having sex with my cousin

Carbondale, IL

#115 Dec 17, 2012

I totally envy you for that experience. I wish I coulda had something like that. I sorta had the hots for a cousin but she was inaccessible and older than me, I was a black sheep in the family anyway.

There's something thats just so innocent yet so naughty about it. Innocent because its like nature taking its course, and between people who trust and care about each other.

You said they had their way with you? That sounds super kinky but I just wonder how you didn't get prego, because boys like that will go until they squirt. I guess it just worked out huh...





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Tacoma, WA

#116 Dec 18, 2012
Three years ago I had sex with 5 of my male cousins. In other words they gang banged me with my consent. We have a holiday tradition where my mom's brother and sister bring their families to meet us at a ski lodge. Part of the tradition is that the three adult couples to take the first night to go out to a fancy restaurant while the kids order a pizza or Chinese or whatever. So I was 15 at this time and I was the only girl there that year. My big sister was away at college and couldn't get there until the 3rd day. My only female cousin from that side of the family was on a student exchange. So we all had a blast skiing and snowboarding and then the adults left the teens on our own. My male cousins ranged in age from 15 to 19. We pigged out on pizza then decided to use the hot tub and sauna. I guess you want to know what I look like. I'm 5-1 and about 115 lbs. Some people say I look a lot like Kaley Cuoco and I'm flattered by that. I'm blonde and green eyed. So by 15 I had a great body with relatively long legs and a nice 34B 25 32 meaurements. The boys seemed to like it when I appeared in the hot tub in a really cute bikini. I was getting into sex by then having done it at least a dozen times including once with a pair of brothers from my parent's tennis club. So one of my cousins asked me if my boobs were still growing or if they were stuck on medium. They always teased me in some way so I just laughed and told him he'd be lucky if he ever got a girl friend who had boobs as cute as mine. Another cousins told me to prove how cute mine are so I exposed my perky round boobs and asked what the all thought of the girls. To make a long story short they took turns playing with my boobs then the pulled me from the hot tub, carried me back into the house and told me to do a strip tease and take off my bottoms. I did and let them see my smoothly shaved pubic area and of course they could see my lips. If I have a complaint about my body it's that I have big puffy labia. But the boys didn't mind and soon all five were naked and having boners. None of the are what I would call well hung but as long as a guy is at least 4 inches long it's enough to give my pussy some stimulation. All 5 of the boys took a turn gently makeing love with me. Of course the younger boys had control issues and they only lasted like a minute or two but the oldest boys knew what they were doing and they both gave me a chance to climax before I felt them squirt their loads deep in me. Wow it was great. It didn't take them long to charge up again and come back for more and this time the younger boys had more control. It was about an hour of non stop making love. The next night after the adults had gone to bed I agreed to have each of the boys sneak into my room for 10 minutes. I havent' had a chance to do anything like that since then. I see my cousins often and sometimes I get a chance to make love with one of them but no chances for another gang bang. I've let a some of my guy friends gang bang me though.





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United States

#118 Dec 19, 2012
I'm so depressed,I had relationship with my cousin my uncle's girl,but now she stopped it.
she is only 5 years younger than me and from when she was 5 or 6 and I was 10,we used to play with each other because after school nobody was our home and usually my divorced uncle let her to come and play with me but he didn't know what kind of plays we were doing.I should say we did every thing and first she ignored me but after some time she was ok.
but now she is 15 and I'm 20 she don't even let me to be with her alone in a room.maybe in school she have been told to do so,but I have serious issues and i j-er-k off more than 3 or 4 times a day,it has effected my life my studies and every thing now I only prefer young people and am somehow a pedo, i don't know what to do plz help me, I love her but she totally refuses me and now i think i'll kill myself by j-er-king!





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Hot cuz

Wichita, KS

#119 Jul 1, 2013
My first time I had sex with my cousin was when we were on vacation. We had just gone swimming and just decided to chill fo a while. She motioned me to come over to her. She was 15. She said let's get away from the kids and talk( there were a lot of littler cousins). I was like ight. So I was like yo just come to my place. So we went to my room. We jus started to talk about everything then we got on the subject of sex. She said u ever had sex I'm like no wbu? She said no. She was like kiss me. And I'm like yo ight cuz shes pretty hot. So I kiss her. Then she suddenly grabbed my dick which got hard. She pulled my shorts off and I took her bikini off. We 69 eachother fo a while. And that was about it. I want to do it again.


