Gay sex and crystal meth

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Dear Gay Sexpert, I am a recovering meth user. My rehab experience was really helpful, but very anti-sex. To be honest, the best sex I ever had was on crystal meth.

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#24 Jul 8, 2011
I have used meth off and on since i was 10. The sex is one of the pay offs. i am Bi and not due to meth. sucked my first dick when i was 6. Thut e point i am trying to get to is that i have used meth as a tool often to get the deviant sex i crave. i am fairly uninhibited about sex but find most others are not. I Love the fact that meth puts guy on guy thouhts in the minds of almost any guy age 11 to 60. and not to mention the things it does to girls and their morales. i have seen a church going 12 year old girl get high on summer break and in 3wks she has takn it in all 3 holes by guys as old as 44. and even by 2 and 3 guys at once not to mention girl on girl. luv meth just stay in control freaks

Safford, AZ

#25 Sep 3, 2011
panTsniffer wrote:
does it make other straight guys wanna secretly hit their knees for other men and uhh give them closet oral favors too????
omG i totaly fucking know what your going through i just started doin it a few weeks ago and i have been like 100% straight my entire life. i was always the jock and truthfully bit of a man whore for real i effin love bitches and never even thought about doing ANYTHING w a guy like not even a chance and i just got back from a guys house who got me soooo messed up and we ended up doing sum various "things" and we have done small stuff before on it and after i sober up i feel a lil ashamed so i kno wat ur sayin bro its effin weird huh?

Pasadena, TX

#26 Dec 17, 2011
panTsniffr wrote:
any other guys have any similar experiences?
Im bisexual and when I got twacked out I just wanted to ask the first guy i see to drop his pants while I get on my knees , I just wanted to have a train run on me, two anally while I take two in my mouth and jack 2 more off, and rotate them, hell ive been sober 3 months, I still want to, one to ten, if your near ottawa ks hit me up 7 eight 5 two 1 for 9 two 0 seven, put up for a room and be disease free, if your a user I dont mind just take off your clothes and ill get to work cant wait


#27 Feb 20, 2012
im a silent gay, my friend is a straight married man, he loves meth so much, he let me suck his cock when we are under meth.. fact about that meth made me horny but took me ages to ejaculate, but on his side when i give him a head his cock rock so hard and ejaculate too fast. damn!!! Im not enjoying my act!!!

Springfield, MO

#28 Mar 23, 2012
Nope....your not alone. went on a fishing trip with my brother in law, which we do all the time. only this time we decided to get high as hell. Before the sun came up we went from watching big breasted women porn to "accidental" buddies experimenting taking turns sucking and stroking each others very horny cocks. I even let his cock spurt all over my face. We still "go fishing" all the time and have even let a female watch us a few times. our new thing is watching ourselves in a mirror....very hot.

Phoenix, AZ

#29 Mar 24, 2012
Is sucking off hung black men. I'm poo at that

Rockwall, TX

#30 Apr 30, 2012
I love slamming about 1/2 gram of good makes me wanna get really filthy. Ive been known to let guys piss and shit, spit n my mouth when im high, im a real perv

New York, NY

#31 May 28, 2012
It's completely normal. When I'm sober, even trying to think about a dude in a sexual way is revolting to me. When I first tried MDMA at a rave in the mid 90's, I was so wrecked that I decided that smoking a bunch of crystal meth with some gay dude I didn't know, and made the poor decision of leaving with him because all I could think about was getting my ass pounded,my dick wet, and my rocks off (and doing more free drugs). We ended up pounding each other until about 5 pm the next night, when I started to come down and felt awkward and remorseful. The nature of these drugs is that they eliminate inhibitions by flooding your brain with serotonin and dopamine, while at the same time making you extremely horny.
Lack of inhibitions + Horny = Dude Sex. Just because you have sex with a dude when you're fucked up, doesn't mean your gay. You're just really high and horny. Also, when you're that fucked up, having sex with another dude gives more options, and those drugs tend to make a lot of guys horny, and they can't get it up. Dudes know how your junk works, and can easily get you hard, where in general, women don't and they will just get frustrated if you're too high and can't get it up.
Having said this, The mere thought of this sober makes me want to disinfect my entire body.
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#33 Jun 19, 2012
Wen I do meth it brings out the nasty an very kinky pantyboi ive got pounded hard an long an sucked an swallowed my uncle's cum for three day in my apartment he suduced me an it was fun I've got really nasty with a cpl first cousins too all male oh well its fun

