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Philadelphia, PA

#190 Dec 26, 2012
My girlfriend and I had our first threesome on Christmas eve, which is her birthday. We have been talking about it for a few months, and I thought it would be a great birthday gift. She normally doesn't like celebrating her birthday, so I wanted to make it one she wouldn't forget. My girlfriend "D" is a gorgeous 23 year old puerto rican girl, 5'4", dark brown hair and glasses. 34ds and the most amazingly shaped ass I have ever seen. She also has tattooes on both arms and down one side.
Anyway her friend from school came over and it was the first guy she was friends with that I felt wasn't trying to sleep with her, and he was really cool. We were talking about sex and things we would do, and D asked us if we would three way kiss for her birthday. After a little hesitation we finally agreed. D said we should start by each kissing her on each side, so we did. She laid back on the bed, and me and "G" started touching her. I rubbed one tit and he rubbed the other for a few minutes, then I started rubbing down to the inside of her thighs, which makes her very horny.......let me know if I should continue :)


#191 Dec 26, 2012
JandDpa wrote:
My girlfriend and I had our first threesome on Christmas eve, which is her birthday. We have been talking about it for a few months, and I thought it would be a great birthday gift. She normally doesn't like celebrating her birthday, so I wanted to make it one she wouldn't forget. My girlfriend "D" is a gorgeous 23 year old puerto rican girl, 5'4", dark brown hair and glasses. 34ds and the most amazingly shaped ass I have ever seen. She also has tattooes on both arms and down one side.
Anyway her friend from school came over and it was the first guy she was friends with that I felt wasn't trying to sleep with her, and he was really cool. We were talking about sex and things we would do, and D asked us if we would three way kiss for her birthday. After a little hesitation we finally agreed. D said we should start by each kissing her on each side, so we did. She laid back on the bed, and me and "G" started touching her. I rubbed one tit and he rubbed the other for a few minutes, then I started rubbing down to the inside of her thighs, which makes her very horny.......let me know if I should continue :)
k. K my name

Preston, UK

#192 Dec 26, 2012
My girl asked me to hire an escort girl so that we could have a FFM threesome as a treat for us both. The girl we hired was Asian and tiny and super cute. It was crazy hot watching my girl licking this other girl's tiny pu$$y and it was even hotter having the escort girl ride on top of me as my girlfriend held my hand. Would very happily repeat the experience some day. :)

United States

#193 Jan 4, 2013
Iam 25 and recently married to a beautiful and hot girl aged 20,on first night my wife noticed that my pen*s was only 4in. long and 3 in. girth when erect,she said that my tool was very small n thin and she was not satisfied.She began to remain unhappy after that,so one day I proposed her if she liked threesome,at first she was angry but after awhile she said ok.So the next day I invited a horny friend of mine whose dick I knew was very huge almost 9in. long and very thick almost five times my thickness when erect,and I left my wife alone in the living room with him and I went out to a nearby shop saying that I forgot to purchase something.I returned after half an hour and found that the main door was still open and moaning sounds were coming from inside the bedroom,I slowly went in and saw my young beautiful wife in his tight embrace both fully nak*d and his mouth on my wife's mouth both drinking eachother's saliva and his giant co*k banging her soft pus*y,then after a while he grabbed her from behind and began kis*ing and licking her as*,then he wrecked havoc on her as*hole with that huge pen*s of his,she scremed but he mercilessly pounded her as*hole,so much that it bleeded a little,then he again pinned her to bed and took her from front and like a wild animal pounded her pus*y and squeezed both her big bo*bs with his big palms and sucking her red lips all the while,he fu**ed my sweet wife for more than an hour then finally discharged his load inside her vag**a.Till now he and four other young boys from our neighbourhood are having great time with my beautiful,fair n s*xy wife.She is very happy now and she always wants me to watch her get fu**ed by all of them,and belive me I too get exicited and I enjoy when I watch her fu**ed by three or four of them together with their huge pen**** for hours,sometimes whole night until morning.I really wish to get my wife fuc*ed by all males we come across young and old with huge dicks.
The Truth


#195 Jan 4, 2013
Ladies and gentleman there are 1. 25 million people living with HIV/Aids in America. Its is not just a third world disease as the media would have you believe. Most of these people in Anerica are unaware they are carriers of the virus. So people KEEP screwing around and your turn will be next. You have been warned!

