Wives who spank

Nampa, ID

#22 Oct 20, 2012
Hairbrushedhubby wrote:
My darling wife often spanks cme for our mutual pleasure, first with her hand and then with the wooden hairbrush, and as she spanks my bare bottom her other hand is beneath me gently masturbating me until I'm rock hard and then she stops spanking and we make love.
A few weeks ago she did something entirely different, she was spanking me with her hand and still stroking my shaft until it became hard only this time she carried on until I came over her thigh, then carried on the spanking until my penis went limp, then she leg-locked me and pulled my outside arm up my back and told me it had been ages since I had a PROPER spanking and it was time to rectify that.
So picking up the hairbrush she spanked me with it long and hard until my bottom was purple and swollen and I was a sobbing wreck over her knee.
Then she got some baby oil and massaged my bottom and also poured some into her other hand and did the same with my penis until it was hard again and we made mad passionate love until we were both exhuasted, wow, what a session, and what a wife, she new I'd been under stress for a long while and decided this was the best way to deal with it and make us both happy again.
wow i wish my wife would be there for me like yours is for you.great read.
mean and rude

Melville, Canada

#25 Jan 2, 2013
Always figured I lacked discipline. I can get away with anything. Wife does nothing. Sometimes, I think that she should take matters into her own hands...Won't happen though

Are there times that she should tan my ass all the colors of the rainbow and a few colors that are not even there...Probably...Will it happen? Never
Cory 19145058448

Reno, NV

#26 Jan 2, 2013
Mistress Margaret wrote:
<quoted text>
I spank my husband as well. He will wear my panties before, during, and after the spanking. The problem is, he usually gets aroused by all that. So, to alleviate the arousal issue, I make him jerk off while I watch. Then his d!ck is limp, and the spanking is much more unpleasant for him. Any other wives or girlfriends do that as part of the punishment>
i like punishment can u sext me momay
Ashley A Eaton

Durban, South Africa

#28 Feb 24, 2013
My wife does not spank me her boy friends do whilst she sits and laughs and enjoys the scene with me naked and hurting like hell

Ojai, CA

#29 Mar 2, 2013
I've only been spanked once by my wife, and I don't want it again. I deserved it though. I got mad at her one night and turned her over my knee and gave her about 20 good swats with my hand on her bare bottom. she was totally humiliated. that night when we were in bed, she suddenly jumped on my back, pulled my undeware down and gave me 50 hard whacks with a hairbrush on each cheek. I havne't tried to spank her since.

Phoenix, AZ

#30 Mar 2, 2013
JIm wrote:
I've only been spanked once by my wife, and I don't want it again. I deserved it though. I got mad at her one night and turned her over my knee and gave her about 20 good swats with my hand on her bare bottom. she was totally humiliated. that night when we were in bed, she suddenly jumped on my back, pulled my undeware down and gave me 50 hard whacks with a hairbrush on each cheek. I havne't tried to spank her since.
If I was your wife and you did that to me I would of put on my 5 inch spike heels and stepped on your co ck and balls until you cried good and loud little man and I would of been laughing at you while you were helpless in pain.
Bad boy


#31 Mar 2, 2013
Wife Has Paddle wrote:
I give my husband a thorough paddling on the bum before I take my panties off for sex. I spank him so hard (24 hard strokes minimum) that he wets himself. I love thinking about his hot throbbing bottom as he slips it inside and pumps his milk.
You can come spank me if you want
Have you got bbm

Santa Barbara, CA

#32 Mar 13, 2013
True it is more powerful to drain his come first knowing there will be no sex after a whipping making him get butterflies in his belly as you light up his rear end!
Paddled Husband

Cincinnati, OH

#33 Apr 4, 2013
My beautiful wife is a dominent female and believes
in corporal punishment. She keeps a record on the
kitchen cabinet listing what I do during the week
that will result in a spanking. Every Sunday night
she gets into her black leather skirt, black hose
and high heels. When I see her in this outfit I
know what is going to happen to me. She orders me to the bedroom and with paddle in hand makes me strip. As I stand before her naked she informs me
why I am going to be spanked. She will either drape
me over her thigh and leg lock my legs securing me
as she takes the paddle to my bare cheeks until I
am practically bawling like a baby. Or she forces
me to lie on my stomach length wise across foot of
the bed and will lock my neck between her gorgeous
legs in a standing scissor hold and hammerlock my
arms rendering me completely helpless as she takes
the paddle to my bare rear. I do not look forward
to being spanked but my wife can always find many
reasons to discipline me every week.

I often wonder if any other husbands have a wife
who administers spanking the way my wife does.

Santa Barbara, CA

#34 May 10, 2013
My x- wife used a razor strop which is quite intense especially when I got 200 whacks!

