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Coudersport, PA

#1 Nov 22, 2011
I was wanting to hear some stories about some first time sex stories, funny gay sex stories or even awkward ones just interested in hearing what everyone has done with other men and it was great or not. is my adress if you want to email me and tell me even more stories (no cyber sex tho) I would be interested in hearing and even sharing stories.

Since: Nov 11

Kingston, PA

#2 Nov 22, 2011
has anyone here ever had sex with there dad?

Merchantville, NJ

#3 Nov 22, 2011
jason wrote:
I was wanting to hear some stories about some first time sex stories, funny gay sex stories or even awkward ones just interested in hearing what everyone has done with other men and it was great or not. is my adress if you want to email me and tell me even more stories (no cyber sex tho) I would be interested in hearing and even sharing stories.
I am dying to be able to respond to this question! Hopefully soon!

Winnipeg, Canada

#4 Nov 22, 2011
My first time was about three weeks ago I had been just playing with myself before going to the gym so I was real loose when I was there and after working out for about an hour i was showering and bent over to pick up my body wash when a older guy came up behind me and said I'd had a dick in my ass before I said no and he said well then You've wanted one I said yes I have and he dropped to his knees and started to rim me in the public showers then we both got up and went to the sauna where he proceeded to loosen me up with his tounge and fingers. Then he sat down on the bench and I lowerd down onto his dick and he fucked me hard. That was my first time and I'm 16 he was 47.

Bedford, TX

#5 Nov 27, 2011
I met a guy in college with 8 inches who begged to sleep with me. It was not until a year later that relented and boy, was he good. He optioned up and fingered me then sunk eight thick inches into me. While thrusting in and out he leaned over, because I'm on my back with my legs over his shoulders, and tongue kissed me like I had never been kissed. I mean deep in my mouth with me sucking on it. It felt so good that I was an hour late to pick up my girlfriend!!! He made me his girl! It was so good I still let him have it whenever he wants it!

Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 5, 2011
I was a freshman in H.S.and mom worked for a photographer who did ads for boy's clothing. The 2 regular boys came down with the flue and he needed emergency replacements. Mom suggested my best friend and me. He had us come in for a few shots. Because we were miners, our moms were present. The client like the results and we were chosen. Not only that but we became regulars. The money was great.
When we became 16, he gave us jobs working in the shop as well.
While cleaning the back of the shop, my friend came across a file, we were not suppose to see. It contained pictures of other boys posing for clothing ads. There was another box of photos showing the same boys nude having sex together. We both popped boners. My friend asked if I wanted to jerk with him. I agreed. The only time we ever saw each other naked was in the locker room. I asked him what he thought about as he masturbated. He said he always dreamed of doing it with me. I wanted to do what the boys in the pictures were doing. It was fantastic. As we were coming in each others mouth, the photographer found us. He too was as naked as a jay bird. After he admitted he wanted us to find the photos, some of which he was in.
When we were 18, we posed nude for him and made a great deal more money our moms never found out about

Since: Oct 11

Dover, DE

#7 Dec 5, 2011
I was ass raped by my older brother when I was 12. I still hate him to this day!
Wow za

London, UK

#9 Dec 15, 2012
That is sad
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#10 Apr 22, 2013
Amm....heres my story ;) My boyfriend txt me sayin "wanna cum ova"? He lived only 2 houses down da road so i said "sure ya" i walked down da road .. When i got to his house i saw his parents car was gone. I went inside nd he was there rubbing and playin with his c*ck ..while watchin porn.. Omg :) i went all tingly in my lady garden nd sat down beside his ... His face was screwed all up nd his c*ck was soo hard .. Omg :) i wanted to f*ck him.. I went down on my knees and sucked him off.. He came in my mouth i swallowed it down ! I took of his shirt and liicked his nipples.. Then he put his hard cock in my vagina nd stuck my body in out .. He came inside me .. We were both covered in sweat..omg it was brilliant.....we kissed and spooned nd i fu*kedd him so hard...
BEST NITE OF MY LIFE!!! cum on people more stories!!!!!:-P

