Men, is it "gay" to swallow your own ...

Vignola, Italy

#181 Dec 3, 2007
When I masturbate, I often play untill some big "drops" of my semen come out. I then taste it and I like it very much. Tasting my sperm without coming increase my pleasure. I also tried to jerk off directly in my mouth. The experience is nice but very difficult. My sperm is nice...and I do not feel gay

Southbury, CT

#182 Dec 4, 2007
Alpha Omega Game wrote:
<quoted text>
is this a serious qestion?
I think its gay too. I never once thought of tasting or eating my own semen or anyone elses. Just the thought of it makes me want to puke on my computer screen.
Personally, I like the taste, especially when its from another guy. I see nothing wrong with giving pleasure to a man. Call it gay, I don't care. To me, its just sex. And thats what I like!

United States

#186 Dec 4, 2007
Oh, also, women tasting themselves is NOT "gay", I mean if they do it each and every time, yeah you're probably at the very very least bi, but doing it once in awhile is just average women stuff.

Oakville, Canada

#187 Dec 5, 2007
I would do you Thomas but your to far away

“Yeah So”

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Baltimore, MD

#188 Dec 5, 2007
babysitter wrote:
A "man" swallowing his own seed? Just shows how completely fkd in the head people are getting. Are you kidding me. Gay or not gay, what the hell happened to self respect? Sometimes I think I'm living in the twilight zone. I'll get a little kinky sometimes, but anybody doin this shit should be in a cage like the animal he's acting like.
DAMN STRAIGHT. There are some fn nasty dudes on this board.

Atascadero, CA

#190 Dec 6, 2007
I've swallowed my own before. It's not that bad, although the consistency makes it odd. It doesn't make you gay if it's your own body. Some women will find it kinky, others repulsive. It definitely takes care of the problem of where to blow your load when masturbating.

Leichhardt, Australia

#191 Dec 6, 2007
Can anyone tell me what it tastes like? I wouldn't taste my own or anyone sperm, but I would like to know what it tastes like?

“ spacheco1”

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#192 Dec 6, 2007
wat a wierd thing to do....its up there with sucking your own dicl< rofl
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Leichhardt, Australia

#193 Dec 6, 2007
Good old autofellatio, only 1% of guys can do this according to wikipedia.

Gainesville, FL

#194 Dec 7, 2007
Other than performing oral sex on your female partner after sex, I do no understand how a man could "swallow" his on semen. But in that case, I do not believe that it is "gay". I often do it with my gf or wife.

Droitwich, UK

#198 Dec 14, 2007
i love the taste of it

Droitwich, UK

#199 Dec 14, 2007
i love the taste


#200 Dec 15, 2007
If I was stuck in the desert or lost at sea, I would eat my spoof to least it has protein. But I have never been curious enough to even bother tasting it. Weird I know. Oh well...

Los Angeles, CA

#201 Dec 16, 2007
Swallowing own sperm. Took some serious practice to aquire the tolerance for it orally, but practice payed off. I can easily slurp down a whole load of my own. How? well roll self over so dick hangs above own face and masterbate till u explode giving oneself a facial every time. My mouth is only 2-3 inches below dick head so over years been able take down 100;s of loads. I find it to be exciting as does my wife. Wife usually is one getting me off and helping aim at mouth. Wife rewards me with a anal sex for every 5 swallows or 10 facials. Yes, I get her awesome ass sexually and its well worth it. I average about 3 times weekly. Not sure why but recieving a facial is truely exciting and interestingly wet. Wife thinks deep down I want a dick to suck myself. Well truthfully I wish I could give myself a blow job. Why not....I deserve a awesome BJ....dont most all men?
have a nice day

Bloomfield, NY

#202 Dec 16, 2007
hot t


#203 Dec 16, 2007
i dont think thats gay. whatever floats your boat.

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Leichhardt, Australia

#204 Dec 16, 2007
hot t wrote:
i dont think thats gay. whatever floats your boat.
Its about as gay as masturbating.


#208 Jan 8, 2008
yeah i agree to above comment. What i have tried doing is actually doing a wall stand other way round, so the cum drips down into my mouth, very very difficult to do, but wow it feels nice! so i would probably suck a guy off if his wonker was wow, and so clean and etc etc, and for a one off experience, but be super afraid that i turn gay, because i certainly dont want that!!!!!!!!!! i love virgina too much im afraid!!!!! and i would never go near anyones bottom hole! male or female, that is for pooping out of only! strictly only that!!

“dream for freedom”

Since: Dec 07

Dream Land

#209 Jan 8, 2008
Wow that does sound hard to do... lol
and No I don't at all think its gay... I do it all the time, and there is nothing quiet like sucking it out of your womans vagina and sharing with her in deep hot c*m kisses :-)


#213 Jan 22, 2008
I absolutely love swallowing my own swimmers. It's like a little snack inbetween meals and I even sometimes dose up on garlic a few days before and make a special spread for my buttered toast. My wife thinks it's disgusting but then again at least someone in our relationship is man enough to swallow.

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