Masturbate in doctors office

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Calgary, Canada

#1 Oct 15, 2009
I'm a guy who has a female doctor. Everytime she sees me naked, I'll get an erection and masturbate once she leaves. One time she left and didn't end up closing the door completely, I was already stark naked with an erection and began stroking when the nurse walked in. She looked startled, glanced at my penis and slightly grinned before apologizing and leaving.

Anyone else have similar stories?

Seattle, WA

#2 Oct 15, 2009
Contray to what you might think, its very rare to get an erection at the doctor's office, even for teenagers. What's more, most female physicians consider it a form of sexual harrassment for a male over the age of 16 to get an erection during an examination. See (The respondents extensively described the behavior they defined as harassment. Among the common types of behavior thus reported were requests for genital examinations by patients who had no physical findings and displays of erections by patients before or during a physical examination.) Perhaps you should consider changing to a male doctor.
its me

Charlotte, NC

#3 Oct 15, 2009
I once jerked off at the doctors office - in fact they asked me to come in and do it.... it was a follow up after i had my vasectomy

sorry i would call bull shit if a female doctor got offended if I popped a boner after she handled my package. I could see if I was sitting there making myself hard stroking it and making comments but a natural piece of wood is just that


#4 Oct 25, 2009
DocT, thanks for your insight.
I've been seeing this doctor for years, she either has me wear a gown after leaving the room for a few minutes or has me fully disrobe while in the room without providing a gown. The first time she asked me to take off all my clothes, I did so. By the time I got down to my boxers, I was fully erect. After a few minutes of examining me, she told me to sit on the table. I did while she sat accross from me writing and talking to me, while taking glances at my penis. After she was done, she asked me to put my clothes back on. I still had the erection while she was sitting next to me, talking to me as I changed. Since I was wearing dress pants, it was still visible. I apologised for always getting aroused, she just smiled and said it was normal. She told me she was going to grab something from her office and be right back. I knew that wasn't enough time to masturbate. She returned a couple of minutes later, I was still erect and she saw it. She gave me some sample meds, said see you in a few months and left, closing the door behind her. I took that as a sign of private time. Quickly whipped it out and masturbated within a minute. Washed my hands and left the room.

Calgary, Canada

#5 Jul 17, 2010
i like to jerk it in my drs office all the time. i had an appnmt last week to have my knee checked. doc came in checked me out and left. i was horny so i jerked off in the office.
naughty jedi

Apo, AE

#6 Dec 18, 2010
never considered doing this after a physical, will next time I get a physical and the doctor walks out. See if I can get off before the nurse comes with follow up paperwork.

Woodland Hills, CA

#11 Mar 4, 2013
After my check up my female doctor tells me I can dress before she leaves the room. I do while she updates my file on the computer screen. She then leaves and says see you in three months. I have learned that the nurse will always come in after knocking. I ask why she knocks and she says she didn't know if I was dressed yet. Oh, I say. I don't care anyway. She says good, some people do.
Skip ahead ti my next appointment. My doc says I can get dressed. I can't just si there so I do. The nurse has no idea what lest went on, she doesn't know the doc is just typing.
Again doc leaves and says see me again in three months. That's my queue. I quickly whip off my clothes. The nurse walks in and I am on the scale naked. I tell her I just wanted to check my weight before leaving. She says no problem and gets the cuff to check my BP for the last time. She checkes it before and after. She did check my weight before too but that was clothed, I tell her I was curious to see it most accurately.
I say sorry, I won't make you wait. I hop back up on the table naked. My cock is about half mast. Meaning it's full but not hard and still hanging down. The nurse can't take her eyes off it while she's pressurizing the cuff. She listens to my pulse as she slowly deflates the cuff. She's looking at the gauge, then quick back to my cock. It's arousing but I don't dare get a hard on in front of her. My arm is held between her right arm and breast. I realize I'm touching her breast. That does it, I can't help it. It starts getting hard but I just couldn't bring myself to sit there and show her that. I rise to put on my pants with my back to her. She writes on my chart and that's it. Nothing happened but I did get a bit of a thrill being in the same room with a gal and my cock out. She wasn't complaining either.
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Staten Island, NY

#13 Apr 11, 2013
I was buying jeans in a major store. I had to try the jeans in the dressing room. Fortunately there were no cameras and the dressing room had a lock. I accidentally touched my front door while trying to put on the new jeans. It felt nice. So I decided to strip half naked and pleasured my front door. I guess I was too nervous to have a major orgasm. I got very wet. I couldn't help moaning softly. I was very glad that there was a bench to sit on. It felt so good:) ooohhh:)
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Crazy bitch

Elkview, WV

#15 Jun 21, 2013
One time I went to the doctor and I had a girl one and she told me to get undressed when she walked in and I said ok and then she told me to take off my boxers and handed me a gown and turns around and I take off my boxers and I got a boner and my cock touched her butt and she smiled at me and then she started to take off her cloths and she beat me off I cumed all over her

Lincoln, UK

#16 Oct 3, 2013
DocT either you're a liar or most doctors in your country are idiots.

BASIC sex education tells you a guy will get an erection from his penis being touched - his DOG could do it and he could get hard; it doesn't mean he wants to get it on with his dog.

It's a biological reaction and any half-decent doctor knows this. Even male victims of rape get erections. To call it sexual harassment is, in itself, harassment - harassing the poor guy and making him look like a pervert.
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Brooklyn, NY

#17 Feb 13, 2014
I was getting head by my female doctor every time I go

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