#63 Jun 11, 2010
Hi there,

I'm a guy and I've never really had a problem with lasting too long unless i've just come, then sometimes i find i can't come again for about 40 minutes or so of intercourse. I'm 25 and i don't usually have to wait more than about 5 minutes from coming to be able to get hard and have sex again. I have a girl but i work away from home for some period of time, usually a month then get a few weeks off.(just to explain my situation)

I find that sometimes i last no more than 2 minutes, and other times i can last around 30 - 40 minutes. Usually the first time i have sexual contact in a while is when i can't last very long, no matter how slow i thrust or how much i think of different things, tense my PC muscles and things like that. Then usually after the first couple of times i find that i can last a lot longer, my girl is accommodating to it as well and i tell her when i'm getting close and she'll stop moving and so will i, allowing me time to calm down from my climax.

I find that doing this can make you last a lot longer, also having foreplay like oral sex for a little while before having intercourse can help make you a little less sensitive to vaginal contact, for example my girl knows i pop pretty quick when i first come home so she usually gives me oral first, sometimes she'll let me come with oral or other times she'll stop just short of me coming, and let me play with her for a little while so i get the time to calm down a little, and then we have intercourse.

So what i'm suggesting is for the guys that come a little fast sometimes, when you feel you're about to blow, stop moving and relax a bit, you can still play with her breasts or butt, rub all over her body and talk to her, tell her how hot she is and how much you like having sex with her. If you have to you can pull out of her and even go down on her a bit while you calm down some before re-entering.

I find changing it up a bit in sex positions can help last longer, i'm not sure why this works but i find that if she's ontop and i'm about to come, if we swap and i go ontop, i can last a bit longer. Doggy for me, unless we're into it a fair way and i am controlling it properly, usually makes me come really fast because it's an awesome view haha.

Another note to add is that i've also been with a couple of girls that were not very understanding about it, these girls don't really care about what they are saying to you, nor should you worry about it, if they are shallow enough to give you grief and not realise that sometimes it happens faster than others, then thats their problem not yours.

Also i've found that the more you worry about coming to fast, the more it happens, try taking your mind off actually coming (or not wanting to come) and just enjoy the sex, enjoy the contact of the girls body against yours and tell her how good it feels,

Hope this helps.

Chico, CA

#64 Jul 27, 2010
My normal sexual experience is between one and three hours long and sometimes even after that im still not able to come!... and shes asking me what do i need to do to make you come and i dont have an answer beside be patient with me, i realize now that i have DE or delayed ejaculation, and maybe only about 8% of men get it early ejaculation is much more common. one thing ive read that it is partly a control issue and that we cant let go enough to enjoy our love making, or sometimes that we are trying so hard to please our partner that we just dont see our own pleasure for what it is...

Chico, CA

#65 Jul 27, 2010
I just want to come! its seems that for me this only happens with certain girls, ive had times were i only lasted about a minute and other times were ive had sex for days in a row and each session lasting hours and nothing...
SaintCums onYourFace

Merrimack, NH

#68 Jul 30, 2010
Wait I need your number to call you to clean up the mess im going to leave on your wife's face. Who is gonna clean up her pussy juice off the rug and my load off her face? It would be troublesome for her and I'm surely not the one cleaning it, so that leaves you.

Paisley, UK

#69 Sep 2, 2010

Rosemount, MN

#70 Sep 18, 2010
I also would like to know how to get him to come faster. I've only made him come a couple times so far because it's so hard with him. We fuck for hours straight and i get too sore to finish so i give him head then my jaw gets sore and i need help with this issue too!

Suva, Fiji

#71 Nov 24, 2010
how to make my man last longer.HELP


#72 Jan 2, 2011
The American Academy of Family Physicians confirms that:“Behavioral methods are helpful for more than 95 percent of men who have premature ejaculation.”
So, if you have tried “exercises” and they have not helped it is because they have not been explained properly to you. Many of the treatment programs offered online have not been written by professionals.
The best and cheapest is a little book written by a doctor and sex therapist with 40 years of practice experience: Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D. It was written in 1978 and revised in 2010. It has been used by thousands of men to successfully overcome premature ejaculation.
He explains that no man is born with the ability to control. Controlling ejaculation is something you have to learn, just as you had to learn to control your bladder as a child. We get taught to control our bladders but no one teaches us how to control ejaculation.
Do not waste time or money on sprays, vitamins, herbs, dietary supplements or drugs. This is a learning problem and these things will not help you learn to control ejaculation any more than they can help you to learn to speak another language.
It is called "Lasting Longer: The Treatment Program for Premature Ejaculation" by Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D. For more information just google the doctor’s name: Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D.
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Sydney, Australia

#74 Mar 21, 2011
there is a muscle in butt that you can excerise i heard that helps. squeeze it heaps then hold it. that helps with getting erections and apparently coming faster if you squeeze it during sex.
i know that eating things with zinc will increase your sensitivity.
i thought about eating foods to increase my testosterone. but that just made me horny.
having said all this i still have this problem.
i was wondering if it was because my mind wanders.
so what should i think about? would it help to think about other girls? or porn? what do people suggest i think about.
I am me

Muskegon, MI

#75 May 24, 2011
To make him come him up.Tease him for a while, and suck him. Put him on the verge then have intercourse. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. As far as making him last longer..well have him rub one out first. Then try it. Its proven men last longer the second time around.

San Diego, CA

#76 May 26, 2011
patrick wrote:
omg u guys r all wrong ppl. Any guy, when he 'trains' himself, can come at any time he wants. He can come within 3-4minutes or even over 25 minutes. just keep excersizing the tiger pplz! u get bettr
i don't think you know any better dude some guys can't come easy like me it takes sometimes an hour!!!! every guy is different!!!