Merrick, NY

#35 May 30, 2013
My wife spanks me all the time and I deserve them. The first two years of our marriage she always threatened me with a spanking if I did not respect or listen to her. I never thought she would actually spank me. So one day I told her to get off my back and leave me alone. She then took off my pants and put me over her knee. I was stunned with how quickly she did that. She then was spanking my butt with her hand. Every time she spanked me it REALLY hurt. I was surprised with how strong her hand was. After that she regularly spanked me whenever she wanted to. One time she walked in our room and caught me putting on her lingerie. She looked very shocked when she saw me trying to put it on. She then locked the door behind her and gave me a VERY HARD spanking. I was crying during the spanking and I was begging for mercy but she let me have it. She just spanked me yesterday for forgetting it was her moms birthday.


#37 May 30, 2013
I spank my husband in the garage 'i make him tell me all his sexual fantasies, I spank by hand then paddle , I then insert my sex toys ' then spank with metal cord

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#38 May 30, 2013
This whole thread has got me so excited that I feel like I'm gonna burst all of my warm milk
Please tell me more

Kuwait, Kuwait

#40 Jun 12, 2013
I love to be spanked hard by my girl

Santa Barbara, CA

#41 Aug 16, 2013
Spanking is a sexual act. The very thought of getting spanked stimulates your sexual nerves in the brain. I often got erections after my wife announced a spanking just waiting and thinking about it. The punishment was far from light using a mini flogger first then a razor strop for a long painful whipping 200+ strokes followed by a caning right over my burning bottom. During the process I lost my erection. My wife would then strap on an 8 in. dildo and screw me good for over 30 minutes to finish my submission to her. I would then be invited to eat her pussy to orgasm. Sometimes after she came I would get the strap again!

Johannesburg, South Africa

#42 Aug 29, 2013
My wife also whips me. It all started when we did a roll play with her being a dominatrix and she loved it, so its like a full time thing now. She has a checklist which she goes through on a friday night to review my performance as her slave for the week. Let me know if anyone wants to know whats on her checklist and i'll let you know. One of them is no unauthorised jerking off, 100 lashes straight away. All my disciplin gets done on my bare ass, either pants around the ankles or totally naked. She seems to really enjoy it which is a turn on for me, I have a love hate relationship with it, love the experience hate the pain but i will bend for her anytime she aks. Our marriage is so much better now and I love being her sub, its almost natural for a woman to be dominant. I've got 60 awaiting me still for the week so probably 30 tonight and 30 tomorrow before work and then its checklist night tomorrow night so my new amount will be announced. (hopefully less than last week's 160)

“DD Couple in UK”

Since: Aug 13

Buckhurst Hill, UK

#43 Aug 30, 2013
<quoted text>
Yes, I take his pants down and paddle his bare buttocks even if we're in a public place, or at a friend's home at the time. The embarrassment is part of the discipline and, quite honestly, it excites me.
<quoted text>
Hi Betty,
I was surprised to see you were from Germany and had been able to discipline your husband publicly, because we had heard that F/M relationships were uncommon there. My wife and I had looked into it because she is quite keen to live in Germany (she is part German).
If you or any other German reader sees this post (as I know it is quite old), would you say a F/M domestic situation is unusual in Germany, or is it not uncommon for the wife to discipline her husband?
Tim (and Cathy)
Essex, UK

Albertville, AL

#44 Sep 6, 2013
In reading of German women, who are disciplinarians. I married a woman who was from Germany and this beautiful English woman took charge of our marriage early. I soon learned that I was no match for her physically and she could turn me over her knee when ever she thought it was necessary.

Marlene and rodney

Shinnston, WV

#45 Sep 15, 2013
Once every few weeks I will hear a nock at my door at hmm about 4:30am. I know exactly to expect, he's never to come to my house at that time in the morning, especially not High! If you want to stay and sleep, you will do exactly as I say! Immediately he is ordered toThen I place tight rubber bands around his balls along with a second in a "figure eight" separating them. I do this because it makes him instantly erect! I love the way it looks so painful! Then we lie down..and I love the way he moans, begs and his hips won't stop undulating. I tell him, there will be no relief for you tonight you can suffer. I love the way he caresses my ass, and says, oh god, oh god, please. Man I jump from the bed and grab the long thick oak paddle. Up, and follow me. I lead him outside to our wooden deck. Actually, nothing pleases me more than to watch tears come to his eyes as he takes 24 to 36 good hard strokes from the paddle. I love the way he looks bent over, grabbing his ankles and trying not to cry. Then I lead him back to bed where I tease his cock to near coming and then stop. Then I roll him over and command him to push his ass upward. Nothing gives me more pleasure then to hear him moan as I fuck him with the 10 black dildo. I always fuck him good and hard.
Need to be spanked

Madisonville, KY

#46 Sep 23, 2013
Is their any ladies in the evansville area that would like to give a man good spanking I have been a bad boy if so could you give me your number
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