Ever caught by a stranger while naked?

Ever caught by a stranger while naked?

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Since: Jan 10

United States

#1 Aug 1, 2010
Recently while sunning at my home, as I stretched while naked with an erection from the fresh air. When I heard a cough from the side of the house. I look over to see an elderly lady standing there seeing me in full erection. Anyone else have this type of experience?
Froggy Frog


#2 Aug 2, 2010
I was fully naked and with a raging hard-on standing in my backyard, when caught by my neighbour staring at me. She is a single mother with a young daughter, so I better beware! But on the other hand ... well, I dont know ... should I still go outside fully naked? It is my territory!Anyone advising?
Froggy Frog


#3 Aug 2, 2010
I think I go outside fully naked only when Julie is in school, so her mother can watch me with my huge erection!

Since: Jan 10

United States

#4 Aug 2, 2010
Let me add a bit more to the experience. We live on 10 acres of land and we had a veggie stand out front of the house. To get to my backyard you had to walk around the far way of the house, past some fences. All doors were closed, no cars showing so nothing that made someone think we were home. So it took a bit of guts for her to wander my property.
I am not sure how long she was standing there before the cough so not sure how long she was looking. I grabbed a towel, and walked towards her in my towel. She asked is we had any tomatoes which at that moment my face was the color of one. Now I have been a nudist all my life but this was a surprise. She decided to sit and chat a bit the whole time I am just in a towel. Guess she was not as shocked as I thought. She let me know she would be back once a month to see what we had for sale at the stand...was that a warning for another peek visit?

San Antonio, TX

#5 Aug 2, 2010
No, but I've been caught by a stranger dressed as a girl

Salinas, CA

#6 Aug 3, 2010
I was at the beach. It was a weekday and there was an area that was behind some bushes. No one was at the beach. I decided to go nude for about 10 minutes or until I saw someone approaching to experience what it was like. After I removed my shorts, I felt a rush by the thought that someone would see me. I was lying on my stomach and looked around. There was a female jogger looking at me through the bushes. I panicked and scramble to cover myself. She jogged off. With all the excitement, I came. Has that happened to any of you guys?

Dallas, TX

#7 Aug 3, 2010
one day after spending several hours getting greasy hot from helping a friend work on his truck when we finished he told me i should take a quick shower b4 i ruined any furniture so i borrowed a clean towell & was in the bathroom getting undressed when i noticed some of his 14yo daughters clothes on the floor so i picked up the tshirt on top and saw a pair of her athletic shorts with a yellow & babyblue thong tangled in them! i was getting exited just looking @ them so i decided to gave a quik wank and turned the shower on b4 i lotioned my hand up & started taking long whiffs of her damp stinky little crotch as i wanked vigorously then shocked i heard giggling right outside the door and noticed the light changing underneath meaning someone was looking under it and moved away!
i thew the thong down and jumped in the shower embarrassed and scared trying to think of an wxcuse...well when i came out hos daughter & her friend said hi & were smiling ear to ear as i felt my face getting red as i said my goodbyes then i left knowing they were watching me sniff panties& masturbate!
naughty jedi

Apo, AE

#8 Dec 23, 2010
I have been caught accidentally nude a few times when sunning in our yard. Once by the meter woman, another by ups man, rural post woman, and once by our friends kids. Their mother told me after wards that they saw me when came for the bike they left the night before. She explained that it was natural and their own father used to do it. There mother knows of my nude figure modeling so she wasnt shocked. I had no idea as was a sleep untill she called and warned me they were coming back up which I clothed at that point.

The meter woman pulled right up the driveway and had no idea untill I heard her park and I was next to the house where the meter was. I didnt have time to put anything on and as was getting up off the hamock she got a full view. I apologozed and grabbed a towel to wrap around me, she was fine with it and was smiling the whole time. I joked with her about it, she was comfortable about it and as soon as she got back into her truck I went back to my hamock and dropped the towel and waved to her as she pulled out with a hell of a story.

The UPS man, I heard his truck coming up the driveway and got up off the hammock that time and went to grab my shorts, I was pulling them up as he pulled up to the house, quite obvious I was nude on his approach. He also had seen it before and had no problem with the fact that I was nude sunning as covered up at first sound of company.

