Lane Cove, Australia

#22 Dec 23, 2009
hey bi guy wanna chat? send me an email at sleuname@yahoo.com

any guys or girls welcome

Cleveland, OH

#23 Dec 23, 2009
Not an aunt, but this lady next door to me, about 45, got my attention one day wearing a thin nightgown with nothing underneath. I'm 19, in college, and horny anyway. I kept looking at the dark muff showing through her gown. She asked if I wanted some leftover meatloaf she had inside. We went in her kitchen and she offered me a beer. I had a raging boner by this time. Her body was pretty nice for her age. She kept brushing up against me and finally asked if I ever kissed an "older woman". That started it all. We screwed right there on the kitchen floor. I came in like 30 seconds. She got a warm dishcloth and wiped my penis then sucked me hard again, and we went to her bedroom and screwed again. This has gone on now for some 6 months. My Mom is suspicious of all the "chores" I do for the neighbor.

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#24 Dec 24, 2009
When I was 13 we had an uncle stay with us for the summer. He used to come in my room and feel me up at night. I don't know how long he had been doing it before I became aware of it and pretended to be asleep while he did it. But I'm ticklish and easily aroused, so pretending was really hard, especially as his hands found their way to my shorts. So I decided to sleep naked the next night, and see what would happen. I could hardly wait!

He came in, slipped the covers away from my naked body and paused. I opened my eyes. He saw I was awake and looked like he was ready to bolt out the door, but I said, "Please, don't stop now..."

I struggled to keep quiet as his hands tenderly explored my very aroused body, increasingly squirming at his touch. Then he kissed me - a deep, hungry kiss that took my breath away. And his hands slid down to my throbbing c0ck, which was on the verge of exploding. Suddenly he took my rod into his mouth and I came really hard, with convulsive spasms of ecstasy that seemed to go on and on for at least a full minute!

Later that week he taught me how to please a man, and by the end of that summer my uncle and I were jacking and sucking each other at least once every day!

I spent the next summer at his house up North and we did the same thing. Sometimes we were joined by one of his friends and it would last all day.

I've always been attracted to older guys since my uncle's visit. Now I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 36, and I still hope to visit my uncle (and his hot friend) next summer.

New Hyde Park, NY

#25 Dec 25, 2009
I am so attracted 2 my aunt I wanna hav sex with her so bad but I'm afraid it would tear me apart from my family nd I wouldn't b able 2 show my face anymore. I recently went through her underwear draw nd take pics of her bras and thongs nd jerk off 2 the thought of her wearing them I take pics of her butt nd jerk it 2 them I wanna hav sex with her or how can I get some naked pics of her? Help me


Saint John, Canada

#26 Jan 24, 2010
me too I'm sexually attracted to my aunt , I wanna do her so bad :(

Butler, PA

#27 Mar 1, 2010
I have three very sexy very beautiful aunts, each with specific attributes that make me hard as a rock. but most of all I want my beautiful sexy mom!

United States

#28 May 13, 2010
My mother's younger sister is stacked and hot! I've thought about her often. My mom's sister is law has a hot ass and nice boobs also that really turn me on. My dad's youngest sister has huge breasts that any porn star would be jealous of. The reason that I know about her melons is that she had 13 children and I saw her breast feed many of them! I've also lusted after my dad's youngest sister in law who is one hot chick. She ended up having an affair with a much younger man but it was not me.

Silver Springs, NV

#29 May 28, 2010
I have never been physically attracted to my Aunt. She looks ok but I never thought about poking her. A while back she ask me to come over to help her with something. She gave me a very tight hug and was very touchy from the start. She started talking about how she missed sex. After a few beers she finally came right out and ask me to help her out. I agreed but only anal this time. She looked a lot better naked than dressed. I now like to go over and see her naked and service her once a week. All three holes now.
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Rusty shakleford

Kellogg, IA

#30 Oct 31, 2010
I am 14 and I have been attracked to my aunt for a couple years now she has a nice ass and perfect boobs we went on a family vacation and I "accidently" walked into the bathroom in only a towel while she was taking a shower I closed the door behind me and the she opened up the curtain and I saw her I almost cummed right there on the spot she was so beautiful she walked up to me and took my towel and comensed to suck me within like a minute I came in her mouth after that I was so embarresed and frightened every time I saw her the rest of the vacation but every night she would come into my room and we would have sex it was great and then we came home and our relationship seems a lot more distant now
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Hollywood, FL

#32 Nov 14, 2010
I am 15 and i have had sexual fantasies about my aunt for 2 years. She is 30 years old and has 38DD and a huge round ass. She lives with my grandparents and one day i came over,my grandparents went to the grocery store and i "thought" i was alone. so i decided to head to my aunts bathroom and grab some panties from her hamper and start masturbating. She entered the bathroom. i was so surprised but what she did was make a sexy smirk on her face walk in and close the door. She went over, got on her knees and grabbed my d*ck. She told me how amazed she was about my size and i felt myself blush. She commenced sucking my d*ck and one thing led to another and we ended up in her bedroom f*cking for a while. I got to grab and suck those marvelous boobs i so longed for and f*ck that ass that i adored.It ended with a load spewing in her face and her licking every last drop of my pole and her lips. Ever since then when i am alone with her we have a bit of "fun"

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United States

#34 Jan 16, 2011
I think it's perfectly normal to want any attractive woman whether she is related or not

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Toledo, OH

#35 Feb 3, 2011
I am sexually attracted towards my aunt on my mother's side of the family. She has been divorced for awhile and sometimes seems a little lonely. Sometimes while I'm around her I'll stare at her butt and have erotic thoughts of her. She's in her 50's but pretty decently looking. When she stays the night at my family's house I find myself going through her suitcase and rubbing her underwear all over my face, smelling it and pleasing myself at the same time. The soft silkiness of her panties and their wonderful aroma drive me nuts. I know it's wrong and some may consider me sick, but I just can't help myself. I daydream alot about making love to her and I think the sex would be amazing. I love my auntie so much.

