Have you ever been masturbated by a n...

Have you ever been masturbated by a nurse?

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Long Beach, CA

#2 Aug 8, 2011
Not true. They ony do it to put in a catheter because they can't insert it with a soft penis.

Lake Villa, IL

#3 Aug 8, 2011
well, uh, yeah, when I was 22 yrs old in hospital

Lake Villa, IL

#4 Aug 8, 2011
And it wasn't major surgery. She gave me a sponge bath. My c$ck was already hard but I was holding it between my legs, so when she started to wash there it sprang up like a catapult. She held it while washing the area around it. But when she started washing it with her hands I shot off several spurts that hit on the wall above the headboard where the intercom thing was. All she said was "Oh, my...." At the time I thought I was in the wrong so I was embarassed, but looking back, she was an adult, she HAD to know that would happen. Never forget it though. That was in November, 1975.





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Herndon, VA

#6 Oct 17, 2011
Yeah, in her living room while we were alone. my gf at the time. She loved stroking my co** and I loved it too! Damn, that was good!


#7 Nov 20, 2011
What a load of rubbish of course they wouldn't
Its not a matter of life & death

a nurse is there to save lives not be used to help you whack off

Any nurse that even thought about it would lose their career


#8 Nov 20, 2011
Also whoever said they put a catheter into an erect penis is also talking rubbish

The urinary tube would be too constricted if it was erect making it too hard to insert

Some of you people live in dream world

United States

#10 Nov 20, 2011
I actually was masturbated by two nurses. At the same time. But it wasn't in a hospital. It was in the livingroom of their apartment.

It happened when I was a freshman in college a long, long time ago (1965). I was home on Christmas break, shopping at the grocery store, and ran into two high school classmates who had stayed in our hometown and were attending nursing school. I had never dated either of these girls but knew them well because for much of high school I had "gone steady" with one of their best friends (who by this time had split with me and was engaged to someone else). We got to talking in the store parking lot and eventually decided to go to their nearby apartment because it was cold outside.

At the apartment the talk was accompanied by wine, and as the night wore on we all got tipsy. I told them about my tame adventures at the state university, and then they started telling me about their nursing training. They recently had received instruction on how to give a sponge bath to a patient who was in bed. The subject of male patients developing erections was addressed by the crusty old female instructor, they revealed amid much giggling. She told the students that they should just deliver a sharp whack with a pencil to the penis, and that it would "deflate".

I winced and told the girls that such treatment would be cruel, and probably wouldn't work anyway. They eventually proposed that we try out the technique. They were quite insistent, and I was drunk enough to give in, with the promise that they would just hit once. It did hurt (not much, really) and it didn't work. So they decided to "deflate" me the old-fashioned way. They took turns stroking, and when I finally came it was perhaps the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

Unfortunately, the girls immediately turned their attention to cleaning up the mess that I had made on their carpet. That effectively spoiled the mood. I left the apartment soon after, and only saw them occasionally in the years that followed, never in an intimate setting. We did, however, have a good laugh about it among ourselves at a class reunion a few years ago.


#11 Nov 20, 2011
Yet to xperience that

“Crazy and diffrent;)”

Since: Nov 11

Location hidden

#13 Nov 20, 2011
only in my naughty dreams, yet to xperience that maybe someday.. but think that only happends in porn movies

New York, NY

#14 May 16, 2012
My freshman year of college, I had German Measles, and was quarantined in the college med center. The orderly came in the first morning to draww blood and take my blood pressure. He leaned across my body, and cuff the arm away from him, and press his forearm into my penis. When I got an erection, he pulled it out, and gave me oral. After I ejaculated, and he left, I was disgusted by the whole thing. I asked the Doctor to have another orderly assigned, and when he asked why, I told him. they fired the guy.

Spring Hill, FL

#15 Jun 15, 2012
When I was in the Marine Corps in 1960 I contracted rheumatic fever while at the rifle range at Camp Pendleton,Cali. I had a Navy Liutenant nurse that used to give me alcohol rubs and wash me. I was nineteen at the time and very sensitive to human touch, especially a woman's touch. The nurse that took care of me had the morning shift so she was in charge of washing me in the morning. Anyway, I would try very hard not to get an erection, and I would try doubly hard not to have an ejeculation once I had an erection. It would enevitably happen, however on many occasions. Looking back on it now, I feel that the Liutenant was getting off as much as I was.

Since: Apr 12


#16 Jun 15, 2012
I recall having an operation when aged about 38. My recovery was quite prolonged, so had to be bed bathed on a daily basis for about 2 weeks. One particular nurse (aged about 19) took very great care of me and I've never been 'handled' so gently in my life.

She was so caring and washed my c*ck and balls with all the love I could ask for. Her touch was wonderful and it felt heavenly-I'm sure if I'd have given her the right encouragement, she'd have sucked me right there and then, but as we were in a big ward (only concealment were those curtains/drape things), so I was really afraid we'd get busted. She was very attentive to me-even when my wife came to visit each afternoon.

