I have a fetish for piss-sex and one for scat-sex. It pleases me that PostModern "taste" seems to finally bring them out of the closet. Except for digital-porn's capture of females shitting, I would have never seen a girl shit...TRUE. Guys (what with boy-scout trips to the woods, etc.) have seen other guys defecate countless times, but consider the fact that bathrooms in public places are marked "male/female." I was in Japan for almost a year and one time when I had to shit I entered a gender-free toilet (which had American Toilets) and was sitting on one when a young girl (teen???) wound up in the stall ahead of me. At once I was very embar"ass"ed...but at the same time it made me very hot!!! I kept yearning to peek over the top and see if she was pretty, etc. Now, I begin to realize that scat-porn helps the feminist ethos--though we shit the same, the pissing is very different. VIVE LA DIFFERANCE.