feet stories with cousins
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United States

#1 Mar 5, 2012
Share ur feet stories would luv to hear them





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Brandenburg, KY

#2 Mar 10, 2012
I always loved my cousins feet since I was little. When I reached the 5th grade is where I started jacking off and knew what all the sexual stuff was. So one night my two cousins stayed the night with me and my sister. I waited till they fell asleep and went after the older one. She was about 10 then and I was 11 or 12. She had her socks off already so that's why. I started by sniffing and licking them slowly. Then I sucked all of her toes. Her feet were so good. I then pulled out my di*k and started to rub it on her soles and in between her big and second toes on her right foot. I was about to blow so I stopped, aimed, and finished on the top of her toes. at the time it looked like a lot on her feet. I just left it there and went to sleep. The next morning she acted like nothing happened so I'm still good.





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United States

#3 Mar 20, 2012
I've been into feet since I was like 3 years old. When I was little it was mostly my aunt's feet I'd get to rub and touch. That was the best part about going to visit her. When I was around 11-12 some cousins were staying over for a few days. The oldest cousin is a year older than me and she had very pretty feet I would LOVE looking at them since she would be barefoot a lot. Sometimes I would sorta hint to her I wanted to massage her feet but she would always turn it down n have a sort of disgusted face haha. So one night I couldn't take it anymore and while they were all asleep I went to the living room where she slept and I noticed she was sleeping barefoot with her feet sticking out of the blankets. I knew it was now or never..so I crawled to them n started to sniff them. Then I gently placed my hand on her soles and rubbed them. They were so soft and smelled so good. I proceeded to kiss her soles and toes, which gave me a major erection I wanted to unload on her soles! I was at her feet for a good 20 minutes or so but then stopped. She never knew what I did and as I thought, I never had another chance to do that again.





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Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#6 May 16, 2012
I have played with my daughters feet since she was born, and I loved to suck her toes and when she got older we would paint each others toe nails.





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Massapequa, NY

#7 Dec 22, 2012
When I was about 8 I started licking feet. It began with my best friend Ryans sleepover I was there with 2 other kids (4 in total) we all stayed up all night and went to bed at 6 in the morning. I was wide awake though. I didnt have a fetish at the time so I tickled everyones feet. They all got annoyed with me and went back to sleep. But when I tickled my friend Ryans feet he never woke up. I just sat there tickling his feet trying to annoy him. I started to like his feet, by now I have a fetish. I went to sleep when I got bored. I went back a day later to sleep over, he fell asleep by 11 this time I stayed up after so I could get his feet. I've looked up feet fetishes and learned that people lick feet and kiss them. So I knew I would have fun. I waited to about 12 till I knew he was fast asleep. I wisperd his name 5 times and poked him a few times. I wasnt sure if i should start licking his feet so i licked my finger and wiped it on his feet he didnt get up so I went in. I licked his soles for a while he moved a little and I stoped and waited. I started sucking his big toe it tasted soo good! I was in heaven! I licked every part of his foot. I started to get tired and went to sleep. I stayed another night we again went to bed at 11. We were watching a movie. He slept in a rocking chair with no socks on. I jumped at this chance. I started licking,kissing, and sucking his sexy feet. He woke up and moved to his bed and went right to sleep. I doubt he was sleeping I bet he was pretending and just liked it but who cares. I went back to sucking in sexy feet in between his toes and his sole. I loved it. Every time im over I would lick his toes. If he doesnt have his socks on and he steals my phone he would use his feet to block me off. I sometimes leave my phone near him so he takes it. There was one time I was at my friend johns house and ryan was there to. He was always walking around school and when he saw someone sitting he sat next to them and put his feet on there lap and saya " rub them " as a joke. So when we were at johnnys i did the same to him I kept saying " Ryan rub my feet! " when john feel asleep me and ryan started to watch a movie. There was a couch in the room and we both sat there feet to face. He had his socks on though. I started to say rub my feet again to anny him. To my suprise he said " i will rub your feet if you rub mine " i took his foot and rub a little, he did the same. I started rubbing a lot and he stopped he liked it. He said " your pretty good at this " and I said a simple " ya " he then asked if he could take his socks off I ofcourse said yes. He pulled them off quickly and gave his feet back to me. Now it was fun. I notice he started to smell my feet, I did the same. They smelled amazing. He pressed his feet to my face I kept sniffing them he said lick them. I obayed and started licking them. It was amazing he must of found out I was licking his feet. We where at this for hours we had a great time. I have spoken to him for a long time now since im now in middle school. I hope I can do that with him or some else again.





