Ok so I'm pretty new to this whole dating thing, theres this girl I really like in my math class and I wanted to be her boyfriend, theres these really cool guys in grade 9 and they have séx about five times a day, they say that girls love it when boys show them their penís.

So in my next math class I stole a seat next to her and stared at her bóóbs, I became erection and pulled it out through the fly of my pants, as I was about to tap her on the shoulder so she could see my pénís, this other girl that has no bóóbs and is ugly screamed oh my god!, screaming and pointing at my pénís.

I stood up to tell her to shut up and go away, but my pénís was still hanging out from my pants, all the class was looking at it, I didn't want them to see my pénís because it meant I would have to have séx with everybody in the room. I tried to make things right by swooping over to the girl I like and bringing my pénís up to her face close up, this made it clear that I wanted her to see my penis and not the rest of the class.
She screamed and tried to stab me with a pen, but she missed and stuck it up my bum, it felt really good, and some weird clear goo shot out from my pénís and hit her in the face, she ran out of the room crying and I got sent to the office.

My pénís was caught in my zipper, so I had to leave it hanging out there for a while longer, but then classes ended and everybody entered the hallway, everybody saw my pénís, and I now have to have séx with the entire school.

I don't understand what happen, why are ugly girls so nosy, and why did the girl I like run away? Is my pénís very small, I do not understand.