#120 Jul 16, 2013
i came in very off my face night and made a move on my younger cousin, we made out and i gave him head. I'm 19, he's 17, he's very sexy. Tall with dark skin and a great body. I didn't remember anything after, i had a weird feeling but i didn't know exactly what happened, another time a few weeks after the same thing happened, i came in with a friend and put her to bed and went downstairs, he knew i was off my face and was acting strange, he took his coat off, closed the door and turned the light off. Then sat real close to me, thats when the events of the first night came back to me. The thought of it freaked me out a little so i went to bed. After a while the idea of it seemed to really turn me on and i found myself thinking of him whenever i touched myself. Flirting went on for a while then 2 months ago we both ended up at the same party, both of us off our faces, we went to an empty room to drop. After we did he started kissing my neck and we locked lips, it was with so much passion and desire, i then dived on him, in seconds we were pulling eachothers clothes off. We haven't talked about it or really spoke at all. Then a few nights ago he came in off his face again and climbed into my bed and it happened again. And it was just as good, if not better as the first time. But he's still barely speaking to me when he's not sober. I don't know how t get him into bed sober, i'm too shy and afraid of rejection to just go up and flash.

West Haven, CT

#121 Jul 16, 2013
When I was 19 I had sex with my 18 cousin! We wee at a family party and she had on a summer dress that I could see through and I saw her zebra thong! I got so horny knowing my cute Luther cousin was in a thong that I had to tell her! Once she found out I was hard we started making out n one thing lead to another and we had the most amazing sex in her room! She was a virgin witch made it even better!!!

Fort Worth, TX

#122 Aug 1, 2013
My cousin inherited a house after my uncle died and i had just got out of a bad relationship so she asked me if i wanted to stay there to help her with bills and i could start over in a new town(shes 38 im35) anyway we would flirt sometimes and it turned into kissing and eventually sex, we always used a condom but the last few times in the heat of hot sweaty humping we got lost in the moment and i ejaculated inside her, i told her i was gonna cum in her and she nodded her head yes and locked her legs around my back as i came, anyway now shes a month pregnant and we dont know what to do
Sneaky Pete

United States

#123 Sep 7, 2013
When I was 14 I would jerk it with my little 10yo cute cousins panties and socks and cum in them, loved it when she would unknowingly wear them, at night i would jerk with her stuff and pull her panties down and cum on her little puss and butt cheeks or in her mouth. she found out what I was doing and would give me some and help me get off, she would flash her vagina at me and one night i penetrated her sweet little hole while she slept now she's 12 and we have sex all the time. She loves it





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Medina, OH

#124 Nov 1, 2013
When I was 17 and my cousin was 15 she caught me jerking off. She was very interested in it and wanted to see sperm. So I rubbed one out for her to see. Over the next month she asked me to do this for her all the time. I started to tell her "ok but you have to do the jerking." That moved to blow jobs and then to intercourse. I was her first and we continued until she married her husband at age 22. We still (I hope) do it from time to time. It has been about a year and I am hoping to get her soon. It has been a while for me and I'm about to explode.

Euless, TX

#125 Nov 5, 2013
Last night my female cousin come to me and told me no one will have sex with her she said she super horny she told me it been 4 years ago when she had sex she 34 years old so I pull out my co@k she said omg that one huge cock she got down and started suxing and stroking doing a good job then I returned the favorite doing oral sex to her she was injoying it she was moaning and screaming omg that feel so good I had her Cummings the whole time she scream to me to do her super hard and deep I was and I was stricting her vaginal open good she was moaning and screaming omg im Cummings she said not to stop so I keep. Doing her really good fast and hard deep for a long time she said to me it my trun so she got on top and was fu@king me and riding me super hard and deep faster too we was rocking the the bed so hard and she was moaning and screaming omg that feel so good and she was moaning im Cummings don't stop I didn't stop I told her I'm fixing to cum she told me to cum the same time she does in her I did she kiss me and and said she loved me doing her so after we had a hour break we did it again for a long time we did all night long till we both was wear out and she was strict out good.

South Africa

#126 Dec 30, 2013
I'm 12 and my cousin is 18 .we had sex and I enjoy it then I touched is dick it felt so gud I did it and did it but he doesn't knw I knw abt sex nw I like another cuz he is so hot and we had a fling bt he also doesn't knw I knw abt it and I like him

United States

#127 Dec 31, 2013
When I was 13 and he was 15 me and my cousin
Were playing husband and wife our mom and dad was gone all day so I ask him to let me see his penis he pull it out it was long and thick so I got down on my knees and did what mom did to dad.
Brother said shit that feel good and ask me how many time I done that I told just this time I told him I watched mom and woman on porn I was liking it I suck his balls too then I told him do me how dad does mom and omg he was doing me really good at oral sex with his fingers and tounge deep inside my vaginal he break my hymen then he side his tool inside me pushing hard and deep slow ask me if it hurts I said a little bit he ask if I want him to stop I said no so he push really deep inside me and rocking back and froth few times I was moaning omg that feel good I ask him that blood mean I lose my cherry he said yea I told ok keep doing it he was doing me really good I did not know he know all thoes position he was doing me so
I got on top and retrun the favor I was riding him I love how his hands feel on my body he made me came alot and orgasm too.and we kept doing it every week so I can get better at it

