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Berwyn, PA

#25 Mar 30, 2009
Manny Being Manny wrote:
Maybe this is just a fantasy for your girlfriend.
Maybe she gets turned on by the fact that naked black men do not resemble her little brother, father and grandfather.

Berwyn, PA

#26 Mar 30, 2009
young_money81 wrote:
take her to jesus. or leave her. maybe she has the blackpenislovin syndrome
Jesus was not white, so what's urr point?

Berwyn, PA

#27 Mar 30, 2009
TG-Carrie wrote:
dont take it personal she is just maybe a little bit curious about black males thats normal i had a thing for black males once but i prefer white guys i was just curious and so is she.
Don't worry, she's just probably like any other white woman, using black men for sexual exploitation. Blak men don't need or worship white woman. After all white woman can't cook!

Pinellas Park, FL

#28 May 9, 2009
I think if she is watching it she it on her own she is contemplating trying a black man. White women have a curiosity about black men because of the things they hear or see most of their lives. Other women tell them how big and much better black men are. I have always felt that most white women fantasize about it at the very least an that was confirmed for me when my wife admitted to it recently.

we watched a video together, she isnt much into porn because most of it is so unbeleivable. ITs porn,right, well she was impressed that she was totally into the porn we were watching because these women were so beleivable. When they were sucking, she felt the women were really into it and even made a comment, " wow, my mouth wouldnt even fit around that black cock" . when they were getting fucked and she was seeing how filled and stretched these women were, she beleived they were getting into it. This was the first porn tha we have ever watched together that got my wife so hot and horny.

Richmond, VA

#29 May 10, 2009
RJPeal wrote:
She just recently started to do this. I am white and she is white. She likes to watch the porn with black guys and white girls. She watches it on the computer and brings home DVD's. She will even put it on when some of our friends come over. It is embarassing. Now she has even started to tell me that I need to watch it more so that I can learn to make love like the black guys do. What do I do about her?
For starters, who cares? Race is nothing but a color.

Next, if she wants you to f**k better, then the onus is on you to sharpen your skills.

Thirdly, there is no difference between interracial porn and regular porn. Porn is porn.

New York, NY

#31 Sep 9, 2009
Some people are simply attracted to opposites. Period. I say this as a Black man who has always been attracted to white women (very pale redhead types) who felt the same way towards Black men. Has nothing to do with all the psycho-babble race BS. Some people are just have a thing for certain flavors of candy!

No different than liking someone because they're tall, busty, muscular, thick, skinny, petite......etc.

Example. I would prefer a petite and athletic Black girl to a tall and lanky white girl. Go figure. It's personal and none of anybodies business anyway.


#33 Jan 22, 2010
TG-Carrie wrote:
dont take it personal she is just maybe a little bit curious about black males thats normal i had a thing for black males once but i prefer white guys i was just curious and so is she.
Were you in this situation?

Fort Worth, TX

#34 Jan 22, 2010
my ex did the same thing, finally when she was drunk one nite making me sniff her sweaty panties & beg her for a handjob she admited that she was cheating with black guys because most of them had a huge penis and how she really got off on the way they manhandled her like a total whore and made her orgasm like i couldnt...UGH, i was soo upset & jealous when she told me about the slutty things she got off doing with them omg i cummed so hard imagining her being treated like a slut and soon her stories started turning me on more and more until finally i was wanting to hear about it while she gave me handjobs, within a month i was begging her to bring home ablack guy so i could watch them have sex!
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United States

#35 Jan 25, 2010
Whatever turns her on is ok so long as
you are getting laid!

Rahway, NJ

#36 Mar 6, 2010
You r done. She wants a big black nut deep inside her !
Tell The Truth


#37 Mar 7, 2010
Interracial sex represents something different. She can be curious to try something new and different. It does not mean she no longer likes White or her man. It can mean that she wants to try something different than what she has.

In an open-relationship or swinger style relationship, this situation doesn't have to be a problem, because it is easy enough for the man or woman to have sex with people of different races and enjoy themselves.

If the girlfriend or wife is really intent on leaving the White guy for a Black man, then she would just up and leave or say nothing and start cheating behind his back.

If the girlfriend or wife is telling the guy, it is often to create jealousy for more attention or she is truly curious and wants more sexual adventure in the relationship.

In the context of a open-relationship/swinger relationship, the White guy doesn't necessarily have to feel threatened.

