Weird fantasy of being a slave raped ...

Stockton, CA

#224 Sep 11, 2010
Latisha wrote:
Have you tried White dick? It's just AWESOME!! ;)
Aww you're so sweet,Latisha.

I would totally make you suck mine.

Hawthorne, NJ

#225 Sep 11, 2010
This does not sound all that strange to me, actually. Rape fantasy's are rather odd, true, because rape is a violent and intrusive act. Ravishment fantasy's, however, are commonplace, because ravishment just involves hard, hot, passionate sex.
Let me ask this: are you fantasizing about being raped as in literally beaten and forcefully penetrated? Or are you fantasizing about some gorgeous "forbidden" lover who expertly seduces you and has rough sex with you while you pretend to resist even though you enjoy every moment? Because that is a ravishment fantasy, and it is totally common. One female friend of mine has confessed that she fantasizes about being a harem slave girl to a gorgeous prince. It may sound shocking when you first hear it, but if you consider the implications, like hot sex with someone who is off limits even though they are desirable, who would not fantasize about that?

Parramatta, Australia

#226 Sep 11, 2010
if I was a women I'd love it

United States

#227 Sep 17, 2010
minesweep85 wrote:
<quoted text>
im a racist black homo
we know

Escalon, CA

#228 Sep 17, 2010
I phantasize that a strong black man who is very masculine with string muscles is on a beach in thongs. I am a blonde tender girl. I lie there and look at him and his muscles and manlyness. He comes to me takes me on his arm without saying a word brings me to the jungle takes of my bikini and takes me very strongly almost violantly. He has a big very hard cock and fucks me in all positions as he wishes. I love it while being a little threatened by his strength at the same time . I scream loud and fully give myself to him

Flushing, NY

#229 Sep 17, 2010
Here's an opposite fantasy. I'm a white male and wish I could have a black man with a big dick force me to suck it as payback for the slavery of his ancestors. He would lay me on my back with my head hanging back, mouth open & f@ck my mouth for a good long time and always be talking how this is his payback. Of course I would be nude with a dripping boner the whole time & when I cum he's balls deep in my mouth.

Sofia, Bulgaria

#230 Oct 11, 2010
Lately I have come to understanding that domination in a romantic relationship is what many if not most women want. I have my fantasies where I dominate my woman completely although it is a love relationship. I think I have been suppressing this and feeling guilty about it and now I understand it was just a time wasted. I am also very attracted to black slim women and never been with one. I am pretty sure I know my goals in this department now :) Where I live there are very few educated black women though and none within my social circle, so it's gonna be some quest :)

Huntington, IN

#231 Nov 15, 2010
Wow,this is too much
Neithermasternor slave

Oglethorpe, GA

#232 Nov 30, 2010
I have the same fantasy, often switching roles. It.s not weird, and it's not unhealthy. I hope you ignore the ignorant (prhaps just misguided) detractors here.

San Antonio, TX

#233 Dec 21, 2010
Girl, please, you dont need help. Dont let these people judge you. I am a black woman, born and raised in Mississippi....and that is the BIGGEST fantasy I've had. I acted it out this past summer and it was by far the best sex in the history of the world. That's why its called a fantasy! He didnt think of me as that way, we have the best friendship and respect for each other. Its no different than any other role playing sequence.

Ive had these thoughts for YEARS..and finally acted on it and cant wait to do it again! White men in general are hot; one thats willing to play the role, be the part, just as hot. Just as hot as the chick some guys ask to be one fantasy role or another.
lilnita wrote:
<quoted text>
What?!?! I'm sorry but I don't see this as right. I'm a young Black female myself and I NEVER had a desire for a WHITE male/master to rape and abuse me sexually. I mean seriously, it sounds a little sick. In other words you just want a white man to role play as a racist slave master dominating you sexually and with force which is what happened any way to the unfortunate female slaves. White masters raping the black slaves and using them as a sex object.
Get help is all I can say. But then again to each their own. After all, you did say you were attracted to white men anyway. I'm quite sure there will be some who will OBLIGE it.

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#234 Dec 21, 2010
she wants a male to be dominant/rough with her. Just makes sure he knows how to read the thin line between wanted and unwanted. I had a dream like that once after watching dirty dancing, but only once.

