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North Melbourne, Australia

#44 Sep 9, 2011
hal wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm just about finished for tonite. 3am is my going to bed time - up again at 7. probably not much here tomorrow - listening to the races instead.
me too keep in mind would love to chat sometime

Baraboo, WI

#45 Sep 9, 2011
That is hot - wish my wife would do that.
tommy12 wrote:
My wife is a slutty woman and she likes getting groped in croweded bars. I've seen her actually spreading her legs a little if a guy grabs her ass.
I doubt she stop a guy from groping her puss. She's prolly thank him.
I love seeing her be slutty. It's so hot that men want her. we've talked about it and We're both ok with the groping. But she encourages it and actually gets into situations where it's more likely to happen.
she is such a slut and I love that.

“Experimental and Inventive”

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#46 Sep 20, 2011
Ali wrote:
Love having my boobs groped and played with - my partner often will watch when someone grabs my boobs
Love to play with your boobs in public someday, Ali. I would squeeze them and tease your nipples ...


“Experimental and Inventive”

Since: Jun 11


#47 Sep 20, 2011
strebor05 wrote:
My husband likes to watch guys in bars grope my tits
How does it make you feel when they grope your tits?


Mumbai, India

#48 Oct 2, 2011
i got groped a lot of times in trains n buses, n enjoyed it sometimes

Sherwood Park, Canada

#49 Oct 9, 2011
About the trains in japan, those are called chikan trains, very likely to be groped if you're a woman there. But there are specific cars for women only to ride if they feel unsafe, not that i'd ever ride that car! Bring the groping on!
Yes, my husband loves watching me be groped, we'll often have it done at clubs And i will for sure spread my legs so my groper can have a great feel of me! Ah... Soft at first, then plain on fingering and fisting till we'll leave with the groper to my place and have a threesome ;) very slutty, yes. Just the way i like it!

Sherwood Park, Canada

#51 Oct 10, 2011
ThatguyG wrote:
<quoted text>he email me so we can talk badboigregjones@live.com
sorry buddy lol

Auckland, New Zealand

#52 Dec 25, 2011
Ive had my boobs groped several times by strangers in public,usually just quick hands from some passing guy in a crowded bar, nothing you can do about it as its usually over before you even realised what just happened. Sort of freaky but also a bit complimentary i guess.
Only real serious time was when I was only 16 or 17 I was on a crowded underground train that lost power and in the dark some guy behind me put his hand up my skirt and squeezed my bum, I was so shocked that i just froze which he mistook for willingness and he then spent the next 5 minutes or so working his hands up my blouse and into my bra, I was so naieve I guess that I thought it was partly my fault somehow and just wished he would stop, I didnt say or do anything to stop him, I would now that Im older so I guess he just lucked out with feeling my tits up.
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United States

#53 Dec 27, 2011
I let my buddy hug my wife from behind at a bar and graze her t!ts from underneath several times. I'm pretty sure he had a hard on pressed against her a$$ too. She didn't seen to mind and I enjoyed watching her be naughty.

United States

#54 Dec 30, 2011
Hottest thing ever

Since: Oct 11

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#55 Dec 30, 2011
MAN are you slow

Since: Dec 11

United States

#56 Dec 30, 2011
Sorry dude, I actually have a job and this is kind of a hobby not a priority.
slavewannabe wrote:
MAN are you slow

Hamilton, UK

#57 Jul 29, 2012
saw my wife kissed and groped in the hotel lobby of where she had her works cbristmas do when i went to pick her up

Falkirk, UK

#58 Jul 30, 2012
My wife's got really big breasts 32ff and shes been groped twice. Once was by an older guy at a party. I saw him doing it as he had a good feel at her breast. Made me hard watching her get felt up. The other time I didnt see but she told me about it. Couldn't believe it when she told me my dad had groped her breast. He actually got his hand into her blouse and his finger was poking into her bra. Love her telling me bout it

Since: Jul 12

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#59 Aug 5, 2012
Once went to an after work party and husband wasn't interested in going. I knew I'd be drinking a bit so I wound up accompanying the police officer in my school who ran the DARE program. I thought he would be a safe "date" but as the night wore on he started hitting on me and to be candid I liked it, especially after several drinks. I had told hubby I'd be home by midnight but we stayed well past that time. On the ride home he kept touching my knee and running his hand up under my skirt until I stopped him. It was obvious he had an erection and I was curious. When we arrived at my house he pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine of his car. i thanked him for driving and he reached over and kissed me gently but sensuously on the lips sliding the tip of his tongue between my lips. I responded by kissing him back and sucking his tongue into my mouth. He took this as permission and his hand went right up my skirt to rest on my p*ssy. It did feel good and I opened my legs a little more to give him access. In the meantime I spotted his hardened c*ck and unzipped his trousers to release his c*ck, it was slightly salty but delish! We were like two animals in heat. My skirt wound up around my waist, my panties on the floor, my blouse across the headrest and my bra under us. I had his slacks around his ankles and sucked his c*ck with abandon. He finger fucked my p*ssy furiously and I came all over his hand. As I felt him stiffen in my mouth He kneeded my breasts and fondled my nipples. he exploded in my mouth and it was the most sensual experience I had in years. The next morning my husband asked what time I got home and I told him about 1 o'clock, he said he had been waiting and watching for me out our upper bedroom window and saw that I had thoroughly enjoyed my "designated driver". I thought he'd be angry but he was very excited at having witnessed me getting finger fucked and sucking someone off to climax.

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#60 Dec 19, 2012
Yes Buddies
My secret fantasy was to see my wife being groped by many men....This came true a couple of years back when we were travelling in a crowded train. It was 5 hours journey. My wife and I boarded the train which was jam packed. Soon my wife wasbetween some nasty men who started groping her big boobs. I was helpless as I was unable to move an inch from my place. The goons ripped open her blouse and groped her tits turn by turn. Secretly I enjoyed the groping....her tits naked....being pressed vigourously....prolonged nipple sucking.....

New Delhi, India

#62 Feb 7, 2013
MM so hot. Even Pooja's husband like to see his wife GROPED by other men and in public transports and do her at their home.Shes a short but hot MILF. a slutty wife receptionist.

Perth, Australia

#64 Feb 21, 2014
It is almost a prerequisite that she gets groped at bars, dresses specifically to allow easy access. Short skirt, no knickers and a split in the back. Loves it

Since: Aug 11

Portland, TX

#65 Feb 22, 2014
I set my wife up for this type of activity every chance I get. Its not as often though now a days, maybe twice in a year. The best luck I've had has always been on New Years Eve. We get a nice large suite at the Omni Hotel and start the party early. While my wife is taking her hot bubble bath I always start out with feeding her champagne. After her first two drinks I start mixing patron tequila in it. When she is finished with her second bottle that's when things tend to heat up. By the time we leave our room she is drunk and so easily manipulated. I can get her to go braless (she has great fantastic 42ds btw) and with some luck of the hunt so to speak, she'll also be wearing crotchless panty hose and no panties. She loves it. When we finally get to one of the parties she is raring to go. She'll continue to drink margaritas the rest of the evening. But out on the dance floor she is anyone's game. There's so much groping of her and lots of hard cocks pressed against her. I just let it happen and encourage it. Before midnight hits she's really toasted. And on the dance floor her breasts are freely bouncing and out of her blouse more often than in. Its kind of hard fining many to grope her since many have their own dates with them, but it does occur. So far I've been fortunate enough to find a few friends to join us back in our hotel suite.

London, UK

#67 Mar 16, 2014
I wonder how I would react

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