bikini and touched my kitty. It felt stimulating so I still did not object. She used both hands to part my legs and began fingering me, withdrew her finger to taste it, and slipped it back in. Her husband/friend paid no attention to this activity, just watched the film. As I was beginning to enjoy this she withdrew her finger and began masturbating herself over her clothing, ignoring me. She paid no more attention to me during the film. She acted like I didn't exist and at the film's ending they simply left, she never looked back at me. So strange!!

Denver, CO

#65 May 13, 2010
milkboi wrote:
<quoted text>
I do it for a living too! I love it. When I was a younger teen I used to hitch-hike home from school and stuff HOPING to get felt up by a handsome stranger. Now as a dancer/stripper I can enjoy the pleasure and get paid for it. I love turning guys on and getting them off with my special lap dances!
milkboi u are 1 hot looking Tgirl. I would luv to milk your boi with my mouth.

Since: May 10

Hollywood, FL

#66 May 15, 2010
I love this thread/column.

Gurgaon, India

#67 May 16, 2010
am 16 now... happened when i was almost 13... we 3 girls went to a kids movie... a older man came and sat next to me... i dint pay attention cos the movie was nice... after some time i felt his hand on my thigh under my skirt... i was shocked and froze dead .. he pushed his fingers under my panties and played with my hair and my button for maybe 5 mins?... then he just got up and went away... i cried all the way home and my friends still dont know why...

Since: May 10

North Fort Myers, FL

#68 May 17, 2010
girly wrote:
am 16 now... happened when i was almost 13... we 3 girls went to a kids movie... a older man came and sat next to me... i dint pay attention cos the movie was nice... after some time i felt his hand on my thigh under my skirt... i was shocked and froze dead .. he pushed his fingers under my panties and played with my hair and my button for maybe 5 mins?... then he just got up and went away... i cried all the way home and my friends still dont know why...
Scratch what I posted last time. I don't completely love this column. What happend to you was wrong. I wish it didn't happen. If I ran across that guy, i'd be the f**k out of him. I just like the stories of women that wanted/liked to be felt up.

United States

#69 May 17, 2010
I found out that I had been felt up by an older boy at music camp while I was sleeping. So the next night I did my best to stay awake, and when he came to my bed I pretended to still be asleep and let him feel me up. I was so turned on (cuz this boy is really hot and I never told anyone that I'm gay) that I just totally yielded to the experience. It wasn't long before he and I were meeting secretly for mutual make-out and BJ sessions all summer long.

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#70 May 17, 2010
carrying shopping bags in a store in the South of France,,,,,, a guy came up to me and just grabbed my boobs ,,,,,, i just stood there,,,,, too shocked to back away,,,,, and i couldn't do much cos i had the bags in my hands!!

and then in a lift in one of our city centre shops by a girl,,,,, she asked me to go to her apartment ,,,,,,, she was really pretty too :)

Bristol, UK

#71 Aug 26, 2010
Rachel wrote:
<quoted text>
I have experienced being felt up during an indoor concert in Italy. The lighting was dimmed and the guy was standing right behind me. My husband who's a huge rock fan was totally into the music and did not have a clue although he was right beside me. I loved it...felt so naughty and taboo ;)
How far did you let him go? Did he just rub up against you?

London, UK

#72 Oct 4, 2010
does any female out there want to meet up on the london tube when its crowded for a quick rub?:p would be really hot

Tulsa, OK

#74 Jan 16, 2011
I felt up a girl on a flight from tampa to NY. It was the best flight i have had

Grass Valley, CA

#75 Jan 16, 2011
The down side is if you do this to a woman who doesn't want to be touched you are in huge trouble. See the recent story about the college prof sitting next to a young woman on a flight in the western US. He was caught wanking himself under the tray table. He claimed he'd spilled hot sauce on his dong but the cops aren't buying it.

Since: Jan 11

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#76 Jan 16, 2011
I didn’t just start feeling her. I put my hand on her leg and touched her hand. One thing led to another and she was playing with it by the end of the flight. The crazy thing was there was someone sitting next to us. I think he know what was going on under the blanket

Dothan, AL

#77 Mar 18, 2011
Ive never been felt up by a stranger before but yet again im only 16 so it might happen. But i know I have been felt up by my boyfriend. The first time was about 4 years ago. We where just going to see a movie with a group of friends and at that ago I dont think no of us were thinking like that. Well the lights got dim and he just happen to be holding my hand, well I moved our hands over to my upper thigh, and let go. He looked at me real quick but i nodded and said its ok. He then procceded to kiss me/make-out. While his hand moved up, my hand moved down his pants, after a few seconds of that(about a minute) he got really hard!! Oh it felt so good. After the movie I dont think none of us remembered any of it(hehe) And to this day we are still together and still go to the movies often. But we also go to bed together sometimes and I just let him explore my body every time.

Since: Jun 08

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#78 Mar 18, 2011
i not sure if i'd be flattered or insulted by this,,,,,,,, it depends on who is doing the "feeling up",,,,,,,,,

Malvern, UK

#79 Mar 19, 2011
went to a concert yesterday, loverly girl in frount of me, grinded into her felt her ass, tits rubed my hard c... into her but fantastic, she about 16 in 50

Since: Jun 08

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#80 Mar 19, 2011
on the back of a bike,,,,,,,, with my friend,,,, grabbing my boob ,,,, and cos i had two hands on the grab rail,,, couldn't do anything about it,,,,,,

Mumbai, India

#81 Apr 2, 2011
just last night at a club called China House at the Hyatt in mumbai, a guy put both his hands on my ample bottom. at first I thought it was just my friend helping me through the crush, but then I realised he was ahead of me! I whirled around to see who was holding me like that but the guy just melted into the crowd. All I saw was his tall, broad shouldered back! Wish he'd done some more...

Mumbai, India

#82 Apr 2, 2011
I press my boobs against guys quite often. I used to ride pillion on a hot friend's bike and both he and I knew what was goin on (altho I don't think his girlfriend did). The sexual tension was electric! We didn't do anything else. I wd climb on and sit really close to him, rub my tits on his back and squeeze his legs with my thighs. He'd break hard so I'd lean into him even more. It used to make me really wet and on many occasions, he got off the bike with a raging hard on! Sometimes I'd go braless and this drove him extra wild!

Mumbai, India

#83 Apr 2, 2011
my best friend's brother was driving us from one city to another. He was in the army and we'd just met. While my friend slept in the backseat, her brother drove with one hand on the wheel and one playing with my titties and fingering my pussy! I was scared, scandalized but also thrilled! Had so many orgasms along the way, I was completely zoned out when we reached!

Mumbai, India

#84 Apr 2, 2011
in india, guys try to paw u everywhere. I usually avoid or shout at the pervs on the road, but once while I was on a train and a cute hot guy gave me the look, I didn't scowl. This encouraged him. He looked like a male model. I guess that's y, without a word passing between us, I let him reach across the space between the sleeping berths (we were on the top level) and fondle me... It felt very good. Later, I met him near the exit door and we made out madly, me pulling his track bottoms down and he holding my naked body up in front of the open door so that the world could see! It was wild! Only ,much much later did I realise he was 18. At 28, I felt like a cradle snatcher!

Recently, when I got married, he wrote to me on FB telling me I was his first and wd always be his most special!

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