Sydney, Australia

#87 Feb 6, 2013
I sing up and click on those pictures I was juat shocked, I was thinking it will be a joke or something or maybe it will get removed but still the same. I cancel my memnerships as soon as posible. And reading all this conversations is really making a nightmare for me!
Jose M

Bournemouth, UK

#88 Feb 7, 2013
Pictureview is, I believe an automated system that pulls photographs from newsgroups on a daily basis. However, because of the sheer numbers of photos pasted on newsgroups worldwide, makes it nigh impossible to react to illegal images immediately and they rely on users to report them.
However, I am sure they could put in measures and block newsgroups that are know to be offensive and illegal. All reported illegal photos should be passed on to the authorities so that they can try and trace those responsible for these vile, criminal acts. Personally, I would never even contemplate joining such a site and those who do, seriously need to take a look at themselves.

Chelmsford, UK

#89 Feb 8, 2013
I love the site. I want to see the young ones with big nobs up their cunnys, getting what little girls need ,a good tearing between the legs .mmm

Chelmsford, UK

#90 Feb 8, 2013
There's a girl on there about 11 A little blonde with her bald slit showing .Ide like to offer her some candy and bring her to see some puppies !

Cape Town, South Africa

#91 Feb 20, 2013
sick sick site avoid

South Jordan, UT

#92 Mar 3, 2013
DixieDoglover wrote:
probably a front for a pedo site, I'd report them.
Probably just a rape victim. Who cares what she says what she says.
tojo pitts

New Orleans, LA

#93 Mar 15, 2013
I do a lot of just looking around to try to find free porn andI see alot of pages. 18× needs to be shut down. Any page with teen girls has pics of kids.... how are they getting away with this???? I have a touch screen phone and I scholl threw freeporn like I'm dodging land mines. Its pitiful!!!!!!! Every page that has kids on there page has nowhere to report it. Someone needs to clean it up!!!
what ever

Columbus, OH

#94 Mar 17, 2013
I have been a member of picture view and have seen the so called CP and I found that this art and not pron and should be protected. Now most of the poster here believe that this site should be taken down cause it has pic of under age people. To use what the posters have said about pic view and how it hurts our kids then topix should also be shut down, how many of the forms has a topic about child abuse like ( I had sex with my teen daugter/son/nice/nephew) and how about I watched my mom and dad have sex or I love to watch my sis in the shower. some other we let our teenage daughter have sex at home. Now these stories may or may not be true but we need to protect our children more from this site more than picture view
Join Free

Fayetteville, TN

#97 Apr 28, 2013
flagflagger1 wrote:
I think that site should be banned. I've reported it over the last year or so to asacp but nothing ever gets done about it. It really pisses me off. Like YouTube, I don't know why they let underage kids post the crappy on there they do, but again, nothing gets done about it.
Perhaps you should Mind Your Own Business

Portland, OR

#98 May 16, 2013
Any nude or topless pics or videos of minors are illegal. If they are in their undergarments and nothing can be seen, then it is classified as legal in the US.

Wilmington, NC

#100 Jun 2, 2013
bobobooo wrote:
Has anyone ever heard of or has a subscription to this site? I was looking on it the other day and found some ?able stuff on it, just wondered is the stuff on there legal or what. I think its a site that people file share thier pic on. but not sure.
its a legit site,with no IP tracking,like every one else says you can find illegal stuff,but it doesn't stay long,one day at the tops,and no you wont get in trouble for viewing,if you you go read there terms and conditions youll understand it more clearly,and yes im a member, its worth it for 10-12 dollars a month

Wilmington, NC

#101 Jun 2, 2013
JRT wrote:
Any nude or topless pics or videos of minors are illegal. If they are in their undergarments and nothing can be seen, then it is classified as legal in the US.
not true,you can see stuff like that on nudism sites, what makes it illegal are certain poses,they cant be like having there legs wide open and stuff like that etc... if they don't its considered modeling, trust me, you can google and find out what is considered illegal

La Vergne, TN

#102 Jun 24, 2013
If you want to report PictureView, here in the address of their offices.

Interactive Classifieds Network Corporation
2107 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 104
San Francisco, CA 94109

La Vergne, TN

#103 Jun 24, 2013
By the way... just so I would have first hand knowledge of the topic, I went to PictureView. I did see pictures of underage girls that were nude. However, the 'models' were not in sexual positions, nor were they showing their genitals or doing any sexual acts. So, is simply being nude a crime? My question is: Why would anyone want to see a female nude that has not reached puberty?
Naked Ape

West Union, OH

#104 Jun 24, 2013
Just nudity alone is not obscene nor pornographic even if they are underage, you can see it on any nudist/naturist website.
Just type "nudist", "nudism", "naturist" into Google or Bing images or videos and there it is for anyone to see.

A few years ago I was in a Borders bookstore before they went out of business, and I was looking through the magazine racks (nowhere near the adult section) and I saw a nudist magazine sitting there.(I can't recall the name of it)
So I picked it up and started flipping through it and was a little surprised at first to see so many photos of nude children of all ages.
But they weren't in any sexually suggestive poses or engaged in any type of sex acts that would constitute it being pornographic or illegal, they were just having normal fun like playing and swimming, etc. but they do it naked.
So a normal, mainstream bookstore like Borders would never be able to sell a magazine like that if it were considered to be illegal or "child porn", nor would so many nudist/naturist sites still be up and running for very long.

Muskegon, MI

#105 Jul 10, 2013
Their is lots of nude art on this site but also some sick pedo crap on their that should get this site taken down sorry but if you can't control the type of pictures posted their then this site shouldnt exist

South Africa

#107 Jul 10, 2013
Free Pictureview Log/Pass


Eden, NC

#108 Jul 12, 2013
I find it hilarious that folks here are saying "I just checked it out for the first time and was appalled" or whatever bullshit you are spewing. You don't just "check out" Pictureview, you have to become a member. I seriously doubt any of you hypocrites gave them your credit card just to check it out. Also it is not a CP site, it is simply a usenet feed, They have no real control of what ends up there. If it's on a certain usenet site it gets pulled over. If you report these pictures they do get removed, but that isn't the point. As another person pointed out, you would have to know exactly what categories these pictures were in and try very hard to find them. There are hundreds of categories so no one here is just stumbling over them. You are all totally full of crap.

“Depravity abounds...”

Since: Mar 13

Orlando, FL

#109 Jul 12, 2013
Oh yes we need more government intervention into our lives telling us what we can and cannot do... NOT!

People like you are why the NSA feels justified in spying on us.
martin wrote:
They just need to get rid of this site , all usenets its all junk dont understand why the gov. Or homever wont do anything.
NOT a Pervert

Bristol, UK

#110 Jul 22, 2013
I'm confused. Why does looking at nude pictures of kids automatically make me, under UK US law a paedophile?- which I'm certainly not.
If I look at pictures of poached elephants does that make me a poacher? The poachers are the criminals - the photographers are criminals. Not me!

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