Mysore, India

#264 Dec 22, 2012
I am 17 now.I was caught naked by my neighbours daughters.after my shower i went out as i heard someones call.but as i went out the door got locked because of wind and my towel got struck in the the same time my neighbour's daughters aged 10 and other 15 came out of their home and had a clear look of my privates.also to cover my privates i begged them a towel.they agreed to give the towel only if i walk to their house naked keeping hands up and i had to walk to get the towel.this was my utter humiliation

Cotonou, Benin

#265 Dec 23, 2012
I was 16 and in my bedroom after a shower with a towel wrapped around me,I had a smaller towel around my wet hair turban style. I heard my mobile phone ringing in the lounge and rushed to answer it, as I entered the lounge the towel fell to the floor leaving me completely naked and still rushing to the phone when to my surprize there were two men who were complete strangers sitting on the couch.I turned quickly and bent over to pick up the towel and realised I had exposed my vajayjay to these two men I was so embarassed but strangely excited I grabbed my phone and left to return to my bedroom. I found out afterwards they were the insurance man and his manager mum had left them there to go and make a drink.I could not shake off the feeling of excitement that I had so I locked the bedroom door and masturbated to orgasm.

Lebanon, NH

#267 Jan 13, 2013
I was 19 and my cousin was 18 and i told her i was going to take a shower and i went in and took a shower and i left the door open a crack just in case the phone rang. And when i got out of the shower my cousin came in to tell me that the phone rang and when she went to give it to me my towel fell and she saw me. But instead of saying she was sorry she started asking questions because she was curious and she asked if i wanted to see her naked in return and i said sure why not so we went to my bedroom and she got undressed and then i saw her sweet vagina along with her teenage boobs that were still growing and she went to hug me and she felt my penis hit her vagina witch turned her on and she asked me if we could have sex i said lay down and spread your legs and she layed down and so i entered her and broke her cherry she let out a big scream of pure lust and she wanted to take pics of me me naked after and i took pics of her and then we did it about 6 more times because our parents left at 6 am and wouldn't come home until 12 pm shoping and ever since we meet up twice a week and have sex together each time is better than the last time. and one day i almost got her pregnant.

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#268 Jan 13, 2013
A few years ago my husband's grandma had let herself into my house, and I didn't know she was there; I came out completely naked from the shower, and she was standing there. I think he liked what she saw because she kept looking.

Then last Tuesday, I was sitting on the couch without any pans or panties on. I was on topix and fingering myself when my dad knocked on my door. The couch is facing the door and the door as glass so I know he saw me. I didn't want him to know I liked the idea of him catching me, so I kept touching myself pretending I didn't noitce him at the door. He kept watching for a minute then he knocked and I hurried up and got my pants on. I stood up and stood by the door where he could get a good view of my behind while I pulled them up. He didn't say anything but his fae was red when he walked in the door.

Milford, DE

#269 Jan 23, 2013
i was getting out of the shower to start drying off.
i'd left the door open so that i could hear my phone ring because i was expecting a call soon anyways my gf decided to surprise me that day and seemed to have noticed that the bathroom door was open. so when i looked over i saw her face was all red and she was trying not to look.
i think she liked what she saw :)

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#270 Jan 23, 2013
My uncle had to take a crap while I was showering I was barely gonna turn 21 he's in his lat 40's we have a see thru glass shower doors so he saw everything while he took crap lol.

Dublin, Ireland

#272 Jan 26, 2013
but if you are horney you have to masterbeat or if you saw something you like you would get hard and play with yourself
solo gamer

West Des Moines, IA

#273 Jan 31, 2013
Did your gfs friend mention any thing
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micky 11

Coquitlam, Canada

#274 Feb 1, 2013
oh yes was caught 2 times first I showered then went to the kitchen for coffee and a hair wifes good freind just walked into the house behind me and was watching me.I picked up my coffee with one hand and a hair brush in the other and turned around to go back into the bathroom and there she was with a big smile on her face watching me butt naked.what could I do just walked around her into the bathroom and got dressed.

the second time my daughters girl freind just walked in and seen me shaving after i got out of the shower.I have no idea how long she was standing there watching me
Nobody knocks when they visit the just walk in .It got hard pretty fast before i could ge somthing on but no big deal we are still good freinds

Since: Jul 11

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#275 Feb 4, 2013
Before I was married my gf's mother would ask me to come over to show her how to do stuff on the computer. More than a few times she would shower after I arrived. It made me think she wanted me to walk in on her.