A wonderful experience; one I look back on with great affection. Shame we weren't in a private room-things would have been so different!

Since: Jan 11

Location hidden

#17 Jun 15, 2012
I have been in hospital for operations a few times over the past few years. One of the night nurses and I seemed to hit if off very well on one occasion. One night the nurse came in as usual in the wee small hours and sat on my bed. We chatted as usual for some time. She decides to tidy up my bed and then begins to touch me on my privates. I said "hey what do you think you are doing?" She told me to relax as it would be A good pain relief making me feel sleeply as I had been in quite a lot of discomfort post operation finding difficultly sleeping. As it turned out after the event I did fall asleep quite easily. After my discharge she and I hit it off together for 12 months as B/F G/F. Finally, coming from cattle country she became home sick and very unsettled until finally returning to her parents family cattle property of origin. She certainly wasn't a city girl and only came to the city to studdy nursing.


#19 Jan 2, 2013
I was admitted to hospital a few days ago for an appendix operation. I spent 2 days in a private recovery ward. The locum nurse who cleaned my stiches every day is a beautiful indian nurse who also happens to live next door to my flat. Her name is Kubendree Govender. She is 22 years old. I am 37 years old and live alone. I always had the biggest crush on her. The last day of my stay, Kubendree worked the night shift. She was cleaning my stitched on my stomach. I lifted my head and looked down her top. I saw her red bra and noticed her nipple showing. I got aroused. She left to fetch a new drip. I quickly removed my pajama pants and brief and lay naked waist below under the sheets. She returned and began changing my drip. I dropped my cellphone intentionally on the floor and saw her sqwat to pick it up. I saw her legs apart and adjusted to peep under her skirt. I got a cockstand when I saw her red panty by her puss. When she continued to change my stitches dressing, I purposely pulled my sheet down so that my cock was exposed. I pretended to be unaware that my cock was showing. She looked at my cock and asked why my cockhole was so big and open. I told her that my cock was standing because I saw her panty. She was embarrassed. I told her I wouldn't tease her is she did me a favor by touching my cockhole. She was reluctant but agreed. I didn't expect her to push her entire middle finger inside my cockhole. As soon as I saw her entire finger inserted in my cock, I ejaculated. It was embarassing.

Woodland Hills, CA

#20 Jan 4, 2013
Once when I was about 12 years old I needed a shot for something. The doctor leaves the room and in walks a nurse. She asks me to pull down my pants. I had a hard on cause I always did at that age. She telles me to lie down and I say I can't. She wants to know why and looks around and sees my cock. She kinda smirked and let out a chuckle. She gave it a few strokes and then promptly got up and left. I think now she heard something. She came back in about ten minutes and asks if its "okay" yet. I tell her yes. I lay down and she injects my butt with now I think it must have been a tetanus vaccine. I was sore for three days.
To this day I wonder had she not heard anything would have she stroked me off.

Englewood, OH

#21 Jan 31, 2013
A woman that I know well was hired by a gentelman in his 60's that could not walk without assistance. She was hired as a live in caregiver and housekeeper. Being a LPN she handled most of his medical needs. After a few months caring for him she seen no harm in helping him with his "other" needs. This man was very wealthy due to his insurance settlement from the accident that crippled him. In time they developed a very close friendship and when he died he left this woman millions of dollars for her service and very good care, including seeing to his sexual needs. This nurse is now fully retired and lives in a mansion and has inherited everything that her patient had.Very good pay for showing kindness to the right guy!


#22 Jun 7, 2013
I broke a wrist and was hospitalized a few days. I had a nurse pick up my penis and lovingly shift it. Later another nurse who was friendly a coupla times on about the 4th visit to my bed wanted to shower. L said l'd be right. But she kept at it. I said no, saying my wife was comin in. She wasin her early thirties and v attractive. Lm sure 1% of my body would have got 99% of the attention. I wished l had taken her up onthe offer


#23 Aug 13, 2013
I was in hospital for a few months and had to be bed bathed this one time I was getting washed by a nurse in her 40s , I could feel myself getting hard and she carried on.
She asked me if she should stop I said no need, so she carried on it was amazing as I was in the middle if the ward with the curtains around me.
After a few minutes of her w@nking me off I shot.
She said she didn't expect that much coming out it was double what her husband does.
I got cleaned up then she carried on as though jt was normal
and every time she was on the morning shift I got hand relief then a wash

Since: Jan 11

Location hidden

#24 Aug 13, 2013
I find the two posts a little difficult to swallow. There not a lot of hospital staff in wards. Others keep popping in checking on each other. Any nurse caught in this situation would be reported to their ward manager and then sacked.

Edmond, OK

#25 Oct 16, 2013
A nurse masturbated me in a hospital in Oklahoma. The first letter of her name is S.
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