anyone ever been felt up by a complet...

Newark, DE

#896 Jun 30, 2013
At age 15, I went to the city with my mother via train, a very crowded train, and a boy about a few years older was placing his hand up the back end of my mommy/s dress. When I started to say something he gave me the look of death such as he would literally beat me up if i dare say or do anything. He succeeded in reaching up her dress, and I know my mommy never wore panties, had started to finger her. I saw her struggle and trying to slip away from him, but with such a heavy crowd and no place to move, she was forced to stand there and accept his advances. When I saw her face twitching and almost like moaning expressions it was all over and I could see she was struggling but must have gone through several orgasms in the process. He wasted no time in pulling her hand into his crotch which I saw her start feeling his thing and she was apparently so aroused from his touching and fingering that she pulled down his zipper and was feeling his thingy in no time .I believe she stroked him for about ten minutes until he shot her hand with creamy substance.He even gave her kisses over her ears and neck as well as placed his tongue into her mouth and after loosening some buttons on her dress was able to reach into and under her bra to squeeze with such force that made her feel so much pain in the process. I know that this had to be my mommy/s most humiliating day. I never found out what was on the piece of paper though that he handed to her on his exit from the train.

Midland, TX

#897 Jul 4, 2013
hey wrote:
sounds good:P
girls if u got felt up by a guy would you let him continue?

oh yeah! i have to beg him keep going! my legs are open for you and do with me what you will! ;)

United States

#898 Jul 18, 2013
I've had my fair share of gropes. This one was my fave. I just graduated from High school a couple of months ago and Im 18 year old male. I had this sexy history teacher. She had a decent rack, an amazing ass, with a sexy hour glass body.. I always made it obvious i was checking her out. She never seemed to notice it, better yet notice me. At first I thought she hated me like she did to every other guy who would check her out, but she started to develop this sweet attitude towards me. I would always make her laugh at my jokes and commentary in class, she would let me use my phone in class while she would take up everyone else's that she caught texting, and we always smiled at each other. I would always get extremely hard just from looking at her. I developed a strong crush towards her, but never suspected we'd ever do anything, I always fantasizes about it tho.
Finally one day she noticed me checking her out while she was lecturing in front of the class, she looked caught off guard and looked me right in the eye and blushed, i had a surprised look on my face too. The next day we had a shelter in place drill, so she told all of us to get in the corner and she turned off the lights.It was a big class and everyone was packed in this one corner. I had no one in front of me so she came towards me so she could hide as well. She was standing right in front of me, her back towards me, her ass just an inch away. I got a boner just from my dick being so close to her ass. She was wearing wide leg pants that were tight on her hips(which made her ass look amazing and stiff), heels, a blouse, and a long cardigan that covered her butt from behind and was about mid thigh length. I couldn't resist, I had to make some sort of contact with it. I moved closer to her until my hard cock was rubbing against her ass. It felt so perfect. She felt my dick on her ass and she began to push back, which surprised me. She pushed me all the way back till I was leaning on the wall. I lifted up her long cardigan so my dick could be right on her pants, I held her by the hips and began to dry hump her, back and fourth, side to side, and she began to follow my rhythm. It was pitch black and no one had any idea. She unbuttoned her pants grabbed my hands from her waist and put them down her pants. I could feel her extremely wet pussy and I began to rub it, She was still swaying her ass side to side on my cock, pretty much jacking me off with her ass. I got the courage to pull my dick out and she continued to rub it with her ass.She reached back with her hand and gave my dick 2 strokes and I couldn't hold it in, I nutted all over her pants, the best orgasm I had ever had. I wiped me dick off with her long cardigan and let it fall covering the mess I made on her butt and put my junk back in my pants. She buttoned her pants up as well. The whole situation lasted 10 minutes. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Finally the drill was over and she turned the lights on and everyone went back to there desks. She told the class she had to use the restroom and she left, I knew it was because she needed to clean my cum off of her. I never told anyone except my best friend. I went home that day and jacked off 3 times. The most horniest thing to have ever happened to me. I felt so accomplished hahaha. Our relationship escalated after that, but I've already written too much haha.

Newark, DE

#899 Aug 11, 2013
When I was 10 my mommy took me to see a movie. I remember very well noticing a man next to her placing his hand up her dress and I could not help but notice my mommy with strange expressions on her face and being very restless in her seat and moving her legs and bottom around in very peculiar manor.. I later came to realize that this man was giving mommy an orgasm. My mommy and daddy were not very sexual active as I always slept in their bed in between them.I was like 12 before I started to sleep and share a bed with my older sister.

Cambridge, UK

#900 Aug 11, 2013
I've never done it but would like to, I've never been on the underground at the right times unfortunately

Euless, TX

#901 Aug 15, 2013
I walk up to a stranger to day and I asked him if he do me in the butt and he said yes I got in his car he took me back to his house and did me so hard and good then I sucked him and he came on my face he had a nice size penis can't wait to see him again he came so much on me I loved it

New York, NY

#902 Aug 23, 2013
This was back in the 60'. I was a senior in high school NYC. On the subway going home you would be standing, it was always full. This happened three time. At one stop was their was a catholic school. If there were two or three girls together they would back in to you. They would be talking loud to each other. One would slip her hand behind her back her back, grab your nuts and squeeze. You would jump back and almost fall over. They would smile, and giggle. I learned if I saw these types of girls, not to stand behind them..