Goose Creek, SC

#235 Dec 22, 2010
In response to the original post:
A fantasy is a fantasy. Everyone has weird kinky fantasies.
naughty jedi

Apo, AE

#236 Dec 22, 2010
I often have slave /rape fantasies as well and I am a male. I wold love to be kidnapped by a group held in a cage or chained / tied down to be tormented as their minds desire, male or female or mixed even better. I would love for them to bind my arms and force me to be there servant walking around not allowed any clothes for them to smack around or tease as they desire. I would also love to be a centerpiece of a function where tied down on a table or over a chair and explored, spanked fucked as everyone wanted through out the night. I would love the fact that have no control and not knowing when I could be released and this crowd of people taking delight in watching my torment.

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#237 Dec 23, 2010
abducted taken to a place i dont know where i am, blindfolded, then tied spread wide on my tummy, stripped naked as my young body feels unknown hands all over. there are more than 3 guys, im in a situation where i have no control of , my body open and exposed to them to do with as they want, use me as they want, have what ever use me as they want, with what ever, over and over hours on hours

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Manchester, England

#238 Dec 23, 2010
Jana_London wrote:
Im the OP, ok I have just signed up for account and will reply as Jana_London.
You can act out your fantasy if you are very careful and you really want to. Look for someone experienced in these types of scenarios and get to know them by email. explore some fantasies (that can be fun). Agree a code word so the action stops when you feel uncomfortable. If its in a hotel room, make sure you have ownership of the room before and after your partner arrives. Let me know if you'd like to chat about it ;)

Chicago, IL

#239 Dec 23, 2010
Michgold wrote:
abducted taken to a place i dont know where i am, blindfolded, then tied spread wide on my tummy, stripped naked as my young body feels unknown hands all over. there are more than 3 guys, im in a situation where i have no control of , my body open and exposed to them to do with as they want, use me as they want, have what ever use me as they want, with what ever, over and over hours on
OMG I would give you a deep long jackhammer !!!!!!
wierdos all

Colnbrook, UK

#240 Dec 23, 2010
Just stumbled upon this topix, & not read all the posts, so my ideas below may already have been discussed. Apologies if so.
Not rape, but what about fantasies that black girls may have about being dominated & humiliated by a white man. Yes, it IS role play, & yes, certainly racist in nature. Will not go into details for fear of causing offence, but the girl refers to her white lover as 'massa', & he naturally uses all the derogatory words which were commonly used to adress black people during the days of slavery--- there MAY be physical humiliation, but this would be mainly mental & psychological degradation!
I know there is a yahoo group that caters for gay black men who wish to worship their aryan masters, so why not a similiar scenario for straight people? In all cases, needless to say, BOTH parties willingly volunteer, & there is no duress whatever.
Has anyone had such a fantasy, & more to the point, actually played out such a fantasy?
My post is not meant to offend anyone, but as it's often said, the most erotic part of your body is NOT what's between your legs, but what's between your ears (ie your brain!)

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#241 Dec 24, 2010
Holy Moley Bill Maher's on topix!
wierdos all

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#242 Dec 28, 2010
Carrying on; could it be the love-hate relationship that black women have for white men?'Hate' u can understand; the evils of slavery, & the disgusting acts that the white slave master performed on his black slaves. But 'love'?'Power' they say is an incredible aphrodisiac, & let's not kid ourselves, white men have & have ALWAYS had power, & maybe black women find this a turn-on? Not rape, but where a black woman, not wanting to initially, ultimately succumbs to the might of the white man, having previously tried to resist him. The white man is used to getting what he wants; it's the way it is, & has always been. The white man takes what he wants, always has, with a clever mixture of force, charm & cunning. Finally, he seduces her; NOT rape, but a situation where the white man imposes himself on his black 'victim'. Hot copulation with her white massa follows, her callong him massa (& him calling her the nasty 'n' word, plus c--n & the like), maybe this enabling her having even richer orgasms on his 'massa c--k', her being conquered by this rich & powerful white man?
Humiliation & yet white-worship, the classic love-hate syndrome?
Anyone agree?
wierdos all

Colnbrook, UK

#243 Dec 28, 2010
minesweep85 wrote:
<quoted text>
People don't masturbate to rape fantasies. If you made the choice to masturbate to a fantasy of being dominated, then subconsciously or consciously you want to be treated that way, and it should be considered a masochism fantasy instead of a rape fantasy.
Since black people have strong feelings about slavery, it makes sense that these feelings can manifest sexually.
I agree; my earlier posts tried to say the same thing as u, but you've put it even better!
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