Avon, CO

#205 Apr 1, 2012
With me it's more about the stealth... my goal is to rub my erection on her legs and ass and achieve an orgasm without her waking up... the feeling of rubbing my erection on her smooth thighs while she is sleeping exquisite.

Some nights she is quick to move or turn over and no luck... it's a little like fishing, you don't catch a fish every time...

but it's fun trying...


#206 Apr 1, 2012
B4 we were married Amanda came home so drunk on night she fell asleep on top of the bed. I undressed her and when I pulled her. Panties off they were wet. I smelt them because they were soaking. Semen someone has fucked her. It actually got me excited and I ended up wanking over her and cumming on her snatch. True story

Cincinnati, OH

#207 Apr 4, 2012
Many times, she gets more used to it the more you do it, its my favorite. We sleep naked and on our sides in a cuddle position. I put it up to hers while soft and it quickly gets hard as hell on it. I let it pulsate on it a few times before spitting on my hand and wetting mine so it goes in a bit. I let it throbe in her a few times so she gets more used to it. Her breathing gets real heavy and relaxed. I'll cuddle up to her more and take it slow for about 15 minutes. After that she is in a real euphoric state and must be having some great dreams cause whatever works. I can go as fast or as slow as I want. I love getting to the point that I can put the whole entire thing in her and let it just rest in her, sometimes while watching some tv or something lol, I'll also just rest my leg on her hip while its all the way in and just lay their a while. She is a little sexy thing and has a hard time taking it all when she is awake, but can take some dx when she is sleeping. It's also fun to spread her cheecks and resposition myself so it goes in even further. Feels great to just keep rubbing it over her spot that makes her come quoick when she is awake but she is in such a sleeping state and can just keep taking it. I'll keep going till i'm bout ready to blow then slow down so it'll last longer. Finally when i do cum I can clean everything off and she still doesn't move a bit.
She loves to wake up to it in her and just keep going on it, she asks why I don't do it anymore but she is just so used to it and doesn't wake up anymore and I love it like that. I'm to the point that I don't want to tell her she does most nites of the week. I'll even try to wake her up cuming but she gets more and more relaxed the more she does it. So what r u supposed to do lol.
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Birmingham, UK

#209 May 21, 2012
hi people
i like to have sex with my wife while she is asleep what can i do to injoy it with out waking her up

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Ipswich, UK

#210 May 21, 2012
A girl I dont even know was sleeping next to me drunk before so I banged her up the arse came in her theb doneit again, ahaaa some say rape I say...... Good times
husband 1

Birmingham, UK

#211 May 22, 2012
any guy or girls no the answer to my ?
i love to have sex with my wife while she is a sleep wat can i do?

“Father & Daughter”

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#212 May 23, 2012
I love to wake up with a nice big penis rubbing against me or lodged in me and feeling all filled and warm ..............Denise x
Me Again

Batavia, OH

#213 Jun 19, 2012
Get them hot while sleeping but be patient it could take a bit. Let your hand lay on a hip like you're sleeping, let your hand firmly go towards it but hold a while every time you get closer and let her get used to it but not so much she wakes up. When you do grab it hold it in your whole hand. Sometimes its better to just grab it and hold it from the get go. You can hear her breathing get deeper when she is getting used to it and falling into a deeper sleep. From their you can experiment more but don't do too much too quick.
Then trying to go under her panties and finally slippinga finger in. Rubbing up her shirt and grabbing her tits, but this sometimes wakes them up??? But holding firm on her pssy kind of controls them??? Or do something they might be used to, my girl likes when I hold her hips very tight when I fxk her, so when she is asleep I found if I do that she really goes into a deep sleep and she is my playground as long as I hold her hips tight, but if I were to grab her sholders she may wake up??? They get more used to it though. And yea like guy said, drunk and wasted would help too lol but it is not necessary.
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Carpe Diem