United States

#197 Jan 4, 2013
I really want to f*** ur gf right in front of u,for hours daily

United States

#198 Jan 4, 2013
london boy wrote:
i dont see the point. its like cheating but with both people there. i would never want a threesome. i dont feel like i would want to do anyone but my gf i just love her so much. and if anyone else did her i would rip him limb from limb.
I really want to fu** ur gf with my huge pen** and lick and smell her sweet as* right in front of u daily.
Giving Husband

Springfield, MO

#199 Feb 4, 2013
I've shared my wife of six years goir times since we have been married. First, I'll give you a little description of her. She's 5'6, short blonde/brown hair. She has beautiful eyes and a great smile. She has large, but perky 38D breasts and a great ass!

Well, I had always hinted around to her that I would enjoy seeing her with another man. One night we were hanging out at my place of business (a bar) having some drinks. She began chatting with one of my co-workers. They playfully flirted a bit and when it was closing time we decided to continue out alcohol consumption at our house. When we got home I me tuned to her in private about my fantasy and she replied with, "lets see where the night goes." After a few more drinks my wife excused herself. I assumed she was going to the bathroom, but she returned wearing a little pair of cotton panties and a tank top. Our "friend" was completely confused by the situation. After noticing this I decided to excuse myself for a quick smoke and allow them to get comfortable with eachother. I could see them through the window. My wife sat down next to him, very close, and placed her hand on his thigh. They chatted for a minute and I noticed her hand moving up to his zipper and undoing it. When I saw his eyes close I knew she had just wrapped her hands around his shaft. She leaned in and proceeded to passionately kiss him. They continued this for a few minutes until she stood up and lead him down the hall to our room. I went back inside and carefully went down the hallway. I could hear the obvious sounds of her giving him a blow job. Then I heard her say, "let me get a condom." A few seconds later she was moaning softly. I looked into the room and to my surprise I see my wife bouncing wildly on top of my co-worker! She had her back arched with her hands in her hair. He was pounding away at her making sure to fondle her beautiful tits while he did! I went back down the hall and let them have their moment. I could hear them moaning loudly. He would smack her ass and she would scream with pleasure. After a bit I could hear his breathing pick up and he began moaning loudly. I knew he had just blown his load inside my wife (in a condom of course). The two of them came out and he quickly left. She grabbed my hand and took me down the hall. We had sex all night with the thought of her fucking my co-worker driving me. He actually transferred a few days later, so I never really talked to him again.

Since then we have had one other man in our bedroom, and I received a birthday surprise when she brought a girl home! Before you judge, we don't make this a habit. We love eachother very much, but we also enjoy sex too! Maybe I'll share my other stories sometime!:-)

Columbus, OH

#200 Feb 4, 2013
My first 3-some was back in 1980 with a couple that was looking to spice up there sex life, and his wife was looking for large endowment. I had been married for about six months when this took place, and my wife wasn't into any kind of this life-style, but I was. Even though this was not my first woman I had been with, it was my first 3-some and I was a little uneasy as her husband watched me do his wife. He joined in a little later on. That was the first time I ever had a guy that close to my penis as I entered her anal cavity as he licked her pu$$y. Over all, it was enjoyable, and over the years I have done quite a few 3-somes with couples, and really enjoy it.

United States

#201 Feb 5, 2013
I have been with a couple having mfm threesomes for 2.5 years we do her 2 to 4 times a week she is 47 year old sexy lady. She enjoys the double vag the best getting her p...y pumped full of two,loads of cum. Know quess what she is pregnat unsure who dad is we will find out anyone else ever get knocked up from 3 somes
Giving Husband

United States

#202 Feb 5, 2013
Jacking wrote:
I have been with a couple having mfm threesomes for 2.5 years we do her 2 to 4 times a week she is 47 year old sexy lady. She enjoys the double vag the best getting her p...y pumped full of two,loads of cum. Know quess what she is pregnat unsure who dad is we will find out anyone else ever get knocked up from 3 somes
One of the dangers of the activity. This is one of the reasons my wife and I require her male "friends" to wear condoms, that we provide!
Old Girl

Hanson, MA

#203 Feb 5, 2013
First and last took place forty years prior. I was 15, horny and loved sex.

