Best Orgasm you ever had
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#30 Mar 12, 2013
I would love U to burst all in my face uve just made me so hard

Newburgh, IN

#31 Mar 12, 2013
my best orgasm was when i got my new king size bed about 4 months ago. my parents and brothers were in the house. my girlfriend pushed me down on my new bed and went down on me. she undid my belt and jeans with her mouth and then she sucked me for a while. i felt the intensity building. i came in her mouth really hard and for the first time she swallowed my cum. it was so hot. i moaned louder than i ever have before. and right when i finished i realized my mom and 8 year old brother were in the other room. im 16 and my girlfriend is 17

United States

#32 Mar 12, 2013
The last one ;)

Newburgh, IN

#33 Mar 12, 2013
glad i got some interest ;)

United States

#34 Mar 12, 2013
Hot Housewife wrote:
One of the best orgasms I get are when I am receiving oral and he circles by clit over and over without really touching it. After my hips start lifting up and down he will give it 5 or so more circles then just tongue my clit like crazy. I go over the edge and burst. I am small so he can usually hold my hips in place pretty well and he just keeps licking until I am quivering. He says that after my lips stop contracting he stops licking and starts sucking on it and that is what gets me screaming. All I know is I swear I see stars when it is over.
Can I see how sexy u r?

Ridgeland, MS

#35 Mar 12, 2013
CWD wrote:
glad i got some interest ;)

Newburgh, IN

#36 Mar 12, 2013
somebody liked my story. i have a lot more of them though

“Just takin' it easy”

Since: Mar 10

Owensville, Mo.

#37 Mar 12, 2013
I've had many orgasms in my 57 years of being someone who likes to jerk off, some good, some very good, and some that were kinda blase. If I had to pick out one of the best, the one that sticks out most in my mind is my first.

I was sleeping well when I suddenly woke up with a hard-on that I couldn't explain to myself. I didn't have to pee and I hadn't been playing with it; it was just rock hard and felt unusual.

I had felt this feeling at other times but it always happened when I was around someone else so I never had the chance to figure out what was happening.

I was a bit sleepy so I tried to go back to sleep, but my little pecker was not going to let me. I started rubbing on it and it felt good, really good. I kept this up and the feeling just kept growing. It began to frighten me because I had no idea where it would end up. Suddenly the feeling got even stronger and I stopped, fearing what might happen. It left me feeling very uncomfortable so I tried to go back to sleep; no chance! I started stroking it again and the same thing happened, including me stopping. After about 4-5 rounds of this my nuts were starting to ache. By now I knew I had to do something, even if it was wrong. With grim determination I decided to keep on going, no matter what happened and WOW, did I get results. It seemed as if I had gone into another dimention as the feeling spread throughout my entire body and my hips began to girate and my legs trembled. I felt the involentary contractions of orgasm for the first time as the room seemed to light up and spin around. When it was finally over with I tried to make it happen again only to find the head of my pecker was so sensitive that my hips kinked in an attempt to get my dick out of my own hand. Now I thought I'd broken it. I also noticed that my breathing was deep and long and I felt kinda tired. I turned over and went right to sleep.

It would be several weeks before it would happen to me again and this time I didn't wait for it to wake me up in the middle of the night; I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and just started to play with it and it got hard so I tried it again. WHAM, same thing! After that, I'd do it whenever I had the chance, usually after bed time, but I've been jacking off since I was 8 years old.

Ridgeland, MS

#38 Mar 12, 2013
CWD wrote:
somebody liked my story. i have a lot more of them though
do tell

“Just takin' it easy”

Since: Mar 10

Owensville, Mo.

#39 Mar 12, 2013
CWD wrote:
somebody liked my story. i have a lot more of them though
Why don't you tell us one, unless you're looking for someone to chat with. If so, just come back to me and I'll give you my addy.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

#40 Mar 13, 2013
CameWayHard wrote:
I know the discussion on first orgasms is a popular thread so i was wondering what the forum's BEST orgasm are.:)
well am 40 and had a few in my time. Best I would reckon was when I had a quickie with this younger woman who use to work for me. We were both pretty drunk and it was in her house with husband friends and some other work mates in the next room. I fucked her and she then blew me I exploded outside her mouth and made a royal mess!!


#41 Mar 13, 2013
my best orgasm was when my hubby invited hos mates around to watch soccer. At half time i went out to get them some beers and crisps. When i got back in the room my hubby asked his mates if they would like to see my bottom. they all said yes and before i knew it he was pulling my skirt off then ripping off my panties, at first I stood there shocked but then he started touching me and invited his mates to do the same, oh he didn't know it but having 6 pairs of hands running all over my body was suck a turn on. Then they held me down on the floor one licked my pleasure hole and the others watched on pulling their rods, my hubby suggested the guy licking me gave me a full hole and he did, oh I nearly came then. Then the others took it in turn to pump me full of sperm, i was really dripping, when the last guy went in I couldn't hold back anymore and I screamed and swore so load as i reached my climax that the neighbor came round to see if I was ok. When my hubby opened the door and he saw me there on the floor he looked real shocked but then my hubby invited him to take a turn and within seconds he was hammering away on top of me. Dirty old man, he is always comming around now a days and he always ends up filling me, it's any excuse, want some milk, would you like some eggs i've got some to spare, well i juts pull up my skirt and let him get on with it.
Jack Mehoff