Oswego, IL

#11 May 29, 2013
It was my prom night junior year and I went to my date's house afterwards to get drunk and hopefully get lucky with her. I was trying so hard, literally, but nothing was working. They have a gay family friend that's always hanging around them. He's 35. We get to talking outside by the trucks, just me and him, and I explain what's going on with my date. He then gets closer to me and I can feel his hard against my leg and he said he can help. I automatically got on my knees and sucked on his 8 inch like there was no tomorrow. We snuck inside and he put all 8 inches in me. I miss that day. Want to do it again

Boston, MA

#12 Jul 11, 2013
I consider my real 'first' to be the first time I actually enjoyed it, as opposed to my first which was agonizing and very messy. I was sixteen and thought it would just 'go in'. About a half a jar of vaseline later, lol! Over the next four years I bottomed eight more times with five different guys I was dating. While they weren't painful, fucking, both topping and bottoming, was something I could take of leave. My best experiences had been just making with oral and JO.

It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year and I had an internship in NYC. I was at the gym and this older guy -- like mid-30s -- asked me to spot him. He wasn't simply hot, he was handsome. We chatted for a bit and then went on with our respective work-outs. I passed him on my way to the locker room. He was leaving. He asked me if I wanted to go have coffee. I said yes, and met him out front about five minutes later. After we'd walked a couple of blocks he asked me if it was okay if we stopped by his apartment so he could drop off his gym bag and I said fine. I was up there for three hours.

The first time was on his couch. He kissed me and was like a relentless force of nature! Half of me wanted to leave as I didn't want to be a slutty hook-up guy, but everything he was doing felt so good! He was the first guy to really rim me, and the next thing I knew he was all the way in and he wasn't small by any means! It only lasted about five minutes and when it was over I didn't know what hit me.

We were both covered with sweat and jizz, so he suggested we take a shower. Of course we started messing around with soapy hands and pretty soon we were both hard again. He stuck it in for a little. Then we toweled off and went to his bedroom. We were there for at least an hour. He talked dirty, made me worship his cock, teased my hole, made me beg for it, pulled it out, made me beg for it some more, called me a whore. I didn't mind. It was all fun and hot!

We never hooked-up again, but he invited me to a party a week later and set me up with a friend who was in town on business from Chicago. We went back to his hotel and spent most of that night and the next morning attached at the hips. He had other parties, introduced me other friends, who had friends, and I ended up having quite a bit of fun that summer!

Northampton, UK

#13 Oct 2, 2013
I was 16 at the time. I went round my mates house to play some xbox. He said he was going for a shower. I needed the toilet after about 5 minutes so went in the bathroom, where he was showering, and started to pee. I caught a glimpse of his penis as a shook mine. Then i got instantly hard. I didn't want him to find out so I ran upstairs and started to jerk off to get rid off. Anyway, after about 10 minutes of jerking off I heard him come in. I quickly jumped up and tried to hide my hard-on. He asked me what I was doing and I said nothing. As he stood there I noticed he had a major boner too. I was amazed and so I stared at it. After a couple of seconds of staring he grabbed my chin and kissed me on this lips. I had a shiver sent down my spine ride to the tip of my penis. Because of this I groaned and cummed in pants. He immediately dropped his towel and shoved it in my mouth. The dick that is, not the towel. After a good few minutes of sucking him off I twisted him around and started to lick his arse out like an icecream! It was amazing, I got hard again and shoved it in. After 15 minutes of fucking each other we stood up and filmed ourselves coming on each other. He came all over me and I him. It was the best time I have ever had.

The next time we got together and 'accidently' caught each other his sister walked in on us. She was 17 and this was her first time losing it and having a threesome. The taste of pussy juice and cum was sensational.

