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Sacramento, CA

#42 Aug 3, 2011
Throbbin' Robin needs release!!!!!!!!!!

“Men should be submissive”

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#43 Aug 3, 2011
Robin wrote:
<quoted text>Good one!!!!!!!!!!
Was yumy, though.

With all the porn available online, I wonder why are adult theatres still around? Is it the camaraderie? Like a circle jerk mentality?

Sacramento, CA

#44 Aug 3, 2011
la la la lola wrote:
<quoted text>
Was yumy, though.
With all the porn available online, I wonder why are adult theatres still around? Is it the camaraderie? Like a circle jerk mentality?
I think so. Again, dressing up in my rubber fetish attire and calling myself 'Robin', it was kind of like going to a kinky costume party and meeting like minded kinky people!!!!!!!!!!

Sacramento, CA

#45 Aug 3, 2011
I remember one time going in my shiny rubber 'Robin' outfit and PVC thigh high boots, and having a jerking competition. I was jerking off to CNN News Anchor Robin Meade, and I kept on the same condom. I was able to c** in it all told 3 times!!!!!!
Ky guy

Lexington, KY

#46 Aug 3, 2011
Went first time today with five minutes I was sucking a coc$k. I took 5 loads in 45 minutes. Only one guy there was big enough to fill mouth. Most were under 5 inchs had a big 7, -8 incher though had me gagging loved it. Going back soon for a$$ pounding

Portland, OR

#47 Jan 17, 2012
lisa ll wrote:
I've. Have had sex with tons of guys. Never in a theatre though. It spounds hot. Gonna haveto talk to hubby about finding one
Come to Portland, Oregon. There are 2 great adult theaters there.

A lot of women enjoy being fingered by strangers in adult theaters. They usually prefer clean hands
and gentle probes but occasionally a classy woman will go crazy getting roughly fingered by a 300 pound man. I saw exactly that at The Paris Cinema in Portland this past weekend in "The Bedroom."

It was so erotic, watching this beautiful Judy Collins red head, naked and fucking her man in the bedroom while a big black man talked and pleaded. She sucked on his fingers and the look in her eyes was so nasty, I almost came watching her suck on those thick, rough fingers. Then she stood up and let him explore her body. Her breasts were full and magnificent. Her skin was smooth and lovely. Other hands joined in the probe and were reaching into the bedroom to touch her from all directions. Later she reached through the glory hole and played with a few cocks including one that belonged to her pleading, would-be lover.

All in all one of many nasty adult theater sex scenes at The Paris Theater. Join the fun at:

and check out an adult theater in your neck of the woods at:

United States

#49 May 1, 2012
When I do blow I have the urge to go from straight to cocksucker. One day after half a g I found myself sitting in a barberton bookstore Booth with a glory hole. All of a sudden a 10" black monster pokes through. I took out some lube and gave it a nice lube job. I rolled a rubber on this monster and fed myself as best I could. I eagerly stroked and sucked as best I could until he unloaded. I did about 20 that day. I regularly go back and customers feed me s few lines of white. Ill suck anything with a rubber on it.

Jersey City, NJ

#50 May 1, 2012
I met a girl on here from my home town. We have been chatting on and off for months. She likes to flash her boooobs and says she wanted to go to an adult book store theater. We met at Starbucks close to a good theater I have been to and then she took the plunge with me. I led her in a booth that has a glory window. Very little action so when a better booth was availible I lead her in there. This one has 2 windows. We watched men stroke themselves. I whipped out my koock and strokes for hear and the other men. She took out her tiiiiits which are pierced. I got to ouch n suck them. Too bad she was on the rag. Then she let me cuuuum on them and told me to suck up my mess as a guy watched me. I told her I wanted to suck koock. She wants to see that but she just wasn't ready. Next time. Ohh ya I am in my low to mid forties and she is in her mid 20s very hot and moca black girl. I am one lucky son of a beeatch.
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sex is fun

