Sarasota, FL

#342 Jan 4, 2013
hmmm sexy
Mr man

Newark, NJ

#344 Jan 7, 2013
Mika wrote:
I catch my brother all the time, every time I do I'll either help him, suck him or strip for him. It's so hot!

U wanna strip for me

United States

#345 Jan 10, 2013
I once was on my back porch jacking off at nite, and the light from the kitchen was shining on me, my step daughter texted me " what are you doing" so i told her, she replied" i can see you" and i looked toward her room and the curtan was open enough for her to see me when she was lying in bed much to my surprise she then text me "do you mind if i watch" blew my wadd all over my hands
jay will

United States

#346 Jan 14, 2013
Mika wrote:
I catch my brother all the time, every time I do I'll either help him, suck him or strip for him. It's so hot!
thats pretty hot! I wish mine would

Leander, TX

#347 Jan 17, 2013
sod1 wrote:
I leave the door cracked so my step daughter can watch.
That's sexy. How old is she?

Since: Sep 12

United States

#348 Jan 17, 2013
This morning I hope to be stroking my koock when the hotel maid walks in.

Since: Nov 12


#350 Jan 18, 2013
Jimmasin wrote:
This morning I hope to be stroking my koock when the hotel maid walks in.
awesome!!...loads of vids on XHamster of this :)

London, UK

#351 Jan 26, 2013
My dad caught me jerking off one day and he helped me out got me so horny
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#352 Jan 26, 2013
Nick wrote:
My dad caught me jerking off one day and he helped me out got me so horny
did he get his meat out and jerk too, what happened?

Phoenix, AZ

#353 Jan 26, 2013
I love watching a hott guy jerking it and i love to jerk off guys with big kooocks and jizz all over my hands Mmmmmm i am so wet right now as i write.this i mights use my big 10 inch dildoright now

Since: Sep 12

Phoenix, AZ

#354 Jan 26, 2013
victoria wrote:
I love watching a hott guy jerking it and i love to jerk off guys with big kooocks and jizz all over my hands Mmmmmm i am so wet right now as i write.this i mights use my big 10 inch dildoright now
That's hot. I think being watched is so sexy. I love to jerk off on webcam and have lots of people watching. Also I love being caught by hotel maids. I love stroking near an open window where I can be watched.
jack me cock

Spring, TX

#355 Jan 30, 2013
i jack on my daughter when shes napping usually everyday after the wife goes to work as she gets older I know I wont be able to do it on her anymore. I have started jacking in car in parking lots letting girls watch most have been receptive only a couple went off and I came inside the car and gave me head.

Since: Sep 12

Scottsdale, AZ

#357 Jan 30, 2013
I was in a park known for cruising yesterday..a man parked a few cars away kept looking at me... I was jerkin off looking at porn in my iPad ( gotta love the iPad ) I Saw he was stroking too.. So I gave him a show. Often gathering up my pre Kuum n letting him see me lick it off my fingers. When I did Kuum I sucked up every drop n showed him. I love to be seen.

Since: Nov 12


#358 Jan 30, 2013
i used to love doing this in my younger years, now i just dont get the urge!!...i used to do it anywhere, trains, buses, parks etc :((
canuk boi

