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#174 Jan 14, 2010
rico wrote:
<quoted text> Here is my suggestion have her dress in a mini skirt or whatever gets you really hard and you strip totally naked and just look at her and jack of for a long time and tell her how she is making you so hard and then shoot a big load for her. That sex game will turn her on because you are getting off looking at her
Cool idea thanks. Now and than I get her to "put on a fashionshow for me" I luv this because she wears diff combos esp when she has been shopping and the fact that I've always been so turned on by her visually and I really spend alot ot fime fantasizing about her! She asked me the other day-is that all ya think about. She is right but she doesn't understand it is her that I'm so infatuated about! Thanks ya have a good imagination,too!

Saudi Arabia

#175 Jan 23, 2010
you seems very hot, it makes me hot too

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Shreveport, LA

#176 Jan 24, 2010
Leena wrote:
you seems very hot, it makes me hot too
Sorry missed ya! Yea, I like to have fun, sexy fun. What else is more important for one's self! We can raise kids and work, so we need to have our own kind of fun, too. That's why we call it adult fun! Ha!

“lets explore”

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few strokes on key board away

#177 Feb 10, 2010
Leena wrote:
you seems very hot, it makes me hot too
Hi leena....your name makes me to understand that u r a female and if so..i would love to explore u indian male of 43 living in riyadh..if it interest u, plz revert back at

United States

#178 Feb 11, 2010
My wife and I went through the drive-thru at Taco Bell one time with her wearing only a shirt that came down to her upper thigh. Sitting in the car it rode up so her well-trimmed puy was clearly visible. When the guy handed us our order he just smiled and said 'beautiful'. On the way home she was so wet she literally dripped.

She started fingering herself going across the front yard from the car to the door. Great sex on the floor 18 inches inside the front door the night. She sure was turned on, orgasmed within a minute.:-O

Amadora, Portugal

#179 May 30, 2010
I love to expose my wife when we are away. Transparent clothing without bra, miniskirt without pants, top less on the beach. This really turn me on!
married guy

Kamuela, HI

#180 May 30, 2010
you people are hot! and you are making me horny!

Pahrump, NV

#181 May 30, 2010
My wife never wears clothes at home. A few visitors get turned off and leave. Of those that stay many also get naked.
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Ottawa, Canada

#182 May 30, 2010
I love to play "strangers" with my wife where we go to the same clube separately and watch each other cruise. She obviously gets luckier because guys are horndogs HaHa, but watching her get man-handled and fondled on the dance floor is the best foreplay! Sometimes it gets pretty hot and she will touch and be touched in very sexual ways, but all games are played in the club, so it stays within boundaries. Try it!
Tony MA


#183 Jun 2, 2010
My wife lost a bet with me and the deal was that the looser will do as the winner wants for a day. Today was the day she had to pay up. I called one of my friends and asked him if he would help me with my winning bet. I explained to him what I wanted him to do.
I told my wife that someone will be coming to our house today and she was to be nude when he got here. She would also do as he asked her.
She was very nervous and all morning she was trying to make get me to let her our of the bet. I told her that she would not let me off if I lost, so she will have to do as we say for the day.
He was going to show up at 11 AM it was now about 15 minutes to. She started to get undressed it was great seeing her naked and knowing that in a few minutes she will be totally exposed to another man.
The knock at the back door came at exactly 11 am. She timidly went to the door peeking out to see who I had gotten to come over for her exposure. She turned to me and said that she would not be able to face him as we see him and his wife socially on many occations. She finally opened the door and we have a full view storm door on the outside. Our friend made her stand there talking in full view of anyone coming down our street.
She was then told to stand with her hands on the wall so that our friend to examine her to see if her exposure excites her. She was very wet and her nipples were hard.
She modeled for over an hour for our friend having a few powerful orgasums in the process.
As for our information we will be married for 40 years this year and my wife is a sexy 60 year old women that goes to the gym 5 days a week along with me.
If you meet her on the street she would seem to be very shy, but once she gets to know you she is a lot of fun.