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Milton, FL

#10 Feb 9, 2013
I would I have like feet since I was 5. I had my first sleeping feet experience at 8 years old and have been fixated on doing it every time I have a friend spend the night, boy or girl. I'm not gay or anything, I just like their feet. But my story is when I was 12 (I'm 14 now). MY brother had a friend spend the night. Her name was V (Don't want to say her real name). She was 8 years old. Her feet were so soft and had a bitter taste to them which I liked. She would never sleep in the same bed as my brother. She'd always sleep on the couch so I would too. She fell asleep at about 11:00 PM. I waited until midnight to make my move. She was laying on the coach with her feet sticking off at the edge. I thought this was the perfect time. So, I snuck over and tapped her on the head three times to make sure she was sleeping. She didn't stir, so I went for her feet. First, I started to like her soles. She was a heavy sleeper so she never woke up or even stirred. I then sucked on her big toes at the same time. I was loving this. I then took a break from her feet and took off my pants and underwear. I sat on the couch and took her hand and made her stroke my cock. It felt so nice. I had a huge erection by now. I went back to her feet and started giving myself a footjob with her feet. Now I will introduce my other victim. Her name was E (Same reason). She was also 8. E and V were the 2nd and 3rd heaviest sleepers I had ever known. We'll get to the 1st in a minute. So while I was getting a foot job from V, I was sucking on E's toes. It was so awesome! While all this was going on I had another victim. His name was A (If you haven't gotten why I put letters, then you're really stupid). He was the heaviest sleeper I have ever known. He is a male but I only liked him for his feet. He was the same age as me. So, I had him sucking E's other foot, while he was sleeping! I put it in his mouth and he didn't even move. It was the greatest thing I had ever seen. I wish I had taken a picture of it. So after of 5 minutes of a footjob from V, I finally came on them. So I wiped the cum off her feet and left her to sleep. I had been doing this for an hour and I still had two more victims. I will continue this some other time. Thanks for reading!





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William989878787 8788

United States

#11 Apr 5, 2013
Must have victim's to

Martinsville, VA

#13 Jun 19, 2013
at school this kid told me to rub his feet we were in the class room and more kids were there to so his name was Dylan we were playing d land dyland was the king. he told you what to do so he said take off mysock so i did than hesaid to rub his feet the felt nice he so my dick was geting hard so he made me lay down he pushed hiss feet both of them on my dick and he asked me if i likediti told him yes. that night he came to my house and told me to lick his feet. i told him no so he pined me to the floor and put his sock in my mouth. once he took the sock out he suck his toes in my mouth. i all ways loved his feet so he stay the night. at 6am he made me a carpet let me lay down and he stands on me with one foot in my mouth and the other on my dick once he wanted to sleep he made me stay at hiss feet kiss ING sucking pushing them at my dick and if i move he got up and he stands on me he told me that he likes it so at school he told me to do the same at his house with is sister once they both looked like they were asleep i took there feet both his and his sister and i put them both on my dick when theey woke up they told me to do this in class to so dyland has his own foot slave and i love it im not gay i just love his feet and the taste that goes for his sister as well
Feet lover

Dalton, GA

#14 Jun 27, 2013
A few days ago I took pics of her heels witch the hills are my favorite part but sadly I had to delete them because I didn't want to get caught

Livorno, Italy

#15 Jun 28, 2013
I'm 15 and two weeks ago i went to sleep at my best friend's house. He has got a pretty sister who is 17 that i'll call C. First of this experience i've seen her feet about 5 times,i think she is 38 EU size and her feet are fantastic :D So my friend was asleep,and i thought that could be a good chance for rub and lick C's soles. C came back to home about at 02:00 and i was still awake for wait her. when C came back to home she went in her room and after 10 minutes she started sleeping (i was looking on her room because the door was open. i was really excited and i approached to her bed. i wanted to be certain that she was sleeping,so i moved the covers and finally looked her bare soles ♥ in that moment my dick was so hard and i start to massage both her soles (her feet are the softest that i ever touched) and lick them for about 15 minutes and in the end i start to rub my dick on her left foot while i was rubbing her right foot's toes and i cummed a lot...in my life i rubbed four person's feet (mom,sister,sister's friend and C)and this experience is the best ever. her soles smell a bit,i couldn't see the colour of the nails because it was dark but her toes were great ♥
The next week-end i'll go to sleep to the same friend's house,so i'll can get fun with C soles!:D

New York, NY

#17 Jul 30, 2013
i like feet

Salt Lake City, UT

#18 Aug 10, 2013
I went camping and this friend of mine went and I could not fall a sleep so I flipped over And went down to his feet and they smelt amazing I smelt his socks and feet more and got so horny I jacked off to em

United States

#19 Aug 11, 2013
I started getting into feet when I was 15 and used to live nextdoor to this really cute 10yr old girl named Cristy. She would everyday go play outside in her barefeet with her cute toes always painted a bright glittery red nailpolish,my favorite color. Well one day I was outside with her friend and her and they wanted to walk to the store with me,which we did. But when we got to the store I saw the bottom of Cristy feet were completely black with dirt and at that moment I had just fell in love with the beautiful dirty black 10yr old baresoles of her feet. Well after we came out of the store I had her sitdown on the curb in front of the store and in front of people I started to lick the dirty black baresoles of that girl Cristy feet with my tongue while I told her outloud that I was hopelessly in love with her beautiful dirty 10yr old baresoles. After that day Cristy let me lick her dirty baresoles everytime in public.

