Being peed on and asking to pee insid...

Columbus, OH

#95 May 3, 2008
My wife pees on me all the time when we have sex.
I find it TOTALLY hot and kinda degrading but I like it that way!
When she starts cumin she pees- then will sit on my face and say "drink up b*tch!"
I always do! As long as she has had a ton of water or beer its very yummy indeed!
Onan The Barbarian


#96 May 3, 2008
Jeez, why not go for broke and pee in her ass

Since: May 08

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#97 May 3, 2008
I have experienced both side of this fetish and it is very enjoyable for both. Assuming you are both participating. I recomend that there be some preparation before begining. We for instance use to go the mourning pee in the mourning and then start drinking a lot of koolaid. Dilutes the uric acid and adds a slight sweetness. As for the people that say it is hard to pee with an erect penis, yes I agree but with a little patince and preactice you can learn to relax the bladder mussles. I also want to mention that my partner loved it when I peed so much in her vagina that she beg me to pull out. when i did she said it was almont like having an extra long orgasm.
Johnny the Iron Fist

Hayward, CA

#98 May 6, 2008
Hey there fello fruits!
I thought this was my ex girlfriend writing about me.
I just dumped her, she was a nutcase in general...
but we did stuff like this.
I would put tampons inside her, douche her,...
I would fxxk her doggy style against the sink and
pour wax on her but and spank and choke her...
I also loved putting my penis in her but
and shooting cxm inside her but...
but you run out of things to do...
we then had sex one time while she was
sitting on a a gorgeous
5 star hotel...
then...we just had the urge...
I peed on her vagina...while she was
sitting on the toilet..
then she peed on me...down there.. appeals to the part of the
human brain that craves uncertainty
and mystery...
it was odd...and didn't happen often.
but it was interesting..
did I want to control her?
choke her?
spank her hard with my hand and belts?
oh yes.
was any of it that healthy...?
maybe not..
is your guy gay for wanting a dildo in his axx..
quite maybe!!
most guys want minimal anal attention
myself included.
I once had a girl drink champagne out of
my axx...
ass play is weird ...and should
be special occassion type of stuff..
but no matter what...
a straight guy wouldn't want
a dildo, which represents a penis,
inside his rear...
your boy is bi!
I hate to tell you..
and bi with a man really means gay.
bi for a girl just means lame...
all you guys out there...
follow this path, my path...and the
path of Luke Skywalker...
pee on your girls vagina..
let her know who the king is....

Lithia, FL

#99 May 14, 2008
I like to have a vibe anally, and I'm a guy, but I'm certainly not gay. I'm neither attracted to men, nor would I ever let a guy in my ass. However, my wife does like taking me with a vibe or strap on every now and then, and I love it. It gets her horny too.

As for the piss fetish, I have one too. I like her to pee on me while I'm in her, and vice versa. It's really just that I like the warm liquid feeling on me. I also get my wife to squirt for me and love it. It's along the same lines for me.

Just try it. You might like them. My motto is try everything you want once, and assess it after you do. You might find something you're into that you didn't know you were.

Since: May 07

Somewhere in the Southeast US

#101 Jun 16, 2008
i wanna kiss you wrote:
peeing INSIDE a girl is really bad, cuz that will give her a UTI infection and BELIEVE ME ive had those twice and its not fun, neither is a yeast infection.
The lady who used to love to have me whiz inside her never received a UTI (the vagina is not specifically part of the Urinary Tract, although the UT empties into the same orifice), and felt that it was the pee inside her that kept her FREE from yeast infections as well.
Chris wrote:
<quoted text>
Why in the heck would a woman want a guy to pee inside her?
She told me it was the feeling of fullness--much like fisting can cause pleasurable pressure on the G-spot, so can being full of urine.
some guy

Mount Pleasant, SC

#102 Aug 24, 2008
i've always wanted to pee in my gf so i brought it up one time and she let me do it. it's possible to piss with a hardon, just not easy. i enjoyed it a lot, stopping only when it got pretty full and letting it drain. she loved the full feeling too
man shy

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#104 Sep 8, 2008
Me and my wife enjoy peeing on each and I find it a turn on when I drink her hot piss. It such a wonderful feeling
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Brick, NJ

#105 Sep 8, 2008
I have had my women pee on me while I was inside her. It was not planned, it was in the middle of the night and to make it better it happened on a hotel balcony! It was so hot since it just happened.

Ramsey, UK

#106 Sep 26, 2008
My partner and I love to pee over each other.She likes me to pee over her vagina and then put my erect penis into her and pee inside.
I like her to stand over me in the bath and pee into my my and over my face.
It is very intimate and personal and is so horny and erotic that she loves it as much as me.We would ultimately like to do it outside but have yet found a quiet place.


