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Downers Grove, IL

#1 Oct 18, 2009
Guys and girls please submit your hottest spanking fantasies. I am a forty-year-old bisexual mom and teacher - mine is to dominate a younger couple or alternatively to have an older couple dominate me.
wandering palms

London, UK

#2 Oct 19, 2009
So Mirel you really are a very naughty girl arnt you. We were having a very nice conversation on another thread when after promising to write a full reply you behave like an uncontrolled schoolgirl and decide not to do as you are told. Instead you open up another forum on the same subject without express permission. I have decided that you obviously can not accept punishment from just me so this time I am going to introduce my better half who I am afraid is more strict than I am. We feel that you have a lot of explaining and apologising to do just to earn a mild spanking. We will want you to create a fantasy along the lines of --- You are out for a walk with your dog when it escapes and runs into my garden. It proceeds to uproot my prize plants and instead of coming to apologise you try to sneak off. We happen to be at the window and see you and as we know you decide to come and visit you. Fortunately your family are all out and so we tell you that you either present yourself at our place tomorrow for a good thrashing or we will inform your husband who is looking for any excuse to get rid of it anyway. You agree and promise to come round at 0900 tomorrow morning.

Its now 0900 and you have nervously decided that you have to obey us and receive the punishment -- you take it from here and lets see how imaginative you can be. We are both going to spank you thoroughly.

Chicago, IL

#3 Oct 22, 2009
mmm, well I think you would inform me that since the dog is not being controlled by its owner, its owner is obviously not much better than a dog. I would be ordered to strip since dogs do not wear clothes and to get on all fours at your feet as dogs do not stand. Your wife would tell you that she has some experience training disobedient dogs. However, she has never seen a bi*ch quite like this one and she believes extreme measures are necessary.
Wandering Palms

Bexleyheath, UK

#4 Oct 26, 2009
Sorry I have been away for a few\ days and whilst I am pleased to receive your reply it does not go anywhere near the humiliation I expect to inflict. want you to explain in detail what has to happen. You are obviously totally out of control and need some discipline. I want you to write out here, in full submission, how you are ordered\ to strip. what you actually do and how we both are to minister your spanking. What would your husband say if I went to confront him, perhaps he would want me to do it all again in front of him whilst he\watched. What do you think.Your reply should be as swexual and graphic as you can make it, thats\ why we are all here, is it not. So get busy, young Mirel, as I am beginning to grt some stirring feelings about your predicament.

Melrose Park, IL

#5 May 21, 2011
My mother catches me masterbating. She tells me to turn around and bend over. She spanks me bare bottom. A week later she is walking around in her long night gown and I get hard. I run upstairs and masterbate. She knows what I'm doing and tells me to come down. I do. She takes me in her bedroom sits on the bed and gently strokes me and then kisses my c--k. She then tells me this is what I should do from now on. This actually happened and I've fantasized about ever since. Unfortunately, she passed away at a young age.

Milton, FL

#6 May 30, 2011
I am nude on Mount Olympus getting 30 strokes of the cane from Aphrodite
J_girl 15

Portland, OR

#7 May 30, 2011
I don't get spanked very often but when it happens is my dad that does it because he is a single parent and anyway ever since I was like 11 and old enough to get spankings I'm allowed to keep my shirt on but I have to do report to him in his bedroom in my panties which he takes off of me just before I go across his lap for the spanks, anyway I always fantasize that is going to make me put my feet apart and spank me in between! or maybe tell me to flip over and then spank me in the front! that would hurt but it would really be like super hot! my friend says she wants to have her boobs spanked but that would just hurt too much and anyway how would you do it?