Woodburn, OR

#77 May 26, 2011
the best way to make a man last longer is for the girls to be on top, and do them cowgirl or reverse cowgirl that's what my uncle called it when we were talking about this one day. That way the guy can relaxes legs and just lay there and be a stick for the girl the Pogo on!
i wanna quickie

Irvine, KY

#78 May 30, 2011
why is it that when i masturbate i can get off alot faster than when im actually having sex?? i love sex but it makes it hard sometimes to finish the deed becuase it takes too long but when its just ol palmala handersen and a sock im getting off in just a minut or so???

Victoria, Canada

#79 Jun 20, 2011
Performance anxiety is a common cause of retarded ejaculation. It is the result of being in your head worrying about whether or not you will be able to come. Once you start to do that you get caught in a "fear of failure" cycle which keeps reinforcing itself. How to deal with this problem is explained in simple terms in a small inexpensive book on premature ejaculation which has the same cycle going on but with the opposite outcome.

There are a lot of high-priced programs advertised online but all you need is this inexpensive little book written by a doctor and sex therapist that has been used successfully around the world for more than 32 years.

It is called "Lasting Longer: The Treatment Program for Premature Ejaculation" by Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D. For more information just search for the author’s name: Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D.

For free preview chapters from the book visit the website.

Toronto, Canada

#80 Jul 3, 2011
I don't masturbate a lot, and I had sex for the first time yesterday and I lasted about and hour and a half. Does it just depend on the person?

Since: Jul 11

London, UK

#81 Jul 22, 2011
Premature Ejaculation - Is Tantric Massage The Answer?

According to studies one in three men suffers from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Premature ejaculation is defined as a condition in which a man ejaculates earlier than he or his partner would like him to. The consequences of premature ejaculation can cause frustrations and have serious effects on relationships, self esteem and confidence. It's not really a topic that gets discussed, but one that a lot of people out there can relate to.
So what causes premature ejaculation, and is there anything to cure this?
Work stress, worry, anxiety, performance pressure, fatigue, depression, lack of experience, and extreme arousal are just some of the factors affecting this issue. Tantra massage can offer a real way of combating these effects, with some hands on practical techniques.
Tantra and tantric massage can help people to relax; when you relax you are able to be more present in your body, so less likely to psyche yourself out by worrying or having unrealistic expectations about performance, or past experiences. Tantric massage includes learning some breathing and relaxation exercises to help calm the mind, and bring you more into your body. It takes pressure off performance, rather focusing on what you can feel and utilizing the whole body to build pleasure. Once you are relaxed, then ejaculation control and prolonging techniques are taught during the lingam massage, offering practical methods to tackle premature ejaculation.
Tantric massage can be a haven for all people who are looking for solutions and answers to some very personal issues. Rather than wanting people to hide or be embarrassed, they empower their clients to take a different view, teach them how to relax, and how to control and prolong so that they can regain confidence and have better ongoing relationships with partners. For people who want to learn more about their own bodies, about kundalini energy and who want to celebrate and grow. Trained therapists have years of experience and offer a safe and caring environment to seek hands on help with premature ejaculation difficulty. The London Tantric Temple offer sessions for men, women and couples and genuinely want to help clients feel better about their confidence, their bodies, and about themselves and their relationships. Tantra massage can and does help people and the answer to these problems.

Quesnel, Canada

#82 Aug 4, 2011
Franko wrote:
<quoted text>
OK, I can help you with both ....
If your GF reaches down and squeezes two fingers around the base of the penis while yuo stroke in and out of her the extra pressure and friction could help you come faster. ALso, if she reaches down and plays with the balls while you go ....if her reach is REALLY good or you try a scissors angle ... she can stimulte the pereneum or try some backdoor play (if you are into that)... those will definitly help you come faster.
As for the quick shooters... I believe that anyone can train themselves to last longer if they want ... but your suggestion is also very good ... if he uses his hands and mouth to get the lady starting to climax, then he inserts and pumps away for those few minutes he can hold out ... then she will have orgasmed while he was in her. I just want to agree with you 100 % However I notice
wen she squeezes her two finger at the basic of my love stick and I can feel the pressure when I ejaculate.... Plus she put my erect pen#is inside her so I wont miss the target....
Ethan Machado

Rancho Mirage, CA

#83 Aug 11, 2011
I love sex and always am on the lookout for things to enhance my experience. A Urologist in Orange County California developed a product to allow men to delay ejaculation significantly if desired. Like Viagra and Cialis it was originally developed for medical reasons but soon the word got out that it had a "recreational component". Try it and feel like an adult film star. Look at the testimonials page and look up the Urologists and their quotes. Those are some of the nations top Urologists publicly raving about the product.

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#86 Sep 18, 2011
I love sex.. And my boyfriend..
But sometimes a girl needs a quickie... I don't want carry on after I hav come.. But wen he still hasn't It means I can be really sore by the end.. Although if I slow it down I can be ready orgasm again and I do.. I want kno how I can mAke him come quicker...
I hate being sore.. Much rather hav quick sex then go again once we we recover from round one..
Any ideas...
And when he lasts ages does it mean he ain't finding me sexy? Guys do u last longer wen ur not so turned on?

Milford, IN

#87 Sep 18, 2011
Just a suggestion thats seem 2 help me 4 those who come 2 soon when u masturbate, dont just do it 2 come wat helped make me last longer was i would masturbate till i got close then stop and repeatedly do this. Git as close as u can then stop 4 a few and give it a stroke or 2 and keep urself on the edge since i started doin this i can last 4ever

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