Reading, UK

#34 Jun 20, 2012
coke does the same to me, as soon as I do a line I want to strip off and start watching gay porn and hit chat lines and talk gay. Even been know to get a gay over from the chat lines just to see him strip and do coke and jerk off to gay porn

Van Nuys, CA

#35 Jun 27, 2012
I think it's a lot simpler than what people make it out to be. It pretty much comes down to dopamine addiction. B

oth sex and meth affects dopamine levels to an extreme. And more "intense" the sex the more dopamine. So naturally, the combination of intense sex and meth is the nuclear bomb of dopamine.

Also, people start to involve" Am I gay, etc." But it's really not the point here. With other men on meth, you know what you're getting. Intense sex on meth --- which is what many become addicted to. If every meth using guy having sex with other guys were gay, wouldn't they be attracted to the males when NOT using? If they secretly check out guys and find them attractive, then yes. Gay or bisexual.

It's actually pretty simple. It's the need to seek intense levels of dopamine, and I can't think of anything else besides the combo of meth+sex on the planet that provides this high.

BTW. If a meth user was heavy into sex when they were using, it is also best to get sex addiction recovery as well. Helped me a huge deal. I haven't had the craving for intense meth sex in years. I'm pretty sure if I only was treated for meth addiciton, that wouldn't be the case.

..and I might end up back using.
anything goes

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#40 Jun 29, 2012
I love it, I went to our local underage gay club and met many old pervy guys...and satisfied my butt hunger with some old man pole...but that's when I started ATM and loved it...when I'm high there is nothing like licking myself off a pole that's got skid marks all over it.... and if I can't find any I get on my knees in a public bathroom and clean the stalls with my tongue....if its legal and has a rod...I'm game...

Englewood, CO

#42 Jul 10, 2012
I don't use all the time, but when i do use: i have the urge 2 get naked. i even put on sexy female panties and become obssessed with my ass. i look for items to stick up my ass and i keep going bigger and bigger. i jack offed while using a huge cucumber. OMG when i finally came it was the best EVER!
James Thomas

London, UK

#44 Jul 13, 2012


#46 Sep 13, 2012
methlova wrote:
I love meth and being with another guy.... I always end up at the adult book store wearing a thong and having my hair twisted up. one of my favorite things to do is have as many men in my butt as I can pumping my loose hole full. and drinking as much as I can push in my hand... plus I like dogs too...I love licking on knotted wood...any wood would do. anything goes....
Sound HOT

Chicago, IL

#47 Sep 15, 2012
I really hope someone can help me soon....this is very embarassing, my friend and i did a 'booty bump' and it really burned me on the outside and the insde of my booty - but my friend was ok... i don't want to go to the doctor.... what can i put on it to help with the pain?
someone n orem ut

Orem, UT

#49 Oct 30, 2012
I like girls 99% I don't feel atraction for guys at all. But when I do meth I just wanna feel a huge one up inside me anythin as long as I bottom.
anyone around ut county

Orem, UT

#50 Oct 30, 2012
Can u host n if u get horny while on meth let's play

San Diego, CA

#51 Nov 8, 2012
Get me high on anything and it gets me hungry for a nice thick cock, had some wild nights on coke, x, crystal and poppers.

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#52 Nov 23, 2012
Yea I started getting with Tranny's on meth OMG I love it

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