Jeff albany ny


#286 Nov 22, 2010
am 59 m m i have big sensitive nipples 3/4" and they do love to be used ,my wife loves to use them as much i i do i use suction on them daily and alot of attention

Bhopal, India

#287 Nov 23, 2010
Yes I am also like my nipple play.
I ejaculated by rubbing it
the old man

Macclesfield, NC

#288 Nov 23, 2010
I know ,they got me laid. Dude in bookstore walked up behind me , grab on and tweaked, kissed my ear and tongue it at same time tweaked nipple , I got a nut, didnt stop there , I got laid, just trying to find out about mens sensitive nipples, go figure


#289 Dec 15, 2010
hi....i am 18 years old. i like play with nipples whn i masrebutt i rub my nipples..........
old man

Macclesfield, NC

#290 Dec 15, 2010
never knew nothing about nipple play before the first time and that was two days ago and I have since become a a man who has been used and abused. got drinking with a couple guys and when I passed out they had their fun, and in realality it wasnt that bad, dude played with my nipple , couldnt believe how hard I got, next thing I knew I was on my back , a man sucking my tits and plowing my backside, I could not be still, those lips sucking and biting my tits, I was steady " a gushin" , since all I have to do is just rub them slightly and i start to get excited, yea am one of the "gay' bois now, love it.


#291 Dec 15, 2010
I'm a 18 year old straight male.
I'm used in rubbing/stimulating my nipple until it gets hard and sensitive before I jerk off. I'ts more pleasurable and relaxing. I also have group masturbation together with straight male classmates. We touched each other's nipples then give a wank on it.

I'm really enjoying my sex teen life.

Saint Louis, MO

#292 Dec 15, 2010
My wife had her way with my left nipple 2 nights ago. She bit and worked it over good. Not sore , but good and sensitive. Now to get her to work on the tight one - its feeling left out...
nip tease

United States

#294 Dec 27, 2010
Untested in any new horny nipples....I know exactly what mine like
flyboy wrote:
<quoted text>They arent overlooked by me. I love to lick and nibble on a guys nipples and lick his chest.
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nip tease

United States

#295 Dec 27, 2010
Nipple play with something new.....mommy....lets do it
mhenton wrote:
Is there another guy out there who wants nipple play----give abd recieve---I want my nipples sucked and bitten and pinched until I GET OFF--contact me.

Brisbane, Australia

#296 Dec 27, 2010
keyser_d28 wrote:
I'm a 18 year old straight male.
I'm used in rubbing/stimulating my nipple until it gets hard and sensitive before I jerk off. I'ts more pleasurable and relaxing. I also have group masturbation together with straight male classmates. We touched each other's nipples then give a wank on it.
I'm really enjoying my sex teen life.
Hi, I am glad you are enjoying your sensitive nipples. Mine are so nice when tweeked and sucked by a guy. You have fun and enjoy your mates too. God bless. It was a big surprise when I had my nipples 'played' with the first time. I am so grateful to my friend for showing me this beautiful pleasure. I am thrilled for you guys. I love Filipinos. You must be at University. Good luck anyway. Stay safe. Stay happy.
nip tease

United States

#297 Dec 27, 2010
Nipple stimulation is a must have masterbating or with partners. What I didn't realize was how many males are willing to participate with other males in nipple seduction. Suction, clamping, pinching,pulling and of course licking with nibbling. Any volunteers for mutual exchange? Pics etc to exchange with you.

Winnsboro, SC

#298 Jan 1, 2011
I am a male and I love to play with my own nipples ,and having a male or a female, either play with them or suck them. I like the sucking better! And also prefer the male to do them!!!!!


Saint Louis, MO

#299 Jan 1, 2011
I'll just say that my wife and I rang in the new year right with nipple play last night. Here's to tender nipples in 2011!!!

Saint Louis, MO

#300 Jan 3, 2011
Jan 3rd and they're still sensitive - thats a good thing!!!

Short Hills, NJ

#301 Jan 3, 2011
Lightgirl_ wrote:
Daniel hi:) I've been reading up on nipple stimulation for a little while now..I've found it to me more done that I'd imagined. The other night I was seeing how into the nipples my husband was. He loved it when I played with them but said he lost most of the excitement when I'd stop and he'd take over. Needless to say I was bummed. He still doesn't believe me that he can feel wonderful pleasure from nipples. He kind of laughs at me yet I see he is curious. I encourage him to take alone time to discover it but finding time alone in this house is like standing in the middle of the zoo and thinking to get private time lol.
Watch out. I am a male and like my nipples sucked, squeezed, and nibbled on. I loved it. Now my male nipples are larger then some females and larger then almost all men. I now have female size nipples. My breast grew alittle about the size of puberity breasts. When I wear a golf type shirt, my nipples stick out like a women's nipples that are aroused and highlighted by baby breasts. So, watch out what turns you on. PS, it is a total turnon for me. But, if I wanted breasts I would talk female hormones.
andersoon thompson

Perth, Australia

#303 Jan 11, 2011
u guys are all gay n faggy.

Macclesfield, NC

#305 Jan 12, 2011
never knew, how nipple play can turn you now. Was getting a masssage,dude started rubbing my nipples, shot a load, embareassed yes, discovery ,yes. Now when having sex with mate, he lightly scrapes his finger nails accross them, they get as hard as a rock,a few good deep thrust and pulling on my nipples and I drop loads, love it and now love gay sex, just didnt know.
Nong Lipples

Delaware, OH

#306 Jan 12, 2011
If you're into the pain and pleasure thing,get yourself a nice,big crayfish(crawdad) and let him latch onto your nips with his pincers.


#307 Jan 23, 2011
Playing softly with my nipples does it for me. Gets me really hard & helps produce a lot of precum juice which I also love to caress them with & I really love my wife playing with them while I'm pumping her.....oh yeah!

Macclesfield, NC

#309 Jan 23, 2011
well, thanks alot guys. You got me layed; Told my friend and his wife about my nipples, both understood, right. 45 miknutes later ,she walks up behind me and starts tweaking my nipple and laughing, he pushes her away and really starts to pull and twist, i am moaning ,groaning, begging and she unbuckles my pants, whips it out and she preceeds to do her thing and he molesting my nipples, needless to add, I,now am their toy, she has had me with strap-on and he regularly assists me in male to male love, thanks guys, my ass is a little sore but my nips are even more sensitive now, but who cares?

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