Las Vegas, NV

#214 Jun 19, 2012
Carpe Diem wrote:
My wife, unfortunately, just wants to sleep when she's sleeping, and have sex only when we're awake. I would feel kinda creepy doing something with her body without her permission. On the other hand, I certainly don't need her permission to masturbate, and when I wake up in the middle of the night and get the urge, it certainly is nice to be able to feel her body against mine, smell her hair, see her pretty face, and hear her soft breathing.
Hmm... Reading my own old post now that this thread has resurfaced, I find my moral compass has changed direction a bit since last year. I no longer remember why I felt anything I might do with her while she was sleeping would be 'creepy'. After all, I do regularly masturbate by rubbing my c*ck against her thigh or butt cheek as she snoozes. Further sexual activity with her seems just an incremental step beyond what I'm already doing. And what's the harm with the woman I love? As I read or reread these posts now, my only thought is, gotta get me some Ambien!
Nisha baby

Marietta, GA

#215 Jun 25, 2012
canadian guy wrote:
OK,OK, I'll fess up.
Early in out marriage and before the wife got more sexually liberated ';-) she refused to let me to do her an@ly.
One particular night after an evening of heavy drinking and after we had made love, she conked out into a deep deep sleep. I fell asleep also. An hour or so later I woke and wanted to make it with her once more, so I nudged her in order to wake her up. No response! I nudged her harder and still no response. Finally I shook her quite hard but she was out to the world.
That's when the notion took hold! With her still nude and laying on her side, I carefully worked one of my fingers into her bud. She didn't stir. Well, I thought, if she didn't feel that then perhaps I could manage to insert my c*ck where my finger had been.
I got out a tube of KY from the nightstand table and lubed up her butt-hole and then applied a liberal amount onto my (by then) rock hard er*ction. Then, slowly and carefully I managed to insert my dick into her butt. Man! What a rush when I got it all the way in! What a feeling when I gently stroked myself in and out of her until I came to climax. What a [sic] sense of accomplishment.
The next day, she didn't realized that I had f*cked her up th @ss. She had no idea!
Did I quit with that? Uh-Uh. For weeks on end I plyed her with doubles and triples when we were out at the bar or entertaining at home, in the hope of repeating the action.
Glad to say that, that isn't the case anymore but thinking back, it was actually quite a rush being in complete control like that. Although I'm not overly proud of what I did, sometimes a guy has to do what hes got to do!*wink*
Wow that is a great experience I've had this happen many times except my boo told me. I'm like yeah that's really the only way u can get anal sex from me is juiced up on some good wine.

Stirling, NJ

#217 Jul 8, 2012
It has been several weeks since I have had a successful assault on my sleeping wife. She has been a bit constipated lately and it seems any penetration, even waking sex, is uncomfortable for her.
Last night after she sent me off to sleep with a quick hand job, I was determined to. Get my fingers back inside her while she slept.
I waited the 20-30 minutes as I usually do, and heard her breathing change, I began to rub her crotch gently through the bed sheets and listened to her breathing become heavier and slower. After several minutes of this, i knew she was having a gentle orgasm. I slowed down and eventually stopped reaching under the covers to begin a closer inspection and second assault of her pu55y.
When I felt her lips, they were wet, but not a wet as usual. I began to rub her gently, finding her clit, I moistened it with some of her own juices. I rubbed her again, all the while listening to her. She got wetter as I continued and I began to probe the outer edges of her opening. As I continued, she began to have gentle contractions, her breathing was very heavy as she orgasmed against the pressure of my fingers. Her ass and pu55y contracted spasmodically and she came repeatedly for a couple minutes at least,
I used my thump to rub her clit while I continued pressing inside her, she came very hard this time and soon stirred awake, I slipped my fingers from her as she reached between her legs and scratched herself. Her hand remained over her mound as she repositioned herself with her legs spread wide.
I waited a bit for her to return to a deeper sleep before touching her again, as I did, I held my hand over hers and used her fingers to rub against her clit. She didn't seem to recognize my presence at all this time, so I continued rubbing her with her own fingers. I could smell her sex escape from under the covers,. I continued and eventually moved her fingers apart so I could touch her clit myself. Soon she was coming gain, contracting against the pressure of my fingers. As she came this time, she scratched at the pu55y a bit bumping into my fingers several times, she moaned softly before rolling towards me. I withdrew my hand just as she closed her legs around her hand, she sighed deeply and continued sleeping. I spoke softly to her thinking she had awaken from her orgasm, but she was still sound a sleep, this morning, she hot up as usual with no apparent recollection. She mentioned how well she slept and how good she felt. I told her I had slept very well but that's had a very erotic dream. She said that i was lucky and that she didn't have any dreams last night but slept straight through. Close, but I will certainly try again tomorrow.

