Girls, where was your first nude group shower

Created by Rick on Dec 26, 2007

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United States

#212 Aug 14, 2009
ALS wrote:
Doesn't really pertain, but this topic reminds me l of in boyscouts at summer camp there were communal showers and the general rule of thumb was wear a bathing suit. One troop however told theirkids to take off their suits in the showers....we whipped those kids with dude even peed on the older kids tellin his troop to get naked.
This area is 4 girls! shouldn't you have written 'swimsuit' since bathing is done nude? The crotch should be washed since not removing filth down there leads to rash and the dreaded 'roids'. Thus showers should be taken nude. To make showers fun how about doing a mass streak? Btw scouting in the early days had scouts doing things nude.

Prior Lake, MN

#213 Aug 14, 2009
I was 12 and I was at summer camp girl scouts. We had to take showers after playing sports all day. The only shower room was one big open shower room I remember being embarassed because my boobs were small and had very little pubic hair. Although most girls didn't either. But a few were really developed. I was awed by the different styles of panties most girls wore. My mopm wouldn't let me wear a thong.
Mary E

United States

#214 Aug 17, 2009
When my mom saw my tityz were starting to grow she took me to a women's health club and we spent the day nekkid and then held me up to the nozzles in the jacuzy. We napped and then she gave me a 30 visit ticket to a suntan place.

Denison, TX

#215 Sep 17, 2009
Girls, you don't seem to have had any funny stories like the boys do. One time in jr high after football practice we plugged the shower drains, pulled the gel soap from the wall and spread suds everywhere. Then started sliding from one end of the showers to the other. Soon racing developed and guys were going 5 and 6 at a time. Suddenly we heard a very loud voice. It was Coach. He looked at us like we were a bunch of little freaks. He just shook his head and walked away. Could you imagine the shock when he saw his entire 8th grade football team sliding naked across the shower room.

One time a group of my friends were naked in the shower hiding with wet towels in the dark. They thought it was another friend coming into the locker room. The wanted to jump out and start whipping him with there towels. Turns out when the person turned on the lights it was our 60 yr old janitor. They scared the shit out of him to say the least. Imagine 8 naked 14 yr boys jumping out of the dark with towels ready to whip you.

Any thing like this happen in the girls looker room


#216 Sep 17, 2009
Yeah, and when's your next?

Christchurch, New Zealand

#217 Sep 17, 2009
When a teenage girl is naked in the presence of other girls, so much can go wrong. Her breasts are too big or too small. Her areolas are too big. She has too much or not enough pubic hair. She doesn't groom it right. Her tampon string is showing. She's chubby or thinks she is. She fears her vulva is weird and that the other girls can see that. Life in Hell, as it were.

With boys, the embarrassment factors are limited to: pubes, chub, and foreskin.

Public showers are a firm fact of male life. All my life, I have only known tile lined rooms with 6 or more shower heads. The chubby boys were somewhat embarrassed, but nobody was ever ridiculed. Those who grew pubes early attracted some comment, as much admiring as teasing. Having to shower in the presence of boys other than my brother scared me to death until I was 15, the age when I learned how to conceal my foreskin. The only woman i've showered with is the one I'm married to.

I have a Scandinavian colleague who tells me that perving in a sauna is strictly taboo, and that young men who fail to respect this taboo are contributing to the sauna's demise. I have never felt perved at in a shower.

Orland Park, IL

#218 Oct 4, 2009
i am a male and i remember my girlfriend was on the softball team and all of the girls were real horny and she brought me into the showers and i had sex with like 5 or 6 of them it was nice and hey sttacy you should let me see your boobs
Chris H

United States

#219 Oct 5, 2009
I was 5 and was at a pool changing. Everybody except me showered naked. I wore my panties. Problem was was my panties became transparent when wet.
Join Free

Great Falls, MT

#220 Oct 15, 2009
I grew up in a strict conservative Christian home and was never around nudity. I went to a summer camp when I was fifteen with my cousin who was almost a year older than me. I remember showering with about 8 other girls and the sight of their different sized breasts and bodies was fascinating. I think I was staring, not sure if everyone noticed me staring. I only like men but I think breasts and the female body are beautiful. My cousin was taller than me with long straight dark hair, larger breasts with high perky nipples - I envied them. She taught me how to shave down below. I touched her breasts and explored her body in our cabin at night when the lights were off.

