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#677 Feb 15, 2013
I was dating a guy a few years back and we went out for drinks with his ex. We were all pretty buzzed when they asked me if I wanted to see their old "spot"! So we drove a few miles to a rest area. We parked and got out and walked towards the woods behind the bathrooms. Then we all started kissing, then they began undressing themselves, and me! This was in the evening but well before dark (summertime in Colorado!), and I gasped that we could get caught! They laughed and said they used to come here all the time and make it! I was scared shitless at first but once we were totally nude and groping one another it was incredible! I blew my lover while his ex glided (?) In and out of my rear. When he came, they switched ends. When I came, I nearly passed out I shot so hard! It was my first three-way, too! But the crazy thing is, after we were done , there were two other dudes getting it on about 100 feet away from us! I remember laying in my boyfreinds arms sharing a cigarette , and just watching those guys screw and suck each other. Everyone was completely cool about it. I've been hooked on rest stops ever since!

United States

#678 Feb 15, 2013
Hope that last post didn't sound like bragging (really, publicbottom?). I just wanted to convey the thrill, the RUSH, that gay sex in public gives! As homosexuals our needs and desires are very unique, and the struggle to fit in to a society that has no place for us can be exciting. We adapt, in our own way, to "conventional" trappings with often shocking, surprising results ! So I hope my relating my first adventure "out" in the open can maybe be a gateway for some of you who may be .... unsure. Have some fun with it! Be cute, be brave, be daring, naughty,...REAL. And be sure to kiss him when you're done!

New York, NY

#680 Feb 18, 2013
Had my first gay sex at a rest stop in Ohio when I was 17. Had heard rumors about it in HS, and went there one Saturday morning. Went into the bathroom shaking like a leaf. Was disappointed, because there were 3 guys, all middle aged, and not very appealing, so I left. Walking back to my car, passed a younger guy early 20’s maybe, walking to the bathroom. He was shirtless, wearing gray sweats. We made eye contact, and he smiled, and cocked his head towards the woods. I followed him behind the building. We walked fairly deep, and I did see a older couple having anal with the fat guy holding onto a tree. We ended up behind a tall clump of bushes, and he turned, put his hands on my hips and asked me how old I was. I lied and said 18, but told him I had never done anything. He pushed down his sweats, a big curving erection popped against his belly. He pushed my t-shirt over my head and behind my neck, then groped my erection. I pushed my jeans down, and he went down on my immediately. I tried to hold back, but after 5 minutes or so, he looked up and said we needed to hurry so we didn’t get caught. I shot right after that. We switched places and I sucked my first dick. He came fast, we walked back, and I found out he went to college in town. We started hooking up at his apartment, and he took my cherry.


#681 Feb 27, 2013
I have satin fetish,for guys satin clothes. I like to wear them in public, its just exciting for me to have people see me in satin. Rest area's are fun places.I once stopped at one dressed in a nice satin shirt and tie. I was horny so I walked back into some secluded trees were I new gays hung out,and waited for someone to come buy.I brought with me also a peace of satin cloth about 3 feet square that I often use to j**k off with. I was standing on the trail rubbing the satin on my tool,and rubbing my satin tie on my face when this guy walked up. He reached out like he wanted to touch me, but I said no, just watch. I looked a few feet away,and saw another guy watching to. Niether of these guy said a word,they were just stood watching what I was doing. I just stood there jacking off in front of them for a while, I was really h*rny with someone watching! Soon I c*mmed into the piece of satin, and showed them my sp*rm, then stuffed it into briefs next to my c**k,and zipped up, and walked away to my car to leave! I love doing thing like this, so hot! Whats everyone think? Should I take farther?
Rest stop

Waterford, PA

#682 Feb 27, 2013
How it happen to me. One day my stepdad was driving down the highway. We had stop at this reast stop. I started to talk to this trucker. I found out he was horny and at that time I was too. He asked if I wanted to go behind the reast stop. I said yes but I need to let my stepdad know. At that he started to walk away. I stop him and said I was OK. Dad heared every thing we had talked about. He asked me if I wanted him to join in or waite. I was two are beater then one. I was right it was great having one in my mouth and butt. We all had a great time and I sleep the ready of the trip.