Melrose Park, IL

#8 May 31, 2011
J_girl 15 wrote:
I don't get spanked very often but when it happens is my dad that does it because he is a single parent and anyway ever since I was like 11 and old enough to get spankings I'm allowed to keep my shirt on but I have to do report to him in his bedroom in my panties which he takes off of me just before I go across his lap for the spanks, anyway I always fantasize that is going to make me put my feet apart and spank me in between! or maybe tell me to flip over and then spank me in the front! that would hurt but it would really be like super hot! my friend says she wants to have her boobs spanked but that would just hurt too much and anyway how would you do it?
I always wondered if my daughters wanted me to spank them beyond a certain age. My oldest daughter was more advanced than my youngest. When I spanked her she would get upset at me but then be very cuddly and close for the next couple days. Sitting on my lap and sitting next to me leaning on me. Was she sending me signs?

Wadhurst, UK

#9 May 31, 2011
I'm a my flat with my boyfriend and his mates, and I'm acting like a real bitch, moaning and whinging...finally my boyfriends grabs me and says "who wants to see this moaning bitch panties?", he then lifts up my skirt revealing my thong..all his mates say what a sexy bottom i have. One shouts spank it, so he starts...I'm trying to resist, saying this is so humiliating, and how dare you. His mates all start rubbing and spanking my bottom, before getting their erect dicks out and wanking over me.......that's my fantasy!

Seattle, WA

#10 May 31, 2011
My fantasy comes from a spanking I witnessed my cousin getting when I was 14. I was spending a couple weeks with my aunt and uncle and their family. Their daughter Jennie and I were the same age and good friends. Compared to me she was a little bit wild and always seemed to be in some sort of trouble either at school or at home. One evening she convinced me to go riding around with a couple of older boys she knew—aside from us drinking some beer they had with them nothing really bad happened.

The boys kept us out late, and we sneaked back into the house after we thought her parents were asleep. Thinking we were home free, we went to bed, only to be roused a half hour later by both of her very angry parents. Her father grabbed Jennie by the arm and dragged her out of bed, yelling at her about how she wasn’t supposed to be riding around with boys they’d never met and that he could smell beer on our breath and that she was really gonna get it tonight. Jennie looked both shocked and scared as he dragged her out of our bedroom.

My aunt told me to come along, that they wanted me to see what happened to girls who disobeyed them. I followed them into the kitchen, wondering what was going to happen to Jennie—and to me. Her father set a tall kitchen stool in the middle of the floor and told Jennie to bend over the seat and grab the legs on the opposite side. Then her mother reached over and with a brisk tug pulled her pajama bottoms down to her ankles. Her father then gave her 20 very hard, fast swats with a heavy leather strap, turning her bottom bright red and making her first grunt then finally start to cry.

I watched all this wide eyed, afraid I was going to be next, but at the same time feeling inexplicably excited. But when her father was finished, he just told for both of us to go to bed. Ever since then I’ve fantasized about being bent over that stool, feeling my pajamas being pulled down, then waiting for that first swat to land and the pain that would follow…

Milton, FL

#11 Jun 7, 2011
I always wanted to get paddled or caned by the gals on the TV show Baywatch

United States

#12 Jun 12, 2011
There was once a man that needed some cash,for the rent he owed . He advertised ,he does handy work. He gets his first phone call from a woman that did an extension to her bedroom and the contractor left in middle of the job !. She showed him what needs to be done. When he saw a cane in the room ,she explained thats the correction rod she had used on her kids & uses on anybody that needs correction & discipline.

Richmond, KY

#13 Apr 27, 2012
I go to open house at school and was the last appointment that day. I was late but the teacher was nice. She had an oversized thick, round spanking paddle with little holes in it hanging behind her desk. Our conversation turns to the paddle and spanking and I let it slip that they spankings always did me good and I wished there was someone to still hold me accountable and keep me at my best. The teacher states that its not for everyone but she knows many students that greatly benefited from her disciplining them and that many have returned to be spanked again after graduating. We talked a bit more about spanking and then I get up to leave and again apologised for being late. She says nothing and I slowly start towards the door when she finally interjects and says. You need a good spanking don't you? I froze and sheepishly nodded yes. She grabbed her paddle and walked over to the door to shut and lock it. My stock was doing flip flops and my mind was racing with fear, and excitement. She pulled her chair out and sat own and told me that since I had already graduated as was a adult she wanted me to come over to her, pull my pants down and bend over her knee. Stating" I'm going to paddle your little bare butt good". I got a long hard spanking, I cried and my butt was red as a beet. When she was done I went to all fours and started sucking her toes and licking her feet and legs and continued upward and reamed her out frontwards and backwards. I now report to the teacher the first Friday of each month for a real good spanking from a much younger sexy teacher.....ahhhhhh, that's one of my fantasies

