getting caught masturbating
mommas boy

Cherry Hill, NJ

#8324 Oct 22, 2012
My mom caught me masturbating while wearing her pantyhose and heels and she let me finnish as she watched

Cincinnati, OH

#8326 Oct 23, 2012
My SIL is afraid of spiders. Seriously afraid of them. She babysits my daughter on Mondays while my wife and I are at work. Sometimes, I'm required to work third shift and am home sleeping during the day. One time, a fairly large spider got in the house and was crawling around. My SIL saw it and and ran upstairs to wake me up. Usually the bedroom door is closed but that day, a sock had fallen out of the hamper and wedged the door partly open. She came running in to wake me up but I was lying on top of the covers jerking off. I could not hear her on the steps because I run a fan to drown out other noise in the house so I can sleep. She stopped cold. We were both totally embarrassed. She ask me to kill the spider downstairs. He was a big mother too!. Later, she apologized for barging in and I asked her if she'd ever had that kind of thing happen before. She said "no". The next time I worked overnight, I asked if she wanted to watch me jerk off and she said yes. I even got her to take off her shirt and let me rub her tits (through her bra). I told her I wanted to shoot on them and she said I could, next time. Giddyup!

Cincinnati, OH

#8328 Oct 23, 2012
I originally posted the above post several days ago. Well, yesterday I worked overnight. After work, I went to the gym to give my wife a chance to get to work. when I got home, I asked my SIL to follow me upstairs. When I was jerking off, I asked her to take her shirt and bra off. She did. She let me suck her tits and I rubbed her pussy. When I came, she said that we would not do this anymore.

Abbotsford, Canada

#8329 Oct 23, 2012
zoomzoom wrote:
I voluntarily masturbated while my sister watched.
oh that's hot how old r u 2?

Hacienda Heights, CA

#8330 Oct 23, 2012
Frantic666 wrote:
I've posted this a few times
I got home wasted one night after i got a message off a gorgeous guy I used to Skype masturbate with. My male house mate was away for the weekend so ran straight upstairs, opened my laptop and got the lube and toys out. After cumming serveral times I went to get a class of water and heard a floorboard creek in my housemates room. I knew he was out but poked my head around his door and saw him stood there completely naked with his dick in his hand. He'd come home early and listened to the whole thing. Never been so embarrassed.
What's ur Skype?

Waleska, GA

#8332 Oct 24, 2012
Girlfriend wrote:
<quoted text>
I live in England.. I baby sitted them again last night and we played a new game.. The parents weren't home for 4 hours so I went and got in the bath.. I was naked and they came in and watched me stroke myself.. One got in and would look under water like a submarine and then would suck my dick.. Then the other one kept trying to get in.. The oldest one sat on me and I was rubbing my bell end on her arse while the youngest one watched .. I then said lets play hide and seek.. So they ran off with just there pants on and I put my boxers on and tried to find them.. One of them was in the garage so I closed the door and she said put it in now because (name) isn't here.. So I put my willy in her but then we had to go find the other one.. But at the end of last night I fucked both of them and when they went to bed I went and got in with them and I was licking one of them out and we went in her mum and dads bed and played with each other for ages.. She wanted to see me cum so I got a dirty pair of her mums pants off the floor and wanked.. She just sat next to me rubbings her self .. When I cummed I did it in her mouth and she swolled it all lol
If I ever come to England will let u know and I can come help


#8333 Oct 24, 2012
Was in bed last night with my girlfriend.. We are both 17 and we both sleep in our under wear.. I started kissing her neck and she got horny so she started sucking me off under the sheets and she pulled my boxers off and I pulled the sheets back and took her pants off.. I put her under me and I started rocking her.. Next thing I know my little brother friend opens the door but I didn't hear him so we kept going and she was making noices .. The little boy is 13 .. She pushed me off her and she closed her eyes and pulled her bra off and went to sit on me.. As she opened her eyes and looked behind me she went OHH SHIT she jumped under the sheets and I went get out man .. He stood there stroking his dick and said can I join . I said no get out and she crawlerd up to him and said you can watch .. So she whispered to me it's making me horny.. So she closed the door and jumped in bed. We was fucking hard and the kid put his nob on her arse ... Next thing you know my girlfriend is sucking his little willy,, after 2 minutes he cummed all over my bed.. I asked if she could do it for me and she did but I took 10 minutes... Love getting caught .. When I first shagged her I did it in the park on a bench and we was caught by 2 people

United States

#8334 Oct 25, 2012
My cousin caught me waring her pantys while i was jo

New York, NY

#8335 Oct 25, 2012
My camp counseler caught me and another camper in our cabin rubbing against each other when I was 14. Scared to death we were going to get kicked out, and that he would tell our parents, but luckily he just told us to cut it out.
Teenage boy