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#184 Jun 2, 2010
i love it when my gf shows of she is realy into it . She has d cups & loves guys looking at them
Tony MA


#185 Jun 6, 2010
My wife and I will be married 40 years in September
I have been showing her off to other men for the last 22 years.
It was small steps that she took, going Braless to begin with then going to skirts and dresses with not panties.
We lived on a lake and started to go skinny dipping at night during the summer.
After she had our first child she lost her modesty and was more freely showing her body.
My cousin came over to see our new baby and asked hre some questions about the delivery and she told him that she had stitches from the delivery. He asked where and she pulled up her nightie and spread her legs to show him.
When she was about 28 one of my friends asked her to model for him as she liked to sketch. He talked her out of her swim suit in about 10 minutes and by the end of the session she was sitting with her legs spread modeling for him.
Our friend was a member of a drawing club in charge of getting models. He asked her to model for the club and she accepted. I went with her and watched as she modeled completely nude for them. The last pose was her on her knees facing away from them and showing everything. She was paid to model and was very excited when we left we did not make it home she needed servicing and I took care of her in the parking lot.
My wife is now 61 years old and has asked me to find her some modeling jobs for her. I have answered some adds that are looking for female models to model nude and have received back that women over 55 are in high demand for modeling nude.

Palmdale, CA

#186 Jun 22, 2010
I had my wife dressed slutty when bringging friends over for drinks. My wife would wear a short tight cootton short with no undies n a shirt with no bra and entertained all of us. She would constantly walk in front of all us and display her goodies. My friends reaction was amazing... They scoped her out from head to toes but respected her at the same time. I went as far as having my wife go in a thong in our pool in front of all the guys and they went crazy.. It was all teasing and that's it but a great turn on... We always had great sex talking about my friends wanting het
Devil Dog

Columbus, OH

#187 Jul 30, 2010
My wife and I are going to the Excellence Punta Cana resort in October and I've bought and gotten her to agree to wear a sheer black thong bikini. She is very conservative, so this is a HUGE step for us. I also got her to agree to go out to the beach topless one day and to go out to dinner in a sundress with no bra/panties while using a remote control vibrating bullet (of which I'll have the remote ;-) ) These are all huge steps for her/us because she is VERY conservative. I've told her how much it turns me on to see other guys looking at her and wanting to be with her. I would love to have someone hit on her, dance with her and see where it goes while we're down there. I'm all for swinging, but unfortunately she's not. Hopefully all of this extra attention on vacation will loosen her up a little bit to the idea. Here's hoping...
Devil Dog

Columbus, OH

#188 Jul 30, 2010
I'm 26 my wife is 25. 5'2" 110 lbs. blond hair, blue eyes, 34B with a very athletic body for all of you who want somewhat of a visual...
evil monkey

United States

#189 Jul 30, 2010
My wife is beautiful, petite and hot. She has large breasts and hot as can be. Because her tits are so big, she generally has clevage showing.

She already gets alot of attention just going to the grocery store. Any more and I'd be beating some rude m'fers ass in the parking lot for disrespecting my wife and you'll really get a face pounding if some jerkwad comes up and makes a comment while I'm standing there.

And while I don't really care she's frikking hot and gets alot of attention. That's fine. It's just most of you guys are rude azz fukheads who WILL come up to my wife or start hitting on my wife while I'm standing there. And that my friends is a good way to have an Evil Monkey on your azz fukkin up your day. In otherwords, I don't care untill you stare too long or say something. The second you do that, I'll f*ck you up! Know That!

Touch my wife in public or a club, I'll come after you like no tomorrow. Even if I get my azz beat, I'm still coming after you, I will do some damage to you, even if I loose the fight, I'll get you somehow. And I do cheap shots. I'll get you....

I tank my wife for not bring on undue attention because that saves me from having to fight. I wouldn't have to but most of you guys are rude azzwipes who need a beat down.

Luton, UK

#190 Aug 1, 2010
was man came to my wife at home ... my son seen him . my wife told him go to bed now . when i was away for work for a few mounth . i found alot of thing chang on her body . i asked her did u had sex with other man .. she sid no . i said what about that man who cam to the house , she said no one came. she start asking me to go out with short skirt without underwear . i a greed . i asked her do u want to sleep with other man she said no just a hot kisses and dance with him .. i want to aske you . do u think she slept with other man ? how i can make her to that... please let me know

United States

#191 Aug 5, 2010
Shoot a pic my way if she's of legal age.
Martin Vandongen wrote:
would you want to know Maria?
Just e-mail us.

United States

#192 Aug 5, 2010
Come now, there are some 50 ish gals that are AMAZING. And no plastic involved. Besides, you might teach us something...
Barb wrote:
<quoted text>
Rick, I have pics but I don't think you want to see a 50 year old lady when there are so many more younger ladies on this site. Do you have a wife that you like to show off?

Minneapolis, MN

#193 Aug 5, 2010

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