Spanked Husbands

Warren, MI

#620 Mar 15, 2011
I think I need to spank and dom my whinny husband this weekend. He is begging me to allow him to buy me a new toy... I think a new paddle or flogger for him! What is the best spanking toy to get?

Austin, TX

#621 Mar 16, 2011
toogoodtowaste wrote:
I think I need to spank and dom my whinny husband this weekend. He is begging me to allow him to buy me a new toy... I think a new paddle or flogger for him! What is the best spanking toy to get?

My wife uses the Walmart bath brush, they're about 4 bucks in the hair products section at Walmart. It's not for the weak of heart. My wife is a strict disciplinarian and she uses it for discipline. You will have an obedient husband if you use it on him. My wife will swear by them.
All the best,

Battle Ground, WA

#622 Mar 17, 2011
Mirel wrote:
I actually used to dream of running a clinic and earn some extra cash on the side.Husbands would come alone or preferably be brought by their wives. There would be a consultation, I'd give out literature, and the men would sign a consent form stating that they needed a spanking due to their obnoxious or irresponsible behavior. I'd guide the wives through various positions, enact role plays where they'd stand up to their husbands behavior and assert themselves. There might be a wives' bill of rights, which the husband would read immediately prior and post the spanking, bare-bottomed and waiting. So many ideas...
My wife and I would *love* to attend! I got her into spanking me before we were married. At first, she did it reluctantly, and because she knew I liked it. It was part of our foreplay which became a frequent part of or lovemaking. Over time, she learned to crave the power, and now she loves it, maybe even a little more than I do. She spanks me once a week (Friday nights) and sometimes Monday or Tuesday "just because." She uses a heavy wooden hairbrush (flimsy ones break) and a leather strap.

United States

#623 Mar 17, 2011
any girls wanna spank a boy in chicago [email protected]

Louisville, KY

#624 Mar 25, 2011
I am standing here at my computer in my panties and bra because I can't sit down because it hurts too bad to sit. My wife and our next door neighbor gave me a spanking this morning for not cleaning my neighbors house while she was gone yesterday.My neighbor called my wife this morning and told her I didn't come over and clean the house.My wife told her to come over and she did.When she came in I was laying over my wife's lap with a bra on and panties down to my feet getting a spanking.My lady neighbor sat down and watched my wife spank me to tears with a hairbrush. When she was done I was stood up and my panties fell off. My wife made me go over to my neighbor and lay across her lap and she took the hairbrush from my wife and spanked me to tears again.When she was done my wife put my panties back on me and made me follow my neighbor back over to her house like that and clean her house. My wife gave her the hair brush and told her to spank me until I was done.When I got to her house she took off my panties and told me what to do and spanked me for the next hour.When I was done she had me lay across a stool in the kitchen and whipped me with a belt until my butt and the back of my legs were red and purple.I was screaming for mercy and crying and she finally quit.As I was draped over the stool in my bra only she rubbed some aloe on my butt and legs. She then put me back into my panties and walked me home and left. That was four hours ago and my butt is still sore.

Port Jefferson Station, NY

#625 Mar 25, 2011
My wife and I made love. She felt she should not have moaned and therefore "erred." She needed to learn a lesson.
As per the rules in our house, a spanking was needed to teach that lesson. Naturally, she ordered me to lay naked across her knee (she was equally nude) and she spanked me severely with her lovely hand. You see, no matter who commits the infraction, I get spanked.
My wife makes the rules of course, and she likes it that way (so do I). She explains that the rule is good because it is consistent and it serves to keep me in my place. She has a stinging hand afterward which reminds her of her misdeed.
Although I am not allowed to rub my rear, I make sure to kiss her hand to make it feel better afterward. She sometimes rewards me after I massage her and caress ger rear so she could relax. We both enjoy it. What could be better?
maid angela

Swaffham, UK

#626 Mar 25, 2011
I don't understand you Henry. You have two ladies to serve as a maid or cleaner and you are not doing it properly. I am so jealous of your opportunity and I can only think that you enjoy the pain so much that you are willing to forego the pleasure of seeing the look of satisfaction on your wife's and your neighbour's face when they see what a good job you have done with their housework.

Port Jefferson Station, NY

#628 Mar 28, 2011
maid angela, what do you do if the housework is not up to your standards?
maid angala

King's Lynn, UK

#629 Mar 29, 2011
Randy my standards are not relevant and in any case change according to the lady I am working for. The standards you need to meet are those of you wife first of all and secondly your neighbour. Never forget the golden rules. Rule 1 Mistress is always right and Rule 2 If in doubt refer to rule 1.

Port Jefferson Station, NY

#630 Apr 3, 2011
But what does the mistress do when she sees inadequate work from those who serve her?
maid angela

King's Lynn, UK

#631 Apr 3, 2011
Wow! I know what any of the three mistresses I have worked for would do and that is the strap, the paddle the riding crop or the cane applied quickly and forcibly across the bottom. With mistress Su all of them one after the other, Mistress Alexis probably the strap and the cane and Madam Dawson whatever came to hand first but very hard

United States

#632 Apr 3, 2011
Your wife sound interesting can I see her? [email protected]

Appleton, WI

#633 Apr 3, 2011
Becky wrote:
<quoted text>
Mirel is my mistress (she's bisexual)and she does enjoy taking men over her knees (I actually watched once - it was fun. She generally likes younger guys though, like 18 to early thirties.
I'm going to be 57 in June. Is that too old? Sometimes, I act like a naughy little boy.

Port Jefferson Station, NY

#634 Apr 4, 2011
I have no pictures but you are soooo right she is interesting!!!
I got spanked again after lovemaking (she just felt like it: her rule number three)


#635 Apr 14, 2011
I'm a much better husband now than I was only a
few weeks ago when I was made to see the error
of my ways by my sister in-law.
My wife had given her sister a detailed list of
my latest misdemeanours and when she caught me
smirking, she said if he belonged to me he'd get
a good spanking. Then she smIled mischievously,
sis go and get this naughty boys pyjamas while I
get his trousers off?
panic stricken I squealed you can't do that.
But she could and did!
Lionbar says

Camberley, UK

#636 Apr 15, 2011
littlejeff wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm going to be 57 in June. Is that too old? Sometimes, I act like a naughy little boy.
You are never too old, Jeff. Besides, 57 is not old, I'm 62 and still can't get enough, always looking for new and inventive ways of stimulation.

Apopka, FL

#637 Apr 20, 2011
Im 40 and my husband is 46 we get allong extremly well never any fighting only a little attitude on his behalf and i love him uncondisionally but when that attitude gets out of hand I will paddle his sexy little but till he can,t sit but he allways gets his disapline spankings every day and we have never gotten allong so good till we starting spanking in our relation ship,the best thing thats ever happened to us. Spanking my man is awsome and we both love it.PS ("You can,t have the good spankings with out the bad") Or no spanking he chose the spanking

Port Jefferson Station, NY

#638 Apr 20, 2011
When I am put over my wife's knee, I feel teh sting and love the making up I do for her afterward even better


#639 May 12, 2011
Why can that happen me for. Seek a woman who can and whan spank me

Mumbai, India

#641 May 20, 2011
Mirel ,have you ever been spanked yourself ? along with wife spanking we practise Couple Spanking Yoga which incorporates Breath Control , Penile Muscle control NO GENITAL PENETRATION & Mystic chanting ----i have controlled my orgasms from 2007 & have NOT ejaculated @ all during Chastity Yoga sessions ---by nightfall whatever natural excess overflows goes away but i retain my core energy ---ojas / shakti/ semen.
Much better than Post -Ejaculation Depression !
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