What is the naughtiest thing you have...

United States

#1667 Dec 21, 2010
when i was 13 I went into my uncle's room when he was passed out drunk and played with his dick and sucked on it, I used his hand to jerk my off a little, it was fun exploring his body

Irwin, PA

#1668 Dec 22, 2010
The naughtiest thing I have done is to have a consensual adult incestuous affair with my 40 year old son. He is the best lover I have ever had.

Austin, TX

#1669 Dec 22, 2010
Marilyn wrote:
James ,your support is sooo appreaciated !
I have always loved my dad so much . He has
been good to me and for me all my life .
I know some who are not so fortunate .
I had thoughts of him for several years .
He has always been affectionate to me in an inocent
way and i felt very close to him .I thought about it a lot before ,i guess you
could say seducing him .Showing him my breasts was to see his reaction .
I did not know how far it would go but it was exciting for me to think
what could happen .I fantacized about it too for a long time .It has
been a year or so and i have no regrets .
I understand those that have a problem with it ,
but i do not ! No one is being harmed . I like the vacation idea .
Thank you Marilyn, for providing more details of your intimate relationship wtih your father. Based on what you said, it was normal for you to initiate the relationship with him. He has taken care of you, protected you, and was sure you didn't want for anything. So it's natural that you would have reciprocal feelings of love for him. As you have grown older, these feelings naturally became one of a romantic. I think women have a basic instinct of being attracted to men who make them feel protected and secure and safe, and your father made you feel that way. Have you, by any chance, thought of moving in with your dad? You could tell your friends that it's a money-saving move, if you're worried about what others might think.

What you said about being so turned on when you performed oral sex on him that you nearly got off yourself makes sense. At one of the early incest sites that was later closed down, I saw a post from a girl in her 20s who had been sucking off her brother for several years. She said that he had a really huge penis and testicles and shot loads of semen when he came, and that sucking him off made her so hot and wet that SHE sometimes had orgasms from sucking him off. So sometimes, a woman can get so sexually aroused from performing fellatio that she can get close to orgasming. I think that may happen because while she performing fellatio, the penis feels so good in her mouth that she begins to think about how it will feel inside her vagina, and that's what can make her orgasm.

By the way, there are a couple of other girls here who are attracted to their fathers, and want to have sex with him, and I'm sure they would like to hear from you. If you use the Search function on this site, which is right above the posts, and search for dad or father or dads, some of those posts will come up. I think one is "how to get dad interested" and another one is in a thread about incest with a father or father in law, so you migth want to respond to the posts from those girls, because they would probably like to get the opinion and perspective of a woman who is involved with her dad.
Hmmm Yeahh

Indian Trail, NC

#1670 Dec 22, 2010
Gotten fingered by a perverted white guy on a charter bus ;))

Tonawanda, NY

#1671 Dec 22, 2010
I went down on my mom's best friend in front of my mom. It tasted amazing, but I was greatly punished afterwards.

Slough, UK

#1672 Dec 22, 2010
In the summer loads of us got cider and got pissed with sis 13 and some of her friends and younger. We got them to masturbate us and we were just touching them up. One of them was so drunk i opened her lips and licked her hole..... Happens everywhere so no big deal....

Tullahoma, TN

#1674 Dec 22, 2010
Charles wrote:
I think one of my naughtiest things was just over a week ago when I let my wife jerk me off into our 9yr old daughter's cornflakes. Wife added milk and stirred it in, commenting that she hoped the girl would develop a taste for it and demand it directly from the source.( Oooo, yes please. lol)
Daughter ate her cornflakes and didn't notice a thing. But she must have wondered what her mum and I kept giggling about.
Would love to hear more about this. [email protected]

Tullahoma, TN

#1675 Dec 22, 2010
david wrote:
when i was 13 I went into my uncle's room when he was passed out drunk and played with his dick and sucked on it, I used his hand to jerk my off a little, it was fun exploring his body
I would love to hear more about this [email protected]

Slough, UK

#1676 Dec 22, 2010
Have you seen her vagina ?
Lesbian Cuti3

Durham, NC

#1678 Jan 13, 2011
Tony17 wrote:
Okay. I got one. As y'all know I'm a Gay black man that has a white lover. I got a tatoo on my ass that says...PROPERTY OF JEREMY FOREVER. But that's not all. Jeremy got my name tatooed tatooed on his [email protected] in huge letters,LOL. Ya should have seen the look on the guys face as he was doing the tatoo on Jeremy. Jeremy began to get aroused and believe me when Jeremy gets aroused, it's no small thing,LOL.
. Haha lol I hope it's not illegal for a 13 year old to look at this,because if it is, I guess im going to jail.


