Men with erections at a nude beach

Marina, CA

#295 Jun 30, 2010
debby wrote:
look you degenerates. there is absolutely nothing special or unusual about your pathetic sex organs. if anything they contribute to the ills of society. every one has one. you brains must be the size of a peanut.
Would you like to see MINE?

London, UK

#296 Jul 1, 2010
I love seeing erections on a nude beach. And seeing the guys they are attached to. For me, it's fun thinking that seeing me naked may be the cause of all the hard-ons. My husband gets up and keeps up a near hard-on all the time we are out there. He gets lot of looks from girls which just encourages him to grow larger. He gets a lot of close looks from pretty boys too. Tells me he doesn't mind this. I'm proud of him and don't mind him getting this attention. In fact if he ever droops a little I tell him it's time for more suntan lotion and I;ll rub it on. That makes him not only straight again but also shiny.
He's been asked to be photographed s few times. And I have too. It's fun to let a stranger take a picture of you naked in public. Fun to imagine what they will do with your picture later.
Anyone else feel this way? Write to me and Bob at [email protected]

Lafayette Hill, PA

#297 Jul 4, 2010
Husband and I have been to a cple of nude beaches.Did see a few guys hard which didnt bother me at all lol. Hubb got hard as well but he doesn't have a whole lot to look at he he.Did see my 1st black ones in person very nice and very very big no myth there.

Sherman Oaks, CA

#298 Jul 5, 2010
Hey, Susan, as you can see from my earlier post, my wife and I totally relate to your feelings. I immediately get hard when i see men staring at her naked body! I assume Bob feels the same when men look at you. We are definitely the reason many men near us get erections. They see her body, they see my hard on, and it gets them (and I hope some of the women) excited. As I said, I get SO hard and hot that I just can't stand it. Have to get relief. At first we'd go in the water and I'd explode there, or if the water was too cold, I'd do it under a towel. But then I said "what the hell" and my wife just did me with her hand and mouth right out in the open. We've done that numerous times. What a feeling! Has Bob ever cum on the beach? Have you ever had intercourse on the beach? Would love to share feelings and stories.

Since: May 09

Location hidden

#299 Jul 5, 2010
Tracey and I go to a nudist beach a lot. Never really seen a full hardon although we have seen a lot of semis. I almost always get excited and Tracey often sits with her legs open. She always gets wet while we are there and we have great sex when we get home. We would love the attention from others.

Sherman Oaks, CA

#300 Jul 5, 2010
batman, you should try getting "relief" in public. It really is a thrill and we've found that the others on the beach either love it or don't care!

Antioch, CA

#301 Jul 5, 2010
Haven't been to a nude beach. I often sunbathe nude in my backyard. My BF is usually hard when he joins me. My best friend, my BF and I sunbathed nude together recently. I know what you mean when seeing others check out your partner. It made me quite horny seeing her look at my BF's hard on.

United States

#303 Jul 5, 2010
Whats funny and gross at the same time is an out of shape pot bellied dude with a hard on. There's your perv stereotype. But a guy that the ladies would be attracted to would be different. I have never been to a nude beach. But I know I would have an all day hard on if I did. And I would be proud to wear it regardless of what others thought about it. Its pretty hypocritical to put yourself on a nude beach and then get offended by an erection. I hate hypocrites. They are the ones who ruin the fun for everyone else.

United States

#304 Jul 5, 2010
GI Jane wrote:
<quoted text> A horse has a big one to, That doesn't mean I want to look at it or touch and play with it. Stay away from the negro beast no good will ever come from them.
Fully agree.


#305 Jul 10, 2010
gisselle wrote:
last yr was the 1st time my b/f and i went to a nude beach,were both in ourearly 20tys anyway we got there after a few hours a bunch of young girls sat right by uz my b/f was in his chair the girls kept looking at his stuff i saw him get instanly hard to top it off 1 girl walked over to ask the time she was staring at his raging erection i was so nervous then the other 2 girls joined over and were making small talk while staring the whole time all of a sudden my b/f started cumming all over the girls stayed till he was done then pretty much left i didnt say anything to him im soo mad it turns me on to think about it but im still mad and embarred this happened i think he doesnt love me
Don't worry about it Giselle, I am sure he was just enjoying the attention. What guy wouldn't? The best thing you can do next time you are at the beach is go and talk with the guy who has the biggest, most attractive cock you can see. Stare at it and see if you can provoke a reaction, from the cock and your boyfriend!
uncut tomas


#306 Jul 11, 2010
I bathe naked in summmer in a desrted beach. There are sometims some fishermen in the shore who usually fish naked because nobody is around. I get an erection when getting nude and erction goes down when I start swimming. But ehen I go to the same beach with my gf, we are both naked; I then get a huge erection, and then we make love both naked on l large towel Open air sex is a wonderful experience...

Since: Dec 09

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#307 Jul 18, 2010
Kristen wrote:
I was wondering what other women thought about seeing men with erections at nude beaches. I have been going to a local nude beach for two years now and always like seeing men with hardons. It doesn't happen often, but is very hot when it does. What is your opinion?
Men also enjoy seeing hard nipples and swollen boobs on women. That's all natural. Women who are shy of men's hard ons do not fit as real nudists; so why do they go to nudist beaches; they should go to lesbian nudist beaches.


Binghamton, NY

#312 Jul 31, 2010
I am thinking of becoming a naturist and have a few questions. Where are the best spots to go with a little or a lot of people what do I do If if I get a boner cover it up or let it be what should I bring

Brampton, Canada

#313 Jul 31, 2010
we have a nude beach on center island here in Toronto been there a few times and seen a few hard on's besides mine. but then with all the sweet females running around nude what do you expect

Norwalk, CT

#314 Aug 6, 2010
Tammy wrote:
All a girl has to do is open her legs as wide as possible or spread lotion on her breasts.
The last time I saw a woman masturbating at the nude beach on long island I sat in front of her and jerked off shooting my load all over her tits it was great!!!!!!!!!!

Since: Aug 10

London, UK

#315 Aug 8, 2010
Nudist Girl wrote:
<quoted text> I know what you mean! Whenever I see one, I always try to help the poor guy out by yanking it for them! ;)
i already had a stiffy from ealier and that comment made me pop. thanks for making ma keys sticky :)
Hi peps

La France, SC

#316 Aug 8, 2010
I really wanna experiment with making videos for someone. Girl guy anyone! I am a guy with a 7 inch strong. I wont do it for nothing cause then i get nothing out of it but i do plan on sending more than recieving... that was not a gay refrence either kids lol :P
So Im bi, wanna have some fun with a camera, wanna see some sexy dick and tits!
email is: uwannacmett @
I know stupid email i made it a while ago.

Also if you live in the Oconee area in SC message me if you wanna possibly hook up cause i just moved here and need some fun expecially if you got a dick, never got to suck off a dick before ;)

Washington, UK

#318 Aug 8, 2010
Snidely wrote:
<quoted text>
Why did your mom stick it up her *ss? There was a much better place to put it in!
In the 14 year old!!!!!!!!!!

United States

#320 Aug 9, 2010
I go to a nude beach often and have had erections while on the beach. Most girls who see me with an erection just give me a smile. If anything I don't think anyone thinks badly. There are attractive naked girls on the beach and sometimes your manhood has a mind of it's own.

There has been a couple of occassions where having an erection at a nude beach actually turned out to be a good thing! Sometimes they bring about very erotic encounters!

Since: May 10

United States

#321 Aug 9, 2010
so can any one come to a nude beach like all ages
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