It was like it happened last week, and Rob reminds me of it every time we get together.I had been having sex for a year or more with two different boys. Silence was golden, they never went around bragging afraid they may lose their "privileges". Unknown even between them that they were screwing me. A hot summers day with nothing to do led to some heavy petting with my first love Rob. Later that day the other shows up, Dave. A little flirting with the two and I'm on my back on the floor. Then the clothes start coming off, first my blouse, then the bra and a set of lips on each nipple. I knew where it was headed and played for keeps. I played along with it and soon I had their shirts off and was working on a little game of touchy feely. All three of us wanted it bad. My shorts were being pulled down and the others finger was already probing around. Rob was first, I knew there was hesitation with the boys exposing themselves to each other, opening his shorts. Dave was quite reluctant in taking his off. I had never actually done a full BJ, only a little kissing while stroking. But Rob was insistent and I soon had a full mouth of his co*k. I figured if I was doing it then they ought to be doing it to me and I told them so. The looks on there faces.... Rob went right down and I was in my glory. this went on for awhile until Dave finishes licking me and mounts me. A few later he is spilling it all over my stomach while Rob watches. Then Rob takes his turn, he was the gentlemen of the two. He takes his time at a slow and steady pace. Dave was getting irritated he was taking so long, actually it wasn't more than 5 or 6 minutes at most. I was getting into it, we both got caught caught up in it and before I realized what was happening I had a cunny full of his seed. All three of us sat there not believing what he did, first for all of us. I cleaned myself up a bit and before I knew it Dave had mounted me again. While he fu*cked me Rob was pulling my hand to his co*ck and I had him hard in no time. Rob didn't wait for me to clean this time, he just went in right after Dave did his deed. It was pretty intense, he was pounding me this time like a boy on a mission. It was the only time I did with two boys although I did do it with one then the other without there knowledge about the first.

Durrington, UK

#205 Feb 13, 2013
everything in my story is true, actual words spoken may drift from the truth,
but facts are as near as memory allows,
I will start my story at the age of about 12, I used to hang out with two
brothers, one older by a year, the other younger by about nine months,
I was very aware of them looking up my skirt so whenever possible I would
always go up the stairs or up an attic ladder first, I would suddenly turn and look down at them and smile then they would look away,I would go to the shops and buy knickers as sexy as I could, knowing that I would then keep the boys looking,
that was the beginning of my exhibitionist life,
plus the fact I almost had my first sex with the older one, he came home from school with me one Friday afternoon to help me with my homework, my mother had go out somewhere but before she did she asked for my school clothes she wanted to wash
I quickly strip off and put and old skirt and blouse on, the older boy just stood
looking at me, after my mother left we started to kiss and cuddle soon he had his
hand rubbing against my vagina through my knickers, with the other hand he took
out his penis which was very hard and placed my hand on it,
soon my knickers were off and he was playing with me, he got up and took his
trousers down and was about to get between my thighs when my mother shouted up,
she had forgotten something, we quickly got dressed, we never did have sex.
Two boys lived opposite me, their house was little higher than ours, and I used to leave the light on in my bedroom after a bath or shower, I could just about make them out as they watched me, I got a big kick out of it.
My next close encounter came when I was fifteen, I had a bf in school, we had kissed and caressed each other and I had felt his erection and indeed had wanked him off, and he had finger fucked me,
one lunch time at school my bf and I went out to the park that was behind our school, we had gone over behind some bushes and he had taken off my knickers and I had taken his trousers and pants down, we both were ready to have our first fuck. Suddenly we heard voices and looking over the bushes we saw some senior citizens walking towards us, we quickly arranged our clothes, it fucking well annoyed me.
we never did have sex and I have often wondered what it would have been like.
My first sex was with a man old enough to be my father, I would go shopping for
him and when I was sixteen he took my virginity in the bath, he had said that he
could teach me all there was in sex and how to keep a boy wanting me all the time,
he was very gentle and I loved him. He went away from our town to work so I never
saw him again.
My next encounter with sex was with a boy when I was nineteen, he was rough and
hurt me so I gave him up,
Just after that I met John, we were at a wedding and of course we danced and
talked a lot, John was a very good conversationalist the best I have ever known,
We dated two more times and then John told me he was a voyeur,(I didn't know what
that was) so John told me, he said he has always been one and he gets a kick out
of looking up girls skirts etc but said he wasn't a peeping tom, he wouldn't
creep around and look in windows for example,
He told me this so I could make up my mind before things maybe got too serious
between us,
I was a little taken back by his honesty but said I could live with that so we
carried on dating and soon we made love, John was fantastic and I fell in love with
him and soon we were married,
Our sex life was smashing and I gave birth to two girls, we decided that two was
enough so John went and had a Vasectomy of course we had to pay for the operation,

