TO HIT A WOMAN: When is it appropraite?

TO HIT A WOMAN: When is it appropraite?

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#2 Sep 29, 2007
in my opinion its appropriate 2 hit a female if she hits u.. u warn her.. if she hits u a 2nd time.. u leather her

Canton, OH

#4 Sep 29, 2007
Why not just leave her presence if she hits you?

Centerview, MO

#6 Sep 29, 2007
umm i dont think its appropriate to ever hit a woman

Canton, OH

#7 Sep 29, 2007
Doing something would be to leave instead of striking her back. Why not at least restrain her instead of pounding her back?

Canton, OH

#8 Sep 29, 2007
Unless the woman is trying to kill you. Is when I think it's appropriate to hit a woman.


#10 Sep 29, 2007
Its never right to hit a woman! Maybe restrain her if she is attacking you but any man who hits a woman is a coward in my opinion

Since: Sep 07

Mount Pleasant, SC

#11 Sep 29, 2007
He is a total coward. My dad used to beat on my mom. She had a beautiful face, so that was his favorite target. He knocked her eye out of socket, fractured bones in her face, broke her nose, broke her jaw and all that because according to him:

There were times when it was appropriate to hit a woman.

If she hits you call the police. Its domestic abuse.

Since: Sep 07

Mount Pleasant, SC

#15 Sep 30, 2007
Black European Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
Your dad was just a brutal guy. I would rather run away or call the cops like you said than knock her eye out of socket, fracture bones in her face, break her nose and her jaw.That's just criminal.
Did your mom divorce him or not after all that?
Oh yeah she did divorce him, and like I said we ran. Everytime he found us, we would pick up what we could and run again.

But in your case it is abuse too. Your girlfriend should not be hitting you. Instead of hitting her back, call the police on her. You will probably only have to do it once for her to check her temper, but its the best way to handle it.

She will keep hitting you until someone makes it clear to her that it is not okay.

Espoo, Finland

#17 Sep 30, 2007
its appropriate to hit a woman if she is trying to kill you.. hehee in that case you should beat the shit out of her just like in die hard 4.0 :) but in other cases you should just leave.

Cork, Ireland

#18 Oct 1, 2007
One time my ex hit me in a rage. I went ballistic because she knows I would never touch a woman and I thought it was so unfair and cowardly on her part.

It was planned, I was in a bar in my friends after a fight, she came down, called me outside and SLAP. I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not impressed.

What was worse was the next morning when she thought it was O.K.- I told her:
a) it was not OK
b) I accepted it happened in a fit of rage, so it was understandable
c) for her to think the next morning that it was OK, was terrible.

I think later she asked her mother about it, and her mother agreed with me. A woman should never hit a man who she knows won't retaliate.

I don't think a man should ever raise his hand to a woman - in any case. Maybe a wrestle to the ground in extreme cases.

“H.O.R.N.Y.-N-.H. U.N.G”

Since: Sep 07


#19 Oct 1, 2007
no need to hit her, grab her tie her up on the bed until she calms down or at least agrees to go down

“Living Life One Ride at a Time”

Since: Oct 07

Albert Bridge, Nova Scotia

#20 Oct 1, 2007
Inside the home, I don't condone violence of anykind perpetrated by any party residing in the home. It is never justified.

Outside the home when dealing with people you don't live with, then retaliatory violence depends on your own personal beliefs and abilities. I repay violence with violence and gender doesn't come into play. I don't take the first shot but I usually take the last.
As far as I'm concerned if a woman wants to act like a man then she should accept what comes with it.

York, UK

#21 Oct 1, 2007
OH MY GOD, hitting a women is just over the top restraining her isint so bad, so if she hits you just go out the room, or somthing or if its an atack on the street.. well that another thing, Then you should defonatly Defend yourself,

Since: Sep 07

Toronto, Canada

#22 Oct 1, 2007
As a general rule never should a woman be struck by a man. This is due to the usually great strength of the male relative to the female.

But, if the situation is such that injury is likely, the male should grab a large handful of the females hair and hold her on the ground staying out of reach of the feet on the area on the floor above her head.

This is a safe position and should be maintained until the danger passes. Injury to both parties is highly unlikely.
Memories from Maine

Windham, ME

#23 Oct 1, 2007
meistermind wrote:
no need to hit her, grab her tie her up on the bed until she calms down or at least agrees to go down
Tried that. My ex came swinging at me like a banshee just before we broke up, So I pinned her on the bed. I have to give her credit-- she DID warn me that when I got off of her, I'd better move fast, because she was going to nail me, and she kept her word. I sat on top of her for about 20 minutes, until I thought she cooled down enough to discuss our "problem of the day" rationally, like adults. I asked her if she thought we could have a sensible conversation, and she didn't say anything, so I told her I was going to get off her, so we could talk, that there was no need for violence. As I swung my leg over her to get off of her, she came up with the cowboy boots she was wearing and caught me under the rib cage, cracking two ribs. It's the only time in my life I've ever hit a woman. I gave her a good shot to the solarplexus to knock the wind out of her, and then ran and locked the bathroom door. I was so pissed at that point that I was afraid of what I would have done to her if I stayed in that room. When she caught her breath, she let me know she was heading for the phone to call 911. I reminded her that it was me that needed the ER at that point, so she never called.

Sometimes you have no choice but to defend yourself, but those times are few and far between. I would rather do anything else-- even look like a coward-- than swing on a woman. Call it an old fashioned upbringing. But there are just other ways to get your point across.

“Living Life One Ride at a Time”

Since: Oct 07

Albert Bridge, Nova Scotia

#24 Oct 1, 2007
I'm 6 foot, 180 lbs. and have always used physical violence as a last resort. And yes I was brought up to never hit a woman and to never hit anyone smaller than me. However, life's experiences have taught me that all women are not smaller, weaker or even remotely demure and can be every bit as lethal as their male counterparts. In some instances violence can only be resolved with violence especially when brought up like myself to refrain from calling the police and deal with matters on my own.
In my own home, I will not resort to violence nor would I be a victim to it. My home is my sanctuary from the insanity of the world outside and all who live in it share in the peace and tranquility.

Bay City, MI

#28 Oct 2, 2007
When it's consentual if you're into that sort of thing then it's appropriate to hit a woman.
Debbie from Atlanta

United States

#29 Oct 2, 2007
never just walk away

Dardanelle, AR

#31 Oct 2, 2007
If she dishes it out, she better get ready to be hit back. Screw a bunch of feminists that are living in the past. Chivalry is dead. Honey if you punch him, he has every right to punch you back!
True American

Portsmouth, VA

#32 Oct 2, 2007
EireGuy wrote:
Its never right to hit a woman! Maybe restrain her if she is attacking you but any man who hits a woman is a coward in my opinion
There are some huge weight lifting, boxing women that will knock you the hell out!!! You better wake up and smell the coffee. You keep thinking you can restrain any woman and you will be in for a surprise. I don't hit women because i have been fortunate not to have to. I will go to the body and uppercut a women as quick as i will a man if she makes a move on me ; ) Lol!!!
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