Chicago, IL

#8337 Oct 26, 2012
I was caught naked jerking my poker last summer, while visiting my 21 year old uncle in California. I was 16 at the time and my uncle who had told me if I called him uncle in public would kick my butt.
I was home alone and horny as hell, so I stripped and started jerking, when Jim, my uncle came home. He smiled and winked as I tried to cover. He asked me to drop my hands so he could see. When I hesitated, he offered to get naked. That did the trick, I let him see me hard and dripping. Since I had a finger up my butt, he asked if I had any experience with a girl or another boy; I had not.
He warned me, not to put anything up my ass unless both were lubed, to prevent injury.
We were both surprised at how much we looked alike naked. Our cocks stood straight out over 7" cut.(they looked identical) Neither one of us had any body hair except for a small blond bush.
Jim took me in his arms and carried me to his bed, while asking me what I wanted. All I said was make love to me, I was dreaming about it since I arrived. I confessed that I had never seen a hard dick before other than my own. I had seen dozens of boys naked in the showers after gym and at our local pool, but I had only dreamed of Jim and what he must look like naked and hard.
We remained naked all weekend, even sending for pizza. It was delivered by a friend and his younger brother after 10. They undressed and joined us, while we ate pizza off each others bodies.

Chicago, IL

#8338 Oct 26, 2012
The day I graduated from H.S., my mom and dad caught me naked jerking off. Mom looked at dad and said that I reminded her of dad when she caught him and her older brother naked jerking in back of the family barn.
My parents were not angry, but mom did ask that I do not make a mess. Without thinking I said I never do, I swallow. Dad asked if I did it with anyone else. He was referring to my best friend. I admitted to the two of us jerking naked together, while watching porn, but we never touched each other.

South Africa

#8339 Oct 28, 2012
I just gt caught by my aunt now!! She jst stood there nd watched as i stopped she asked me cn she carry on nd so i said yes nd i came all in her face nd she whiped it nd licked it all up damn bt she doesnt want me to fuck her
Suffolk boy

London, UK

#8341 Oct 28, 2012
I was just pullin one off whilst reading some of the hot story's on here, when I noticed my stepdaughter was watching me through the door!! So I carried on until I finished my self n man it was good!! She was watching me all the time!!


#8342 Oct 28, 2012
Stayed in a hotel with my friend and I asked him to go bar and get me a drink .. As soon as he went I got naked and started wanking everywhere around the room.. This was about 4 in the afternoon before we were going to go out .. Well he put the sign on the door saying clean room.. After 5 minutes he was taking long so I wanted to finish and I went fast .. He don't have a key so I put the chair infront of the door and I watched the door while going hard. He's caught me before and he just ignores it and watches.. Only 1 or 2 times he's touched it and then someone knocks.. So I ran in the toilet and his while still wanking.. I heard the door close and I ran in the bed room naked wanking.. I was so embarrassed .. It was the cleaner she went oops .. I grabbed a pillow and said hello .. She was a good looking girl and she said its okay. . I leave now so as she was walking past me I dropped the pillow and grabbed her hand .. I said its okay you clean I stop.. She said its fine so I went in the bathroom and started going hard.. I left the door slightly open and she could hear me.. I looked at the door and she said these yours.. She had my boxers.. I went to take them from her and she grabbed my dick.. She started rubbing it and I started humpin her hand. She pushed me onto the sink and she sucked me off.. I started playing with her panties and she was wet.. I pulled her dress up and ripped the pants off.. I walked over to my wallet and got a condom and she put it on for me .. I was banging her hard and after 2 minutes .. My friend walked in and said wtf.. He got his dick out and she started sucking it .. I was wanking over her arse .. Then we did loads of things for like 15 minutes and then another cleaner came in and she pulled me into the bathroom and she gave me head for ages.. I cummed in her mouth and then she made me lick her out.. After she finished work she came in and played with my dick for ages. All night I was fucking her and she even stayed the night .. Bad thing is, I cummed in her I'm hoping she's not pregnant .. I stayed there too last night and she stayed with me but I went by my self.. We did it all night I've only had 2 hour sleep

“Love Flashing”

Since: Sep 12

Tempe, AZ

#8343 Oct 28, 2012
I love to stroke in my hotel room with window curtians open and get caught. Also love to be walked in on by the Maids. I have been seen by hundreds. Yes hundreds. Check out my videos posted on xtube.con. They are free. Just search maid or jimmasin.

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#8345 Oct 28, 2012
it happens

Decatur, AL

#8346 Oct 28, 2012
I didn't actually catch her doing it, but one day I came in from school early and my mom was in her room, I could hear her, I'd heard her like that with my dad before but I knew he wasn't there. I went to my room and thought she was having some affair until I found out later she'd been alone the whole time haha

Columbus, OH

#8348 Oct 28, 2012
Anita wrote:
I didn't actually catch her doing it, but one day I came in from school early and my mom was in her room, I could hear her, I'd heard her like that with my dad before but I knew he wasn't there. I went to my room and thought she was having some affair until I found out later she'd been alone the whole time haha
Who are you talking about??

Decatur, AL

#8349 Oct 28, 2012
Jack wrote:
<quoted text>
Who are you talking about??
My mom, I could hear her

United States

#8350 Oct 28, 2012
Anita wrote:
<quoted text>
My mom, I could hear her
She may have been doing phone or something, was she talking?
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