New York, NY

#14 Oct 2, 2013
Curious if any other bisexuals had an experience like me. An older neighbor introduced me to oral sex before I even masturbated, at the age of 10. Didnít have any prejudices about gay sex, because I didnít even know what sex was, just that bjís felt good. We 69íd for 2 years, then I moved away. At 16, had sex with a girl, and loved it. Later that summer, our family went back and stayed with the gay kidís family for a week on vacation. We slept together in the basement, so my parents could have his room. We immediately sucked each other off, then he told me he wanted me to fvck him. He lubed up, and slid down on me, and I had my first anal, and loved it. Banged him the whole week, usually twice Ė once when we went to bed, and again to relief the morning wood. Anybody else have an experience like that?
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#15 Oct 2, 2013
I never had sex wiv a lad but I love warein pantyhose I really love to suck sum 1 off in pantyhose if any will help me and have bbm give me your pin I will add u may be u can be my 1st

Oklahoma City, OK

#16 Oct 2, 2013
My first time was 4 days ago i walk in on my brother naked in the bathroom with a big long thick hard on i mean big one when i say big i told him i want to play with it he said ok i could not wrap my hand round it and i had both hands on it and there was still 5 inces hanging out i got 6" in my mouth that all i could fit then he lube his hard big rod up and my hole my ass up in the air face down i felt him puch hard and deep in me he told me he bottom out at 8 and he said he got 2" still hanging out i was moaning real loud when he was giving it too then he told me to lay on my back with my legs spread out and bend i did i watch him puch deep and hard in and out of me with his big rod then i sit on it and ride it all down and up it hurt for a little bit then it felt good he told me to fu@king ride it deep and hard good i did and when he came in side me i cum i could not walk good for a week i ws sore.

Charlotte, NC

#19 Jul 20, 2014
I want some pictures if BIG DICKS So snapchat me at ajbea176

Charlotte, NC

#20 Jul 20, 2014
OOPS it's ajben176 SORRY

Raleigh, NC

#21 Nov 6, 2014
My first gay sex experience was with one of my close high school friends who is still a very close friend today and we both I guess consider ourselves straight and don't experiment anymore but I have to say when we did it was pretty great! It was sophomore year when we first started kicking it off and we hung out a lot usually smoking weed and partying every weekend. One day we were chilling up in his room fried out of our minds before the football game that night just listening to some music when I went to go change out if the shirt I had been wearing into something warmer and I remember coming out of the closet and seeing him staring at my body and looking away really fast as soon as I walked out... At the time I had thought about experimenting and messing around with gay sex but it never went farther than a thought until that night. So we went to the game and came back and rolled a blunt and decided to take our shirts off because it was hot as f*ck in his room so we sat there and got really high for the rest of the night when later I caught him again staring at me again but this time I noticed he was hard underneath his shorts... I decided to take a chance and see what happened and am I glad I did! I caught his eyes with mine as he was looking away and I moved myself closer to him and put my hand on his c*ck.. He freaked out and tryed to cover up the fact he had a hard on. So I told him to shut up and I leaned in to kiss him and after the kiss we just stared at eachother and instantly it felt like so much weight was lifted off my shoulders and we started making out intensely and rubbed our c*cks up against eachother... We ended up completely naked on top of eachother and I started to kiss him all over and slowly moved down towards his c*ck and started giving him head until I could tell he was about to climax and I stopped and started fingering him and he moaned so loud that we stopped because we were sketching about his mom hearing us (we were pretty fried) once we felt good to go again he got on top of me and began kissing my chest and all the way down to my c*ck he gave me head until I thought I was about to cum all in his mouth... He looked up at me and said let's keep going and he straddled me and sat on my c*ck and slowly pushed it in and it felt so sensational! I was surprised at the time how easily we got my c*ck in his a** but I later thought that maybe because we were so high it helped us both relax making it a lot easier. Anyways, this went on until late junior year and we both just decided we were straight and just wanted to stay really close friends and that's where we still are today :)

Edinburgh, UK

#22 Nov 6, 2014
Im still waiting any1 in edinburgh area able to help out

United States

#25 Nov 6, 2014
I want to have first time gay sex really bad! I'm tired of fantasizing !

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