Cheyenne, WY

#27 Sep 16, 2007
Mark wrote:
I read that you do not have to be gay to put something up your ass I heard it feels good.I wonder how a vibrator feels up my ass grease it up and go.
lemme know how it works for you

United States

#28 Feb 24, 2008
My first experience receiving was from a man who rather small. I was really starting to get into it before he came. I really was not satified as he was rather small. The only other two times I was with men I was really frustrated, as they were rather well endowed; I was able to get them hard, but they did not stay hard long enough to penetrate me.

All my other times receiving anal have been with my wife. She does not like to wear a strap-on; but is always willing to put a dildo, vibrator, or even the strap-on (without wearing it) into me. I have heard men can ejauculate from anal stimulation alone, but it has never happened for me.

Westport, MA

#29 Feb 24, 2008
Mark wrote:
I read that you do not have to be gay to put something up your ass I heard it feels good.I wonder how a vibrator feels up my ass grease it up and go.
did you try it/how was it ,didi it hurt a while and the get better,did you come,just wondering
Indy CD

Indianapolis, IN

#30 Feb 28, 2008
Love it. Don't care if it's my wife with a strap on or another guy. It just feels so good to have a nice firm shaft sliding in and out.
mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm good

Shell Lake, WI

#32 Apr 5, 2008
I think it is very pleasurable, and no I don't have a hard time walkinh afterwards. I like it on all fours sitting on a guys lap or on my back. It great and feels so good.


#34 Sep 18, 2008
i enjoy a d*ck in my a**.

Toulouse, France

#35 Sep 19, 2008
I've been pushing things up my ass for years. It's great, so's my ass now!
I can take a 3inch diam. bottle, no problem, only problem is I can hardly feel a man's dick when it's in!
No; I am not gay, just bi.

“Horny most of the time”

Since: Mar 08

Ketchikan, Alaska

#36 Sep 19, 2008
I enjoy my anal play also, after a B.M. I get in the shower and rinse very well with my handheld shower wand. After rinsing I clean it with a partial bar of soap that I've cut on a slope from small to large, and insert up my rectum. Then poop it out, and then I rinse out the soap with the shower again.
In that, I take enough of a rinse to make pressure on my prostate, which feels good, and I like a long vibrator run in and out. I can cum that way, but it takes a very long time.
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Elk Grove, CA

#37 Sep 19, 2008
I had sex with men and women since I was young. Quit when AIDs came along. To answer the question anal felt great. Never was any pain.

Escatalens, France

#38 Oct 8, 2008
What I do every morning is to put the hand-held shower head to my a** and rince it out well, then, with my hand, work my hole nice and big by which time it is nice and slippery, then I ease in a shampoo bottle of two and a half inch diameter or a jar, a bit wider. If I use the jar, which is about four inches long, I can put it all the way in and close my sphinkter around it and leave it there until I have finished showering and drying off before pushing it out again. This is a daily exercise and keeps my a** nice and easy for anything else I might want to do with it! It is very good for muscle control and a sure way to avoid getting hemorrhoids!

“I'm deployed”

Since: Oct 07

Roswell, NM

#39 Oct 8, 2008
i said it before and i'll say it again. i personally love it. not a guy but a girl with a strap on. haven't yet done it with a dldo or vbratr but always willing to try something new

R°yneberg, Norway

#42 Oct 18, 2008
Boy, if i say some of the posts here a couple years ago, i'd be pissed. Luckily i've grown a bit now :P.
If i may go off topic a bit here about some of the.... interesting comments about homosexuality. Today, scientists can physically point to graphs and brain activity readings and show you what makes a person gay. This happens before you are born. What does that mean? It means people are BORN gay. How much more natural can things become? What? did nature screw up? i don't think so. And don't get me started on the misconceptions in religion. Suffice it to say, i think on the same page that says that thing about a man shouldn't lie with another man, is another verse saying one should stone teenagers to death if they say no to their parents or something like that.

I am sick and tired of people claiming shit is "unnatural" just because its different. Religion is supposed to be a beacon for how to live your life, be happy and stuff like that. Not dictate what to hate. If you don't like somthing, think! "Why does this upset me?" if you still don't like gay people fine with me, as long as you think about it instead of just pointing to flawed logic.

R°yneberg, Norway

#43 Oct 18, 2008
Oh! and another thing. Think about the big picture. Us humans are veeery close to overpopulating the earth. there's just too many of us, and we keep multiplying faster and faster. I think if there -is- some sort of omnipresent intelligent being, homosexuality seems to just be a means of controlling the population, and making sure it doesn't get out of hand.

Mississauga, Canada

#44 Oct 28, 2008
it feels nice but if you go hard and deep it might hurt your stomach afterward, so i like it soft and gentle i like to feel it inside of me. and if im using a toy i like to spin it or point it up or down, and just mess around with it:)
Big D

Sheffield, UK

#45 Oct 29, 2008
Not tried a real cock but wud love to..... would anybody like to fill my ass?? Am in walsall in the UK btw!!
feels good guy


#47 Oct 4, 2009
i didn't like it at first but the more i did it the better it was now i'm like the woman in sex
feels good guy


#48 Oct 4, 2009
need to go slow at first to let your ass openup for it after it does then you can be pounded by several guys at the same time poppers always help to ease your muscle in your ass an make it feel so good

United States

#49 Oct 4, 2009
When I was 12 the local gay man gave me beer and when I was nodding off he started to rub my leg. He worked his way to my young pole and though I wasn't gay I wanted to see if he could do something about my horny state. He lowered my zipper and pulled out my 5 inch boner. I decided to stop faking and reached for his tool as well. He got real excited and turned me over so he could spread a little lube between my legs. He was slipping it in and out between my cheeks when I decided to go all the way. I reached behind me and grasped his pole and guided it to my hole. He gasped and quickly pushed in. I didn't feel much. He went in and out making all kinds of little noises until he ejaculated. I'm sure he enjoyed it, but I did not. Later I put his rod into my mouth and he got real excited again. Next thing I know my mouth is full of his come. I gave him a few more thrills over the years, but not too much.

Guelph, Canada

#50 Oct 4, 2009
Chicago wrote:
I've heard people say that you can't even walk after you've had serious anal sex. Is this true?
Only if you do it all night long...

I had a slight bit of discomfort the day after my wife bought a strapon, but by the 2nd/3rd time, if you lube it properly, it shouldn't be painful at all.
Walk man

Houston, TX

#51 Oct 4, 2009
Mom that story got me so hard now all I want is nice rod in my a**

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