“kik: as username”

Since: Jun 12

Weston-Super-Mare, England

#903 Aug 23, 2013
Dan wrote:
This was back in the 60'. I was a senior in high school NYC. On the subway going home you would be standing, it was always full. This happened three time. At one stop was their was a catholic school. If there were two or three girls together they would back in to you. They would be talking loud to each other. One would slip her hand behind her back her back, grab your nuts and squeeze. You would jump back and almost fall over. They would smile, and giggle. I learned if I saw these types of girls, not to stand behind them..
most would try to stand closer.. and give them a feel lol

United States

#904 Aug 23, 2013
I'm 14 this summer at the public pool I was standing in chest deep water by the edge of the pool. And kept seeing this older guy keep walking behind me in the water getting closer finally I felt him touch my butt a few times I never said anything. After about 6 times of grazing my butt he stopped and told me to stand still I did his hands went under my top a felt my boobs I've never had a guy touch me before. His hands then slid down my bottoms and he started to rub me between my legs I started feeling really good. He asked me to turn and face him when I did he said be quite so I was he made me feel really good. Then he asked me to look down and I saw his penis very hard he pulled my bottoms halfway down and he started rubbing his penis against me he started moaning and I felt warm burst. He walked off I went to the bathroom and his sperm was all over me down there

Salem, NH

#906 Aug 29, 2013
It was Mardi Gras day and I was getting ready to watch Zulu. I was wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit and was getting a lot of attention from the guys in the crowd. Pete Fountain's Half-Fast Walking Club was going by followed by a truck with Pete Fontain and his band playing on the back of the truck. The parade stopped and one of the Walkers came over to me and asked if I was a good sport and if I would help up put a smile on the faces of the two guys driving the truck. He escoted me back to the front of the truck and by this time the other Walkers had formed a half circle around me so as to block the view of the people watching the parade. I told him I couldn't flash because I had a drink in one hand and my camera in the other hand. He faced me toward the two truck drivers and stood behind me. The drivers gave him the thumbs up that they approved of what they saw. Just then his hands came around and pulled the top of my Bunny costume down causing my boobs to pop out. I was only exposed for about five seconds when another walker cane over and help the first one tuck me back in.I looked over at my husband, who had worked his way over in front of the truck with his camcorder and managed to get the entire event on tape. It is funny watching the tape because I didn't even notice the feels these two guys were getting as thet stuffed my boobs back in the costume. It was all in good fun and I got a rose and some nice beads for my exposure.

Since: Jun 13

Brooklyn, NY

#907 Aug 29, 2013
hey dana u Skype pm me or xtralrg9

Salem, NH

#908 Aug 30, 2013
xtralrg wrote:
hey dana u Skype pm me or xtralrg9
I have no idea how to do either.

Since: Feb 13

Birmingham, AL

#909 Aug 30, 2013
I wish but sadly no :(

Since: Apr 13

Bangalore, India

#910 Sep 22, 2013
sweet16 wrote:
<quoted text>
oh yeah! i have to beg him keep going! my legs are open for you and do with me what you will! ;)
I would to sweet16 ;)

Salem, NH

#911 Sep 22, 2013
It was late and we had been drinking all day. We were up at the Food venders area so there was plenty of light. This girl and two guys approached us and the girl commented on the saying on my Wife's shirt. The girl looked very young, she told my Wife she had a fake ID that said she was twenty-one. She claimed to be twenty, but to me she looked fifteen. She explains to my Wife that she only looks young because she is so thin and has an "A" cup bust. She tells my Wife that her boyfriend makes her wear a bra so that at least she will have some shape. She tells my Wife that she can understand why my Wife needs to wear a bra because of the size of her boobs. My Wife tells her that she is not wearing one. The girl doesn't believe her and pulls out the front of my Wife's shirt and looks down at my Wife's boobs. Now the girls goes into this rant about how my Wife's body is "amazing". She tells her that her boyfriend is very shy and is afraid to ask my Wife to Flash. My Wife says sure and pulls her shirt up. The girls hands go immediately to my Wife's boobs. She starts saying how she can't believe how little they drop considering how big they are. She lifts my Wifs's boobs several times and let's then fall into her hands. Then she squeezes them and says she can't believe how firm they are. She starts asking my Wife if her back bothers her because of the weight and wouldn't it be nice to have someone walk around behind her and hold them up. At this point she moves behind my Wife and reaches around and cups both breasts with her hands.
At this point I look over at the two guys. Her boyfriend has a camera and is taking pictures and the other older guy has a video camera. I don't know that much about cameras but I do know that on a still camera the red beam is the auto focus and flashes for each picture and with a video camera the red beam stays on all the time the camera is recording. By this time they must have thirty seconds of their friend playing with my Wife's naked tits. The girl and my Wife now laugh some more and then the three of them walk away.
I'm wondering how many times they used this "scam" over the weekend? My Wife thinks I'm paranoid and doesn't think anything of this.

Hogansville, GA

#913 Sep 27, 2013
Ali wrote:
Just been shopping, leaving my bra at home as I often do. Felt this hand feeling my breast and my erect nipple - what a surprise, but loved it.
nice I bet he liked feeling you nice tits.

Since: Apr 13

Khammam, India

#914 Sep 27, 2013
bigboobs wrote:
<quoted text> nice I bet he liked feeling you nice tits.
How big are you boobs,...bigboobs?


#915 Oct 6, 2013
id love it if a guy was to rub his hard cock on my ass while in a crowded bus. major turn on!!

Since: Apr 13

Bangalore, India

#916 Oct 6, 2013
keira wrote:
id love it if a guy was to rub his hard cock on my ass while in a crowded bus. major turn on!!
I would love a cooperating girl like you to rub my hard on! ;)

United States

#917 Oct 11, 2013
I went to the book store with my boyfriend and I got in frunt of him and rubbed my ass agenst his crotch. He started to play with my tits and kiss my neck then he moved his hand down and fingerd me right in the horror section.
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