Edmonton, Canada

#360 Feb 5, 2013
when i turned 18 i went out and got hammered with some friends. i ended up passed out and my best friends house. no idea how i got there. lol. i was in the living room on the couch and just started to unzip and feel myself up. the tv was on but i didnt open my eyes much. well being just fucked up i knew it was late and no one would be awake so it was safe to whip my dick out and start jacking. I was going pretty hard when i heard a russeling on the carpet floor. i looked around and saw my friends brother watching tv. pretending that he wasnt watching me. i jumped and hid my dick with out saying anything and rolled over to sleep and feel embarassed. i knew he was still there but started to rub my dick again but this time on my side facing away from him and under the sheet i was coverd up with. it got hot and i was starting to sweat. i thought a long time about it and decided i was gonna just uncover and jack off in front of josh. i got the nerve and pretended to be asleep like rubbing a sleeping boner. we all get them i hope lol. so im straight and needed to get off in the worst drunk way and i didnt care if josh was there. i kinda wanted him to watch, maybe cause i was pickled but i was kinda hoping he would even touch my cock. i started to get a good rythem going when i heard what sounded like a dry rubbing going on. i looked and he was rubbing his dick while whatching me. he quickly put his 4.5 inche or so cut cock away but not before i could see all of it. he put his knees up to his chest to hide his bulge. I was quiet for about a min when i ( ah shit buddy i didnt know u were still awake ) he just laughed and said he wanted to finish watching the movie and it was all good. so i asked him to grab me a handful of kleenex from the bathroom because i had to get my bussiness done if he doesnt mind. he just laughed and got up to get the toilet paper. when he got back like 1min later i was slowly rubbing my dick through the sheet. there was an obviouse tent and he stared at it and laughed again and said i was crazy and sat on the floor in front of the couch with his back to me. i took it as a sign that he wanted to see it so i whipped it out and asked if he had laotion. he turned back and said just use spit thats what i do. he also freaked at how big mine was. he turned around to get a better look. i held it by the base and pointed it straight up and asked if it was the biggest hes ever seen. he said hell ya while laughing quietly. i said his would get as big in a few years. he was 15 and tall but not at full size cockness yet... i guess. i thought because he was tall that his dick would be just about as big as mine. anyway with that he starred quietly as i started jacking off. i asked him to spit in my hand because i had dry mouth. he hesitated and spit alot into my palm. i said holy shit man thats enough i think and poured half into my other palm. i started to slip my hand up and down my 8.5 inches or so, super hard cock and felt like i was gonna cum right then because he was watching me and i didnt care. i slowed down and said he better back up before i cum and splash it all over the place. his face was right close to my dick while i was on the couch and he was kneeling next to me. he didnt seem to wanna move so i leaned over toward him and slapped him in the face with one quick motion. lol. he tried to get away but i got him and laughed about it, i warned u i said. he called me a sick bastard and went back to watching me but from a lil further back. i felt the spit in my left hand drip down my arm and said shit out loud. he offered more spit and i said ok if u want to u can put it on my dick. i actually almost begged him to. i told him just for a second. he agreed and started to rub some spit on my dick. it felt soo good to have help from soft hand. felt like a girl. i told him to go faster and he did and before i knew it i could feel the cum building up but didnt say any thing. i just started to shoot all over has hand.

Henderson, NV

#361 Feb 5, 2013
My mom went through a mid life crisis in her early 40s and started dressing like my bros 17 yearold girl she went from school mom dresses to booty shorts with the thong hanging out and little sun dresses when she visits town she will fall asleep in her pajamas but she always ends up with her ass hanging out i wanted to fuck so bad

Douglas, MI

#362 Feb 9, 2013
One time I was watching porn and my girlfriend caught me and let's say we had a lot of fun

Oklahoma City, OK

#364 Feb 10, 2013
I will have my step daughter drive me to the gas station... Usually at nite... And i will jack off while she is driving... She has busted me a couple of times and hasnt said anything to my wife... So i ask her if she can see anything... She sez no... But i know she can see me hacking off when we pass by the street lights or wen we r at the stop lites... Its so hotttt
Fun lad


#365 Feb 10, 2013
I just had a shower and was in my bedroom felt horny . So I started having a wank when my bedroom door open and there was standing there was my gf 2 mates .. They told me not to stop and join me ..

Oklahoma City, OK

#366 Feb 10, 2013
Ok... So my stepdaughters are 16 and 18... Verry hotttt... So i asked one of them id they had ever seen a guy jacking off... Ahe sed no... Thwn i asked her if she would watch me jackoff... Ahe sed as long as mom dont know... So she watched... Then she wants to watch all the time now...

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