Durrington, UK

#206 Feb 13, 2013
Moving on to what we call our sex fun year, we were making love and John said how
he wished he had two pairs of hands to caress me with, I must admit the thought
of it did turn me on and my mind did drift that way the more I thought about it,
this happened a few times but we never mentioned it outside the bedroom,
I suppose a couple of months went by before the subject was talked about,
it was one evening after the girls had gone to bed,
I asked John why he brings the subject up and he replied it turns him on a little
bit more and it spurred him to do more to me which I know it did, I also told him
that I got more worked up thinking about it.
we were very lucky in the fact that my parents lived on a farm and the girls loved
to go there every other weekend and Johns family also lived out in the country,
so the following weekend they would go there, so baby sitting was no problem.
Anyway we talked openly about it for a few weeks and said how about getting
another man to join us and have some real sex fun, then one Saturday we
were in our club when John spotted an old work mate of his called Ron,
and this is funny I also knew him a little as he use to date my school friend
back some years ago,
John invited Ron to join us and we had a lovely evening dancing and joking so we
arranged to meet the following Saturday, when John and I got home John asked me
what I thought of Ron, I said I thought him quite nice and a bit dishy, John then
asked me if I fancied him and of course I did and told him so, I must add that
night our love making was so intense I don't know how many times I climaxed but it
was superb,
Next morning we talked about how would Ron fit into our sex life if we and of
course he wanted to, we carried on talking about this and that all week and our
love making intensified so that we said we would try and get our sex fun started,
Saturday evening came and I pondered over what to wear, I asked John and he said
how about your cream skirt with the split down the right thigh that way Ron will
see your stocking top, I did say what if Ron sits on the other side of me,
where John said he would manoeuvre Ron around,
I must say I was very nervous as we walked into the club, Ron was already there
and when we reached his table he asked what we wanted to drink, John sat down
so the split on my skirt would on Ron's side,
every so often I would catch Ron looking at my stocking top and bare thigh,
I would give him a little smile if his glance caught my eye,
a few drinks later I was up and dancing first with John and of course Ron, when
dancing with Ron I would move in tighter and I could feel him getting semi hard,
I teased Ron a little more as the night wore on and it soon became time to go
We asked Ron if he wanted to stop at our house for a drink as it was on his way,
John got the drinks while Ron and I selected some music to play, I asked John if
it was alright if Ron and I danced, he of course said its alright, it was now that
Ron said I love the perfume of your hair, I asked was that the only thing he liked
about me, he replied something like "no I like everything about you"

Durrington, UK

#207 Feb 13, 2013
I danced closer to Ron now than I did at the club and he got a full blown
erection, other than that and a little chat about Ron saying he fancied me which
I replied I know I can feel it, soon Ron left to go home and John and I made love,
Sunday morning John and I set same rule=,
Ron would have to wear a condom of course,
I would not do any oral on Ron,
no anal sex, I tried it once and didn't like it,
at any time either of us could put a stop to it,
never at any time would I have sex with Ron or anyone else without John being
the same if we invited a woman to join us,
then we made some signals=,
when we got back to our house if I said I'll get the drinks and John said no he
would, it would mean he was ok to proceed, if I said I'll have Bacardi and
lemonade (I always drinks Bacardi and coke) it meant that I was ok with it,
if we(or I)could get Ron up in the bedroom and we were going to proceed Ron would be the first one to have sex with me,
John got some condoms on the Wednesday and put them in the bedside cabinet,
Saturday evening came and I was on tender hooks waiting, we made our way to the
club, Ron wasn't there so we sat down had our drink and I must admit I was rather
disappointed, then Ron came in and I became nervous once more, again the drinks
flowed and the dancing was very intimate and I could feel both John and Ron
getting excited, Ron's hand was making little circle on the small of my back
moving up from my skirt to my bra strap, I remember whispering that feels good,
Ron led me to the middle of the dance floor where it was more crowded,
and slowly brought his left hand down and with the back of his hand moved it over
my breast, my hands went up around his neck, I loved what was happening to me,
Ron by now had a real hard on and when the dance finished Ron said don't walk to
fast keep tight to me, I smiled and said ok,
Time to go but this time we got a taxi home, when home John said he would get
the drinks and I asked for Bacardi and lemonade,we knew that we both would like
to proceed, while John got the drinks again Ron and I selected our music and we
of course danced very closely and this time Ron kissed me and I returned it
passionately, Ron asked if he could see me sometime and I told him I wouldn't
do anything behind John's back. We carried on dancing,I looked up at Ron and
he seemed a little bit crestfallen, so I took the bull by the horns as they say
and I told him that John and I were thinking of having another person to join us
in our bed and would he like to be the one,
OMG he looked gob smacked, and I thought I had blown it with him,
but then he said bloody hell yes, when, I said tonight if you don't have to
hurry but you would have to wear something, he said that was alright by him,

