Self Bondage - Caught

Savannah, GA

#1 Aug 10, 2012
Have you ever tied yourself up and were then caught by someone while you were tied. Please give all the details- looks, bondage gear, what they did to you and who did it, and did you like it or would you do it again just to get caught?


#2 Aug 10, 2012
I tied my feet together and put a vibrator up my ass and was wanking off to some shemale porn and my sister walked in luckily I managed to pull the quilt over me but she seen the porn an knew what I was doing.... Love it
Hot Housewife

Commerce Township, MI

#4 Feb 9, 2013
I have tied myself up a few times in the past in various positions, on the couch, dining room table, bed and just in the middle of the floor. My husband loves to come to that and the first time I did it was about as memorable as they get. I planned a dinner for him, so he thought and had practiced different things on the couch with rope. I had a good plan to tie my legs spread and back to the rear legs with a waist rope under me to the front legs so my rear end was on the edge of the couch. I then was able to tie my hands individually to rear legs as well by using a loop that tightens up when you pull on the rope. It worked great I was bound very well. I thought I would get myself into position about 15 minutes or so before I expected him home to build up some anticipation. While tying my legs back I got pretty worked up and played with myself for a bit getting very wet and excited. I put my blindfold on and did my wrists in the loops, pulling them tight I was pretty amazed at how well I was bound. Well after quite some time I was talking to myself and saying that next time I was not going to finish up until I knew he was in the front door and I felt a cold something on my ass and sniffing away. Good God I had forgot about the dogs and my ass was at perfect dog height on the edge of the couch. I was able to turn my head and rub the blindfold off only to see Brandi, the female looking at me over my clit. Good I thought it is the timid one, so I told her to go lay down a few times and off she started but the other one, Buster a male, came to see what the fuss was all about. Well when he got a whiff of my scent he was off to the races licking away like he found the best treat ever! I was starting to sweat it now because the last thing I wanted was my husband to come home and find me with the dogs licking me. I was trying to be stern with him but his actions got Brandi interested and they were both going at it when I heard the garage door go up and his car pull in. I remember a huge flush of heat came over me and at the same time I had a tremble in my vagina building. The dogs heard his car and ran over to the door waiting, thank goodness that had happened. When he came in the dogs were happy to see him and he put his stuff down in the kitchen and saw me out in the living room. Well what do we have here he said and walked in behind the dogs, they were already heading for me and he laughed and put them in another room. I was aching pretty good by now and my clit was just wanting to be touched. He came back with the back massager and a few other toys. He repositioned my blindfold and started playing with my nipples. I was already pretty worked up and now the anticipation was just making me flow all over. He teased me forever before finally sliding his tongue over my clit and it only took a few minutes before I was having an orgasm. He gave me three orgasms before finally putting is cock in me and thrusting into me. I thought he was done when I felt the couch moving and then his cock was on my lips with my taste and scent all over it. My head was against the couch and he began pushing in and out of my mouth and playing with my pussy with the vibrator. I loved every second of it just cumming over and over.
So whenever I decide to tie myself up now I put the dogs in a bedroom and wait until I hear him coming through the door before the final tie.

Newtownabbey, UK

#5 Feb 9, 2013
I helped my boss tie me up, he torn my blouse open cut off my bra torn the sleeves off an torn my panties off an put them in my mouth used the sleeves to tie them there he was naked as stiff he was cutting my skirt in strips when the cleaner walked in tied to a chair my breasts with red hand marks on them my boss naked, ripping my clothes, she screamedvan ran he chaste he naked an got her back an removed my panties from my mouth, it would of been easier to explain but my boss did not go away, I think he loved me being caught.she did believe us in the that it was all roll play.
Hot Housewife

Commerce Township, MI

#6 Feb 10, 2013
Wow you are gutsy letting your boss tie you up!! Did you ask for a raise afterward?

Saint Albans, UK

#7 Dec 6, 2014
MaleMan wrote:
Have you ever tied yourself up and were then caught by someone while you were tied. Please give all the details- looks, bondage gear, what they did to you and who did it, and did you like it or would you do it again just to get caught?
I live in a shared house with my own room, one weekend my house mate went away to see his parents, I'm a bloke as well by the way, I thought as I had the house to myself I'd try out some self bondage which I'd been reading about, I gagged myself with a ring gag really tight then put myself into a tight hogtie , the key for my cuffs were on my bed, I thought they were safe but in moving around I knocked them on the floor, I should have mentioned I was blindfold as well, I don't know what time it was but I heard the front door open, no voices but noise on the stairs then my bedroom door opened, still no noise at all, I laid still & listened then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I shuddered, then another on my bum then u was turned over on to my back, someone started kissing & licking around my mouth , putting their tonge into my mouth, kind of French kissing, then to my amazement, while being French kissed my cock started to be sucked , there were at least two of them, by this time I was really horny, I'm not gay but this was blowing my mind, I was wondering what was going to happen next, then a dildo was pushed into my bum, it was big, I was forced onto my back even more now & my head was being held tight, a cock was pushed into my mouth , it made me gag then it was pulled out then in again, I kept on doing this until it filled my mouth with cum, they held my head tight & made me swollow, it was salty, then I was turned over onto my front , the dildo was slowly pulled out & I think a cock was pushed in, it was bigger the dildo & warm, in & out it pumped, this when for ages then I heard the keys being picked up & placed in my hand, I was then able to undo myself but they had gone, to this day I don't know who to hell it was but my house mate says it wasn't him, I didn't tell him all the details but if it was him he'll know, very weekend in deed
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