Men, how many times can you come in a...

Men, how many times can you come in a day?

Created by Franko on Jan 4, 2008

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four times

five times

6 times

7 times

8 or more


Adelaide, Australia

#708 Jun 9, 2013
A few years ago I did 13 times a day if I tried, just trinkled fun by the end now most is around the seven mark

London, UK

#709 Jun 9, 2013
I masterbate at least 8 times a day

Since: May 13

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#711 Jun 10, 2013
Franko wrote:
THis poll comes around because of a poster who claimed her BF came about 8 times in a day, and practically every day.
TO be blunt, I think this is a fantasy, I have never heard of more than 5 or 6 times a day, and not every day either.
SO I am looking for an HONEST number so that readers can tell the difference between a story and reality.
Furhtermore, women can chime in too, not only with the maximum any guy ever did while with them, but also some feedback as to how many times in a day a woman can handle before they get too sore, or the point where it becomes ridiclously boring to have sex.
Taking this other woman's post into account, 8 times a day means about 4 huors a day spent having sex in 30 minute sessions. Spread through a day, one wonders how ANYTHING else gets done?
THat also means abuot 56 times a week, or 3000 times a year ... I know a lot of poele who consider that more than enough for a MONTH because that is already more than once per day.
Ahh please of course they dO

ive been F ucked for 2 days straight many of times in DRUG SEX PARTIES so maybe thats it if it wasnt for the Use of Drugs possibily not

i would say 20 in 24 hours anyway no problem

and i LOVE it so much



Chesterton, IN

#712 Jun 18, 2013
I have made my lover come three times on a single errection, however exeding 3 can be painful to a guy. The record in one day is 9 , we had sex at midnight, when we woke up, and when we went to bed. Coming three times during each. As for me I can come without boredom or pain for 21+ times. I am sore the next day after but I have became aroused and had sex the day after. My sexual habbits have many times been referred to as a pornstar quality but I have never done such things. My lover and I just plainly love sex
Napoleon Blownapart

Riverside, CA

#714 Aug 3, 2013
I read about a guy in Germany once that they called "Baby Bottle Horst" the guy would stroke his pecker like three times and shoot a load so large it would fill a small baby bottle. Then he'd hand it to some busty chick in lederhosen and she'd down the whole thing in one sitting and belch. Pretty hot stuff!

Livermore, CA

#715 Aug 3, 2013
Around 8 times masturbating in a day. After breaking up with a girlfriend, I started watching more porn.

With one past girlfriend, we did it 2-3 times some days. Each session, if we both came, that was it. So at most I came three times.

Looking back it is pretty funny. With my current girlfriend, she would be giving me a BJ or jerking me and I stopped her before I came so I could f*ck her. She laughed and said "you know you can c*m more than once". Well, when she is horny, she usually make me c*m 3-4 times in a session. Not much comes out after the 3rd or 4th time.


#716 Aug 7, 2013
I'm 19 and the most I've masturbated in a day is 3 times.
Anne wrote:
If the numbers people r saying are true then the guys ive been with are below average, tho ive had no complaints with their overall performance lol. I had one bf we did it 4 times in a day but otherwise the most (im only talking actual ejac)wud be twice at night and then again when u wake in the morning. Usually when yr first in a relationship i guess u do it 2-3 times a day on average but after a couple of weeks it drops to 1-2 times and after a few months yr lucky to get the second time!
To fully answer the original poll if i was in some group sex situation i think it wud no longer be fun n i wud be too sore after about 6 or 7 times in a short period, 8 is getting too much.

Berryville, AR

#717 Aug 30, 2013
When I was in my teens, I would masturbate about 3 times a day and ejaculate the same amount of sperm. As time went on, it decreased slightly, and now in my old age, I can't even get an erection. I miss the great feeling of 'squirting my 'jizz', 'come', spunk, etc.
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Berryville, AR

#718 Aug 31, 2013
Ronnie - Whoah! The most I ever did, when a teenager, was 3 times in a day. But, the 3 times felt great. And, I masturbated with a buddy who also liked to 'strike for a medal' and we got together often for our marathons.

Denver, CO

#722 Sep 18, 2013
more than 10 ejaculations in a 24 hour period is very possible.. if there is a long period of arousal for each one, there can still be be large amounts of semen even on number 10..

I have huge nuts and have came 10+ times in 24 hours b4

Denver, CO

#723 Sep 18, 2013
it is much easier to come 10 times a day from masterbating than from intercourse.. the reason is the penis will become more flacid as the number of busted nuts increases.. and although a flacid penis is not suitable for intercourse.. the penis will become hard just as the nut is about to bust again

Bakersfield, CA

#724 Sep 18, 2013
I used to be able to c*m 7 times in one day, now that I am older and the bad effects of a bad no fault auto accident are coming into play, I am lucky if I can do it twice in one day. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 or more days before I can do it again, its a real bummer. Thats why I would love it if my wife would bring a real stud into our play and let me watch so I could get good and hot then I know I could shoot off more

Since: Sep 13

Garland, TX

#725 Sep 18, 2013
I remember doing 7 times the same night. The last time I was completely drained out and nothing came out but felt the same. I have done it 3 times without stopping and when really turned on now that a lil older I have stye hard after the first one and able to continue till I cum again or she stops cause she tired....good ol

“passionate, complex & loyal”

Since: Sep 13

Philadelphia, PA

#726 Sep 18, 2013
With my ex I came 8 times in day having sex... foreplay to orgasm. We were shooting for ten times, but we both crashed and slept the rest of the afternoon after number eight. I was fine (the last couple of orgasms were almost dry), but she was very sore afterwards.

On my own I`ve probably exceeded that number a handful of times, when I was so horny I felt no relief no matter how many times I came.

Now I know how women feel at times.=oP

Since: Sep 13

Garland, TX

#727 Sep 18, 2013
Im 34 and my wife is 36.....when we were in our mid 20s we decided to take a vacation and just stay home and have sex for 7 days. We easily did it a good 50 times during that week. We get super horny when we smoke and man that was maybe the best 7 days of my life....we are very lucky to have expeienced that pleasure...Thanks for sharing
Eddie Smegma


#728 Sep 18, 2013
I once spent the night with a prostitute in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was so hot and beautiful I banged her 7 times between midnight and 5 am. Just kept getting hard again and again. On the last one I pulled it out at climax to unload on her big boobs but nothing shot out. Not even a drip!

“errr..... hi there ”

Since: Jan 13


#729 Sep 18, 2013
I have done more than 10 multiple times, I sometimes end up cumming dry but its still an orgasm none the less, I can do it with sex or mastirbation,

Since: Oct 13

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#731 Oct 8, 2013
Man - you must be made of steel!!!!!!! Post a pic of that rod!
Baby Girl


#733 Jul 19, 2014
I see the eight times a day result is winning !! I wonder why???
Of course man CAN orgasm 8 times a day, I guess most would need a day to recover after. I had a b/f and on holiday once we spent all day practically in bed and had sex over ten times. It was amazing, but was spread out from morning until about 3am. I don't know about my b/f needing a rest - I did !!!

Oronoco, MN

#737 Sep 18, 2014
I've orgasmed up to 9 times in a day with masturbating and up to 4 times in a day due to sex.

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