Durrington, UK

#208 Feb 13, 2013
but then he said bloody hell yes, when, I said tonight if you don't have to
hurry but you would have to wear something, he said that was alright by him,
but added I haven't got any, I said that's ok we have,
Ron started kissing me and caressing me so I said I would have to tell John to see
if it was still alright.
I walked into the dining room where John was pouring the drinks with a big beam
across my face, not only was I going to have sex with another man, but with John
there, also it made me feel really attractive and sexy to be able to get two men in bed with me, I know most women can get a man in bed even two or more at the same time, but with one's husband I think its harder, I think most men wonder what the catch is if there is one,
As I walked away from John I reached behind me and pulled the zipper of my skirt
down then undid the button, wriggling my ass as I did,(John told me latter that
it turned him on some), I also pulled my blouse out from my skirt.
Upon returning to Ron I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him very
passionately and long, Ron said that he has wanted to make love to me for the last
couple of weeks, it was then I told him that we would not be making love but he
and I would be fucking, I was using him and he was using me,
he agreed I think a bit reluctantly.
Ron's hands were now moving all over my back, shoulders, arms and cupping my breast,
soon his hand came up under my blouse and cupped my breast, a tingle went though
me, I let Ron proceed to unbutton my blouse and it was then that John came in with
the drinks, Ron hesitated so I whispered its ok,
John put the drinks down away from us and came over and started to kiss me,
taking my skirt down so therefore revealing my red panties, Ron in turn took my
blouse off revealing my matching bra, John took my knickers off and Ron my bra,
I was stripped naked except for my stay up stockings and I was led over to the
settee where John sat on my right and of course Ron on the other side,
both men peeled off my stockings, both looking at me with lust in their eyes,
My dream was coming true I had four hands caressing me, Ron soon slid one of his
hands down between my thighs and his fingers worked up inside me, John stood up
and took his clothes off and upon returning to me his erection was pressed up
against my leg, soon Ron stripped off and that's when I saw his erection, it was
about the same size as Johns but seem to point straight out,
Ron returned to caressing my vagina with his fingers and John was playing with one
breast while sucking and licking the other, OMG wasn't I getting aroused so much
so that it wasn't long before I was looking up at John with a pleading in my eyes
and mouthing the words please,
John looked at me, then said you go on up I'll lock up, I took Ron by the hand
and led him up to our bedroom,
John waited for a moment before joining us, I was laid on my back and Ron's tongue
and hands were all over me, I felt John lay down beside me and his hands and
tongue were doing the same,never before had my breast and my nipples been so
aroused along with my vagina every part of me was tingling, Ron's fingers were
doing fantastic things to my clitoris, John was sucking on my nipple and tweaking
the other with his finger and thumb, after a short time I said I need someone,

