i was 16(late bloomer) and at summer school in the library and happened to come across a porn site and starting clicking, take note i have never been on a pron site before. now the librarian was at her desk behind me and could not see me, she was young and kind of good looking. nothing happened with her, but i starting looking at the porn sites and rubbing myself and after a while i got a funny feeling, not knowing what it was all that it felt good i kept doing it. then all of the sudden it felt like i pissed myself, and if felt great, i was sooooo embarrassed i went right to the bathroom to find all this white stuff in my boxers. i was so scared but at the same time interested at what i found out what to do, as i said i didnt know anything about this. after that i would masturbate 3-4 times a day everyday of the week for like a month lol. just thought i'd like to share, any comments please feel free!