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#218 Jul 8, 2012
i am 19 years old, i live with my mom my father left us when i was 6. ever since then i used to sleep with my mother up untill i was 17. My mom is a verry heavy sleeper, once when i was 16 yrs old i was watching porn in bed wile my mom was sleeping, i got so horny i put my laptop away and pulled the blankets off the bed. i slowly started to take my moms pants off including her underwear. I then inserted my di*k in my mothers vagi*na as soon as i did his she began to wake up. When she realizd wat had happend she smiled and told me not to stop so i continued! it was the only time i had sex with my mother but i will never forget it
Sex monkey

De Forest, WI

#221 Sep 10, 2012
Hi if you put your finger in a girls ----- and go side to side for a while she will start to shutter
Sex monkey

De Forest, WI

#222 Sep 10, 2012
You had sex wi Ur mom "nice going"

Richmond Hill, GA

#225 Sep 15, 2012
Seriously???? I read these posts and I was amazed at how each of you folks wake each other up in the middle of the night and just have sex. I have been married for 20 years and never has my wife been this sexual like the women on here. I thought she was like most women. My wife does not give oral sex nor does she want to received it. EVER. We have two positions: Her on top or missionary. I like to have sex in the shower but that is a "one-man show". We have sex once a week which is about three times a month since one of those weeks is that time of the month. Our honeymoon was a tried and fail since she was a virgin when we got married and any intercourse caused too much pain that we gave up on it. I jerked off in the hotel bathroom on my honeymoon night for fuck's sake. We did not have sex until about three years later. No handjobs, nothing exciting except the time she was really horny and we were in the shower and did it there. Or the time I played with her pussy with my hand and she had a great time and could not wait to do it again. That was short lived. I hear how wives give their husbands this so-called "Birthday Blowjob". It was so common that one article I read that used the term as a matter-of-factly like it was as commonplace as clouds in the sky. Never had a blow job from my wife and have asked once or twice with a big resounding "no, I don't want that in my mouth". I talked about this on the internet and was chastised for wanting oral sex. People that had oral sex in their lives were telling me "if she is not into it then forget it". That was easy for them to say. I might have sex later on today but she don't come onto me or anything like whispering in my ear how much she wants me. She does love me and I love her but she looks at sex as if it is a chore she has to do and sometimes puts off said chore as if she forgot to do it. I would love to have oral sex. I would love to have sex in the shower or even bathtub (we have a large tub with jacuzzi jets and everything). I would love for my wife to wake me up in the middle of the night because she is horny. I would love for my wife to be horny. Now I will probably get negative responses from those who are well nourished with the different varieties of sex telling me that "it is what it is and you can't change it or cheat on her" or something along those lines that they would be writing while getting their dick sucked by their wife and it probably isn't even their birthday. She teases herself with a vibrating massager while I watch. I used to work the massager but now I only watch. I can't even feel her pussy contracting in orgasm while inside her. Not even my finger. It is solely just her and the massager. I feel like a third wheel. When she is done she says "now its your turn to have some fun" and then we have sex in one of two positions mentioned earlier. I am frustrated over the lack of variety. I don't want to hear from anyone getting oral sex and a good sexual marriage giving me bad response ratings. It is just not fair.

Stirling, NJ

#227 Sep 19, 2012
Poor Charlie; sound like he married my X

Back on topic, had a wonderful sleep sex session with the wife last week which seemed to make her very horny by the weekend. I spent about an hour working her g-spot as she kept getting wetter and wetter. Listening carefully to her breathing, I eased off a bit as her orgasm began to climax and then resumed when she was more relaxed. Eventually I continued until she climaxed and she woke a bit dazed.
She had a difficult time getting up the next morning saying she slept like a rock but had a very sexy dream. This past weekend i guess she was ready to live the dream. Very eager for some aggressive sex including giving/receiving oral.
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#228 Sep 19, 2012
Heather wrote:
sounds fun i wanna have sex when im sleeping
so do I :d

Des Moines, IA

#229 Sep 20, 2012
Here is what happened to me. Sort of the same in reverse and completely true:

Increasingly in the last few months, my wife has stopped letting me have sex with her.