Since: Dec 10

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#1679 Jan 13, 2011
Lesbian Cuti3 wrote:
<quoted text>. Haha lol I hope it's not illegal for a 13 year old to look at this,because if it is, I guess im going to jail.
You shouldn't be on this forum kiddo...:)

Tonawanda, NY

#1680 Jan 14, 2011
It's a Toss up between two things.
#1 I walked into my little ten year old sister's room, took if her pants and had sex with her while she was sleeping. I loved the tightness of her vagina.
#2 I put on my friend's mom's clothes while he gave me anal. I walked by his mom several times wearing just her bra and panties.
Tired Eyes

Suwanee, GA

#1681 Jan 14, 2011
First of all, to get on my soapbox....
I just spent the last couple of hours reading this entire thread, which is very hot! However, if I hadn't had to waste so much time reading the posts by people that feel the need to criticize others, the need to call b*llsh*t on peoples posts, the need to say hello to friends, and all the other cr*p that is NOT a story of something naughty you have done, then my baby blue's wouldn't be so stinking tired right now! How about trying to stick to the subject of the thread in the future???
....climbs off of soapbox
My stepdaughter, who yes was age of consent at the time, was fascinated with alcohol, so when her mom went out of town on business I picked up a bottle of tequila. After we did some shots, she started flirting with me. She was drunk enough that she couldn't stand up to walk, but was still conscious. She was crawling close to me on all fours, so I got beside her and started rubbing her firm little breasts (probably b cup at the time, perfect!) and felt her nipples immediately get hard. She rolled over and laid on her back, but was quite willing to raise herself up so I could unhook her bra. I'll never forget that first sight of her beautiful breasts with that pink little nipple sticking up so proudly! She then let me get her jeans off, but wanted to keep the panties on. I could feel that she was really wet through her panties. I spent quite some time touching her through the panties, and eventually got my d*ck out to stroke while I touched her. It didn't take long until I started to c*m, and when I did, the first two shots went all the way OVER her head. That had to be the strongest O of my life.
Tired Eyes

Atlanta, GA

#1683 Jan 14, 2011
One other wonderfully naughty time was when I was dating a 16 yr old. Her parents would leave for work early every morning, so I would often drop by for some morning sex before school. One day her 9 yr old sister was also home for some reason. She was playing in a different room, so my girlfriend and I were on her bed. She was wearing a sweatshirt and some hot little panties and nothing else. Her sister came in the room to talk to us, and while she was talking I took my d*ck out (she couldn't see because my girlfriend was sitting on my legs) and then pulled my gf panties to the side and slid inside her. She immediately pulled her sweatshirt down low to prevent her sister from seeing anything, but also immediately got soaking wet and started slowly moving up and down on me. It was crazy trying to talk normal to her sister while feeling that hot wet tightness gripping me so yummily. When the sister finally left the room we both started really banging our bodies together and had a great time! It wasn't the youth of her sister that was such a turn on by the way, but just the naughtiness of having sex with someone in the room totally unaware of it.

Plano, TX

#1684 Jan 15, 2011
I love female ass. My naughtiest thing was finding a girl once that loved for me to tongue her ass, and then I let her use my mouth for her personal toilet.

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#1685 Jan 16, 2011
DynaMike wrote:
I love female ass. My naughtiest thing was finding a girl once that loved for me to tongue her ass, and then I let her use my mouth for her personal toilet.
Probably the reason you talk so much sh*t

Lewisville, TX

#1686 Jan 17, 2011
Actually, it is a true story.

Since: Dec 09

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#1687 Jan 18, 2011
test tickle

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#1688 Jan 18, 2011
jimzimjohn wrote:
i wonder if there is a back up 'rain date'.

Since: Oct 07

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#1689 Jan 19, 2011
jimzimjohn wrote:
don't go there, it's a goat porn site.
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