Durrington, UK

#209 Feb 13, 2013
one of you please I want one of you now.
John reached for a condom and gave it to me, I in turn handed it to Ron to put on,
John's fingers were keeping me totally aroused,
I then felt Ron moving up on top of me, and suddenly where John's fingers had been
Ron's penis was entering me,
my thoughts at that moment were "good god its really happening"
it didn't take long for me to be thrusting and moving my body in time with Ron's,
Ron started very slowly, then moved faster and faster and at the same time was
rotating his hips,I don't really know to much about what was now happening to me,
all I know was I was being well and truly fucked by another man while my
husband was there right beside me,
but soon my legs shot straight up in the air and shook and shook,
(John told me this later) John also said that he climaxed at the same time,
the first time since he was a teenager,
lucky John became aroused very soon and he fucked me harder than I have ever known
him too,I climaxed twice more with John, now floods of emotions came over me, I
don't think I could possibly describe it in words,
Ron was now hard again and John passed him another condom, this time with Ron I
don't know how many times I came, but I do know that I was exhausted, things
quieten down and soon Ron said he had to go, John saw him out and came back to me
again we fucked hard and long,then fell asleep,
The next thing I knew John was by the bed with a nice cup of coffee, where upon
sitting up I looked around, I saw two used condoms on the bedside cabinet and
pieces of their wrappers on the floor, it looked like a bomb had hit it,
while drinking my coffee John ran the bath for me, I really needed a bath this was
the first time that I hadn't either showered or had a bath before going to bed,
having my bath, both John and I said what a fantastic night it was I told him that
I was still tingling from all that had taken place, we agreed that we would do it
John tidied up the bedroom and disposed of the condoms and their wrappers,
at about twelve the door bell sounded and upon opening it I saw Ron standing
there, I asked him in and he said he was passing and decided to call to see if
everything was alright, he also asked if there was any regrets, both John and I
said there wasn't and how about him, he said it was terrific, John asked if he
would like to join us again, answer "WHEN"
We have had sex with Ron on many occasions, and I have been in and had a
hysterectomy, we don't want any mishaps to happen,
we have had another woman join us, I had pangs of jealousy so John said we
wouldn't have a woman again, I feel bad about it sometimes but I have told John
that we can if he wishes have her on his own, so far he hasn't wanted to,
hope you enjoyed my story, its all true as far as I,John,and Ron can remember,
yes we all contributed a little to our story, I of course wrote most of it,
love Sally

Durrington, UK

#210 Feb 13, 2013
sorry about this but it was the only way I could put it on here,

Carbondale, IL

#211 Feb 28, 2013
One day me and my very close guy friend were wondering what a threesome was like so we grabbed a guy and we asked him if he would have this threesome with us. We told him we have never done a threesome before. After we got to know each other we all decided we should have a threesome. We all went to a hotel room got bucked in for the whole night. While i was getting screwed by my best friend i was sucking the other guys dick. After a while they switched turns. It lasted most of the night. Then i got screwed in the pu$$y and the Butt at the same time. best night ever. but my butt hurt afterward

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#212 Apr 13, 2013
secretsara wrote:
My first MFF threesome was also my first encounter with another girl. I was a sophomore in college and hanging out with one of my good friends, and the topic turned to sex (yes, girls talk about it too :)). I had hooked up with a guy about a week ago, and as I was telling her all about it, she asked "Was his name *****?"
As it turned out, she hooked up with him earlier in the semester. We started comparing our encounters, and I asked "Would you do him again?" She answered, "Probably". I agreed that I would also. She smiled and said "We should call him." At that point, we looked at each other and smiled, knowing what we were about to do.
When we called him, he was kind of flustered when he realized we knew each other, but naturally agreed to come over. My friend and I decided to meet him at the door wearing just our panties, so we stripped down. I was wearing a light pink thong, and my friend had on black boyshorts.
When he arrived, he grinned, since he knew what we had planned. We took him back to my friend's bedroom and practically ripped his clothes off. We took turns sucking him for a few minutes. I didn't notice, but while I was sucking him, my friend slipped her panties off, and had laid on the bed. She said "Come f*ck me first", so naturally, he started f*cking her while I slipped out of my thong and started fingering myself.
After awhile, he pulled out, so I grabbed him and started s*cking him again, forgetting that he had just been inside my friend. Without realizing it, I said "Wow Cassie, you taste great!" He then bent me over and started to f*ck me. I noticed Cassie laying on the bed, her p*ssy still soaked from being f*cked, so I moved over and said "I want to taste you again" and started licking her cl*t.
She orgasmed twice while I kept licking her p*ssy while mine had a nice hard d*ck in it. She then moaned, "I want to do you too", so we traded places. She was now on the bed doggystyle, with her moist little snatch being pounded, eating my thoroughly pounded p*ssy.
We traded back and forth until our friend was about to c*m, so we both got on our knees and let him c*m all over our breasts.
Cassie and I are still friends, and even shared another guy later on.
This was a great story that gave me a huge throbbing hard-on. I loved it! Have you have any more 3somes since then?
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