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#3452 Dec 16, 2011
O thank God u came back Anne!!! Way to go people, u guys almost scared off Anne for good! lol. Anyways, great story as always. Im not really into the whole putting on uniforms thing myself but if it works for u, then im glad u two had fun. And no people, please don't ask the whole "Do u think that steve was imagining having sex with Alice while u two were going at it?" question or "maybe he wants to have sex with Alice" spiel. Its too predictable and has already been addressed. They were simply role playing and experimenting with outfits as many couples do. Please don't get it twisted. Bottom line, glad to hear ur back and writing great stories as usual.

York, UK

#3453 Dec 17, 2011
thank you anne well come back with another good story# l like the scool girl outfit role play whitch you both enjoyed and l for one liked reading reaper l am glad she back alls well

Rochester, NY

#3455 Dec 18, 2011
I once gave my baby brother head. I was six and my brother was a new born when my parints let me hold him I saw he had three legs but one was shorter so I was playing with it and then started sucking it. He didn't mined and he stoped crying when I did this so from then on I have sucked him to bribe him I am 15 and I still do it.
Da B

United States

#3459 Dec 20, 2011
Wow sick shit here, I'm out

Katy, TX

#3462 Dec 20, 2011
Giving my brother oral

Albuquerque, NM

#3463 Dec 21, 2011
bobby wrote:
<quoted text>
How old is your brother now? I s**k my older brother to keep him from telling my mom that I am gay. I am 15 he is 17
...Ok... so wouldnt that make ur brother gay too. Its kinda rare to have a gay sibling when u urself are gay generally speakining so its kinda hard to believe this. Im not saying its impossible, just unlikely that two siblings exibit gay traits. And How exactly is he gonna tell ur mom ur gay when u happen to have dirt on him now after suposedly sucking him off? It would be kinda like a drug dealer telling the cops that someone does drugs when they were the ones who sold them it initially. Whats stopping the buyer from saying it was the drug dealer who sold it to them?(just an analogy) Think wisely if u decide to answer this, or if not, then think wisely before posting things like that as it raises these questions. And please don't say that you wouldn't want to tell ur mom of ur "incest" sessions to hurt her if she knew as that would be way too easy of a defense to shoot down by a skeptic. Im not trying to bully this post down, Im just curious to see how people like u tend to get themselves into these situations when there is such an obvious and easy way out. Also want to see how u can't seem to find the easy way out by yourself.

“don't forget to have fun today”

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#3467 Dec 21, 2011
I can see this happening. A guy blackmailing his bro for a cheap thrill. If his gf isn't giving it up, or is between girlfriends, a bj would be the next best thing if one didn't have any scruples.

Lets not forget, there're all kinds of people in this world. This thread alone proves that! lol

