#841 Feb 7, 2013
Crazy wrote:
Idk more stories!


#844 Feb 7, 2013
George loves Emily wrote:
<quoted text> I'm 11, I'm a girl and I live in Toronto.


#845 Feb 7, 2013
George loves Emily wrote:
<quoted text> I'm 11, I'm a girl and I live in Toronto.
do u want an email address

Sydney, Australia

#846 Feb 7, 2013
George loves Emily wrote:
<quoted text> yes
what about brothers or sisters?? i have 2 brothers and an older sis!
are you the youngest in the family??

Guelph, Canada

#850 Feb 7, 2013
i was 14 when i came home from school with my best friend(im the kinda guy no one likes with shaggy brownish red hair,blue eyes, and freckles across my cheeks and my nose) Ashley. i've knowen her since i was in kindergarden and i've had a crush on her since kinder garden.(I've never had my first kiss and neither had she.) it started raining so we ran the rest of the way home laughing our ass's off we went in her shed in her backyard and locked it (we lived in a city were you could get kidnapped even if you were standing in front of a police deparment.)and we started talking about math. she made me choose acidemic math so she could help me and we were sitting in her shed working in my homework. As she explained it to me i glanced over and saw her wet red hair in her face. She looked at me and i paniced as my face turned red. she closed my book and asked me if i liked anyone and i said "you tell me yours first" alright she said and i stared at her green eyes as she spoke"i kinda like Trevor but i dont know yet...i like this other guy im head over heels for" i chuckled when she asked me "who do you like? "well..." i started" i kinda uh...." "Yea?"she sat there staring at me and i felt really awkward. "you." i choked.'i just said that?' i thought. " know the guy im head over heels for is right beside me"she exclaimed. then nervously we both leaned in and kissed slowly her lips tasted like the peach lip gloss i bought her for her birth day we started kissing faster and faster and i felt my head spinning i ran my hand through her hair as she started unzipping her sweater and i pulled apart my purple fannel shirt(i wasn't as muscular as other 14 year olds but i had enough muscles to not look like a complete whimp and my skin was a light tanned)we then at that point started making out with tounges and i started undoing my shorts and she already had her pants off. she slowly started taking off my boxers and i stoped making out for a second and used our clothing as a mat i layed her on the ground and pulled off her underwear and started undoing her bra she had a shaved vigina with only some hair and her boobs werent big but they were big enough for me. She started stroking my penis and it became hard i felt embarrassed but she was red as well "its so beutiful" she said stunned " this is my first time" i said nervously. "techniclly its mine to but i was raped when i was younger so im kinda scared..."she said when she leaned up and kissed me "i'll be gental" i said as i slowly put it in "mmmm" Ashly moaned. i smiled slightly as i stared humping faster " oh my god " i said loudly(thank god her parents were at work). after a few seconds we changed positions to where i was sitting upright and she sat on my lap facing me (idk what its called) i started humping her from underneath as she moaned with exictement it was in pretty deep when she orgasmed and threw her arms around my neck and i slowly got faster " o-oh my god-d J-Joshua!" she shouted "i think im goning to c-come!" i said. i started making out with her as i took it out and went to jerk it but instead she started blowing me. i came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. "Josh... i love you" she said and we kissed again and got dressed. as we left the shed i held open my book with her explaining to me how X equaled 23 ( it wasn't raining anymore. she did not get pregnent and none of us got sexually transmitted dieseases.

Calgary, Canada

#858 Feb 7, 2013
Sohornyrightnow wrote:
Im so horny someone talk to me , i got a wet pu$$„
I would love to talk and give that pu$$„ a try!

South Africa

#860 Feb 7, 2013
Ppl more hot stories pls

Adelaide, Australia

#864 Feb 8, 2013
maria macannadoe wrote:
i had sex and i am 10
Are you a girl or a boy?