Denison, TX

#221 Oct 20, 2009
great ending

Seattle, WA

#222 Oct 26, 2009
Found this topic while dealing with a whiny 14 yo granddaughter who was complaining about being made to shower after PE. I told her about my experience with showering in high school PE back in the early 60's.
The shower room was one big room with shower heads on the walls and on stands in the middle. On our first day of high school gym we learned that showers were mandatory--a big shock, since we hadn't had to shower after PE in junior high. Another shock: we were to line up by the shower door and have the PE teacher check off our names before we showered. We couldn't wrap ourselves in towels, either; towels weren't available until we were finished (the last girl to line up was always sent back to retrieve the bundle of towels before she showered--this happened to me the first day.) It was also considered uncool to try to shield yourself with your hands; everyone just stood there against the wall and tried to avoid looking at everyone else (or tried to not to be seen looking).

It was embarassing the first few times to line up naked and then have the PE teacher look at me as she checked off my name. But I eventually got used to the "lineup" and the group showering and more or less comfortable with locker room nudity. My whiny granddaughter, however, is still whining.

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#223 Oct 26, 2009
my first group shower was in high school. We'd been playing hockey and were very muddy. When we got to the shower room all the curtains had been pulled off so we all just stripped and got in. 1 girl was acting the goat and started to swing off the shower poles. At that time the 2 doors which connected us from the boys opened and the saw this girl swinging about. When we come out all the boys were asking who had a birth mark on their bottom , i am the only other girl in the year with a birth mark on my bottom so the girls told them it was me. I was mortified !:)

Christchurch, New Zealand

#224 Oct 26, 2009
stacked and proud wrote:
When we come out all the boys were asking who had a birth mark on their bottom , i am the only other girl in the year with a birth mark on my bottom so the girls told them it was me. I was mortified !:)
The boys I grew up with were fully capable of treating a less than popular boy in this fashion. But I am surprised to read of girls behaving in this fashion!


#225 Oct 29, 2009
Naked girl wrote:
my next group nude shower will be in PE in HS swimming

Christchurch, New Zealand

#226 Oct 29, 2009
Dana wrote:
It was embarassing the first few times to line up naked and then have the PE teacher look at me as she checked off my name. But I eventually got used to the "lineup" and the group showering and more or less comfortable with locker room nudity. My whiny granddaughter, however, is still whining.
Being a teenage girl in a locker room is like being sentenced to purgatory. It is a torture chambre. Are my toenails painted right? Did I miss something when I shaved my legs? Do I have too much or not enough pubic hair? Do I have an ugly fat butt? Do my breasts look weird? Do I look like a slut because I have big areolas? Are my abs taught enough? Will I have enough time to blow dry my hair so that it looks right? Being naked in front of other girls makes my heart pound and my hands tremble. Can the other girls see that? Will the cool girls bully me? Is my tampon string showing? If it does, does anybody care?

What Mother Nature does to women between the ages of 10 and 20 is not nice. She sure as hell did not consult a focus group of women on how to design this maturation process. But once it's over, women can relax in the locker room. My SO has told me over and over, however, that if she has to be naked in the presence of others, she prefers that the others be men. They will be so taken by her breasts and p***y that they won't see anything else. Women take in the other details, and judge each other cooly and harshly.

Ballwin, MO

#227 Dec 11, 2009
The first time I took a group shower was when I was 13. None of the girls cared that others were seeing there boobs and vagina they were all used to it. One day a lot of the girls decided to see way it was like to finger eachother. So we all fingered eachother and it was great. Now we do it everytime were in the shower

Since: Nov 09

Location hidden

#228 Dec 11, 2009

Owings Mills, MD

#229 Dec 16, 2009
I had a job filling dope packets. We worked naked so it would be hard to steal the boy and girl. Also, when women work nude they work fast because they do not like being nude. We had to shower and sit in a spa so it would be hard to hide the dope at the end of the shift.

United States

#230 Jan 6, 2010
Showering nude with other girls rules
Little Dave

Bolton, UK

#231 Jan 26, 2010
My first time was with my football team, I was 17 and team were mostly adults, it was strange and initially I looked around comparing unfavourably my size to theirs.
Soon became more at ease, and now am comfortable in either an open shower or closed, despite my size.

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