Culver City, CA

#20 Aug 13, 2013
Most of these stories are made up, but interesting none the less.

United States

#24 Sep 5, 2013
I used to go into college libraries and look for girls with topsiders and wait until they took them off and peer through the bookshelves. I love how pink and sweaty girls soles look fresh out of their topsiders.

Rustburg, VA

#25 Sep 8, 2013
I love need a sex slave
Btw I have a foot job now

United States

#27 Sep 15, 2013
Gay wrote:
I love need a sex slave
Btw I have a foot job now
id love ur toes around my young cock
Sybian Princess

Portland, OR

#28 Sep 15, 2013
I was 15 and went to the mall with my cousin who was visiting, he was nearly 17. I've always been a barefooter just never liking shoes. So I was barefoot leaving the house to get in the car, we sat in the back seat I noticed him looking at my toes. I had flip-flops with me, but I stayed barefoot as we went into the mall and this just really fascinated him. We did the usual, windowshopping looking at stuff and stopped at the food court, he was amazed no one made an issue of my bare feet! I told him something like why would they make an issue of me not wearing shoes, I'm not wearing gloves either! He liked that. My mom picked us up and we went back home, in the back seat again he was looking at my feet and this time more than before, when mom dropped us off she had more errands so we went in alone. I was wearing just T-shirt and shorts, he sat on the Sophia and I crashed on the carpet in front of the TV on my belly, he couldn't help but notice how dirty and black my soles were. After a few minutes he got up saying he'd be right back, I asked him "what, you gonna go whack off?" He froze in his tracks, and I was looking up at him impishly, grinning. The look on his face told me I'd been right! So I said I had a better way to do that, and got up and led him into my room. I got on the bed on my back, I could see the full on chubby in his shorts. I put my feet up in the air with the bottoms pressed tight together and told him "come on cuz, you know what you've been thinking!" he was standing there at the foot of the bed hesitating, so I said "so what am I gonna havta do, take it out for you?" So he hesitantly dropped his shorts to his ankles and he was so hard for my feet! So I told him to go ahead and rape my arches! He took hold of my ankles looking at the filthy black soles, then he stuck in between and started screwing my feet! I talked dirty "that's it, fkk those feet! Fkk 'em hard, they've been very naughty, teach 'em a lesson!" You should've seen the disbelief on his face that I was talking like that, and that we were doing this! He said he was gonna to cum and I told him to go ahead, shoot all over me. That's when it happened, with a grunt and a groan he happened all over the front of me. All he got was my shirt it was pretty well totaled out, which I'd expected so no big deal, he began to shrink there in between my feet so he withdrew and I sat up on the edge of the bed as he stood there are only several inches from me with a standstill around his ankles. He was likewise barefoot since we've gotten home, and I looked down telling him he had really nice feet also and I wished I had a dick so I could do the same thing to him! He was just amazed that I would talk like that, but what I did next amazed and even further-I bent forward and grabbed the waistline of his pants and undies, which put my face right in the correct location so that as I began to pull up his pants I gave a quick smooch to the base of his now relaxed organ and then finished pulling his shorts up. He was speechless! and then, still sitting there on the edge of the bed I pulled my befouled T-shirt up often over my head sitting there completely topless in front of him, true I was only 15 but still a nice B-cup and if it was possible for someone to become even more speechless, he managed it. So I handed him the shirt and told him to throw it over in the dirty clothes and said it was the least he could do since it was all his fault! He did that, and then stood there watching me while I went to my dresser and got a clean T-shirt out, he stared at me unashamedly as I stuck my arms up over my head to put the new shirt on. I said "come on, we're done here!". This time I sat on the sofa maybe a foot away from him, and rested one ankle on top of the other knee so he could see still filthy black bottom on that foot. The only thing we ever said about that encounter was later on, when he called me by name and said "that was just fkkn awesome" – I just grinned at him.

Jonesville, SC

#29 Sep 20, 2013
One day I licked my cousin feet they were so good


#30 Sep 27, 2013
I remember this one time we had just moved out so my sister´s room was next to mine. While I was going to take a bath i heared my syster snoring so i entered her room, uncover the blanket and for my surprise she was barefoot, so i just went for it.
I remember spitting into my sister foot and sandwich my cock between those lovely soles for about 10 minutes till i came so hard i just cover her foot and walk away
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