Canton, OH

#42 Nov 20, 2013
Waaay too many good ones to count. But if I had to pick one, I would have to say it was the first time I ever let a stranger see me cum. I was driving around town one summer night (teenager thing) when I spotted a woman (tirty-something) walking near an intersection. I had the red light. She smiled at me as she walked by, and I got this tremendous hardon. There was no one else around, so I pulled my shirt off and shorts down and proceeded to drive around the block. When I came back around she was nearing the next intersection. Once again had the red light. I was about four car lengths from the intersection when I passed her. She saw me and realized what I was doing, and her jaw dropped. That's when the orgasm started. I stopped rubbing, but it was too late. She was coming.. I was cumming.. When she reached the window I was in full-on gusher mode. She stopped and watched me finish. Then she just sort of turned and kept on walking as If nothing happened. I, on the other hand, was too paralyzed to move.I just sat there holding my cock and panting for probably two or three more light changes. Good thing it wasn't a weekend!
Nasty uncle

Boca Raton, FL

#44 Dec 1, 2013
My best orgasm so far was when I was staying at a hotel and I was jerking by the pool. I thought I was alone, but them I heard a young girl sigh. A looked around and saw a teen girl had sneaked in and had her bikini bottoms off and was rubbing herself while watching me, I just kept going and we watched each other and cane at gage same time. My load was massive and she squirted as well. We never spoke, we just got up and left. I estimate she was about 16. I just cane thinking about it again!
Danielle Laura Jane

Cambridge, UK

#46 Jan 6, 2014
I just had THE best orgasm of my life - and my first multiple orgasm experience (I'm 20!)
So simple as I was horny- so decided to watch some porn alone! Started off with my usual clitoral stimulation and had a standard orgasm like I usual do.
Then I decided to do something a little different to usual - I kept watching a decided to massage my g-spot.... And then came the most intense orgasm of my life! My legs were shaking, my back arching, trying so hard not to make a noise (I have room mates)... And it was INCREDIBLE! Only a few minutes after my last one!

Never has a guy left me in this heart beating, panting mess! Exhausted isn't even the word! ;)
Sentinel Chicken

Northbrook, IL

#47 Mar 25, 2014
A few come to mind...
Early in college I met and dated a high school senior (of age). I was over at her house one evening in her room and we were watching her little TV on the floor. Her door was open and her brother and both parents were home in the living room down the hall. We were spooning on the floor a little away from her door and started goofing around a little and making out and then she rolled me onto my back with my feet facing the door, unzipped my pants, and with her butt to the door blocking me slightly she gave me the most amazing blowjob I ever had before or since. She was so good with her tongue anyway, but having the door open and the risk of getting caught only made it more intense. I held off for a few minutes but then exploded like a faucet into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
Same girl either a few weeks before or after the above blowjob, was the first time we had sex. Neither of us were virgins, but I had never cum inside my previous girlfriend, I had always pulled out. WIth this girl she had condoms and the first time we had sex I got to stay inside her when I came and it was so much better than pulling out, even with the condom on, and I remember the orgasm feeling so much stronger knowing I was still inside her vagina and I absolutely filled that condom to about as full as it could get!
The only thing better than that was when my wife and I got married - we had waited for intercourse. So our wedding night the first time we made love I got to cum inside her with no condom (monogamous and on the pill). Being able to cum inside my new bride without a condom in the way was the most amazing feeling ever by far. We've had some great sex since then, but I don't know if any orgasm can compare to that first one inside her.
T baby

Tuscaloosa, AL

#49 Dec 17, 2015
DirtyJacob wrote:
<quoted text>
Sure can do.:-)
I can over and over

Since: Sep 13

London, UK

#50 Dec 17, 2015
T baby wrote:
<quoted text>
I can over and over
Hmm something il like to see

Palm Bay, FL

#51 Dec 17, 2015
Best 'O's my wife and I had was on the same night. I watched a black guy do her and after he filled her, I went down on her, she said that gave her the best 'O' ever. I had my best then as I got sloppy seconds.

Los Angeles, CA

#53 Apr 18, 2016
TiffyChic wrote:
I was still a teen and my boyfriend and I were at his parents' cottage without shaperones. He had a bunch of his guy friends there from the area and we were drinking around the campfire. He bragged that he was incredible in bed blah blah. The guys teased him and so he decided we should show them. At first I thought he was joking but I should have known better with him! He stripped me in front of them and proceeded to have sex with me with all the guys watching. I went from horrified, shy and ashamed to excited and then really into it. I had a full body orgasm from the emotions I was feeling and from the intensity of the moment.
Sounds like the whitest porno ever or some shit.
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