And the rural mail woman really got a view. I was sunning and went inside to use the bathroom and that must have been when she pulled up. I walked out our side door to go back to sunning on the hammock and when came around my truck I walked right up face to face with her 10 feet away. Our house has a drive way on the corner and she pulled up to fron side of house and was about to go to the front door. I apologized to her and she could tell I was a nude sunbather with the hamock, radio drink and all set up. She was red, but really had a great smile on her face. I didnt cover up as she had already seen me. She kept peeking down below at my bald member, it was really fun. I signed for the package and thanked her for being understanding of me being a nudist. She was quite taken by the experience by the happy look on her face. I do admit to being a little excited about this as well. She eventually hopped back into her car and couldnt take her eyes off of me the whole time till she started back down the driveway. I am always hoping to have a repeat visit from her. I have waved may times walking on the road when she goes by, she occasionally beeps the horn and waves back as well.

Chillicothe, IL

#9 Dec 23, 2010
I've caught a few times by strangers - mail women, Avon lady, people dropping stuff off for my wife. Of the three wife's friends and her mother, I don't think any of them have ever let on to the wife since she has never said anything about it.
Big man

San Jose, CA

#10 Dec 23, 2010
I was laying on my bed stroking like a mad man when I looked over to my window (third story) and there was a maintenance man on a ladder! I don't knowhow long he had been watching, but he was rubbing a bulge in his pants and smiling at me! Inwas so freaked out I lost my erection and jumped up and pulled the curtains! It was kind of a turn on that he got hard watching me, but I am nit attracted at all to men. That's the only real stranger.

United States

#11 Dec 23, 2010
Many times caught. To keep it short,2 times I was at a colledge in N.J.,that had a large pond and was listed in abook of nude sunbathing spots. I went there with freinds. One day I had off from work,so I went alone. I got there,no one else. I strip,lay down and to tan(it was mostly cloudy),nearly falling asleep,I'm awalened by a voice "Your having a problem there". Startled not by the fact I was nude,but this voice saying I had a problem,my thought was someone walking telling me I have a problem because I was nude in an outdoor place easily seen by hikers,as if I was being provocative to strangers. I was erect during my beginnings of sleeping,as I do whenever I sleep,seen guys with erections on nude beaches,common. I open my eys and this guy was standing next to me. Did'nt hear him because of the sand sorrounding the pond. I was'nt going to get dressed because it's a well known location for nude sunning. He offered to oral on me. He was fully dressed. Only he and I in sight. I stood up, feeling more defenseable and said "Lots of guys get that when out nude sunning". He offered to do oral on me. No one else around,so I let him. He kneeled down as I was still standing. While he was doin me,on the other side of the pond 3 people walked out from another trail and saw us. I nude withan erection and 4 dressed people. At the same location a month later,I was with a freind,and we expected more people to show,beng a weekend. We were eraly and we set up a spot and undressed. We hear a dirtbike comming. No need to dress,it's a nude sunning place. We hear it stop. WE look up and a guy was on it asking us if this place still has nude sunbathers,as if he did'nt notice us nude. He asked if we have a light for his cigarette,I had matches, neither I or my friend does,but carry them for camping (which is the next place we were going),so I went up the small hill nude to hand him the matches,and he struck up more than a match-converstaion. There I am again standing nude in front of someone clothed. Seems people want to see nudity no matter the sex. We talked about 15 minutes.
bad dawg

Hamilton, AL

#12 Dec 23, 2010
Never caught but I used to go streaking thru the back yard (in the city) every time it rained .... Loved those summer showers

Rockville, MD

#13 Dec 23, 2010
I was once caught by one of my neighbors. I sleep naked and sometimes when I wake up I walk outside and sit on by back patio for a few minutes and sit in the sun. Well one day I was doing this and my dog started barking at something and I stood up and walked down my yard. turned out my dog was barking at my neighbors at the fence. And my neighbor was standing there in the middle of her yard staring at me. I did not bother covering up she had already seen everything. I just turned and walked back in her house. It could have been worse a girl from my high school lived in that house behind mine. Luckily it was her mother and not her.