Wilmington, NC

#683 Mar 19, 2013
i love cruising rest areas but am new around here. anyone know of any good rest areas in va or nc to cruise?

Melbourne, Australia

#684 Mar 20, 2013
Close to where i live, there is a nice spot down the river that attracts alot of married and clossited men. i first went there a yr ago (19) and walked into a stall and just sat down to stroak a little :) then i could here another man in the stall next to me doing the same thing...there was a little peep hole inbetween the stall walls so i thought id have a peek. The man was kinda puttin on a show, just wankin and moaning a little and then he asked if he could see i did :) next minute he came out of the stall, knocked on mine and i let him in. he was an older man probably 50 or so and married, and we shared dicks for the next half hour while other men kept on putting there heads over the stall to have a nice look at us hahahahahaha

if anyone wants to skype =greywindhc24 (please only older men 30-60) thanks :)

Concord, MA

#685 Mar 22, 2013
MikeDinMA wrote:
I've sucked c**k in several rest areas in massachusetts. love sucking c**k anonymously. many in a day. adult video places thru glory holes or outside the booths. have done that in massachusetts, rhode island, maryland. love it in restrooms have done it in DC, maryland (Johns Hopkins Univ i liked alot). started out in the student center at GWU in DC at 18, while wearing girls panties. 28 waist. girly body. masculine but a total submissive little pig for c**k. men of any age.
Any time in Chelmsford / Lowell area

Concord, MA

#686 Mar 22, 2013
Anyone have experience with rest stops on 495 in Chelmsford? Also here is a dumb question . Just what is the etiquette? I saw a guy I thought was checking Me out, do I approach his car? I went into the restroom and he wfinally walked in as I was walking out, gave a glance at my crotch so I figured I was right, nothing happend. Who messes up here?

New York, NY

#687 Mar 22, 2013
Mike wrote:
Anyone have experience with rest stops on 495 in Chelmsford? Also here is a dumb question . Just what is the etiquette? I saw a guy I thought was checking Me out, do I approach his car? I went into the restroom and he wfinally walked in as I was walking out, gave a glance at my crotch so I figured I was right, nothing happend. Who messes up here?
It can be a little intimidating cruising at rest stops, particularly the first time. The combination of finding someone of your tastes, and the fear of police,(both undercover and uniformed) makes the “mating dance” complicated. Here are my rules and signals. Park some distance from the entrance. Why else would someone park further than closer in a rest stop? Good chance cars on the outskirts are not there for a “leak”.(only exception is “sleepers”. But obviously if you walk by a car and the guy is snoring, he’s not there for sex). Take your time getting to the building, walk slowly, hands in pocket, and if you see anyone in a parked car, make eye contact. If you like what you see, pause, smile, and adjust yourself with your hands in your pockets, slowly walk away, and if he gets out of his car, you’ve probably scored.(He may also , wave you to come to his car.) If you don’t hook up in the parking lot, go into the rest area. Cruisers tend to look at you when you enter. Pissers stare at the wall. If someone looks at you as you enter, stand next to him. Next step is to make eye contact. He will then step back to show his package, if your game, do the same. You’ll both zip up and walk out. Since your new to the place, follow him. He’ll probably know the safest place to go. Put a little distance between you, so any cops in cars out front don’t figure what youre doing. All said, rest area sex to me is the last resort. With all the internet sites available, its much easier to hook up that way for anonymous sex. Also you can meet in a public place to make sure you don’t have a maniac on your hands. Also, you can discuss beforehand what you want to do, and see what he looks like.

United States

#688 Mar 22, 2013
Anyone know anything about the rest areas in the St. Louis area? Want to meet up but not sure where. 25 here.

