Pregnant fetish

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#110 Nov 15, 2008
contraman wrote:
Once read about a cuckold, whose wife was nearly 9 months pregnant with her lover's baby, & the husband would watch his wife & her lover, both naked, & sweetly french kissing, with the lover gently rubbing the wife's swollen belly in front of the masturbating husband!
This would be very loving and beautiul. I love white wives having their black lover's babies also.

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#111 Nov 15, 2008
Jinks wrote:
ATTENTION PREGNANCY FETISHISTS in Texas, Great News I am a pregnant dancer at Heartbreakers in Dickinson Texas,My name is Jinks and I am 4 to 5 months pregnant and showing in a big way being that I am only 4'11" Please call the Club and ask if I am working and come on down THIS IS NO JOKE ME & MY BIG BELLY Would Love To See YOU !!! you need a Daddy for the baby? COntact me

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#112 Nov 15, 2008
contraman wrote:
I've started a new forum, as to whether a wife could & would be bred by a man NOT her husband, but with the husband's approval & blessing. Could this happen? Maybe the husband has SUCH a nasty genetic condition that he would not consider passing it on, maybe the ULTIMATE in cuckoldry, the ULTIMATE act of humiliation, maybe the wife DEMANDS having a baby by a superior man. Of course this assumes that IVF is unsuitable, & in any case IVF is expensive, & the success rate is low.
Of course in all cases the baby will be a loved & a wanted baby.
Sure pregnancies outside marriage happen, but by accident, or by lack of care--- but DELIBERATE, & with the husband's approval?
Would anyone on these pages even consider it?
I would not only consider it, but would love ut. The thought if an interracial cuckold pregnancy is my dream, To have a pretty white wife nursing her beautiful black baby would be my ultimate life choice.
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#113 Nov 16, 2008
some pregnant women are sexy .my wife was very sexy and wild when she was pregnant.

Austin, TX

#114 Dec 19, 2008
Hey guys, I also have this fetish :O
If any pregnant girls are interested in anything casual, let me know.

Novosibirsk, Russia

#115 Dec 20, 2008
I would have loved to have got you pregnant and the have sex with every night during the pregnancy. x

Novosibirsk, Russia

#116 Dec 20, 2008
Candella88 wrote:
<quoted text>
I heard having sex pregnant speeds the labor up too.
Hi candella

I would have loved to have got you pregnant and then have sex with you every night during the pregnancy. x

Novosibirsk, Russia

#117 Dec 20, 2008
Silly-Nena20 wrote:
<quoted text>
Well I'm not pregnant anymore but i would say yes. Still pretty hot!!.....But now I'm a hot mama!!! LMAO
Hi Nena

I would love to get you pregnant. x
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Derby, UK

#118 Dec 20, 2008
A pregnant woman look SO SO lovely--- & if it's a cuckold pregnancy--- ie a swollen belly, NOT from her husband, but from her lover--- WOW! Does it happen, cuckold pregnancies, where the wife's lover shot all his love DEEP into her fertile womb, with the husband being made to watch!?

Novosibirsk, Russia

#119 Dec 20, 2008
I'm ready to get a woman pregnant. x

Lynn, MA

#121 Jan 27, 2009
My wife is just a few weeks pregnant this our second child. We are very luck to be fertile people and when we started trying I knew she was pregnant before she did. She became very tired and when I go down she tastes different, not better, not bad, just different. Is this my imagination or any scientific basis for this? There is something hot about pregnannt women but when it is your own wife emotions come into play also for both partners. I've always loved to do down but for some reason now it is all I want to do I think of it at least a dozen times during my work day. I'm okay with describing the physical side of it, but the emotions I'll never be able to understand or verbalize. I hope everybody who wants to gets to experience it. And ladies if you're pregnant and your partner if freaked out try to understand as men there may be an irrational fear of hurting somebody, make note I did say irrational. Lets make 2009 the year of the pregnant woman.

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#122 Feb 28, 2009

London, UK

#123 Feb 28, 2009
goinggoinggoing wrote:
Would you like it to be another man's wife, with the husband watching? You should log into "Impregnated not by the husband, but with his approval" forum!
Cuckold pregnancies are erotic!

Since: May 08

San Diego, CA

#124 Mar 1, 2009
ill be there

Scotts Valley, CA

#125 Mar 2, 2009
i am a female and i have this fetish. It's weird because I am completely straight and I love men, but when I see a pregnant woman it turns me on so much. It turns me on to look at them, but mostly it turns me on to think about being pregnant, what it would feel like to feel the baby flutter inside of me, to be full with creation, it sounds so intimate. I know I would be so horny if i was pregnant. I haven't told my boyfriend about this fetish, I am worried he will think I am such a weirdo, because i know he doesn't have this fetish, but we have been together five years so maybe it should be out in the open. it turns me on when he tells me he wants me to have his baby, but he doesn't know.

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San Diego, CA

#126 Mar 3, 2009
Wish you were my girl id impregnate you

Snitterfield, UK

#128 Mar 13, 2009
Im 4 months gone, and just beginnning to show,:) add me on messanger if you have this fetish :)
naughty _ lil _ minx @ hotmail .it
kisses xxxxx

Gosport, UK

#129 Mar 13, 2009
pregnant_girl wrote:
Im 4 months gone, and just beginnning to show,:) add me on messanger if you have this fetish :)
naughty _ lil _ minx @ hotmail .it
kisses xxxxx
Will add you on messenger later, do you have pics or cam, as would love to chat.
email or add me
spanish girl

Charlotte, NC

#130 Apr 1, 2009
I'm pregnant right now with my 4th baby and I will say that I am extremely horny all of the time. I masturbate every day, lots of times and can't seem to get enough. My lactating boobs also turn me on.

“Let there be more light!”

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#131 Apr 1, 2009
patricialynn wrote:
Two things - I loved sex when I was pregnant, especially doggie style - my womb would sway back and forth in time with my partner's thrusts....I always noticed that after birth, my children found being rocked immediately soothing, and I always thought there was a connections....
Second of all, my best friend Trina is pretty and round. She looks for all the world like she is nine months along, yet she has never conceived. Would you men who have a pregnant fetish enjoy being with a woman who will always look pregnant, or does the fetish have more to do with the actual pregnancy and not the appearance?
Because if you guys would find that attractive, I will tell her about this thread...she is currently single and lonely.
While I can't speak for all the posters here I found that when my ex was pregnant (twice), it was a combination of things that made her seem incredibly sexy. This has since carried over, so that I find almost all pregnant women to be very sexually attractive.
Some of it is the appearance,(there is something appealing about about that round smooth swelling)
some of it the "glow" that people speak of, and a lot of it is the demeanor of a woman who is pregnant (depending of course on how her term is progressing for her). The final appeal is what several of the female posters here have noted, wigh is that for whatever reason, many pregnant women tend to be insatiably horny. Speaking for myself, any lady who is horny all the time is just GOING to be appealing. As for your friend I think it would depend again on her demeanor and state of personal arousal. It certainly could not hurt her to read the thread, she might get something useful to her out of it. Hope thisa helps.

Tachyon65 :)

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