Tobyhanna, PA

#52 May 23, 2012
When I was 23 I went to a bookstore with booths in the back. It was summer and I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt with sandals. I was looking at the movies and channels when a man in his 30's-40's walked past me. He looked hot. He walked by again a few minutes later and slowed down. I rubbed my d*ck through my shorts. he came behind me to look at the movie and rubbed my butt. Then he put his hand down the back of my shorts. He asked me if I was ready for action and I said yes. He told me to follow him. He went to the back row of booths and went into the middle one. I followed and he then locked the door. He pulled up my shirt to play with my chest. I did it back to him. He then took off my shirt and put it on the bench. After a few more minutes of playing he sat on the bench and pulled my shorts down. He turned me around and played with my butt. He tried reaching through my legs to get to my sack but had trouble. He told me to step out of my shorts. I did and they went on top of my shirt. After a few more minutes of playing I heard the blind go up in the booth on the right. When I looked I realized that the blind on my side was broken so it was always up. The guy saw me naked. The guy I was with pushed me to my knees. The blind went up on the left side window. That one was broken also in my booth. Now I had two guys watching me suck the guy in my booth while I was completely naked. One of the guys knocked on the window and my guy said he's my friend. I'm going to let him in. There I was naked in front of two guys with 2 guys watching through the windows. The second guy pulled his d*ck out, took off his jacket and had me suck him. When he was done in my mouth he grabbed his jacket and left. The first guy then finished in my mouth and left also. My d*ck was still hard. I was still being watched so I decided to get dressed and leave. I turned to get my clothes and they were gone. The guy with the jacket had picked them up when he picked up his jacket. I sort of freaked. Then my door opened even though I locked it. Turns out the lock was broken also. I was at the mercy of whoever came into the room or looked through the windows. I took about over ten loads in my mouth before someone told me that the clerk had my clothes at the register. I had to go get them. I eventually walked out of the booth past all the guys and into the store past those people to get my clothes. So embarrassed and so horny.

Murfreesboro, TN

#53 Jul 17, 2012
Hey, Sex is Fun, that was HOT! A similar thing happened to me at DC video in Horse Cave, KY. I took off my boxers in the gay theater and hid them under a sofa cushion, then went cruising the peep area with only my shirt. After about half an hour and blowing two guys, I went back to get the shorts and they were gone. I searched everywhere, getting more frantic. I went back to a guy I'd blown and convinced him to let me wear his boxers out to my car to get a spare. He had a good laugh and stripped down. I wore his boxers out, came back in and blew him again as a thank-you. Later, I found my original shorts under a different sofa cushion - somebody had moved them as a joke.

Houston, TX

#56 Jan 18, 2013
I really want to go to one of these theaters but I'm nervous about being alone I'm cute n 29 woman I dnt want to get attacked or something . Anyone have reviews for smooches?

Since: May 12

Las Vegas, NV

#57 Feb 4, 2013
Years ago when I was living in Cleveland for a while, I remember two places. ne was Stage Door Johnny's on Prospect and the other was the New Era. Both were more like brothels than anything where the girls would come by to solicit the customers. I had one friend who loved to go to those places.

Those were some good times,

Since: Oct 10

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#59 Feb 9, 2013
lillybegood wrote:
I really want to go to one of these theaters but I'm nervous about being alone I'm cute n 29 woman I dnt want to get attacked or something . Anyone have reviews forsmooches?
Lilly, I would reccomend finding someone to go with to the theaters or booth. I can give you the low down on the places around Houston.

San Diego, CA

#60 Feb 9, 2013
I've had a couple of memorable nights at adult theaters. The first was probably the best, I picked up this younger guy with a nice 9 inch cock, we go into a porn booth, I suck him and he fucks me standing up. It was so hot. I wish he would've came in my mouth though. The second I went into a porn booth to stroke my cock, I left the door unlocked. After a few minutes a guy opens the door, I say come in, he sits and pulls his cock out then I start sucking him. Ended up sucking 3 strangers that night, they all came in my mouth too.

New London, CT

#62 Feb 21, 2013
My girlfriend had some fun recently, this is how she described it.

I got to Art Cinema just after 7:00 and I was already excited so I went down to the front and sat in the middle. Took out my toy and started to play, not long after a guy walked by asked what I was doing. I said what does it look like and smiled, he asked if I needed help I said yes. Had him sit down and rubbed him he took it out started I giving him a hand job when he was hard I gave him a condom. He put it on I stood up and said to stand up, I turned around and bent over. He's fucking me and a guy comes in front of me in the second row. I asked him if he wanted to wait and have a turn. He was a groper grabbed my tits played with those while he waited,this was hot as I was being fucked at the same time. The guy fucking me got off and I told him to switch places so the other guy could have a turn. Second guy put on the condom, I kept the same position and he was quickly fucking me fast and hard. The first guy grabbed my hair pinched my nipples while the second finished. A good time was had by all and after they finished I gave each a set of mardi grad beads, everyone gets one tonight. How many can I give away?

