How to make a man come faster or last...

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#88 Sep 18, 2011
Sweetsexyteen wrote:
I love sex.. And my boyfriend..
But sometimes a girl needs a quickie... I don't want carry on after I hav come.. But wen he still hasn't It means I can be really sore by the end.. Although if I slow it down I can be ready orgasm again and I do.. I want kno how I can mAke him come quicker...
I hate being sore.. Much rather hav quick sex then go again once we we recover from round one..
Any ideas...
And when he lasts ages does it mean he ain't finding me sexy? Guys do u last longer wen ur not so turned on?
Dont b worried abt him not bein turned on by u or not bein sexy i find my gf incredibly hot and sometimes i cant git off for an hour or 2 (lucky for me them times she doesnt cum very quick either) for me it seems like sometimes it just randonly takes longer and it almost seems like the mindset u go in2 it with if im thinkin quickie, boom done in 15 minutes if we have time 2 have fun with it it may take up 2 2 and a half hours no exageration. Bottom line it prolly aint u so dont git self concious and i know its hard but COMMUNICATE!!!! Ask wat u can do 2 help speed it up find out wat works best 4 him
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#91 Oct 30, 2011
My bf and I have been together for two years, and I have yet to get him to come. We haven't completely done the deed yet because it hurts A LOT when he goes in (ashamed :[ ) but I give him hand jobs and oral all the time and he says it feels amazing. But it will be twenty or more minutes (I haven't kept careful track) and I'll be completely exhausted and can't continue. I'll seriously feel like I'm about to collapse after switching back and forth between handjobs and oral. I've done things like play with his balls and held the lower part if his staff when my mouth can't reach... He says it feels better, but the physical results are yet to show up.... It's starting to really eat at my confidence, because I really love him very much and it seems the only time he can come is by fapping on his own... It makes me feel useless no matter how much he denies it, and I want to find a way to make him cum without his help in the matter...

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#96 Nov 23, 2011
As aRubber fetishist, my girlfriend loves to use a little kinky rubber fetish bondage on me. She will have me dress in my super glossy shiny polished black rubber catsuit, open faced rubber hood, and elbow length rubber gloves. In addition-I wear super shiny PVC stiletto heeled thigh boots with this outfit. My gf slips on a latex rubber condom onto my c***, and then tightly wraps and twists a rubber band around my b****. This way-I am EXTREMELY TURNED ON IN ALL MY SHINY KINKY RUBBER GEAR-BUT CANNOT C**. She will then have me lay back, and she will give ma a condom handjob. I, of course, can only moan and grunt away, as the rubber band causes a huge c** buildup. In this way, I will last for quite awhile. However-when I finally do explode into the rubber condom, I fill up that reservoir tip FULLY!!!!!!!!!!
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#98 Dec 22, 2011
I have the opposite problem,I like to have sex with my girlfriend and can easily last for 30 minutes and sometimes she is already done and can't take anymore so shell finish me off with a tit job.
I guess that's odd for a guy,and she told me her last boyfriend would be done in 5-10 minutes,but I love fucking and like it to last a long time.
I can come two or three times but keep fucking until I come again.
Am I really that unusual?
I'm 38 but horny all the time and think off girls all day long and would really love to spend longer sessions with my girl but she says she gets sore.
Can anyone offer some advice?
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#99 Dec 22, 2011
Another thing is that my girlfriend says I make her come really quick and after she comes she wants to stop and relax for a while but I'm too horny to stop.
Is there any way I can maybe get her to last longer before she comes so I can enjoy being with her longer?
She's a natural 48ff and I love it when she's on top of me with her melons swinging in my face,she usually makes me come four times before I am finished but I feel so happy afterwards,I hate it when she makes me stop because she comes to quick.anyone here know any tricks?

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#100 Jan 2, 2012
I think one of the best ways to make a man come faster is to combine:

1. excitement. you really have to be into it, and super excited about getting down with him.

2. tease him a lot and build anticipation. when you give him a BJ don't go straight for the goodies, hoping he'll come sooner this way. you might as well wear your jaw off if he takes a longer time to finish. just tickle him with your tongue, caress his balls, etc. make him fantasize about what's to come. become an expert with matters.

3. talk to him before? tell him you have to go somewhere, or that you're really turned on by the idea of a quickie.

4. some sex position he likes and will help him come sooner. idk, this depends on him.

