getting caught masturbating

Montréal, Canada

#644 Dec 31, 2009
Sadly, i've been caught ,and i wish it never happened, lol

Montréal, Canada

#646 Dec 31, 2009
When i was 14, I guess the hormones and puberty were driving me crazy.

I remember when i was supposed to be studying, and i was on the computer and studying german with my dad, and then i would watch a video i had downloaded, while he would be looking elsewhere. I couldn't control myself, arghhh.

And then i went to my room just behind, saying that i was going to get something or ..something like that.

And, standing up, i just started rubbing myself, and then my dad was like "HEY HURRY UP!" in an ANGRY VOICE!

I think he probably noticed all along, it's pretty crazy,I was crazy!

lol, i was 13 or 14, and i was on the computer ,and he was sitting in the living room (the computer was in the living room)

and he would practice german with me ,for my german courses, and when he would start to look down on the book to read something

i would open the video ,and then close or minimize it as soon as he would talk to me.

-sigh- since i was looking at the computer screen i didnt actually know WHEN HE would look up , i just based on him talking to me.
Ah..puberty insanity.. lol

United States

#647 Jan 2, 2010
this is the only time i have ever been caught :) me and my boyfriend were takin a culinary class together and since we had recently got together our sexual tension was extremely high. So in class there are three teams A B and C. we were C and it was our turn to do laundry and wash dishes. Of course we always volunteer to do laundry so we can mess around in the back while the rest of our group does dishes. We're back there making out like crazy and i let my hand snake down into his jeans. I start stroking his dick but every now and then we would stop thinking we heard someone go back there. our teachers office is right across from the washer and dryer but he's usually in the kitchen cooking...unless he has to do attendance. Me and my bf keep gng at it and he's about to come but his dick is still inside his pants. It was too late and we were like oh shit. lol (it's funny now but wasn't then) his pants had come stains all the way down to his shoes and there was no way he could go out like that cuz we would obvio

United States

#648 Jan 2, 2010
usly get caught. so we get the genius idea of having him change into the chef uniform while we put his pants in the dryer! we thought we were off the hook and started making out again when our teacher catches us! luckily he's not too mad and only tells us to stop whatever we are doing amd to fold the aprons. then he checks the dryer to see if the aprons are dry and sees his pants! he just shook his head and walked away. and oh yeah we both passed the class with an A Heehee. ;)

Montréal, Canada

#649 Jan 2, 2010
i was sitting on a chair watching tv or something and forgot about my half nakedness and then OH NOES!

York, SC

#650 Jan 2, 2010
horny girls email m,e
[email protected]

Littleton, CO

#651 Jan 4, 2010
This doesn't exactly fit being caught but read it. I promise it's true.
I discovered masturbation at age 6 or 7. I thought I was a genius for a while, but when I was about 11 my dad told me.
In my first few months, one night I was sick and my dad wanted to sleep on the couch in my room to make sure I was cared for. He always wore earplugs, so I masturbated. He was literally 2 feet away from me and I don't think he knew. Later that year, we wentto Disney world and stayed in the animal kingdom lodge as a family. I masturbated and my family didn't even notice haha. My brother caught me once and it was really awkward. I like rubbing butter on my penis and then my dog licks it, except once she bit down and it hurt really bad. I used to get bjs from my neighbor who was a boy. I was like 9 and I didn't know it was bad. I loved it and I might do it again someday.

Des Moines, IA

#652 Jan 5, 2010
I was 12 and just started to be able to shoot. I thought I was home alone one saturday afternoon.I was in my room naked and on my bed with a boner stroking while sniffing my sisters panties when my sister walked in on me.She stood there for a minute then smiled and walked away.She was 11 then.A few days later she asked me if she gave her panties would she be able to watch me do it. It started a few yrs of fun.

Jesup, GA

#653 Jan 6, 2010
Got caught wankin by my older sister when I was twelve.


#654 Jan 6, 2010
my granddaughter walked in on me when i was jacking off. she was 15 at the time so she knew what i was doing. it was so embarrassing.

Rajkot, India

#655 Jan 6, 2010
hey ben u must be masterbating since 40 years , right , daily ?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#656 Jan 7, 2010
I was 14 sister walked on me she said sorry but then she told me to keep doing it so I did

Sacramento, CA

#658 Jan 8, 2010
cash money wrote:
I got caught masterbating 2 times and I caught someone masterbating once. My first getting caught was my father. I didn't kno wat time it was but my parents was in bed and I got a lil horny so I desided to go in da living room to watch one of my dad's tapes and he comes in and says u nucklehead and I just stopped and kept a straight face one when like I was ignoring him when he caught me. So he told me he hid it and I just went to bed. Da second time was when I was in da kitchen and I was on da computer lookin at hot stuff and I had my headphones on and I somehow. my uncle saw me and I didn't hear him, I had da volume on low but the next day he told me and I was mad embarrassed but kept a straight face still. And a couple of months ago I caught one of bmy cousins doin it when I was sleeping over and he thought I was asleep
. I to

Edmond, OK

#659 Jan 9, 2010
come on ppl write more stories

Waverly, IA

#660 Jan 9, 2010
I wanna get caught masturbating by a girl and have her help me, im a 15 year old guy by the way. reading all these stories got me hard and all sound really fun, oh and 7 inches if youre wondering. lol

Garner, NC

#661 Jan 9, 2010
Patrick wrote:
I wanna get caught masturbating by a girl and have her help me, im a 15 year old guy by the way. reading all these stories got me hard and all sound really fun, oh and 7 inches if youre wondering. lol
seven inches of hard c**k in my hands sounds like fun! how far can you shoot?

Garner, NC

#663 Jan 9, 2010
Patrick wrote:
<quoted text>
why don't you find out;)
tell me!!:P

Cottingham, UK

#664 Jan 9, 2010
i was watching porn in the front room while my step sister was in the back room. i rewinded it to a good sexy bit and waited for my stepsis to walk by to go to bed or something:P when she did i turned it of "accidentally" to slow so she got a glimps and took my hand out my jeans:P she just stood in the doorway watching but never did anything unfortunately
Da rudah

West Bloomfield, MI

#668 Jan 10, 2010
Well, this is a true story. It happened last year, when I was 15. I won't lie to you, but I'm a gorgeous brunnete, and a c cup. But anyways, I was at home- and my parents were ganna be out of town for a few hours. I forgot about my brother though. So I went to the closet in the roof that had a sybian. A while into usage, I had it on high, and strappd my hand to the floor, lighly of course. I didn't hear the door open. Seeing as I was infront if it, I came (squirted) right in his face! "you couldn't have waited for me?" was all he said. I avoided him for a full month, bEfore catching HIM this time. He let me bj him, and I let him finger me to orgasm after (he was like a proffesional). we've done this a few times since

York, SC

#669 Jan 10, 2010
Da rudah

will u chat?
[email protected]
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