teaching her how to suck part 3

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Mansfield, TX

#2 Dec 28, 2012
continued -I slid my tongue up and down the length of her labia, making them equally wet on the outside.
She had the clean, heady scent of musk that most women have, and that always arouses me even further. I slipped my middle finger inside the crotch panel and pulled them aside and plunged my tongue inside her spreading lips, which opened like a blooming flower. I began tracing the length of her open lips from the bottom to the top where a small bump was making itself known. As I licked her, it became aroused and stood up, becoming erect like a vestigial penis. Her juices were flowing freely and I took a moment to lift her ass with one hand, while tugging her panties down to pass her ankles on their way to the floor.
I immediately return to my pussy licking, pausing with each pass over the clitoris to gently coax it out to play. I frequently pursed my lips in an “O” around it, sucking it gently into the opening, flicking the tip of my tongue over the tip of her clit ever so maddeningly gently. Soon, her hips began to twitch convulsively with every flick of my tongue on it. I increased the pace leading her twitching thighs and ragged breathing to new, and faster tempos. I occasionally lifted my tongue and chin up to make room for my right hand and inserted first one, then 2 fingers up and into her, teasing her G-spot from the inside.
I came to realize that she had both her hands entangled in my thick hair, as she was pulling my face deeper into her hungry crotch. When I could tell from the rhythms of her hips that she was close to cumming, I grasped each of her ass cheeks firmly - 1 in each hand and pushed my mouth hard onto her. I drove my tongue into her and covered her entire pussy with my lips covering hers. I began to rapidly flick her clit from base to tip with my tongue, pressing harder and harder. She began to moan and grabbed my head hard, smashing my face into her.
Suddenly she cut loose and began to cum. Her pussy flooded my face with her juices, soaking my soft beard, now dripping wet against her smooth inner thighs. As my tongue pounded her sensitive clit, her hands reversed direction and started pushing my head away from her mound.“Stop, please stop. You’ve got to stop now. You’re killing me,” she moaned.
She had reached that point after orgasm where her clitoris was over-stimulated and hyper-sensitive to touch now. I breathed warm air on it, giving it a much-needed cool-down. I let it rest, and only slowly, imperceptibly returned my tongue to it over a period of minutes with glacial slowness, so as not to tip her off that I was going back in. I ever so gently laid my tongue along the side of her clitoris, and slowly applied increasing pressure. It responded timidly, slowly again beginning to become erect. As it stood again, I again began to roll my tongue in soft waves leading up to the tip and back down again.
Before she knew what was happening, over a span of many minutes, Grace found her clit-which she had been convinced was through for the night - again standing up and begging for the loving attentions of my tongue. As I aroused her yet again, I rotated my body 180 degrees to an inverted position relative to her. With my face still planted in her wetness, I placed my knees on either side of her head. Now we were in the 69 position with me on top. My cock was so hard from giving her such pleasure, that it was not pointing toward her face, but pointed up along my stomach. I had to reach down with my hand and force it downward to get it to touch her open, panting mouth.
She was very worked up, and as soon as she felt the heat of my cock head sliding across her lips, she sucked it into her mouth and began tonguing it enthusiastically. She wrapped her right hand firmly around it like she thought it might get away from her, and began sucking my cock furiously.
more to come

Mansfield, TX

#4 Dec 28, 2012
continued -. I burst loose almost instantly. I shot a pent-up load of sperm into her mouth on her next down stroke. She apparently hadn’t actually prepared her mouth for it, and the thick cream slammed into her uvula, making her start to gag. To her credit, she was so horny, she didn’t fully gag. She spluttered and pulled her head back to the point that only the bulbous head of my dick was still inside her mouth as the next several jets of cum started to fill her mouth. The additional room was enough apparently, and she held her mouth still as I pumped the rest of my load inside her mouth.
Just then she looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth. Oh she has such potential, I thought. I locked eyes with her, reached down with my right hand and grasped the base of my hard-on. She watched as I tightened my grip and slid my hand up the shaft from the base all the way to her wet lips. I could see in her eyes that this pumped an additional stream of cum into her already crowded mouth. She replaced my hand with hers and tried to pump more into her mouth herself.
I knew I was pumped dry by now, so I replaced her hand with my own again. I held my cock up horizontal to the floor as I slowly backed it out of her mouth. As the head popped loose from her pursed lips, I gently wiped my wet, glistening penis across her cheek, leaving a shiny glaze there. She slid off the bed, and went into my bathroom to spit a large mouthful of my sperm into the sink. She didn’t linger, rinse her mouth out over and over, or wash her cheek. She bounded right back into the bedroom, jumped onto the bed with her legs tucked up under her and said, excitedly,“That was better, right?”
As I nodded, she continued unabated.“THAT was the best blowjob I’ve ever done! I really liked it. I felt like I did much better that time.”
“You most certainly did. And you showed me something. You are going to be a great student. There is still so much to show you, but you are eager to learn, and have natural talent. You’re going to do great. I’m going to enjoy showing you a hundred different ways to make me cum in your mouth.”
“A hundred? Mmmmm. I work tomorrow night, but I’ll see you Sunday.” And she jumped off my bed, grabbed the doorknob, opened it, and almost went out before I leapt up and grabbed her arm with one hand and sweeping the door closed with my other.
“Grace! You’re still naked! Kissie might be out there.”
She laughed happily, amused at her own mistake.“Are you going out tomorrow night?”
“I don’t know yet, why?”
“I’m hoping you’ll save me a big load.”

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