Do Asian women like anal sex?

Do Asian women like anal sex?

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Seongnam, Korea

#1 Nov 17, 2007
Do Asian women like, practice, prefer, anal sex? Or is it the same as anywhere else, some do, most don't?





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Dirty Frank

Appleton, WI

#3 Nov 17, 2007
I know some that do and some that don't. so I guess it just depends like everything else. sorry. You just gotta try and see if the girls likes or not. at least get her to try it.

Since: Nov 07

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#4 Nov 18, 2007
I'm an Asian woman, and I enjoy it. But so do my two best girl friends, one of whom is white and the other who is a Latina.





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Since: Apr 08

Krasnodar, Russia

#5 Apr 26, 2008
If you don't know what anal sex with Asian women you have to see this video>
luv Asian cuties

Bloomfield, NY

#6 Apr 26, 2008
luv it

Birmingham, UK

#9 Jul 27, 2008
Asian women like anal sex too. My girl friend is asian (Indian) and she loves it . She has been having anal for over a year and she loves it.

Yokosuka, Japan

#10 Jul 29, 2008
Whatever wrote:
Do Asian women like, practice, prefer, anal sex? Or is it the same as anywhere else, some do, most don't?
I've dated Korean and Japanese women, even in the U.S., and lived in both countries.

Anal sex is as at least as equally popular in those countries as it is in the U.S. and other places.

Actually, if the guy wants his girlfriend to do anal sex, a guy will probably be slightly more successful among Koreans and Japanese. I've met a few women from Hong Kong too, that were into it as well, but I can't say if it is a trend or not.

I would say that if the guy is persistent and confident about what he wants, you could expect about 65% to 75% of Asian women you are meeting to do anal sex. This number also comes from talking to my friends about this and women. Around half of that, 30% to 40% will really get off on it and will actually want you to do it consistently.

This is a bit higher than the more 50/50 numbers I got in the U.S. and 20% to 25% that could really get into anal sex.

I have been surprised by East Asian girlfriends that once they got used to Anal sex they made requests to do it every time we had sex, obviously orgasmed from it (like orgasmic shake), and/or had a lot endurance. By endurance I mean could do it for long periods of time or a couple of times in one day.

By contrast a number of White and Black girlfriends were more flaky about it. They did not have the frequency, only did it when drunk, only when they were in the mood, or would get manipulative about like only do it as a reward. Still, I've met some White and Black women that were really into anal sex, I'm just talking about my experience and on average.

Part of the "trick" is you being clear about what you want and that is part of how you like sex. Many women will test you, and see if you really want to do it or if they can deny your request. Also, if you are hesitant and unsure, many Asian women will pick up on this.

Some other reasons why a guy can be so successful with East Asians is because there is often no religious guilt about sex, less issues about doing certain things sexually, and many of the women actually try hard to satisfy their men.

Many East Asian women that I met were of the opinion that if there was something their man really wanted to do sexually, they felt it was almost their duty to make him happy. While in contrast many White or Black American women, that I met in my experience, could care less about what the guy wanted, were selfish, or had some form of odd religious prudishness.





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Since: Jul 08

Norcross, GA

#11 Jul 29, 2008
They are too small for anal sex.





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Since: Sep 07

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#12 Jul 29, 2008
I don't like anal sex.

Bronx, NY

#13 Sep 18, 2008
thats why i dont care about the girls in america i rather wait until i go to japan to get a girl there all the girls over here set there standards way to high for a guy and are so selfish and its all about them so of course they wont do anal sex dont even bother asking them its a waste of time and effort im born in america and the only girl i will go out with is asian,japanese and korean girls thats it im not going through the drama with american girls

Columbus, OH

#14 Sep 18, 2008
But you are also a Filipina.

Filipina women are well known to be more sexually inhibited due to Catholic or Muslim beliefs.

Part of the answer about Asians, would depend on the country they are from, depend on culture, and depend on their upbringing.

Japanese women for example, due to religion and culture, would probably be a lot more sexually liberated and adventurous than say a Filipina on average. The would be on average, and obviously there are exceptions on both sides of the equation.
Space1 wrote:
I don't like anal sex.

Columbus, OH

#15 Sep 18, 2008
^^^ This would be on average and obviously there are exceptions on both sides of the equation.

Factors such as country, culture, religion, and views on sex would also be true for Black, Latin, Indian, and White women too.
my wifes a filipina

Geraldine, MT

#17 Sep 27, 2008
My wife loves it up the butt. She begs for it. She's 43 now and wants in more than vaginal sex.

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#18 Sep 27, 2008
tommi wrote:
They are too small for anal sex.
no real difference actually ... in my experience
Zomby Woof

Hayes, VA

#19 Sep 27, 2008
Depends how much you're willing to pay for some browneye.


#20 Oct 18, 2008
I live in Japan and in my experience Japanese women are way more interested in trying to please a guy than most Western women seem to be, but I have never asked for anal, either here or back home - even though I have always fantasized about it. I have always worried that the girl would be totally disgusted with me if I did.
I had a European girlfriend who once mentioned that she had tried anal with one of her ex's but said that it was too painful and couldn't go through with it.
My feeling is Japanese girls would be less into anal. I would also worry that they might be too small. "Normal sex" is already pretty tight with a Japanese girl, let alone anal. That said, a friend of mine with Korean girlfriend told me she requested it! Maybe I should go to Korea!
I would love to meet a woman who wanted anal all the time. How awesome that must be!

Mumbai, India

#22 Oct 21, 2008
I have done anal sex with my cousin sister in order to prevent her from loosing virginity before marriage and also avoid pregnancy. It started out of need and both of us started enjoying it. We use coconut oil while doing it. After her marriage we did get opportunities to do it till i had to move out of country for job. Once during my visit she confessed that while i was away her husband has never approached her for anal sex but she was groped by her husbands friend. She says after lots of nos she finally allowed him to do anal sex using coconut oil.She says that she also enjoyed doing it with him.I guess if its done right way it is liked by indian women
life is grand

Preston, UK

#23 Oct 21, 2008
Preacher Omar Bakri is an idiot!!!
The world would be much better off without him!
Sorry.. What was the question?

Mumbai, India

#24 Nov 7, 2008
A relative forcibly did anal sex with me i also agreed as i feared pregnancy, however initially i hated but now its ok. My husband has never done anal sex with me. I think few males like doing it.


#25 Nov 7, 2008
what I'm not seeing on here that is relatively obvious is that it will depend on how big the guy is...if an asian woman or any women's first few experiences have been with a larger guys and she is smaller, guess what, she might hate it forever...if you do it with lotion that might help..if it's done enough well the woman might develop a fetish for it even though it might hurt, she might learn to like how it feels..Over all it comes down to 1)how big she is, 2)How big you are and, 3) How the woman was introduced to it..I think those 3 are universal..As for me, I've had my share of cultures...I think white women like anal the most, irish and italian women seem to luv it...and I've have been many asian women, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipas, Thai, Hawaiian ladies...Filipinas handled it the best
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