Lastly, often the best sex parties/swinger parties, are interracial.
Burt Reynolds

United States

#38 Aug 5, 2010
Wow. How deep this subject is. I'm a Native American (Flathead adopted by the Blackfoot tribe) and my also Native American wife and I watch interracial porn with African American men and Caucasian women. To us, we've always agreed that the combination of contrast of skin along with the women telling the man how large he is was the entertainment. She and I both know how in America today all men wish they could be treated specially for having a big penis.

All of the other issues seem petty to me.

United States

#39 Aug 30, 2010
YOu don't know how lucky you are! Help her with picking out a black man/men to take to your bed. Hold her hand, stroke her hair, tell her how beautiful she is while she is getting laid by her black lovers and masturbate in front of her and her lovers so she can see how much you are turned on by it too.

That's what I would do anyway... Good luck
Incest Tim


#40 Aug 30, 2010
Marley wrote:
<quoted text>Don't worry, she's just probably like any other white woman, using black men for sexual exploitation. Blak men don't need or worship white woman. After all white woman can't cook!
Black men usually go after the ugly white girls that nobody else wants and get them pregnant because nobody else would do them , only black males . As for cooking they know how to fry chicken , I think .

Wyandanch, NY

#41 Nov 13, 2010
Who cares? Really?

“Topix men Dreamgirl ”

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#42 Nov 13, 2010
So I watch gangbang vids does that mean I want 8 guys pounding away in me hell No! Porn is just a way for me to get a glimpse into something I'm interested but may never actually try! Who wants to watch corny white on white or black on black porn. Mix iT up baby contrasting is very nice. White guy and black girl porn cracks me up because usually when she throws it back on him he doesn't know how to handle all that voluptuous ass conquering him hahahahaha

Seriously watch a doggiestyle scene with bw/wm you'll get a kick out of it too!
Chicken Soup

United States

#43 Nov 14, 2010
Quite amusing, let her know how you feel. She is making you feel like you're not good enough in bed. Your black woman plan can backfire into her suggesting you two find a black couple and swap for a night. But if you want to try it go ahead.

You should play around in bed more maybe like try different things to see what gets her and what doesn't. Plus it could be a lot of fun changing it up.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#45 Nov 14, 2010
Mwf wrote:
My wife and I watch porn often, once we rented a movie that had a white girl going down on a black guy, she actually leaned up in bed to watch it and admitted to me she loved the thought of IR sex. She worked with a black guy that she said she became good friends with and thought he would have sex with her just so she could experience sex with a black guy. Soon after that my wife and I split up and I heard she was dating a guy she worked with. Well it wasn't hard to figure out that it was the black wife and I got back together after about 6-weeks and have stayed together for years since. She has now been with 10 different black guys that she has worked with, all clean, most of them also married and says she will never quit and that it is only for sex and nothing more. I love her and she loves me (believe it or not) and I don't really mind. Her and I have great sex together and in reality her affairs with black guys help with this. By the way, my wife is a beautiful girl, built very nice in every way. I know it's not for everyone but for us it works well so all the haters need not reply, like I said we are okay with it.
So to answer your question, she is likely considering IR sex or has already been with a black guy.
I always found interest in why men are fine with their wife having sex with another man. Do you have sex with other women? if not why?

Or maybe your relationship got to the point where you two got bored and another guy coming in to please your wife lit the fire again?

I can't see my self wanted to share my wife in the future(if I had one) but maybe as a relationship matures the boundaries start to crumble. I guess it only matters who she is coming home with.

Berkeley, CA

#47 Aug 30, 2011
sounds like a really classy woman you got there,she is a mudshark,get rid
of that whore,she is probably already cheating on you with some boon.if
my girlfriend always watched that crap,i would make her feel stupid or like a scumbag for wanting to watch a black mans balls bounce off some white dirtbag's ass.where is her dignity for gods sake,she should at least have the descency to keep that to her is full of drug addicts who abuse their bodies for money,and have no shame in doing so.i hope it pays well.
but my advice is call her on it,tell her to explain why she watches that dirty crap.then kick her to the curb.

Solihull, UK

#49 Apr 24, 2013
Ok, am not white but let me tell you one thing! Interacial is gross especially when it's with black. Also this is for Marley who says black men do not worship white women. Dude get your head out of your ass and realise that black men worship white women.

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