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Tucson, AZ

#212 Jan 20, 2013
Virgin14 wrote:
Hi i am 14 and a Virgin but i want to have sex sooo bad. I am soo horny!!!!! <3
I'm 16. Wanna snapchat?:)

Esk, Australia

#214 Jan 20, 2013
j_espin wrote:
<quoted text> I'm 16. Wanna snapchat?:)
. I don't have snap chat

Marysville, OH

#215 Jan 20, 2013
One time I ate a taco. The taco was really juicy. I had the runs after it, I think its because it was from Taco Bell. Also, tits.
Sydney Lamen

Marysville, OH

#216 Jan 20, 2013
One time I was playing minecraft with my 2 guy friends. Then we got a skype call from this really cute girl in the grade below us. She turned on her video and just stared at us play for a while. I told my friends I had to go to the bathroom, muted my mic, and jerked off while staring at her on her webcam. It was awesome.

San Diego, CA

#220 Jan 21, 2013
when i was 16 i went to a friends house party. when i got there it was packed with people and i went off to dance when this guy grabbed me and we started grinding. he started feeling up my skirt and i told him to stop cause it was making me horny, but he kept touching me and pulled me closer. he walked me out of the crowed and we started making out he took me upstairs and locked the door and took my thong off. he started rubbing me and i was horny i just couldnt say no so i started dry humpping him, we took our cloths off and he shoved his dick inside me, it hurt at first . he would push in so hard, he had his tounge down my throat and i was moaning when he started rubbing my tits. it turned me on so much! i was running out of breath, he eat me up, his tounge was so deep in my pussy i moaned and moaned. he turned me around and fucked me so hard the bed felt like it was going to break. i was soar the next day but it was some of the best sex i ever had, it turns me on just thinking about it
Caravan sex man

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#222 Jan 21, 2013
A few years ago me and my older cousin who i saw every weekend at the caravan would go up into the old part of the caravan site which is now abandoned. some off the old caravans were still there so every weekend we would go down to the same caravan go into the bedroom and fuck. we would be there for hours sometimes and sometimes we would sleep there for the whole weekend. in the 6 weeks summer holidays we would go up to the caravan for the full 6 weeks. again everyday we would go down to hte same caravan and have outragous sex with eachother. i was only 13 she was 18. blonde, DD cup size breasts, and tight pussy (shaven), and looked absolutley beatiful. we still meet up now once a week and i will sleep at her house having the best sex ever. last week we had sex for 18 hours non stop and when we did she called her friends and me and 4 of her female friends had a masive, fantastic orgy. yesterday my cousin text me saying she is pregnant aswell as two of her friends. im going to be a dad to 3 kids and all of their mothers i fucked on the same day all at the same time.


#228 Jan 21, 2013
I had sex with my Auntie yesterday and now she wants me to go over on wednesday, what shall I do :// btw I'm 16 and she's 41

London, Canada

#229 Jan 21, 2013
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Brandon, Canada

#231 Jan 21, 2013
i was at a party once i whent with my friend she new the people who were having it so i whent there didnt now anyone there but i walkt around talking to some guys girls i whent outside for some air a girl comes out shes said " your friends with jessie right" i said ya why shes upstares looking for u i askt why she said u better go ask i just called her she said come up stars i did she took me in a room she was in with the other girl i askt whats up she said take off my clothes i askt why cuz i told my friend how good u are so i did and we just had sex for 2 hours tell the hists dame in and said get out of my house


#233 Jan 21, 2013
Once 2 years ago, I was 14 and my ex was at mine and we were in my room watching a movie. He had his arm around me and we were cuddling, then I felt him sit up and move his arm down slightly. Onto my boob. I was a Dcup at the time btw. So anyways, he had his hand on my boobs, so I put mine onto his thigh. He started squeezing it, so I moved my hand up, and he put his into my t-shirt. I moved mine further up untill it was on his penis, and started groping and rubbing him through his pants. He starter squeezing my boobs again, playing with my nipples, kissing my neck. So I turned around to face him and put one leg either side of him, so my boobs were in front of his face. He took his hand out of the top of my t-shirt, and put them both up my top(from the bottom). He lifted my top over my head and pulled me closer so my boobs were rubbing against his face. He reached his arms around my back and undone my bra. My boobs fell free so he grabbed them and pulled one up to his mouth. He kissed it all over, then licked it, then licked my nipple. I giggled really sexily. With turned him on, as I felt his long penis getting hard under my throbbing vagina. He started sucking my nipples, going from one to the other, for about 10 minutes. Then his hand moved down, tickling my stomach with the tips of his fingers. The kept moving down until they reached the top of my leggings. He stopped. I looked at him, so he moved his hands into my leggings, and thong. Rubbing my clit, making me grind on him, and my big boobs bounce infront of him. His hand went further in, and I felt something touch my ripping wet hole. I felt a finger inside me. In. Out. In. Out. Then another. In. Out. In. Out. And another. And another. Getting faster and harder each time. I came. Creamed down his arm. I felt like I owed him, so I got down, pulled his pants to his knees, and put his juicy balls into my mouth. Making sure I payed attention to them. Giving him a hand job whilst sucking them. Then, my head moved up n I put my tongue onto his tip, licking and sucking, my head moved up n down for a while, then he came, I swallowed every drop. I got back up and sat on him, he put his hands on my back, I felt them slowly sliding down, tickling my spine, giving me tingles all over. They slid into the back of my leggings, grabbing the top gently, and slid further down. Revealing my soaking vagina. He lifted my up n licked, and sucked, and everything. When he was done, he slid a condom on and lowered me down, onto his fully erect penis. Because I was so wet, It went it with no problem. We had sex for ages, while he was sucking my nipples again.
When we finished, we got cleaned up, and continued watching tv, asif it never happened, all to show for it was my soaked thong, and the wet patch on his pants.

Calgary, Canada

#234 Jan 21, 2013
I had sex with my best friend! It started

Calgary, Canada

#235 Jan 21, 2013
It started a couple of days ago. I was trying a really sexy bikini. There was a girl in there who was nude. She stripped me down to nothing and f''' me!!

Since: Mar 12


#237 Jan 21, 2013
any more to that story amy?

Mississauga, Canada

#238 Jan 21, 2013
i had sex with my best friend when i was 14 like he jujst came up to me while we r alone and said take off ur clothes and so i did and it was so nice when he cummed all over my boobs and he banged me so hard i squirted

Halifax, Canada

#241 Jan 21, 2013
I was gang raped when I was just 14.


#243 Jan 21, 2013
cumbunny wrote:
I was gang raped when I was just 14.

Tell more ?

Bothell, WA

#245 Jan 21, 2013

Bothell, WA

#247 Jan 21, 2013
James wrote:
<quoted text>
How old are you?

Bothell, WA

#250 Jan 21, 2013
Hi;) what up

Bothell, WA

#251 Jan 21, 2013
Why I have to enter a code lol

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