United States

#36 Feb 6, 2011
My step-dads younger brother is so hot. We are so attracted to each other that we flirt and tease all the time. I've kissed him on the mouth a couple of times and rub up against him often. He put his hand on my butt once while squeezing behind me in the kitchen and I leaned back into his crotch as he passed. I know he wants me. Why doesn't he take me already?

Cobb, CA

#37 Feb 6, 2011
Last summer I caught my Aunt swimming naked in her backyard pool. She made no attempt to cover herself. She said that no one would be home for a few hours and If I wanted to stay I should strip and join her in the pool. I went for it. She looked really good for 60 yo. When I ask to take some pictures of her she said yes as long as I poked her in the pussy when I was done. It was a great afternoon.

Since: Jan 10

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#38 Apr 6, 2011
Idk wrote:
I am so attracted 2 my aunt I wanna hav sex with her so bad but I'm afraid it would tear me apart from my family nd I wouldn't b able 2 show my face anymore. I recently went through her underwear draw nd take pics of her bras and thongs nd jerk off 2 the thought of her wearing them I take pics of her butt nd jerk it 2 them I wanna hav sex with her or how can I get some naked pics of her? Help me
I want my aunt really bad since I was 14, almost 30 years ago. It is strange even to myself, shé's an ancient of 75 years but I find her very hot yet- I got some videos and photos in my cell phone, mainly focused in her great legs and round and firmly ass (dou you believe it or not, she horny leggy granny with a nice ass yet). I sniffed all her dirty panties,of course.
I think Iḿ some kind of freak, I don know--

Saarbrücken, Germany

#40 Apr 16, 2011
i really love my aunt. i'm 13 and she' about 44. she is a real sex bomb. she is sexy and has a big butt. her boobs are huge. we often visit her ( she lives in another country). her height is 1,5 m (i'm 1,54). i would really love to fuck her. everytime she bends( and she often does that i see her huge titts she doesnt wear a bra and i i always stare at them. she loves me to but i don't thing she wants to fuck me. obe day i went into her room to ask her something and she was there taking of her clothes . i didn't say anything and coninued she took of her white bra and i saw her hot and huge titts ( size 120 F !!!!!) and her pussy which was hairy and i loved it. she's a little bit fat and hasn't got that much curves but she's still very hot. can anybody please tell me how i can see her naked again?

Since: Jun 10

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#41 Apr 17, 2011
I'm 123 and my Aunt is 221. I have lusted after her for nearly a century. We have sex 36 hours every day..... I love to caress her 88DDD breasts...

Oppsss.... Guess I was thinking out loud and may have exagerated a bit.....

Seriously, I had a couple of hot Aunts when I was growing up. I would have crawled through broken glass to have been with either of them. Not so with one now. She is so bitchy and unattactive because of that. I haven't seen the other one in years though, so she is still the perfect dream in my mind....

Quierschied, Germany

#43 May 2, 2011
my dads sis is sooooooo hot. she is about 47 and i'm 13 and i really wanna bang her.when i visit her she always gives me a big hug which i really love. when she hugs me my body touches her huge f- size boobs and i get a bonner . i touch her back softly and try to kiss her neck. she always kisses me and shes a really good kisser.
she sometimes doesn't wear a bra and when she bends i see her boobs. next time i hug her i will try to take off her bra. seriously i only wanna see her naked . can anybody tell me how?
my aunt is a milf

Sankt Leon-rot, Germany

#44 May 5, 2011
one day my parents had to go somewhere and i had to stay with my aunt. her husband was working and her kids weren't at home, so me and my aunt were alone there. she's 45 and i'm 14 . we talked for about half an hour and then she told me that i'm a big boy now and she started to hug me .i couldn't handle it and i started to kiss her and for my surprise she was happy about it. so we continued kissing and i put my hands inside her clothes and grabbed her boobs.she told me to wait there and she said she had a surprise for me and she went into her room. after a minute she came out with just her bra and her pantys. and i got A bonner. she has huge tits size G and a big ass. she sat on the sofa and told me to take off my clothes. i took them off and went to her and sot on her lap and started kissing her. then i went down to her neck and and kissed it and after that her boobs ( she still had her bra on) i take her bra off and started kissing and sucking her tits. after that i sucked her nipples and drank milk out of it. after that i also took of her pantys and i put my penis insid her vagina. then we had a short break. i was hungry and she desided to cook smt. but she cooked naked !! and i went woth her to the kitchen and gave her an anal while she was cooking and sucked her tits and kissed her neck and touched her and then food was ready and after lunch we watched a porn movie amd had sex during that. it was the best day in my life and we still do that if my parents have to go somewhere and i stay woth her .

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#45 May 5, 2011
Milk from her nipples eh? Glad you had so much fun. For some reason I really do believe you are 14. Not sure why.

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