#107 Sep 27, 2008
You are not alone. i overheard two females talking about how they loved getting pissed in inside their butts at a local bar. They were of course "Feeling Good" and didn't show any shame.
WOW! The imagination seems to attrack like minds wherever you are. This is very interesting.
Annie S wrote:
I'm 19. My boyfriend is able to pee while he has an erection, and he has peed while his erect penis was inside my rectum during anal sex. I was surprised the first time how wonderful and warm it felt. We both enjoy it and have done it from time to time since then.

“I'm not just white, I'm pasty”

Since: Sep 08

Columbia, MO

#108 Sep 27, 2008
Curious wrote:
I am dating this guy that has expressed this desire. Can anyone tell me why he wants this? He also wants me to use a strap on with him and likes things in his butt. Is he bisexual or just has fetishes??
I would see only a health concern with this. Personally I love the feeling of a guy cumming inside of me, so I guess it's not too far of a leap. I would never let anyone pee inside of me though. Disturbing the bacterial balance in there is all sorts of bad. I don't want a yeast infection!

Hawley, PA

#109 Sep 27, 2008
A man can certainly pee with an erection.I can easily anyway.
Carmel1978 wrote:
<quoted text>
He is a FREAK! Run as fast as you can.
Also how is it possible for a guy to pee if he is erect inside of you??? Hmmm, not sure if that is possible.
kriz dark Angel

Trenton, NJ

#110 Oct 16, 2008
That's the 1st honest answer I read.conglaturations for having such a awesome time with ur partner.plis just be a litle bit more specific cuz I wanna try that with my wife.
Mum from a far

Naxxar, Malta

#111 Oct 28, 2008
My daughter got crazy on topless like 6months ago, now she wants to start lactating at all costs, we've been to at least 5 clinics, some say its possible, but all agree its not safe for a teenage to be induced to lactate.

What do I do?
How do I deal with her toplessness? Its becomming extreme, to me at least


United States

#112 Nov 26, 2008
My gf lets me pee on her,in her and she even swallows it from time to time.No real health concerns as said many times,pee is sterile.

She does the same to me and its sexy.I like pretty straight foward sex though.

The only other fetishes I have are lactating when my wife is pregnant.She will be again as we plan to have another.

I am not weird,aside from those two,I dont have any fetishes you would not find in a mainstream porn video.

“I'm not just white, I'm pasty”

Since: Sep 08

Columbia, MO

#113 Nov 27, 2008
Alec wrote:
My gf lets me pee on her,in her and she even swallows it from time to time.No real health concerns as said many times,pee is sterile.
She does the same to me and its sexy.I like pretty straight foward sex though.
The only other fetishes I have are lactating when my wife is pregnant.She will be again as we plan to have another.
I am not weird,aside from those two,I dont have any fetishes you would not find in a mainstream porn video.
Hate to break it to you but a mainstream porn video might have some things that most people don't consider very normal. I'm not saying I am or am not one of them, but porn is not meant to be a guideline...

Grand Rapids, MN

#114 Dec 9, 2008
Urine is sterile.
Inside a Vagina or rectum...
Does that mean its safe? Yes and no... You MUST be sure that your partner (the pee'r) is STD and UTI free, or you run the risk of catching something. if your in a monog' relationship, and your confident it's really monog', GO AHEAD! Pee where ever you like!!!
Cant pee while erect?
Wait until you have ejaculated, stay buried inside your cavity of choice for a few minutes while the muscles relax and then let it flow!
Putting things in a mans anus?
Pegging, as its often called, does not mean he is gay, rather it shows that he is open and secure with his sexuality enough to be comfortable with something that may considered 'gay' by the unwashed masses... Prostate pressure = GOOD!
BUT, there is no way to tell if he is gay/bi unless he will honestly answer the question, bottom line (no pun intended) he may or may not be, but pegging does not guarantee 'gay' or 'bi'.
to quote ADC...'Either you suck di%^ or you don't suck di%^..!'
Personally, I love urine play, I'm slowly breaking my wife in to the point where she will piss during oral/vaginal sex, but I haven't been able to get her to let me fill her vagina or anus with my pee. She's 'cuming' around though! I also am a fan of pegging, IMHO it ups the intensity factor of an orgasm at least 10 fold. It takes trust and confidence in your partner for any of the above activities, but if you have that trust, experiment away!
Hope everyone has a pisser day!

Victorville, CA

#115 Dec 21, 2008
I would give my right arm to have a woman pee on me and for me to pee inside her...they just ain't around

Glen Allen, VA

#116 Dec 22, 2008
Pee is gross to mee. No offense to people who are into that.

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