5. do naughty stuff, touch yourself, talk dirty, look into his eyes while you're blowing him, etc. perhaps this helps.

oh and gentlemen...COME ON! to the one who said he likes to 'enjoy it' himself...if your partner gives signs he/she's gotten enough and would like for you to finish, don't be a jerk and prolong your pleasure just for yourself. this is what makes you selfish and makes women go looking for other men...if she blew you like there's no tomorrow, then screwed you for some good 30, 45 mins...come on now. perhaps she's tired, or after she's had her orgasm she wants to stop, she's getting sore?? isn't it pleasurable enough that you've made her come? don't be pricks...
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#101 Jan 16, 2012

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#102 Jan 23, 2012
ricky wrote:
(oh, yeah, and i should've proofread the post before posting it. so please don't think my grammar is as bad as that makes it seem... i'm just a little frustrated because the last couple of times with my new gf i haven't been able to finish even after she stuck with me like a champ. wouldn't it frustrate you to be crazy in love with someone and not being able to come after a whole freaking hour?)
for the guys on the other side of the issue, those to come to soon. i do feel for you, and wonder, why not just give her head 'til she's orgasmic and then just go in for the kill?
My BF taqkes 4 hours of sucking to get him off and I amn so frustrated with lock jaw! I need help. HE CAN'T GET OFF AT ALL WITH VAGINAL SEX. He told me if he ever could I would be thge one he could do it with - but has not been able to for over 20 years. WHY NOT???? I really want to help him get off - faster. He has extremely powerful orgasms because he puts them off and waits, and makes me pull away for a few minutes. But jeeez 4 hours!
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#103 Feb 11, 2012
I dont care about a womans pleasure,only my own.I get sick of girls telling me it hurts if I put it all the way what? am I supposed to just put it halfway in each time I thrust into her? I dont think so,I like it deep and wet.

Also I get sick of listening to my girl complain about my cum getting in her hair and eyes..I cant control where I shoot or how far,I could just unload in her mouth but I love seeing he lick it up off her fingers.

Remember girls,if you dont satisfy you man,he'll be down the street paying a whore $20 for a blow in the alley.

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#104 Mar 26, 2012
NotAbleTo wrote:
I have the problem of going for 4-5 hours without cumming; if at all. I would love to be able to cum quicker...even premature would be better. Yes I have always been this way with the exception of the first time. Even if I masterbate it takes at least 2 hours. I am in desperate need of some help.
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#105 May 9, 2012
How do I mack my man come fast

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#106 Jun 2, 2012
I have no problems It's self control I can go as long as 10 hours with no problems and maker her com over and over again.

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#107 Jun 3, 2012
It's a matter of training. Use a paddle if he doesn't last as long as you want. Also deny him intercourse for a week for each inadequate performance.

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#108 Jun 5, 2012
my man takes more like and hr and a half or more

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#109 Jun 6, 2012
Huge Boob lover wrote:
Another thing is that my girlfriend says I make her come really quick and after she comes she wants to stop and relax for a while but I'm too horny to stop.
Is there any way I can maybe get her to last longer before she comes so I can enjoy being with her longer?
She's a natural 48ff and I love it when she's on top of me with her melons swinging in my face,she usually makes me come four times before I am finished but I feel so happy afterwards,I hate it when she makes me stop because she comes to quick.anyone here know any tricks?
Hmm -- try turning her on more. Give her more foreplay :)

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#110 Jun 6, 2012
Try giving her a massage :-)

Coventry, CT

#111 Jul 15, 2012
So i feel kind of boring in my sex life and i want to become a freak!!! i need some great ideas to make my man crazy and come fast, Any Pointers?!?!?!? what makes men totttttallllly crazy and hot???

Menifee, CA

#113 Jul 28, 2012
Franko wrote:
<quoted text>
HAHHA! No, if I WANT to have an orgasm in 10 minutes I can .. it's a matter of control.
I once had a GF who gave awesome BJ's ... the closest any girl every got to deep throating (she could not get the last 1.5 inches)....
After several times where it took upwards of 20 minutes she got frustrated and asked me "DOn't I do it well?":
ANd I said " I already told you, you do the best I ever got".
SHe says "THen why don't you come any faster? All the other guys I did this to came in like 5 or 10 minutes!!!!"
SO, I answered " WHy should I let it end in 5 or 10 minutes when I can enjoy it for even longer! ALso, when I take longer to come, then my orgasm is stronger too "

My b/f said I'm more fun in bed then anyone he as been with, that I could get 10 men off, but I can't always seem to get him off. I get close many times, everytime I give him head, but can't always get him off. Could it be from mental stress from work and other family members not helping to carry the financial burdens?

Anchorage, AK

#118 Dec 29, 2012
Franko wrote:
THe question has come up ... what if a guy can't come quickly and she is worn out but he's not done yet? WHat if you want a 15 minute quickie but he can't come in less than 30 minutes?
ALso, of course a common complaint is that some guys don't last long enough .. she is just getting warmed up and he's done already. HOw do we solve that one?
SO, I am looking for ideas and techniques in both cases.
franko! you sound like a virgin bro.

Novi, MI

#120 Jan 11, 2013
Franko wrote:
<quoted text>
MOSt guys only 3-4 minutes? Surely you exagerate??? I have not yet had a man admit to me that they EVER came in less than 15 minutes... although I have had a few women tell me they dated men who were done in less than 10 ...
YEAH right!!! I usually have to give up my man goes so long! after 30-45 min Im ready to go to sleep.. sorry for us both..

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