P.S I am 10and have sex to
Join Free

Guelph, Canada

#866 Feb 8, 2013
i can make more storys but they'll have to be made up

Guelph, Canada

#867 Feb 8, 2013
Let me explain myself. I'm this weird elf creature i live in the woods in an abandond farmers feild(imagine a farmers field covered in old and young trees) its pitch black at night and you cant even see the person in front of you -unless your an elf- and right now its night. my friend Travis has golden blonde hair and pale skin. he was muscular the kind you'd see in a male modle magazine. not so muscular he looks like hes on 'roids though.and he had this scar that ran from his right ear,to the left of his chin. He was sitting beside me reading a porn magazine but he painted the cover black so his little brother thought it was a normal book. Travis is 19.His little brother Marcus was sitting infront of him watching T.V he looked just like Travis but without the muscles and scar.Marcus is 12.My name is Dan. I have jet black hair and a 7 inch dick and im 40% less muscular then Travis.I am 19."This is boooring!" whined marcus "shut up marcus, you dumbass" i shot a look at travis when he said that "i know lets play truth or dare" i said still staring at Travis "that's a pussy's game" Travis ignored marcus and said "Dan truth or dare" "uh truth" i said "are you gay?" what?! am i gay? of course i am but should i say yes? "yea" i exclaimed "oooooOOOOoooo" marcus said before travis whacked him with the magazigne. Then travis looked at me with one of the most weirdest looks ever. i looked away quickly and said "marcus truth or dare" "DARE!!" "ok, i dare you to eat dirt out of the plant over there" "oh uh.... ok" and he went over and ate a handful of dirt " HaHa " Travis laughed while i chuckled " ok Travis" marcus stared " Truth or dare?" "dare man" "i dare you to kiss dan!" so does that mean Travis is gay to? "MARCUS TIME TO COME HOME TRAVIS YOUR SLEEPING OVER!" there mom shouted from the door. "remember a dare is a dare and tell me the details!" marcus yelled as he ran out the door. "good we don't have to do-" i started but travis intrupted " a dare is a dare" and he leaned in and started making out with me "mmm" travis moaned. we were both only wearing shorts and underwear. Travis started un doing my shorts when i said" w-what are you doing?!I-its just a kiss right?" Travis looked at me and smirked a wicked smile"wrong" he dragged me to my own bedroom and he pulled off my shorts completely and started rubbing my penis which was still in my breifs he took off his underwear and started jerking off then he kissed me and bent down and started taking off my underwear "c-carefull its my firs-" he started sucking my dick "fuck.....oh god...mmmmmMMMMmmmmm" it felt so good and then i came in his mouth. Travis got up jerking his dick and then he stuck his dick in my asshole-now in missonary position- "oh my G-" i threw my head back moaning with pleasure. Travis humped faster and faster and his dick went deeper and deeper "mmm yes yes! Gah!" i came again then he started cumming allover me. then end

Coventry, UK

#868 Feb 8, 2013
Hi, I'm 38, good-looking and have a nice thick cock. I have a thing for doing young girls and older women up the bum. Any such girls/women fancy a chat?

Coventry, UK

#869 Feb 8, 2013
Hi Phil I'm from same city as you!!!!! I'm 17 is that wat u lookin for?

Carrickfergus, UK

#872 Feb 8, 2013
Phil wrote:
Hi, I'm 38, good-looking and have a nice thick cock. I have a thing for doing young girls and older women up the bum. Any such girls/women fancy a chat?
Just asking if you would consider doing 33 nice guy up the bum?

Oklahoma City, OK

#873 Feb 8, 2013
Wow Phil, if Amrit is real you are a lucky sob...Apparently there are no women that read these things here in my state...good luck mate and let us know

Tiranė, Albania

#874 Feb 8, 2013
kinky TEEN wrote:
5 month ago i was making out with my gf in the girls locker room after school, and her gym teacher caughts us there. she had the rep of doing it with students and i found out that was true. at first she said that we should be ashamed of what we were doing and that she was gonna say everything to the pricipal and our parents. Than she ordered us to follow her in her office to call them. well, we followed her, and she locked the door behind us. she said that she wasn't gonna say anything if we continued doing what we were doing in front of her. i must say that the girls gym teacher is very hot, 32 years old - ex volleyball player (u can imagine the body). i looked to my gf, which by the way loves sex, and she agreed. we started making out and touching each other, while the teacher looked and touched her self. then she undressed, got near us and started undressing me and my gf. than the both of them sucked me real hard, i sucked them, they sucked each other. all that sucking and saliva everywhere. very exciting. than the teacher took some lotion from her desk, spread it on her asshole and my c*ck and asked me to f*uck her behind. i did and that was great. she asked me to cum in her motuh and then kissed my gf and my cum passed in her mouth. then i f*cked my gf while the teacher licked her ass and stuck her fingers in her asshole. that was a great day. since then we have meet very often at the teacher's place and sex has gotten more and more kinky and dirty, with all the licking, f*cking, fistf*cking, cumming, pissing and dumping possible. i love it when they dump after anal sex.
tell me more... ;)

Birmingham, UK

#876 Feb 8, 2013
I'm horny

Concord, NC

#878 Feb 8, 2013
George loves Emily

Don't listen to what anybody else about me leaving!
I just fell asleep that day... ;)

BTW, I'm still waiting for an email?
u got me all hyped then forgot to give me ur email...

Faversham, UK

#879 Feb 8, 2013
Lisa wrote:
<quoted text>
This is abuse for goodness sake - your mum is probably not the only one "getting some" and others may NOT appreciate the attention - its another example of venerable people being taken advantage of
that story is obviously not tru!

Guelph, Canada

#881 Feb 8, 2013
slutsrus____ wrote:
Ok this time last week my boyfriend and me started shitting on eachother. It was sooooo goood! We rubbed it everywhere.
literary shitting?!

Cincinnati, OH

#882 Feb 8, 2013
Josh wrote:
<quoted text> literary shitting?!
Try Great Defecations by charlie dickens...

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