Do girls masterbate too?

Houston, TX

#850 Aug 31, 2007
i want to know if its normal for a teenage girl to masturbate to porn..because ive been told thats un ushuall

Huizen, Netherlands

#851 Sep 1, 2007

Mission Viejo, CA

#852 Sep 1, 2007
It totally depends on our sex life. When I'm getting lots and lots of good sex, I have no desire to do it.
Horny Blonde

Coral Gables, FL

#853 Sep 1, 2007
If you never masterbate then you aren't normal. I do so almost on a daily basis. It also helps when you have a piercing down there as if the earring is sitting right and you move just the right way you get off.

Bemidji, MN

#854 Sep 1, 2007
aha wrote:
i think that most girls masturbate just like men but , because of cultural influences, are more or less ashamed of it . my girlfriend masturbates , especially when i m away , and one night i awoke to see her masturbating while sleeping ! but some of her friends don t , as she says " know theyr own bodies : they never touched themselves between the legs ".
but some men don t masturbate either...
What is the one guys name?//

Basildon, UK

#855 Sep 1, 2007
anonymousk wrote:
i want to know if its normal for a teenage girl to masturbate to porn..because ive been told thats un ushuall
It is indeed normal. Whatever helps get you off...

Some girls just use their imaginations, others just use porn.
Young Scot

Grimsby, UK

#856 Sep 4, 2007
Come On wrote:
Yea girls maturbate too! Take it from me. Also is there anyone who wants cyber sex?
If you want cyber sex come this way!

Mcdonough, GA

#857 Sep 6, 2007
r there any ways to make masterbating fun im geting prety tyerd of the same old 'thing instant mesage me how my aim sn is nomad759

Glasgow, UK

#859 Sep 7, 2007
therethis gril how masterbate 2timesaday
Daddy ho

South Africa

#860 Sep 7, 2007
yes they do
some person

United States

#861 Sep 10, 2007
i'm 19 years old female, i'm a virgin. my friends are always asking me if i masterbate. i tell them i don't. but i don't tell them why i don't masterbate. the reason i don't masterbate is because i don't know how to. HOW DO I MASTERBATE?! i asked google and it brought me to this website, but the "masterbation help" is going for "helping men"...sooo please give me an answer :D
sexy girl

Montgomery, IL

#863 Sep 19, 2007
ofcourse girls masterbate....y wouldnt we stick our fingers in our holes? it feels so nice

Lake Charles, LA

#864 Sep 19, 2007
yes ,females masterbate!! it's normal and nothing wrong with it!! i masterbate everynight b/c my man want give it to me alot but i love sex
Stephanie B

United States

#865 Sep 19, 2007
Well after hearing all your comments on this subject, i disagree with most of the statements. I honestly do masturbate, everyday, whether i am at home or in my office, because i have such a high sexual drive, and i'm only 39 years old.If you are wondering about at work, i have my own office so i can just lock the door and set in my chair or move the stuff on my desk to the side and lay on one side of my desk and masturbate to a great orgasms. Let me tell you HONESTLY up front: When i have orgasms it is not just once, it is several times.As one would call it(multiple orgasms) Yes some of us women have multiple orgasms,the feeling of those orgasms is such a powerful feeling.I have to admit that i love to masturbate everyday, and i'll truthfully admit that i do!!! Some of you ladies out there know what i am talking about !!! I know that some of you experience the same thing.You know that it is such a powerful feeling to have multiple orgasms.But also to let you know YES when i have such a powerful orgasm i squirt just like a guy can.1st i start to just flow, but when it builds up it becomes a huge squirt, and it feels so great when it does.And i know that some of you ladies do experience it. It just seems to squirt naturally (in a stream)And the WET ,STICKY, THICK CUM seems to get very messy. which does not bother me. At work i just clean it up. But at home i just take my fingers and rub my pussy dry with them and lick it all off of my hand YUMMY !!!! I love the taste of my CUM and everyone elses CUM too. I can't seem to get enough. The other thing is that i love to truly go out in a public place, like say the park or the woods and masturbate there and hoping that someone is watching me, that is such a big fantasy of mine to have someone watch me when i'm in a public place, it turns me on more.Well anyway other than that i like to go out to restaurants and set back in the corner where the table is over my lap so noone can see me playing with myself under the table, just knowing that i am getting away with it.It is so much fun to know that i am getting away with it.Well hope you enjoyed reading this whole TRUE thing.I just could not stop writing about my masturbation.
All My CUM 4 You All,
STEPHY From Arcata, CA

Dundalk, Ireland

#867 Sep 21, 2007
i would love to watch a Black woman masterbate before me one of my fantasies!

Harrow, Canada

#868 Sep 23, 2007
I started when i was 11. I've used the legs of my barbes, and wanted more. My close friend Trish suggested using fruits and vegetables. I have tried using a carrot, the bumps felt really good. Trish uses bananas, and tried a cucumber and said she felt a really good "burst" from it. Just make sure you wash them before you use them. I've also used the handles from my moms kitchen spoons. And if you want to feel something really good. Use a marinating brush, you know with the soft rubber bristles. Put in your juices and rub over your clit and the sides of it. It gets me going

Redfern, Australia

#869 Sep 23, 2007
Fack im a 27 yo virgin and i know the answers to these facking question. Are people really this naive ? Theres women out there that will fack animals, not many i might add but its true, and i have said too much.

Bronx, NY

#870 Sep 23, 2007
Whenever my Lady is away I take the time to treat myself well. I enjoy watching Lesbian porn. Not the garbage you see on the cheap porn sites. But high quality films where the Women aren't acting. The scenario has to be very seductive and romantic. I like a nice slow storyline where the girl starts out as curious and finally ends up making super hot love to her conquest. Lots of kissing and caressing. I can watch this for hours and usually come 3 or 4 times during the film. Afterwards I enjoy licking my come of of my fingers and just smelling my own scent. There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of a vagina that has just orgasmed.


#872 Sep 24, 2007
Im a 45 year old company executive and,yes,I have to admit I feel the need to masturbate quite regularly even though I have sex with my partner at least twice a day. I find its a great therapy inbetween sex although its really not a great substitute for sex!

Atlanta, GA

#873 Sep 24, 2007
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