Rio Rancho, NM

#3468 Dec 22, 2011
bobby wrote:
<quoted text>
Bro says he ain't gay. If he was he would be s&&&king me and doin my ass. I don;t take drugs. I don't really mind su***ing him.
No offense but umm...yea no im not buying this. Even some gay people choose not to suck other guys or screw them. As a matter a fact, its been illustrated many times that the guy who chooses to be a masc is more likely to take the dominating roll when it comes to such activities and in doing so is generally more greedy then generous; meaning that they usually only receive oral and are the ones who top.(not saying that its like that for all masc men, just a common occurance) And again, it is rare that two siblings exibit gay traits assuming this is real. Regardless of this, u didnt exactly provide a good argument as to how he is technically still empowered in blackmailing u of ur secret in exchange for oral services. If indeed these activities are going on, then him saying he is not gay is a false statement and poor sense of position for thinking he still has the upper hand. And duh! of course u don't mind blowing him, ur gay (not calling u gay as an offense, just stating ur status) Atleast uscavsct made a better attempt in defending against my inquiry then that. I can far more believe a man accepting such services if a gf isn't giving it up, however this was belated after ur response so I cannot accept this as a defense for ur bro. And yes I partially agree to his statement of many different kinds of people in this world, however I cannot agree of it being proven on this thread. All this thread shows is the same incest, bestiality, pedophile and gangbang stories that are mainly poorly written.(Not directed at u though) It also only shows how so many people still remain gullible after reading the same stories with slight differences yet they still believe. This is of course just my opinion based on simplistic inquiries and in no way means it should be forced upon u to prove me wrong. It is ur thoughts being written down and whether or not u choose to further address my thoughts to them is ur choice or to let others reflect their own naturally.
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#3469 Dec 22, 2011
Sorry, felt I should ad onto my last post as I forgot to mention some things. In further thinking of this, I also feel that whether gay or straight, it is unlikely that one will turn to incest before attempting elsewhere. For instance, as a straight male myself, I have never considered turning to my sister for any sexual service whether single or not for any time being. Id like to believe that while all individuals have their own moral standards (each differentiating from others), many wouldn't sink into the incest area prior to attempting alternative solutions. And since im str8, I wouldn't even contiplate looking to my brother to acheive such underhanded scenarios. I am well aware that my standards may be lower or higher then others, but since ur brother is str8, I can see far more proficiant ways to benefit in blackmailing then that.(Not that id stoop to black mail as it is a cowardly stategy on any field) If I were to black mail, Id do it for a certain percentage of ur income, pehaps some of ur assets, or maybe save it for when u might have something on me as an emergency so that we may hold a truce in the future. These are just a few examples but they do go on. And finally, While im glad that u don't do drugs, im not sure how thats relevant. If u are referencing to my first comment to ur original post, then please re-read it as I was using the drug dealer and buyer as an analogy to ur brother blackmailing u.-Hints why I stated it being an "A-NAL-O-GY" lol, thanks again, and sorry to everyone for another long post.

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#3471 Dec 22, 2011
wrong thread ann! nothing more than (role play)!

San Diego, CA

#3474 Dec 22, 2011
id have 2 say x-dress up as a slut & had sex with every guy in an adult book store

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#3475 Dec 22, 2011
pantyboycliff wrote:
id have 2 say x-dress up as a slut & had sex with every guy in an adult book store
what you look like?
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#3476 Dec 22, 2011
My daughter likes older men. And always complained about the guy's her age.

I had an acqauintence that was quite a ladies man. I had dated a wowman he had dated she said he was as large as a tall boy beer can.

Anyway daughter got in trouble about a party where she sexed with a couple(gangbang) of guys and mother found out.

She sent her down to stay with me for a few days, ended up being weeks.

Anyway came up with an excuse to leave town and I could have taken her but.

Made a supper date with this dude and daughter. They met anyway arrranged for her to spend a weekend with him.(innocently) While I was out of town.

He invited a buddy over and you know the rest.

Daughter could barely walk when I picked her up.

She went back a few more times.

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#3477 Dec 22, 2011
Lucky wrote:
I once gave my baby brother head. I was six and my brother was a new born when my parints let me hold him I saw he had three legs but one was shorter so I was playing with it and then started sucking it. He didn't mined and he stoped crying when I did this so from then on I have sucked him to bribe him I am 15 and I still do it.
he is nine now

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#3479 Dec 22, 2011
We were both very drunk, when I first had anal sex with a stranger, a guy that I met that night. :(

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#3480 Dec 22, 2011
Hammer wrote:
Dog Lover,
I live close by. You should let me video tape you and your dog. Would love to watch.
i want to see too and join in the fun

Miami, FL

#3481 Dec 22, 2011
okay i know this is wrong but all this is making me horny im wet ,naked,and playing with my clint btw im 13 and a girl

Houston, TX

#3482 Dec 22, 2011
i want some too send me a email please

Surrey, Canada

#3484 Dec 22, 2011
preeti sharma75 wrote:
<quoted text> I'm from India. Hw bout u?
You're hot.... would love to meet you when I visit India...

Tampa, FL

#3486 Dec 22, 2011
indiana wrote:
I licked out a 3 year old long ago. I wonder if she remembers now. She would be around 51 now. She liked it at the time.
that's so hot

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