Blyth, UK

#14 May 9, 2013
i get spanked by my youger wife when spanking me she alwayes wears a pleated skirt to emulate my school days she wears at least 4 full skirted long petticoats under her skirt just short of the hem by about 2 inches.
she orderes me over her knee i am alwayes naked somtimes the lace on her petticoats shows it lookes very sexy.she spankes me with her hand first for about 5 mins she then orders me to get the hair brush from her dressing table i hand her the brush she places it on the bed reaches for the hem of her skirt and lifts it back revieling her petticoats she then orders me over her knee again i love the silky feeling of the petticoats against my skin somtimes she wraps her leg around my legs pinning me beteen her legs ingulfing me in the nylon she then brings down the hairbrush quite hard it does reaiiy hurt and it not very long befor i am skerming oboute over her knee once the spanking is over she gets me over her knee again in the correct position for the best part she starts by coressing my penis with her petticoats once errect she then masterbates me until i come into her petticoats it is so beautiful being in that possition first for pain then for pleasure this is not a fantacy

Hurst, TX

#15 May 18, 2013
A former boss paddled me and then let me paddle her 5 times while I wanked off in her office!

Dedham, MA

#16 May 18, 2013
Well, this is not a fantasy, it actually happened...I had this cute little sub who wanted to be spanked, so I drove her to a public place at night and made her strip to her underwear in the passenger seat of my car, recline the seat and lay face down on it, then I gave her a good handspanking while telling her she was a naughty girl.

Hurst, TX

#17 May 18, 2013
My boss was a good sport about it....I was on fire, & she knew the paddling she gave me was what got me going....she had no prob. with letting me get off while I did her. The sound of the "splat" of the paddle on her skirt/@@@@@sssss put me over the edge. I wanted to squirt on her legs, but it went all over the floor....the door was loced & no windows, by the way....just the loud splats of the paddle!

Hurst, TX

#18 May 18, 2013
Even now I get turned on seeing anyone get paddled in a porn video in an office! Let me know if you are a female and want to be paddled hard, preferably at work...LOL

Hurst, TX

#19 May 18, 2013
Also, I am willing to be the one receiving the paddling, or use a leather belt, etc. Any takers?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#20 May 19, 2013
I had a fantasy of being spanked by a women so I ran a C/L ad an made arraignments to me up with her. I showed up an found an attractive late 40's woman in a dim lit room. She surprized me by pointing to a stack of clothes saying put them on an I'm going to come back an punish you for dressing in my clothes. She left the room an I thought what the hell an put on the bra shirt thing an short skirt. She came back an chewed me out for wearing her clothes then she suddenly snapped a pic an said either I suffer a spanking or she posts the pic. By now I'm rock hard an poking out the top of the thing. She bends me over her knee lifts my skirt an lays into my bare as with a wooded ruler. It hurts like hell but I'm thinking how kinky this is not ever been dressed as girl etc. I start grinding my hhard on into her lap with each smack so she will know I'm enjoying it. Suddenly I realize I'm feeling something hard pushing back against mine an I realize she's a C/D! She then grabs my hair pulls my head up lifts her skirt an shoves my face down onto her thick c**k. She is humping my face, I can't breath, my eyes are watering an she explodes in my mouth. She ppushes me to the floor an I realize that I have come on my self also. She snaps another pic of me laying on the floor with the skirt around my waist come all over my face an belly an says same time next week or I start posting.
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