Howick, New Zealand

#130 Jan 28, 2014
When I was 11 and my cousin Ella was 7 we used to play truth and dare a lot and like feel and explore each other. I'm 16 now and she's 13 the other week all the cousins came up for Christmas, Tom 12 , jack was 13 and Beth was my age. We all deside to sleep in the addic so we got ready for bed . As I was getting to bed Ella started to talk to me about ing wanting to be spooned and begged me to sleep next to her on the floor so we could, she was wearing a bra and a pair of pink panties with flowers on them, she was realy skinny had a reasonable ass but not that much tit.so anyway we all, sorry well most of us fell asleep. But I couldn't quite get to sleep because the heat coming off Ella's body because we were spooning and I had a pair if jeans on, so I slipped them off and resumed my spooning with Ella, she moved her hand and I felt it grase my cock in my jocks and suddenly started to get hard, I'm a good 8 inches so I couldn't really hide it. I was now fully erect with my cock among at my cousins young ass.i felt her trying to scotch closer to me I tried to lean back away from her but I couldn't there wasn't any more room my but was already pressed up against the wall. Now my whole cock was pressed up against her butt in her little pink pantys , I heard her whisper something to her self but couldn't quite make it out, she didn't move away. She new i was awake. She started making small movements every ten or so seconds she new i was getting turned, but it was the fact that all of my other cousins where beside me to, that's wat scared me, I couldn't take it any more I pulled down thise small panties of hers and i took my jockys off and rammed her young pussyi heard her yelp so I started humping her hardier it seemed to go on forever I was now fucking my 13 year old cousin while sqeezing her tits. I felt like I was about to explode. I new that little slut was taking the pill so I unleashed my load inside of her she screamed witch I was surprised no one woke up from, after I had completey unloaded my load in her tight bald 13 year old pussy, she turned and kissed me and we fell asleep with my semi hard cock burred inside her pussy. We were completey naked just a blanket covering us. The next morning I woke up to find Ella still with my cock in her and my arms around her naked body with cum oozing out of her pussy. and the rest of my cousins were down stairs eating. I quickly got dressed and ran down stairs to eat breaky. And since then we just pretended it didn't happen. P.s she's coming up next month wat should I do :/
Missing my cousin

Houston, TX

#132 Feb 2, 2014
I'm in my 30's, and my cousin is 10 years older than I. I'm also married, anyway, I ran into my cousin at a relatives birthday party and she and I reconnected. We caught up, exchanged numbers, and we told each other we would keep on touch. I called her a few days later and invited her out to lunch...I honestly had no intenentions or thoughts that it would lead to anything more than just an occasional lunch/dinner. After our third or fourth dinner, I dropped her off at her place, and as I was leaving she leaned over and kissed me. To be honest, nothing was weird about it, and I proceeded to ask her out again. That night, after dinner, it was understood that we were going to take our relationship much further than just a kiss goodnight. We checked into a hotel and had the most amazing incestuous sex!! I don't know if it was the taboo aspect of it all, but sex with each other continued to be amazing. Our relationship lasted anout 8 months and Needless to say my marriage has kept me from seeing her. But I do miss her!
i banged her

Kew, Australia

#134 Feb 17, 2014
when i was 7 and my cousin was 10 we used to try and have sex but of course it didnt work but once i was 12 and she was about 15 we used to have sex all the time. some times me, my brother and my 2 girl cousins would all have sex at the sametime. threw the ages 12 to 13 i had sex with my cousin every chance we got, it was great.

Springfield, MO

#135 Mar 19, 2014
Postaz wrote:
<quoted text>flyboy, just shut the duck up already, we're all sick of your shit.
Go f**k your cousins and your siblings, I guess that is the type of s**t you are into.
flyboy most people r not gay at least we know that it was adam and eve
not adam and steve.

Springfield, MO

#136 Mar 19, 2014
how do I the small quote thing
Ralph filadso

Dallas, TX

#137 Jun 9, 2014
people that commit incest have emotional and mental problems.You all need therapy.That's not a matter of opinion,it's fact!! If he system knew you were having sex with family you'd be either ina court of law or in hard core therapy

Ottawa, Canada

#138 Jun 13, 2014
I was 14 and my 15 year old boy cousin named josh
We were watching a movie and then a sex scene came on and he started to say stuff like have you ever seen a hard cock? I was like no have you ever seen a wet pussy he was like no but I will tonight and he pulled down my pants and jammed his cock in my and I was groaning like ohhhh ahhhh it was wonderful and we have sex ever time we meet since that happend
The next sex we had was quick because family was out but almost home so we got undressed and he started humping and humping

Adelaide, Australia

#140 Jul 6, 2014
True story. I hadnt seen my cuz since we were kids. I caught up with him when we were 24 in Coober Pedy. The first night we went out we got drunk and ended up in bed, I spent 4 days bonking him every chance we got. It was just like we had so much in common to share.
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