Str8 guys havin gay sex with each other???

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#1 Jan 20, 2013
During the weekend I probably had what I can only say was a gay weekend that never in my life did I think would happen to me. I mean I've don't bad stuff sexually even having sex with couzins (both girls) and neighbours wife (not sure how that happened) and more.
I'll begin (I'm 15 black btw), on friday I slept over at a best friends house and everything was normal as usual, we larked out with friends, came back ate dinner then played on Xbox. Anyways around midnight his parents went to sleep so we decided to watch porn and then we got hard (as you do when watching porn). I'm not embarrassed when it comes to whipping my d!ck out coz I have a pretty big dick (8.5inch), so I pulled mine out and started wank!ng. He did the same but had a small d!ck round 4inches but wasn't all embarrassed so I respected that and didn't make fun of it.
After awhile he came but I didn't so we kept on watching porn and then he leaned in and I looked at him and he said he's never seen a d!ck so big and I just laughed. Then he came closer and I got nervous and he kissed my d!ck and the looked at me and started licking my d!ck's head and I was to stunned to stop him. Slowly he started to lick up and down my d!ck and I wasn't at all turned off so I grabbed his head told him to open his mouth then he started sucking me off. It felt great.
After about 10 mins of hard head and I mean he was licking my bellend then sucking my d!ck, deep throating and gagging on it then sucking and licking my balls.
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#2 Jan 20, 2013
Please - do NOT continue this story until your writing style and grammar improve. Thank you from all of us.


#3 Jan 20, 2013
We then ended up doing 69 but I'm not a big fan of sucking d!ck so instead I rimmed him and his tight hairless and warm ass_hole felt great on my tongue as I fucked him with only my tongue. So he then ran upstairs leaving me stunned wondering why he just left like that but he came back down with lube. He put some on his ass_hole and some on my d!ck then got into doggy style and told me to f_uck him. I ended up putting my d!ck in his tight ass_hole as it slowly but painfully for him went in. After I got it all in begin to hump him slowly from behind but didn't last any longer then 4 mins and came because he was that tight. We wound up just falling asleep, me in my sleeping bag on his bedroom floor and him on his bed.
The next day we acted like nothing had happened the night before and just went out to call for a friend. When he came outside we played football ect. After that he asked me if I would sleep at his so that I can stay and lark out tomorrow so I agreed and told my mom and she said it was cool. So now I was sleeping at a different friends house on Saturday.
We were in his conservatory because that's where we would sleep considering it was a lot bigger then his room. Around 10pm his parents said they were going to a party and would be back tomorrow around 11am and because I was sleeping he couldn't go. The minute his parents drove out he jumped on my me and we started making out (never made out with a guy before so it was a new feeling). I was shocked and the stopped him and asked him why he was doing this and he said he wanted what my other friend got last night, I didn't know what to say as he started to move down to my d!ck and just started sucking it straight away and tossing me off. He was tossing me off faster and sucking me harder, he also deep throated like a champ and managed to get everything in his mouth and only gagged once or twice. Out of no where he pulled lube out his pocket and put it on his ass_hole and my d!ck, I was still shocked that he and my friend not only wanted to do this but seemed normal to them. He sat on my hard d!ck as I was laying there watching him take my d!ck, his ass_hole, he wasn't as tight so it was easy to f_uck him so he just bounced on my d!ck tossing himself off. After awhile I got up and pinned him on floor and had his legs up on my shoulders and f_ucked him hard. With force I put him into doggy style and f_ucked and f_ucked him till he came and me cumming in his ass. He juiced it out and licked it up, we just kept on 69ing, and f_ucking all night after that.
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#4 Jan 20, 2013
The next morning same behaviour, like nothing happened. I wasn't really bothered that he acted like nothing happened actually I wanted him to act like that. So it was now sunday and I had to go home but before I could we were invited to another friends house. So now it was Me, friend 1, friend 2 and friend 3 (sorry for not telling names but its better this way). Now nothing would have prepared me what was gonna happen next and I know what your thinking I probably should have seen it coming but it would have been a crazy prediction for me to make.
So when we got to friend 3s house he's younger cousin who was 12 was there and we were all 15 and originally I thought and he even said we were going to play Fifa or COD (had I know that was probably code for something I would have left) but my one and only weakness is COD so I went. And when we got there he's parents weren't home because they're full time workers so didn't expect to see them. When in his house I asked to use the bathroom and excused myself but when I came out and I will never forget this because its burnt into my brains, it was me seeing them all naked including the cousin and had their small c0cks out (biggest out them looked like 5inch) making out and sucking each other off. I would have never suspected my friends of being gay or his cousin (you know, untill that weekend).
Suddenly they asked me to join then and I did the most unpredictable thing and I ran home :). I was not going to have sex with 3 gays so I guess I'm bi but f_uck that shit. I'm not seeing them till tomorrow in school so I'll keep you up to date if anything crazy happens.
Anyways if you have any strange gay stories like mine then tell in full detail and if you wanna here more crazy stroies bout my weird yet wonderful sex life then ask.

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