Bangalore, India

#276 Feb 4, 2013
I was 21 when this happened. I had a bath and was wrapped in my towel. The towel was just enough if I held it from in front. Lay down on bed to watch a few episodes of my favorite sitcom. I guess I fell asleep. When I woke up I got out of bed with a start to see the houseboy knocking waiting to clean the room. I had forgotten the only thing I had on earlier was a towel. The towel was still on the bed, the man at the door staring at me wide-eyed, and my hands on my side, till I realized what I had done.

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#278 Apr 8, 2013
When I was 17 I was just about to switch the shower on so I was naked and soon as I did the door flung wide open and there was my sister (aged 20) standing there in just her bra and panties that she filled out perfectly. We just stood there staring at each other which felt like minutes until she snapped out of it and walked away.

After that she was checking me out all day and when I caught her she looked at me and bit her bottom lip, so I took this as a sign that she wanted more and so did I. That night I heard the shower running and wondered who it was so I got out of bed and peaked in her room to see if she was there and she wasn't so it was her in the shower. I mustered up all my confidence and snook in the bathroom as there is no lock on the door and just slipped off my clothes and jumped in the shower with her. At first she pushed me away and said "What are you doing!" and then gave me a cheeky smile and it went on from there.
When I was 13

Granville, Australia

#280 May 29, 2013
I was 13, and I just came home from school. My mums was at work, and my dad was never around anyway. I had a little sister and she'd always ask me rude questions about vaginas and squirting. I was in the shower, and I always forget to take a towel with me. Anyway I thought no one was home yet so I just walked casually out of the shower. I wetted the whole carpet, and when i walked through the hallway, my mum just came so suddenly. I was so shocked and she yelled at me.

Birmingham, UK

#281 Jun 16, 2013
I walked out of the bathroom naked after my shower drying my hair, with the towel over my face I didn't see my 13yo daughter and two of her friends coming up the stairs, hearing a gasp and "Daddy" I dropped the towel, there was no point in covering up as they had seen every thing, so I just aske what they were doing home, the water had to be turned off at the school so they were sent home.
the day ended up with me fcuking the rends and eating out my daughter. I fcuked her later when we were on our own. she now brings friends home for me, now im getting more sex than when I was married.

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#282 Jun 16, 2013
Having an open relationship with your family really eliminated the ' getting caught' thing. Coming out of bathroom with or without clothes is normal in our house. I have 5 children , only 2 remain at home and we never had a problem.

Birmingham, UK

#283 Jun 18, 2013
one of my daughters friends phoned last night wanting to come over and see me, her mother was with her, turns out she is single.
ended up in bed with both, mother wont tell if I service her, and she knows a few others who might like a bit of fun in the sack, not all single.
that day I walked out the shower was the best day of my life.


#284 Jun 18, 2013
i came out of the shower one day with a boner on so i thought i would give myself relief and stood there w@nking away just at the edge of the shower tray stood on a towel, then i heard a noise and looked up and saw the window cleaner wiping the window down from his ladders.
he put his thumbs up at me and carried on, but i had passed the point of no return and shot on the floor.
very embarrassed i wiped the sperm up and went to my room only to find him starting on that window.

Okotoks, Canada

#285 Jun 18, 2013
Wait, naked in the shower? What sort of black magic is this???

Tumbling Shoals, AR

#286 Jun 25, 2013
Some one please send me some pictures.

Calne, UK

#288 Jul 9, 2013
It was at a sleep over with some friends. I could not sleep as it was so hot so i went for a shower. I had just got out and her Father walked in. I am normally shy being naked in front of boys or dr, and I always got tongue tied with him because he was a hunk and i quite fancied him, but this time was different and i stood with my arms by my side so he got a full view off me. Wearing pj bottoms with a loose slit up the front, quickly showed me the effect i was having on him.

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