South Africa

#692 Mar 25, 2013
Any of these places near jhb

Since: Jan 13

Renton, WA

#696 Apr 17, 2013
Any truckers or old guys travel through I-5 near Seattle?

Indianapolis, IN

#698 Apr 23, 2013
I have had many large cocks in these spots would like one now
every chance i get

Tullahoma, TN

#699 Apr 27, 2013
Love reststop sex. Why not help refresh a fellow traveler.

“Mussy galore!!!”

Since: Mar 13

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#700 Apr 27, 2013
I met a guy last week whom I thought was a total twink, but he ended up driving me! When we got in his car he told meo take off my pants and underwear, if I had any on (I didn't!). Then he produced his cock. I barely had to lean over to blow him! He was so long that even filling my mouth withi him, he still had enough room to jerk off! He could jack himself in full strokes while I sucked him to my throat! He msde me put my shoes on, and kept calling me "stinky" whike he fingered my butt! Then when I was nice and wet he made me lay on my back. I lifted my legs a little and took him in. He shoved himself in all at once and we did it "missionary style"! He was so long and thick, and he went forever! I just rested my legs on the back of his, and laid back and enjoyed it! He finally came, and let me suck him some more. He said he liked doing redheads because we were all stinky whores! I left a huge wet spot in his back seat. I left, but came back the next night. I haven't seem him since, but I can't stop thinking about him and wanting to have him again!
Pa guy

Brooklyn, NY

#701 Apr 30, 2013
I was at rest area in wv near martinsburg and a guy in a big black truck named Scott got me off and let me f him in bathroom stall hope I see him again it was hot cant wait to see him again damn that was hot

“Mussy galore!!!”

Since: Mar 13

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#702 May 1, 2013
Not every rest stop encounter goes well. Once a guy invited me into his car. He seemed nice when we met, but when I began going down on him he started talking dirty. At first it was cool- stuff like "Good pu**y mouth" and "Hot little bitch"; just regular stuff. But then he became weird. First he made me strip. He wanted to see what I'd look like in bra & panties. Then he started asking me what I liked. No matter what I told him, he just kept asking "What else? What else?" He asked me about all these different situations- gang bangs, sex with a black guy, if I could take 13 inches, getting videoed having sex, etc. All the classic stuff. And then, he made me roll over so he could "See my pu**y"! When I did, he slapped me on my rear hard! He asked if I liked that, and I began to beg for more! I was still pretty young & fresh- I'd never been spanked for fun! He spanked me 3 more times. I got so excited! I told him iwas coming- he said "Don't come in my car!", but it was too late. I tried to catch as much as I could, but I shot like crazy! Getting my but whipped activated something in me, but instead of sharing the fun of the moment, this guy really began calling me awful names. Things like "Stupid bitch", "Fu**ing dumass whore", "Idiot pu**y" ; it wasn't fun anymore. He said "How are going to clean that up?". A lot of my sperm was on the vinyl seat. I offered to lick it up, & he said "Go**amn right you'll lick it up, c*nt!". I guess he thought that would be a punishment, and I guess he also thought I was still into the dirty talk. I said "Stop calling me names!", & while I was licking my own semen up, he started hitting me again! Now I was scared- I turned & sat down in the wet seat. I got my clothes together-he was still trying to slap and punch me the whole time- and got out of his car! I was still nude; I didn't care who saw me! I just wanted away from that d*ck. I was so frightenened, I didn't go back to a rest area for about a month after that! I did get me tjurned onto getting spanked, though.


#704 May 23, 2013
On hwy 87 in ny . You can get free rest area and parking area..i like to and get sucked

Waynesboro, VA

#705 May 27, 2013
howdy wrote:
i love cruising rest areas but am new around here. anyone know of any good rest areas in va or nc to cruise?
I live in va and im just wondering if u want to come to my house and have sex or i ride along and give u a bj
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