Ok so I am walking back up from the front with all intentions of going to the ladies room and going outside for a cigarette. Sitting in the back row is a group of 5 guys who had watched my show in front. You could tell they were young and don't think they had ever been there:) I started to walk by and a couple of them said hello I stopped and started chatting. They said they were from UHart. I asked if they were enjoying the movie. They said yes. Asked if they had ever been upstairs as I knew what I wanted to do. They said no. I said I'd be right back an asked the guy at the ticket booth if I could go upstairs with some friends. He said fine ,went back and asked them if they wanted to take a walk and they followed upstairs. There was a couple up there so I sat them all in the front row and explained it was my boyfriends birthday gift and was
wondering if they would oblige his wish by fucking me. Gave them all a purple condom and sat in the middle of them. One on each side spread my legs each holding a knee and said to the other three who ever gets the condom on first fucks me first. As I was being fucked while they held my legs apart,the other two were telling the guy fucking me to hurry up. As they guys switched from one to the next one of the guys holding my legs would stuff me with three fingers keeping wet and very horny, not that I needed help. In rotation they all got their turn and each got beads... The couple behind was loving the show and even got some encouragent :) We sat for a few minutes after they were done and I asked since they were young could they go again another round but a different way. The first guy says what do you have in mind. I stood up put 5 condoms on the seat put my towel on the floor got on my hands and knees and said to him I want you to fuck me in the ass. They all started not laughing but I don't think believed me... Three had never had anal sex. Took the first guy the longest and sucked most of them to get them hard while one was fucking me. Mind you there was nothing small about any of them. Did I feel like a big slut hell yea was it amazing hell yea. I thanked them for helping me with your birthday gift gave them all two sets of beads.

New London, CT

#63 Feb 21, 2013
No one liked this true story? Maybe next time might be more interesting. I'll just have her try again.

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#64 Feb 22, 2013
Taking my wife back to the theatre on Sunday
open minded dad

United States

#65 Mar 2, 2013
There is a great theater in Everett WA called Airport Video. I have had s lot of sex there with women and men.

Since: May 08

Park Ridge, IL

#66 May 25, 2013
There are some really good adult video stores in the Chicago area, with private booth arcades. Guys cruise there looking to suck or get sucked. I used to go to get sucked, then I switched to being the guy doing the sucking. I really love sucking a hot cock to completion. The feeling of a guy climaxing and squirting cum in my mouth is sooo hot!

Islip, NY

#67 May 25, 2013
Some time ago I was at an adult buddy booth spot. A large room circled by the booths. It was not all that rare to find M/F couples. There was this good looking guy with 2 females,9 one nude heavy set with huge tits and the other just topless ,trim, thin with small tits and pointy pierced nipples] both playing with his rather large dick.
Well I got lucky , while watching them I open my shirt and pulled on my pierced nipples. That got me an invite to enter, he told me to leave the door open.. I played with the huge udders, Trim began to suck and pull on my pierced nipples, I returned the favor to her. She would not let me get my hand up her skirt. But Pulled my jogging pants down to see my very hard shaved Pierced [frenum] c ock. She played with it, mentioned how sexy shaved and pierced was. Sucked me good, real good.
Then out of the blue asked me if I was Bi or str8.
I told her I was Bi and up for anything. She said want to make me come. I said I'd love to. She sat on the bench, pushed me down between her open legs, raised her skirt . There was a beautifull soft hairless k ock. She even asked if I still wanted to make her come. I took her/him into my mouth all the way. Worked it over real good, she grew larger and thicker in my mouth. The head swelled up wide.
Then she stood up removed her skirt turned side ways so we were in full view of the open door . Said now they can see us. She grabbed my head and began to pump her k ock in and out all the way. I could see other guys playing with there members. It then hit me, I'm sucking in almost public. While very embarrassed, I was so turned on. I didn't want to stop. I needed her/him in my mouth. As she grew to almost climax she called me dirty names. The first salty taste made me suck harder.
She soon was injecting all her sticky gurl cream into my mouth [my first] It was heaven.
She and the Big female made me come. Never saw them again or found out there names.

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