Dungannon, UK

#14 Aug 7, 2011
Once I stayed in a small hotel that had its own swimming pool steam room and Jacuzzi in the basement. It was 7:30pm and the pool area shut at 8pm. I didn't have my shorts with me so I asked for an extra towel at the hotel reception with a plan to just use the steam room with the extra towel around me. The lady at reception gave me the towel no problem. When I arrived at the pool I was alone. So I stripped off and went into the steam room with the towel around me as planned. The steam room was a bit hot so I only lasted 5 minutes and then went to the pool shower. As it was almost closing time, I thought who is going to see me, so I took the towel off and used the shower. As there was no one there so I stayed naked and continued to use the Jacuzzi and swimming pool with nothing on. At just gone 8pm I heard someone coming down to the pool. So I grabbed a towel and covered myself up. It was the lady from reception who had come to close the pool for the evening. She said that she had to close the place at 8pm as thoughts were the rules and everything was monitored on the cameras. She then pointed to the camera. She pointed to the camera again and said that this place is like big brother. After I was changed and went back to reception with my towels I noticed a computer screen, on her desk, showing the output from the hotel’s cameras including the pool. She must have been watching me for the last half hour. Oh well, at least I don't stay there very often and she didn’t actually complain.

Witham, UK

#15 Oct 15, 2011
I’ve just come back from a holiday in Spain. The hotel that I stayed in had mostly German guests. I went to use the sauna & spa facility and was given three towels and was told that no clothes were allowed to be worn. As I had paid to get in I thought I might as well carry on anyway and as it turned out I was the only person in the spa. After I had been there for a while I stepped out the steam room to use the shower with nothing on when a fully dressed woman walked through to use the toilet. She looked a bit surprised but didn’t say anything. I think she must have thought the place was empty.

Pocono Summit, PA

#16 Oct 16, 2011
I like getting caught. I will set it up when I can. Been caught by many people in many places.

Witham, UK

#18 Oct 20, 2011
I was on a semi-clothing optional beach in Lanzarote. The beach was made up of a number of coves. I found a deserted one and went for a skinny dip. After my swim the sun was shining so I crashed out on towel as I was. After an hour or so a group of three girls in their early twenties walked into the same cove. As I had been there first I stayed still. I thought that they would just walk passed but they stopped about four or five meters form me and sat down. They took their clothes off down to their swimming costume / bikini and stayed there for the next few hours. I did not get dressed as they could see that I was not wearing anything when they arrived. I think that a naked man was novelty to them when they first arrived, that’s why they stopped where they did. After half an hour or so, I went in for a swim again, and then everything seemed quite normal. Just another day on the beach.

Saint Albans, UK

#19 Dec 9, 2011
A few months ago I stayed in a hotel for two nights. It was a very old building which had been converted into a hotel, so all the rooms were different. The room I was in had a relatively large bedroom with a small bathroom the opposite side of the room to the entrance. I was in the bathroom with the door shut. I stepped out of the shower dried myself and started to clean my teeth still stark naked. The next thing the bathroom door opens and the maid is there. Instead of leaving, she then tells me off, saying that she knocked the hotel room and door and I didn't answer. That’s because I didn’t hear her, and then leaves the hotel room in a huff, as if it was my fault!

Since: Nov 11

Location hidden

#21 Dec 9, 2011
outdoornude wrote:
Recently while sunning at my home, as I stretched while naked with an erection from the fresh air. When I heard a cough from the side of the house. I look over to see an elderly lady standing there seeing me in full erection. Anyone else have this type of experience?
I was watched by an 80 year old man, who lived across me. I didn't mind. I have a thing for nearly dead people. And needless to say, he didn't live much longer after that. Hahahahaha!!!

United States

#23 Feb 3, 2012
I am always nude at home.if there is are guests i keep dressed or stay in my room. but when mail man or repairman come they see me nude.it is quite embarrasing cause i dont want to show my nude body to a stranger.but it happens many time.I cant do anything about it cuz i dont like to wear clothes in home.
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