Lately I have caught her sneaking my pajamas down at night while I sleep. She then proceeds to tease me to full hardness and she fingers herself to orgasm. If I move or act as if I am waking, she stops. She keeps me hard as a rock and dripping pre cum for hours. While she brings me right to the verge, she never lets me cum. We have played sleep games in the past. But she is acting at a whole new level. I'm a bit confused by her new sex habits, sleep deprived and about to burst into full hardness all day.

Last night I had only been in bed for about five minutes when she came home late from her girls night out at a dark downtown club in an expensive hotel. She not so quietly came to bed and was a little drunk and disheveled. I was too curious to confront her with any of it, so I figured I would just "stay asleep" and see what happens, She got naked, then slowIy fingered her pussy and tweaked her nipples. I saw it all through my partly closed eyes as her head leaned back and her hips thrust into her hand. Then she got into bed.

It only took a couple of minutes before she started inching my pajamas down. As she got them to my knees, she pulled my knees apart slowly spreading my legs open. In anticipation my cock was about half hard. I thought she might decide I was awake and stop. But she lightly touched my cock and it reached straight up status in no time.

You should know Iím not small. She always has said I have a nice big cock as it is a good 8 and a half inches. This is the one big reason I donít understand why she has stopped letting me fuck her. She has always loved my cock, she even told her girl friends about it. I heard her brag about it and described it in detail.

Anyway, after just getting me started I was hard as I have ever been, there I was already dripping. I could hear her working on her apparently already very wet pussy. I was surprised how practically splashing wet she sounded pushing in and out of herself. After a couple of minutes she dipped her fingers in deep and gathered a palm full of her juices. She then dripped and drizzled globs of it on my cock and in my open mouth. That took me by surprise. It was thick, sticky and tasted different, kind of salty. She continued to drench me until she reached a handful of orgasms so intense I thought she would hyperventilate.

In the morning I woke up still hard, in a slight wet spot with clearish globs of creamy looking white crust drops covering my cock and mouth. I was a little curious about the look of her now dried deposits. She smiled as she watched my reaction to the crust. She then reached for my cock and stroked it a few times painfully pulling my hairs from the crust droplets. She then told me how much fun she had the night before at the club. After about 10 strokes she said you better hurry and shower and watched me carefully as I walked to the shower. I was so stiff my hard and heavy cock even bounced with every step as I walked. As I left the room, I noticed her smile as her hand disappeared below the sheets.

I need advise.
brittany jackson

Saltburn-by-the-sea, UK

#230 Sep 26, 2012
i woke up 1 night and ma bf was rubbing me duno why i think he was asleep cozz i was talking to him he didnt answer back
yep yep

Springfield, MA

#231 Oct 2, 2012
I feel like I'm a jewl thief when I delicately ease my hand into position. I Don't have the patience I had years ago. But I work odd hours so on occasion I go for it. I find the best hours are around 2 or 3 in the morning. This is her heaviest sleep. Now if she's on her back and murmuring Its easy, a gentle touch to the clit area directs her dream to sex. What I find insanely exciting about this is how wet she gets. I can dip my fingers like a honey pot and get enough to stroke my c@ck with.
Now the fact she hasn't gotten this wet awake for me since we first were having sex I find the most exciting part. I've been able to slide into her both from behind and from above.
Now the reason this sex actually makes my heart race, and is worth losing sleep over is its feeling of newness for her and whoever She's now moaning about, and this makes it feel very new to me. If its not the right night I've been swatted away. But she's also woken once angry cause her dream sex with a new lover was so real...
She consents but warns me not to wake her with clumsy poking. Get it right and make it a waking fantasy for her or don't bother. In other words like a jewel thief.
I also found that once on vacation she took xanax and the pickings were easy that night.

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